Christiania shooting appears false flag

We are in Copenhagen, Denmark, leaving tomorrow.

I don’t know how much play this event is getting over in the Land of the Free, but they had what appears to be a false flag event here today, a young man shooting and wounding a couple of cops and a foreign tourist. The event happened in Christiania, a part of Copenhagen that was once a military facility, but since 1971 or so has been occupied by a hippie commune.

That is why I wanted to see it, and we had plans to go there today. In fact, we did go to Christinia, and all was quiet. There were no cops around, and no signs of agitation. Here is the event, as described by news sources:

The suspect, identified in press reports as Mesa Hodzic, was declared dead just before 2am, the Independent Police Complaints Authority (Den Uafhængige Politklagemyndighed) said.

“The 25-year-old man … died overnight in Rigshospitalet [hospital] from his injuries,” the agency, which is investigating the incident because police used their guns during the arrest, said in a statement.

Hozdic was suspected of shooting two police officers and one civilian in Christiania on Wednesday night. One officer was shot in the head and is still in critical condition, while the other two men suffered only minor injuries.

The 25-year-old was still armed when police confronted him in a residential area near Copenhagen Airport. He was shot by Copenhagen Police’s Special Intervention Unit during his arrest and was taken to hospital.

Hozdic was a Danish citizen who came to Denmark from Bosnia at the age of four.

Police said on Thursday that Hodzic has “ties to [militant Islamist group] Millatu Ibrahim and sympathies for [terrorist group] IS,” but stressed that there is “currently no evidence” to suggest that the shooting was a result of his Islamist beliefs.


Above is his photo. His eyes are as narrow-set as any I have ever seen. His face is long and narrow. For whatever reason, this photo appears to have been altered to change his appearance. Do narrow-set eyes make him appear more sinister? He actually looks pretty tame to me.

Reasons to suspect it is all false flag:

  • ISIS claims credit. Why? ISIS is, as is well-known by most people with critical thinking skills, a CIA invention. It comes in handy, claiming credit for events like this, removing suspicion from all others.
  • The supposed perpetrator was killed. This means there will be no investigation. As with all false flag events, it is open and shut.
  • Of the victims, one was a foreign tourist with no known connections in Denmark, and no one to contact abroad. In other words, a phantom.
  • No names are given of police officers wounded.

As as we walked across town today on our way to the hotel, and after our visit to Christiania, it was a bustling Saturday with open malls crowded with locals, farmers markets going, tourists filling up the restaurants. It was as if nothing had happened.

However, at an intersection at a large public gathering spot, police had about a hundred uniformed men present, and had rudely cordoned off streets forcing people to walk other directions to get to their destinations. They also had helicopters flying over. We asked them why, and they said they feared a protest of the event. Perhaps the residents of Christiania, hippies from way back who have little regard for police, know the event was staged, and were going to make a scene.

I checked local TV new for coverage. It was all talking heads, city officials with microphones stuck in their faces. Of course, I do not speak the language. But if they do news here in Denmark like we do in the US, the reporters are mere shills.

Anyway, if I had to bet, I would bet that this was a false flag event.

PS: It appears in retrospect that without that gathering of a hundred police or so in the town square, the even might have passed without notice. Was the purpose then of the show of force by police to remind the public to be a more afraid?

4 thoughts on “Christiania shooting appears false flag

  1. Regarding the distorted image, I think this is being done on purpose. The last year or two, nearly every top story on Google News is accompanied by a weird image that is low resolution, black and white, weird angle, etc.

    I think they do this to prime us to accept poor photographs and videos for future false flags. Just like they are priming us to believe everyone has a doppelganger for when we question why so many celebrities look alike, they are priming us to accept garbage as evidence during future “events”.

    They seem to have a “cover our asses for potential future fallout” department in Langley.


    1. Agreed that is surely part of it. Also, if they are making up people and doing composite photos, as with Adam Lanza and Mohammad Atta, they have to do some distortions to cover footprints. Lanza looked like a space alien before by the time they got done with him.


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