Elon Musk, bad actor dude

imageI was reading an article last night about Elon Musk, not one that I am going to link to as it makes some bold assertions that I am not ready to embrace. This photo is troublesome, and I don’t really know why. If PhotoShopped, it’s a good one. They are at some sort of outdoor setting inferring rocketry … that would be the whole point. Musk is now a rocket man. Obama is with him because both are important men. That’s why people want their picture taken with the president. It adds credibility.

But if the SpaceX rocket launches have been hoaxes, and they obviously have, why is Obama lending his name to help make Musk appear real?

Maybe there are no real photos of Obama and Musk together. Maybe this whole thing is fake, just like SpaceX. It is hard to tell, but the whole photo has a fake quality about it.


Then there was this … Same thing. Something odd about it … Musk is standing at an angle, like he is about to fall down. But he looks like he is really there – no telltale lines.   The shadow under him makes no sense, but it could just be complicated lighting effects. The face has a dark shadow underneath that we often see when a head is PhotoShopped onto a body. But I cannot say with certainty it is fake. Just appears that way. It could also be one of those cameras they use to make rooms look bigger when renting apartments or selling real estate, except that everything else looks normal except Musk. Note that while Musk is the center of attention and speaking into a microphone, no one is paying him any attention. Most eyes are elsewhere. Maybe they are just bored, like movie extras on a set.

Then there is this. It is a nice photo of the guy that plays the part of Elon Musk, most likely a made-up name. His back story is that he came to the US from South Africa in 1981, made a fortune forming and then selling companies that do amazing things like EBay, Tesla, and now SpaceX. It is also said he has five sons. We never see them together. The point of this photo is to demonstrate that the boys are real. That’s them in the background, on the wall. The man has spent a fortune decorating.

Musk 2

Don’t believe he has five sons? Here’s more proof. Here are three trikes and two bikes and a first wife, a beautiful young woman in her (late?) twenties who has obviously not endured five pregnancies. And his dog, and I cannot help it – the dog looks fake!

Elon Musk, the guy doing to fake rocket launches and landings, appears himself to be an invented person. These photos just don’t sell him! There’s no enthusiasm. The whole affair has a plastic feel about it, like he’s a man going through the motions, a bad actor.

Most people don’t trust large corporations, so they try to make them more likeable by putting human faces on them. General Foods became Betty Crocker, Pillsbury the Doughboy, Apple Steve Jobs, Microsoft Bill Gates, Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. All fake personas, actors I imagine, just like Musk. If the idea of the wife, the kids, the trikes and bikes is to humanize Musk, it is not working.

If SpaceX is doing fake work, and Musk is an actor, does this mean that Tesla the car company is a hoax too?  I hope not. It could be that he was inserted into the venture as a public face, and a boring one at that.

57 thoughts on “Elon Musk, bad actor dude

    1. That is what I was reading last night but did not want to like to … Claims like there being no International Space Station are extraordinary and require extraordinary evidence, and they provide none.


  1. I found this article a few months ago and found it interesting….along with the video “NASA’s Orion Engineer Admits They Can’t Get Past Van Allen Radiation Belts” Didn’t our trips to the moon (lol) handle the Van Allen issue? This appears to be a genuine NASA video (from March 2015) but I could not find it on the NASA site and no such engineer is listed either.

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    1. Interesting – the guy is too polished, and I would bet is a hired actor. No engineer. And all the problems, beginning to end, are those faced by Apollo program in the 1960s, not just Van Allen. So I they have not solved any of the problems and are just doing another money siphon. We’re not going anywhere, though I would like to launch NASA into space with a one-way ticket.

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  2. Not to hijack the thread but wanted to bring to your attention the 10 year anniversary of Steve Irwin’s death this past Sunday. Interestingly, he died on Batt Reef (Batman programming, Bataclan terror hoax). Someone brought up a possible repurposing as Gordon Ramsay. Might be worth a look.


      1. I just viewed a video about Steve Irwin on a YouTube channel called, Pocketsofthefuture. It’s a pretty good channel, the guy is level-headed.

        We had also discussed the possibility that Capt. Sully might be John Holmes.


          1. Yes, I agree. There are some good channels out there. Everyone is probably familiar with Russianvids. I go straight to his channel if there is a mass shooting/terror incident, etc. He will show you all the discrepancies immediately. Another one is Crrow777 channel. He is really getting with the program exposing the lies and hoaxes. Especially the NASA nonsense.


  3. I take a rather philosophical stance on space stuff- It’s said the earth, like humans, are comprised of 70% water- If true, that says a lot about how closely tied and dependent we are on our potted soil- There are mentions made of the detrimental effects of space travel on the human body, from radiation poisoning to osteoporosis and the effects of zero gravity-
    Honestly, though I hate profess a belief in anything, I don’t think we can get off this globe, at least physically- The only thing that humans have contact with that can transcend time, space and dimension, is information-
    Kurt Vonnegut or William Burroughs might suggest that binary numbers systems are probably why we developed as a species so as to first receive the agency by which information would travel, primarily radio waves, and then to process such information in a binary form so as to finally project said info back into space- Like a link in a bucket brigade, humans of the planet Earth have moved the information down the line- Of course, if that was our assignment, do we regress back to primordial ooze until some future need arises and we evolve upwards again, or do we find another reason for being?
    Space travel myths are just another variant on the desire to transcend death- The same old archetypes but fitted with a technocratic veneer- UFO cults are just that, the union of the human and the divine- Space stuff is really just religious faith updated for a materialistic world-
    Elon Musk- Not a real name, indeed- Elohim Mask- The false face of G-d, OT style- Maybe one of you numbers guys can crunch that “name”-


    1. I don’t know if Musk is really from South Africa, but if he is, they have an unusually large Jewish population there. “Elohim” is about as Jewish as it gets.

      I’m on board with the September Clues guys regarding everything NASA being fake, including the ISS. Where I am uncertain is that they believe everybody is a sim, and I just don’t have the technical know-how to say a person is a simulation, or just a dude in front of a green screen. I suspect most of the members of SC don’t either, they just love following the cult of Simon Shack.

      As for space travel, I have been coming around to certain beliefs that are a little “out there” for this blog, especially after the research we have been doing. Not the typical “UFO” stuff, but higher dimensional stuff. I am just having difficulty separating the disinfo from the truth. Just like everybody was wrong to throw the entire idea of reassignments out after Hicks/Jones, I think it’s wrong to throw everything about aliens out too.

      I’ve yet to see Intelligence do any form of disinfo that didn’t have at least a hint of truth to it.


      1. Yes, agree wholeheartedly with you about aliens. I don’t believe they are coming from zeta reticuli or distant star systems but we have an inter-dimensional phenomenon taking place. Or, if we are in an enclosed system (dome over us-no space) then there is something in here with us. Too many sightings and too many encounters with craft/humanoids. I know this blog is not for this stuff but want you to know I get your drift.


          1. I agree with John. If you take a step back from the alien contact phenomena, you see that it looks a lot like the fakery in our manufactured society. Research reveals layers upon layers of deception, engineered with lots of blind alleys, misdirection, and red herrings. If you are willing to open your mind further and compare both of these sets of phenomena with the literature on exorcism (not just from Christianity, but across religions), you see more of the same. Something is treating us as playthings (or … as livestock).

            To my eye, the agency behind all of these might be one and the same. The modus operandi is identical. It is a particular kind of deception: not just for thought control, but even deception simply for deception’s sake. And also to produce a certain kind of negative emotional state in human beings: fear, hatred, despair, and the world-weary boredom that pervades and paralyzes our society.

            Consider the sheer ingenuity of the fakery that Mark and Miles Mathis are researching. Doesn’t it strike anyone else that the web of lies is almost too complex to be of human provenance? What mortal mind designed the 9/11 event, complete with all the premeditated controlled opposition and other mindfracking then and since? For this reason, I don’t buy Mathis’ assertion that the occult has no place in the elite. I am inclined to think that the powers that be are coached by the Powers That Be.

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          2. Yes. Mark’s blog post on who is “they” really started to take me there.

            The deception is TOO brilliant and TOO perfect. I mean identical twins? How absolutely genius is that? The way they have untouchable control over billions of human beings from birth to death, regardless of intelligence level. It’s unconscionable. And with the research of Terran Downvale showing the unimaginable number of subconscious clues and numerology they leave all over every single news story and video, it’s either an extremely complex computer algorithm or higher power IMO.

            What really took me over the edge was when I did some of Mathis’s genealogy research on my own. I took a few random celebrities: Beyonce, Jim Henson, Marlon Brando, James Dean. I took their genealogy back as far as Geni.com would let me going down the parents, so not even including siblings or cousins. Every single one of them took me back to Lords, Ladies, Counts, Countesses, Sirs, etc. Nearly all were involved with the founding of the USA, and both Beyonce and Henson in particular took me back to kings and queens of the 1st and 2nd century. England, France, Germany, Hungary, Goths, Visigoths, Franks, etc. All the same bloodlines, all related. Do you own genealogy and tell me how many Lords and Ladies you have in your family tree.

            We’re talking the same bloodlines in power for at least two thousand years. Generation after generation, project after project. No slip-ups. And only now are we uncovering this, just as we should, with 2012 having past.

            I don’t know. Maybe this is just a phase I’m going through, but it makes a lot more sense to me right now. Sorry if this is turning anybody off, I don’t plan on continuing this topic on this blog, I just felt this blog post was a good place to discuss it.


          3. Agreed, Straight. Out of respect for Mark, I don’t want to take the comments here too far in a direction that is not his.


          4. This. Go to Matthew Nicholson channel on YouTube and be prepared to be blown away. Once again, agree with you 100℅. Human beings are clever but not THAT clever. I believe there is an other worldly intelligence controlling this reality. The Demiurge?


          5. This is an interesting conversation. I used to be really into the whole UFO phenomenon. Spent countless hours reading up and trying to sort the BS from what seemed genuine. That was before I became a card-carrying conspiracy researcher (a term I prefer over ‘theorist’). For a long time I believed there was really something to the whole UFO thing. But now I’m not sure. Part of me thinks it’s all just a big psy-op. The purpose of which I’m unsure of. Could be used as a way to cover up very advanced human technology. But I realize the UFO ‘phenomenon’ predates the modern era so maybe not. It could just be another part of their conspiracy counter-measures, where they’re trying to divert people into these topics and have created a virtual mini-industry around them. I’m very much agnostic and on-the-fence at the moment.

            I had a similar reversal with all the occult stuff. When I started down the conspiracy rabbit hole, I was really into learning about the whole occult thing, especially MK-ULTRA, satanic ritual abuse (of children) and trauma-based mind control more generally. Then I stumbled on Miles’s work, which pushed me to re-evaluate whether any of that was real or just part of the FUD and smokescreen. Are TPTB really sadistic child molesters and murderers? I was certain they were, but now I don’t know.

            But I digress. As much as I’m currently on the fence about these and many other topics, the discussion here is very interesting. The idea of an ancient, possibly alien intelligence being behind all of this is intriguing. I would encourage all of you to watch this video by Harald Kautz-Vella. He has a very interesting take on familiar topics like chemtrails and geo-engineering and morgellons, but also offers some fascinating (and at times VERY far out) stuff on an interplanetary artificial intelligence called “black goo” and its connection to interdimensional beings or ‘archons.’

            I really haven’t been able to figure out if Harald is legit (which is a separate question from the validity of what he has to say — he could mean well but just be mistaken or he could be misdirecting). His connection to Cara St. Louis is a bit off-putting, since she is in Icke’s camp and I view him as controlled opp. So could be Harald is just part of the psyop. Even if this is misdirection, there is doubtless good info here mixed in with the bad. Regardless, I think what he has to say has a lot of bearing on this conversation.

            Great to find a group of like-minded folks by the way. I’m sick of all the forums where people pile on Miles. I’ve learned enormously from his work, and I’m a big fan. And as you may have gathered I am also the author of the paper on Gandhi that Miles posted on his website earlier this year. I also really appreciate Mike and Straight’s work on these Zombies. It’s so f*ing crazy that it really is hard to swallow. But the evidence is very compelling. Cheers!


          6. Great to see you here, daddie_o. I read your Gandhi paper a while back and was impressed. I’ve also checked out your Reddit stuff, which was also excellent. Glad to have you on board.

            I’m pressed for time today but I’ll check out the video you linked a bit later.


          7. Oh and by the way if you or anybody else wants to know a bit more about me, you can read my ‘handshake’ introduction on CluesForum from back around April.


          8. Great work on the Ghandi paper.

            MM does not truck with our face splitting work here, so you’re best not to mention it. Says it does not impress him, but I found his reasons to be a bit specious. No matter though, it does not change my view of him. I just have to go my own way.


          9. Thanks. Curious to know what his reasons are. Miles is not infallible, as I know from personal experience, but he’s on target more often than not. I think with a lot of these matches you’ve got to assume a fair amount of plastic surgery, which makes sense. It makes it harder to pick up on the similarities with the naked eye (even the trained eye of a portrait artist).


          10. More than anything, the thing that got me started that road, was wiki numerology. Consistently, on every UFO article I looked at, anytime there was mention of “there is no evidence of UFOs”, it was flagged with an 8 or 11. Article after article. Freaked me right out.


          11. I unlinked from Crrow777, as he is flat earth. His efforts would be what Mathis called “black frosting,” agreeing with all of the criticism of NASA, and then linking it up with flat earth, thereby discrediting it. See how it works? That is whe whole purpose of flat earth. These people are very,very good at misinformation and misdirection. I do not trust Crrow.

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          12. I’ve been disappointed in his last few podcasts. He is not living up to his plans, outlined in the 1st few podcasts…it was very exciting to me. I was so hoping he could out NASA as frauds, but he has been all over the place recently.


          13. I will admit, he certainly changed formats. In the beginning was the lunar wave and the crowd funded scope. Then abruptly switched gears. I like to listen to the free portion of the podcasts but am not paying for a subscription.


      2. “Elon” is not short for Elohim. It means ‘oak tree’ in Hebrew. And so it doesn’t need the Elohim to get more Jewish, since it already is.


        1. I wasn’t insisting on a conflation, just an allusion- Oak Tree Mask alludes to, what, crypto-Jewish? Pretending to be Jewish but not? The fake name must have some play on word wink wink nudge nudge thing going on for somebody, I’d wager- I do love puzzles-


          1. You almost certainly right about a hidden wink in the name. “Oak tree smell” is about all I can come up with, but that’s far too literal.


  4. Can’t help being a wet rag on this topic- Personally, I wouldn’t put much stock in sightings and aberrant light patterns and such- They are/were almost certainly drones of some sort- The rest are products of that part of the personality that is elbowed to the side by empirical thinking: imagination-An imbalance caused by an imagination untethered to common sense can produce magical thinking, from which all alien lore derives, IMO- Or I should say, such literature as produced by the military/psych warfare department is acceptable to such an imbalanced personality-
    What is going on in the Mahabharata, or what in tarnation is that contraption Ezekial describes? I must admit these reports are puzzling, to say the least- But the chronological prejudices of the modern age are just guess work on what sort of progress and regression has actually taken place over many millennia- History is written by the victors, and there have been endless victors, so I have to agree with Henry Ford just this once: History is bunk!
    Back live: Does anyone think Bill Nye, The Science Guy, started his spook career as someone else?


      1. Yeah, old Grasse fed Tyson chicken has been in my crosshairs for awhile- Fraud and mountebank are too soft to describe that stand up “scientist”- Munchie Ka Ka is just a court jester- He should go ahead and don the robe and conical hat with the stars, moons and saturns on it and stir the steaming iron pot with a cackle while Mickey Mouse stumbles about-


  5. obviously ndt needs investigation of some sort. google “i’m neil degrasse tyson, bitch!” all of these scientists/experts are actors.


    1. Yes, NDT has (or had) an IMDb profile online. He is an actor. And when someone like him comes out and attempts to debunk flat earth you know they are hiding something.


      1. My read on that was that they manufactured the B.O.B./Tyson rap battle for the purpose of introducing Flat Earth to the mainstream, so they could discredit by association. Like how people who believe conspiracies are paranoid tin foil hat lunatics, anybody who questions Elon Musk must be a flat-earther.

        I mean, they even had Tila Tequila supporting Flat Earth. A few years back they had this weird marketing where they had cute girls running around festivals screaming about flat earth, and posted pictures online of girls in bikinis supporting flat earth. It just stinks of a manufactured psyop and the timing of it was in line with SC debunking NASA and the ISS.


      2. not that i agree nor disagreee with flat earth, ndt’s clmments on the shape of our “planet” are kinda weird. he says it’s not a sphere (inspite of nasa’s “photos” of a perfect ball…no….ot’s an “oblate spheroid”…wtf


          1. i applaud your suspicion. but seriously, i havr nothing invested in “flat earth” and shit. we don’t fucking know and NOBODY can prove one way or the other. i was encouraging an outing of tyson, fuckstick. i figure y’all have the means to expose him as being a recycled whatever. please put your paranoia (oops, “langley term”) asside and investigate this pop-culture phenom posing as scientist accordingly.jesus fucking christ.


          2. it is apparent that “straight’s” ability to READ my posts are hindered by his undue and prejudged suspicions that goes all the way back to a cautionary post i made weeks ago.


          3. i guess you missed my earlier post abou the iss being a hoax. of course the entire nada program is a hoax. i’ve prolly been more on top of this shit way longer than you have, straight.


      1. Age 33 and anyone who is a member of the “27 Club”- dead at age 27. You guys have covered 2 of them so far-Hendrix and Joplin. WickedCIApedia has an article on the members.


          1. Yes, I just became aware of that recently, probably an article I read here. Forgot what it was but centered around the number 27.


  6. Mark, apparently Elon Musk’s mother is twins; Maye, sister of Kaye (creative!). Interesting.

    I know trannies are on “the blacklist”, but my transdar is going off big time with this freaky looking specimen…

    And to the question straight posted long ago; his maternal family is jewish, coming from Canada and before that from Minnesota, New York and Illinois. “Of English, Irish and Dutch descent”, according to the site linked at Geni.

    How did they end up in South Africa? According to BS Insider:

    Musk’s maternal grandparents were Dr. Joshua [whose father was John Elon] and Wyn Haldeman, celebrities in their time for their expeditions to find the Lost City of the Kalahari, which legends held was located somewhere in southern Africa’s Kalahari Desert.

    Allegedly, he died in a plane crash in January 1974 in South Africa, not listed at Wikipedia (so might be real?).

    Note the error already in the Geni link though:

    Dr. Haldeman was born in a log cabin [sure!] in Minnesota, U.S.A., in November, 1902

    1 – moved with his family at age 2 to Herbert, Saskatchewan
    2 – He moved with his parents to Saskatchewan in 1907

    So was he 4 when they moved or did they move in 1905 already?

    Elon Musks maternal grandfather John Elon from Richmond, Illinois and his great-grandfather Joshua Norman from Lewis (from “Levi”), New York.


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