Where did I go wrong?

I am sitting here wondering where it all went wrong. We were having so much fun!

First came the Miles Mathis attack, which though hurtful contained enough truth so as to be taken seriously. That spawned a review of some of the work done, and indeed I have made mistakes with photo analysis, mistakes of enthusiasm, but still, mistakes. So far five “twins” have disappeared, and one “Zombie” has been affirmed, and the work continues. None of that work is hidden, only not linked now on the right hand side. It is also disclaimed as error. (It is a bit soothing that one of our twins, Rihanna, will be affirmed shortly.)

As a result of that we lost “Straight,” upset that the work is not given the respect he feels it is due. It’s a legitimate failure of minds to meet. His spot is open. I miss him.

Then I came upon Vexman, whose work will not be seen here anymore … I don’t care if it is a labor of truth or fantasy or deliberate deceit, it has cast such a pall on this blog that I realize I have the power to make it go away, and can, and will. I am not a person who enjoys “power” per se, but I am one who enjoys the search for truth, life, music, humor, and we have none of that at present.

I left the following comment on Vexman’s last piece, part 3 of his series on Russian history and Jews and unspeakable horror. Since the comment will disappear with the post, I re-post it here:

Holodomor/Holocaust … interesting use of language. I have to stop and wonder at this piece of history, how it could happen in a vacuum. Just as the idea of 700,000 people perishing by means of gunshot in the back of the head, it has the sound of fantasticism, designed to horrify and enrage. We are not in charge of our own history, and so don’t know the truth of events of 15 years ago, yet we are asked to believe these tales of murder and famine … on what basis? I am also offended that “Jews” is being used in the pejorative. I want this whole series to be done and forgotten.

I realized after I wrote that that indeed I can make the whole series be done, if not forgotten. Vexman has his own blog. I urge that he move the whole body of work there, and those of you who want to read it go there. It is not being denied to you, only denied at this venue.

I want blogging to be fun again. Good bye, Vexman. I will catch your work at Vexman’s Thoughts.


12 thoughts on “Where did I go wrong?

  1. Much respect Mark…an introspective man is seldom seen these days. You lead by example, and you weigh issues from all angles… that is very commendable.


  2. Your blog is quite intriguing and informative, however I think you really have missed the boat on the whole Jim Morrison/Rush Limbaugh story. Both these personas reek of deep state sponsorship and the evidence that they are the same men is overwhelming if you use your methodology. I found this blog when searching for information about this rocker/radio personality sham.


    1. Jim Morrison did not become Rush Limbaugh – we threw that one out a long, long time ago. What we did learn was that the Jim Morrison last seen in Paris was not the same one that performed with the Doors, and that his [the one who did perform] name was not “Morrison,” that is, his face had been pasted into family photos. We left it there.

      Rush Limbaugh is not hard to fathom – I just watched a clip of Rachel Maddow doing the same thing … their job is to reinforce the two-doors only choice of Democrat or Republican by convincing their followers that the “other” party is evil. Limbaugh was a critical element in Obama’s “success,” in that he constantly told his listeners that Obama was a leftist, giving him what I think is called “political cover” to carry on with whatever you want to call the public agenda, neither right nor left, but corporate for sure.


  3. These periods of emotion and turmoil crop up routinely in the environmental movement too — at least the one I know. Things will be cruising along, and wham: “stop the train.” Everyone bails at once, like a Chinese fire drill, forms a circle and starts firing — at what, I do not know; neither do they, most likely. The cause is in the stars. Have your (Tarot) cards read, or see a good (13-sign) astrologer for answers. Just kidding. Ebb and flow. Yin and Yang. Balance is all one can ever hope for. If it’s asymmetrical, so be it. As always, I’m with you. Keep on keepin’ on.


  4. There was nothing wrong with the topic of Vexman’s research per se – it is the topic of topics, and as long we have at least a semi-free internet, it will continue to be revisioned and retold from hundreds of different angles for the benefit of historic accuracy and the well-being of humanity at large – but Vexman’s all-in approach was maybe not the wised choice to examine this particular overwhelmingly huge snake pit.

    Good look to Vexman and all his future projects!


  5. I came here from Vexman, expecting to see vitriol sprayed as if from Kilauea. But, no, it was a temperate decision. Your plate–you decide what food is on it. No one was even harmed by this change. I still have two sites bookmarked


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