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A certain writer/researcher we know and admire (speaking for myself) is often seen to be uncovering this or that person’s Jewish roots. That particular question is on our ‘don’t go there’ list on this blog, but what the hell, let’s go there. As long as you are not full of hatred, and do not imagine that Jews have murdered a gazillion people, have at it.

Who are these ‘Jews’? How did they become so powerful? How do they manage to mask their heritage? Are they evil?

Since discovering my own heritage is Jewish (on Dad’s side, so it does not count, and anyway, I was raise intensely Catholic), I’ve been curious about who they are and how they got here. I don’t think it has anything to do with Israel or that region of the world. They are not Semitic. I think the words “chosen people” are of far more significance than we understand. I think it has a lot to do with ancient bloodlines. I think that these people we call Jews have high intelligence and high moral standards. They like to stay cloaked. They seem to intermarry, and long ago became part of what we now call royalty. They easily walk in and out of all professions, often without benefit of any real talent, surviving on undeserved accolades. (Oh, sorry, did not mean to bring Meryl Streep, Matt Damon and Stephen Colbert into this discussion.)

So much if what we see around us, our elections , our education system, science, news, “terrorism,” wars … is fake. These illusions are used to keep us occupied, distracted and under control. The people behind the illusions are incredibly smart about how they do things, and I read so much about how evil it all is. I am not sure it is that. I’ve even gotten to the point where I think it might even be necessary. Life is a test of character and intelligence. We need challenges to get better, we need to live in a harsh environment to improve. Easy lives make people soft. If we can reason through it, see through it, even come to accept it and just go about our business of working hard and being good and charitable to one another, then perhaps we passed the test?

So imagine that “Jews” run the world. So what? Someone has to do it. It could be worse. It could be the Irish. (Don’t get on me for that. Irish is my mother’s side. She was a wonderful woman.)

Anyway, the Jewish question is open for discussion. I am not a hall monitor, but if comments get hateful, I will become one. Remember that formal history is fake, probably written by Jews too.

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  1. I think people calling themselves “jews” do run the world, and surround themselves with actual jews, so that jews can remain the scapegoat. Thus, it appears that jews get all the breaks in certain fields, it seems to come effortlessly because of their jewishness. But they are being used, and they may or may not know or care as long as their bank accounts are big enough. I don’t think Maury down at the deli with his aching back gives a shit about running the world though.


  2. I can’t wait to read the upcoming posts about this topic ! For now I’ll stay on HOLD until some of the other, smarter folks weigh in..

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  3. So imagine that “Jews” run the world. So what? Someone has to do it.

    I think you’re wrong. States are created and supposed to be ‘run’ on laws, not nepotism. Especially not secret nepotism. This whole show is garbage and people are nothing more than profit producers for a bunch of spoiled, talentless, arrogant and mostly disgusting blue-bloods. Like ‘MM’ says – I don’t like being lied to. And, that’s exactly what our culture has become – a pack of lies. If that doesn’t bother you, fine – but don’t think it won’t bother others who might have an opinion on it.


    1. Tony— Thanks for your comment! I’m with you. What’s the point of the golden rule, refining our character, moral virtues, the middle way, 8 limbs of Yoga, 10 commandments, 12 Steps, and all other codes by which to live a good life… if those who pull the strings get a pass and get to do the complete opposite simply to keep us on our toes with a challenge? I despise the hoaxes and fakery. I am with MM. It’s rotten to the core. I feel that there has to be some universal karma that catches up to the liars and hoaxers. At least I hope there is. I do think that the majority of Jewish people firmly believe that they are the chosen people and while I completely disagree and think we are all God’s chosen people, the implementation of this millennia-old philosophy has grave consequences and I think we are headed to some kind of terrible climax or conflagration as a result. Some of it has to do with messianic leanings of cults like Chabad Lubavitz who wish to see the world wide Jews prevail and make Jerusalem their capitol so their Messiah can appear. It’s terribly problematical because the Muslims want a piece of Jersualem too and they want their Messiah to appear. And the there’s the evangelical Christians siding with the messianic Jews, because they think Christ will appear if the Jews previal. Armageddon, anyone?

      On Piece of Mindful awhile back, someone linked to Zachary Hubbard who studies the handiwork of what he feels are Zionist leaning Jews controlling world events, the news, sports, media, government, concocting false terrorism attacks around the world … all by the numbers: Gematria. Zach is raw, profane, and passionate. But boy does he have a compelling story to tell. you can find him on youtube, Free to Find Truth. If someone doesn’t like his work, well I found it because of this blog.

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      1. I tend to want to reject eschatological thinking, instead operating on the assumption that the world is a proving ground, not a battlefield, so that no end-times conflagration is in store for us, just business as usual. I also reject resentment towards this class that is operating behind the scenes … the state of human intelligence is always a work in progress, with only a few rising to levels able to see hidden hands at work. People have to be managed in such a way that they are not harmed by too much knowledge.

        Anyway, “too much knowledge” is hardly a problem, is it.

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        1. While not Catholic, I’ve always enjoyed G.K. Chesterton. His book, “The Man Who Was Thursday” is interesting in making a point about the author of the evils of the world. Likewise, in the book of Job, Satan reports to God as a faithful servant.

          The problems and evils we face are only because we haven’t learned how to get out of our own way, so to speak. Finding that way is what religions and philosophies should be about, and the Bible itself gives plenty of space to how corrupt these things are.

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  4. Well… i can’t pass up this opportunity and i thank you for the opportunity. Many Jews, and i know this for a fact, are not aware the Holocaust is not as they’ve told us. Are unaware Jews were promised the NWO back in the forties… that their rabbis are not any different than our priests and ministers… their rabbis and the ADL keep them in line by placing fear into them “the entire world is out to get them”. It simply isn’t true. All religions are false, there is no legitimate reason to be a Jew. It’s not a race, it’s a religion. Jews have a heritage, we have a heritage. We can’t get past this if we can’t put all these issues on the table and dialogue about it.

    I have Jewish friends, i almost married a Jewish man. I think some Jews are fine people, i don’t have a lot of trust for most of them to be honest, knowing what i know now. If they don’t want this, they have the power to stop it… they are only ones who do, frankly. There are some hopeful signs, according to this article i have linked to and wrote the summary on, the percentage of U.S. Jews under 35 who are married to non-Jews is 41 percent as of 2003.



    Zionism is a political geography idea founded on a theory of racial appropriation of space and time. It is centered on a Jewish exclusive inheritance claim over both the territory of Palestine and the cultural heritage and genetic material of the Biblical Israelites. By the same token Zionism denies such exclusive inheritance “rights” to the Muslim and Christian Arabs who are the natives of Palestine.
    This Jewish ancestry claim is based on a chain of implicit and explicit assumptions and hypotheses:

    (1) Palestine is the Biblical Holy Land of Canaan (promised to descendants of Abraham in Genesis 15 and to the Israelite followers of Moses in Numbers 34),
    (2) Biblical Abraham settled in Palestine in the17th century BC,
    (3) Biblical Abraham is the patriarch of the Biblical Israelites,
    (4) Biblical Israelites conquered and settled Palestine in the 13th century BC,
    (5) The Jews of Roman-occupied Palestine were the descendants of the Biblical Israelites,
    (6) Most Jews of Roman-occupied Palestine were forced into exile,
    (7) Contemporary Jews are the descendants and sole beneficiary heirs of those Roman-exiled Palestinians,
    (8) It is a natural right to return to one’s ancestral homeland even after 2000 years of real or supposed exile.
    (9) Because of all the above there has always been “one Jewish people” which has constituted a “single nation” through time and space.
    The Zionists wear the Semitic claim on their sleeves all the time and consider it a God-given “natural” and “historic” right, which was at last sanctioned internationally by the Balfour Declaration (1917), the British Mandate of Palestine (1922-1948), the UN Partition of Palestine (1947), and the creation of the State of Israel (1948)
    Whereas there seems to be an agreement among scholars that the Jews are not a race, there seems to be a consensus among the Jews that their claim to Palestine is based on hereditary right.
    This paper explores and takes issue with the claim: “contemporary Jews are Semitic.” It is based on a broad multidisciplinary geographic synthesis of the critical findings about the Semitic claim. First, it presents the Israeli Law of Return as the embodiment of the Semitic claim. Second, it synthesizes the major critical findings about the Semitic claim in history, archaeology,linguistics,and genetics.

    The Lack of Historical Documentation for the Semitic Claim:

    The Semitic claim is a social construct drawing largely on the global dissemination of the Bible, the confusion about the origins of contemporary Jews, and the supposed non-Arabian origins of the Israelites.

    The Semitic claim developed a racial turn with French-backed Prussian Jew Moses Hess’ obsession with “race struggle” and British baptised Jew Benjamin Disraeli’s popularization of the new racial term of “Caucasians”
    The most important assumptions encouraging the Jewish Semitic claim reside in the conceptualization of “Semitism” itself and the assumed “non-Arabian” origins of the Israelites.
    The Semitic concept is also misleading because the various peoples who came out of Arabia in the course of the past 4000 years never described themselves as “Semitic” or “Semites.” A more accurate label for them would be “Arabian” or “Arabians” since they all apparently came from Arabia.

    Biblical Archaeology Found No Trace of the Israelites in Palestine:

    - Failure of Biblical archaeology to prove that Palestine was actually the Biblical land of Canaan. 
    - Efforts of Israeli archaeologists and their European and American colleagues have produced nothing of proven archaeological value” that demonstrates that the  Israelites were ever in Palestine. 
    - In addition to the lack of archaeological evidence for David or Solomon (in the  ardently excavated levels of Jerusalem) or for Moses, the captivity in Egypt, or the Exodus, one also finds that the great Biblical events left no trace in the annals of the  Egyptians and the Babylonians.
    - The  excavation of at least 23  levels of occupation in Jericho (the first walled city) shows “no sign of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the slavery in Egypt, or anyone wandering in the desert” and no proof that Jericho’s fabled walls “came tumbling down” after Joshua captured the  city.
    - Biblical accounts of escape from Egypt, of wandering in the wilderness, and of massive conquests in Transjordan are overwhelmingly contradicted by the archaeological evidence.  That may make many uncomfortable. but it is a fact, one from which no open-minded person can escape”

    The Linguistic Track Leads Biblical Hebrew to Arabia and Zionist Hebrew to Khazaria:

    - As the linguistic track of Biblical Hebrew and its speakers seems to lead to Arabia, the linguistic track of Zionist Hebrew and its speakers seems to lead somewhere else.
    - Yiddish is not a variant of High German, as is commonly maintained. Rather it is a  Slavic language, specifically a  form of Sorbian. 
    - Modern Israeli Hebrew (or Zionist Hebrew) is not a “revived” form of Old Hebrew,  as is commonly maintained.  Rather it is a derivative of Yiddish, and thus is also a   Slavic language.

    A closer look at the current genetic turn in Jewish genealogies indicates that it came after Zionist historiography failed to prove the Semitic claim in the fields of history, archaeology, and linguistics.
    Jews (like Muslimand the Christians) are bound by religion (and are highly mixed), not by race or genes.
    Today the percentage of U.S. Jews under 35 who are married to non-Jews is 41 percent (Goodstein 2003).

    The conclusion can be summed up in the following points:

    First, the Jewish Semitic claim made by the Zionists in the name of contemporary Jews remains unsubstantiated according to scholarly findings in history, archaeology, linguistics, and genetics.
    Second, the Semitic claim is essentially used to justify the dispossession, displacement, and impersonation of the Palestinians by Jewish settlers in one of the most complex forms of cultural identity theft.
    Third, even if contemporary Jews were actually “Semitic,” this will not justify their dispossession of the Palestinians who have nothing to do with any past or present, actual or alleged persecution of Jews in Europe or anywhere else in the world.
    Fourth, the Semitic claim did not solve the Jewish identity problem created by Zionism as the current genetic turn to a new racial science indicates.
    Fifth, the growing disillusionment with the Jewish Semitic claim could nurture cynicism or guilt among current and future Jewish generations. Hebrew University Professor of History Yehoshua Porath was quoted: “You can’t build a cultural heritage on a lie. Because when young people discover the truth, they can become cynical”. In light of the failure to prove the Semitic claim, researchers of the origins of contemporary Jews are now forced to think outside the old geographic box of Palestine and the older ethnic buzzword of the Israelites.

    In this article, the term “Zionism” refers to the international colonial movement designed to make Palestine an extraterritorial nation-state for world Jewry. The term “Zionists” refers to the Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of this movement. It should be noted that critical studies of Zionism have often been tabooed, polemicized and/or considered anti-Semitic in mainstream U.S. media, politics, and culture.

    The unabridged version of the Webster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Language (1986 Edition) has gone as far as defining anti-Semitism as any “opposition to Zionism” and/or “sympathy with opponents of the State of Israel.” This definition and the relentless harassment of Western conscience about Jewish persecution and the Holocaust seem to keep Israel and Zionism above and beyond any serious criticism within the Western world are likely to make it even more difficult and more intimidating for scholars to criticize the State of Israel or Zionism without being labeled anti-Semitic.

    (see Finkelstein 2000 and Novick 1999). The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004 (signed by President Bush two weeks before the 2004 presidential elections), the [HR 3077] International Studies in Higher Education Act of 2003 (passed by the U.S. House and referred to the U.S. Senate), and the Middle East Forum Campus Watch (which blacklists American university professors who criticize Israel)

    Full article here:


    1. I am aware, or at least somewhat aware, of all of this, and it just doesn’t arouse any passion in me. I did want to separate, if possible, Zionism and the matter of Jewish wealth and power, as it is interesting to me how they came to hold so much of the world’s wealth. Was it jsut by virtue of being bankers? Because I think it also takes tremendous intelligence for them to run circles around the rest of us as they do.

      My first wife’s family lived on Long Island, and I was so young and so did not understand their passionate hatred of Jews, constantly complaining about them. This was the Irish culture however, as insulated as any. But it was indeed true prejudice, as vile as I have ever seen.

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      1. Wish granted Mark… i just found this out three days ago.. here’s how they get their money…
        In public office in whatever occupied country the Jew resides he follows a different law than that of the host nation. By allowing the Jew to swear (by default) his oath on the Talmud instead of the nation states oath of office the alien Jew retains clean hands as he subverts all within European nations it occupies.


        1. It’s real, and it’s all based on the bible. our courts are based on Mosaic Law. Did you know the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden is the creation of our STRAWMAN entities? What would you like to lay odds Noah’s Ark is the mythological flooding of the land to bring in Maritime Law? I wrote a short article about that… this is not it… this is a PDF about the Shetar from the Georgetown Law Journal, it’s just a bit harder to read than the last link i dropped. They are truly out to enslave us..
          The Shetar’s Effect on English Law –
          A Law of the Jews Becomes the Law of the Land

          Click to access how-jewish-law-became-english-law.pdf


          1. They appear to run circles around everyone, but it’s not because they’re craftier or more intelligent. They just have more nepotistic tendencies…taking care of their own.

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          2. I forget where I saw it, will look for it…but there is some sort of lending institution that will give interest free loans to jews to start businesses. A few years back I inquired what exactly the requirements were to qualify, and they said that yes, they do verify your heritage. (I wasn’t trying to get a loan, I was having some argument about jews on some forum about my suspicions that jews probably get interest free loans which would explain how in any main street in any town, jewish businesses fluorish while gentile businesses come and go….and I found that organization to which proved my point.)


          3. That is true, it takes all that. But who has a significant advantage…the guy struggling to pay off a loan or the guy who has an interest free loan?

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      2. Please listen to this interview of Kevin Alfred Strom (co-founder of the (formally shortwave & A M (Now fully) internet radio program “American Dissident Voices” for the European peoples preservation organisation, the “National Alliance” By RedIce Radio founder Henrik Palmgren it is in 2 parts (the second part requires membership payment). He explains Jewish behavior very articulately.


  5. Not another “off-topic” derailment like the previous post which went from a thread on photo forensics to a circle jerk about British footie. Jewsus Christ, people, stay on topic! Please…


    1. I am very sorry Tyrone. If it wasn’t an emergency, I would not have asked an off topic question and I am not trying to derail this thread.


  6. Mark, to start, check out Douglas Reed opus to get acquainted and get your feet wet on the enigma of Zion. Reed, a spook where there may be, but still a useful LH. This is not a question about evil, hatred or superior intelligence… it is about human nature and who understood it and organized to exploit it. Not better or worse than others just less scrupulous. Mini off-topic: Andiamo Juve, ancora!!

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  7. Mark, many ideas you express on 3rd paragraph of your post are propaganda-infested… you are on the right path to clear the mind about them though. They deserve a cold, objectibe analysis. It’s Saturday and I got a F00TBALL match to watch, so I will elaboratr on my answer on Monday and pass tyrone my impression of the match, hopefully the bianconeri get the win 😉


  8. Going off the Talmudic version of Judaism, the concept of the goyim is the root of my disdain. Natural law acknowledges that everyone is equal and born free. The idea that anyone (including Jews) are superior to anyone else is an idea that should be laughed at.
    Also, the concept of “3 years and a day”, if true, should be a matter of grave international concern. Can mankind really be capable of such horror?
    It is vital that we separate Judaism from “The Jew”. Any reference to the term Jew implies the collective and is racist, hurtful and renders any argument flaccid. It is the ideology that should be criticised or praised.


  9. I believe that Jews can be divided in elite Jews and common Jews. The common Jews are manipulated and conditioned by elite Jews, so the common Jews (a certain percentage) can become zealots. They have different programs/conditioning for different Jewish demographics (religious, non-religious, Sephardi, Ashkenazim etc).
    Regarding the elite Jews , I believe they come from elite people connected to Ahkenaten, High Priest of Ra in Heliopolis, Persian Priests and Persian Royalty. I believe the monotheism of Akhenaten is connected to Monotheism of Persia (Zoroastrism). I also believe in chronological revisionism (my chronological bias comes from me wanting to connect Ahkenaten to Cyrus). Maybe there are some clues in Herodotus that Cambyses 2 (son of Cyrus) had an Egyptian mother (Herodotus denies that connection). We know that Egyptians tried to erase Akhenaten from history, so his group probably left Egypt (see the movie The Egyptian 1954 for some hints). The Persian empire was conquered by Alexander (also Egypt). Judaism was probably created when the middle east was divided between the generals of Alexander. Palestine is the territory between Ptolemaic Egypt and Seleucid Empire, and these 2 kingdoms were at war. Palestine belonged to both empires, so there was probably some propaganda added to make the population pro Ptolemaic or Pro Seleucid. There are many things to be said but see this link for the Persian connection . See Ralph Ellis (freemason I believe) for the Egyptian connection. Like I said, I also believe there are chronological problems that make the research harder (askwhy is aware of these problems, but he only cuts 500 years ). Important thing is that Judaism probably evolved from the monotheism of Akhenaten and Zoroastrism (maybe these 2 connected). Only after Alexander we have Judaism proper, but stories were added until 1st century AD.
    Regarding the research of Mathis, I think it is good overall. I already told him that I don’t believe the royal lines were infiltrated since they were elite Jews from the beginning. I believe Michael Tsarion is right when he calls the top people Atonist (better than Satanist, Luciferean because these terms may not mean what most people think). So I believe that the elite Jews and elite Christians are atonists. Maybe what I call atonism should be called esoteric Judaism. I also expect elite Muslims to be from the same families. Research the early Ottoman Sultans or Valide Sultan (title of mother after 16th century).
    Maybe later I will write a list of important Jewish/Atonist families or persons that are important for connecting the antiquity to the modern world. Members of these families were connected to the Kennedy investigation, 9/11 investigation etc.

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    1. Thank you for this, and for the link. I might add that there is an elite group of blacks that come through in this too, and before Straight went his way he was questioning the origins of people like Sammy Sosa and that dude who plays now for the Cavaliers. OJ Simpson would belong too, an elite athlete used to run one of the bigger scams of our time.


    2. Reagrding important names, this page is a good start On that page you can see Helena of Adiabene. Ralph Ellis (freemason?) says that Helena is the mother of the historical Jesus. The most important son is Izates bar Monobaz (if Jesus is a composite character, Izates is the most important ingredient according to Ellis). In my opinion Ralph Ellis gives good info but he doesn’t mention chronological revisionism. I really do believe the chronological revisionism is an important ingredient.

      Also the Benveniste (also Mendes) family is interesting. If you go at the bottom you see a link to Richard Ben-Veniste, who was involved in Watergate scandal and was a member of 9/11 commission. Other members of this family are also important.
      Makhir of Narbonne is connected to the Caloringian Dynasty. See also Bostanai who was connected to the Sasanian emperor Yazdegerd III (wikipedia has a coin of this emperor with the star of David).


  10. I have nothing to add to the conversation concerning religion or philosophy. I can only state that I have family members with varying degrees of Jewish ancestry who I know to be good, hard-working people. I have also had good friends in the past who I now realize were probably Jewish, but I had never given it a second thought. It’s really not about THOSE people.

    My genealogical research of prominent (not even prominent actually) individuals in COMMERCE, ENTERTAINMENT, NEWS, POLITICS, MILITARY, AND EVEN SPORTS is causing me to develop carple tunnel syndrome due to hundreds, if not thousands, of hours spent building family trees. Like other people watch TV, I build trees. I find it therapeutic. I can state unequivocally that only two types of family trees exist for THIS crowd. The trees that are either entirely or mostly scrubbed and the ones that lead through New England or Virginia/D.C. to the UK (occasionally Switzerland, Germany, or France). They always include actual or crypto-Jewish names. And they always lead to the peerage or people very closely associated to it. The same names come up again and again and again and again, ad nauseum. They also almost invariably include military officers.

    These people are in control of EVERYTHING that you “perceive” to be “reality” (except what our creator has given us, and even then). If that doesn’t affect you and your outlook on the world, then I must compliment you on your powers of denial. You still live in a monarchy though, whether you confront it or not. Instead of castles, your rulers and their pampered progeny now live in million dollar mansions and have fun, fulfilling, and VERY profitable careers.. But rest assured, they despise you just as much as they ever did.

    As an example, my current research project involves SPORTS. Most people probably don’t remember a mediocre figure skater named Jojo Starbuck. One of my past submissions to Miles’ site was about Nantucket and the whaling/oil cartel headed by the Starbucks. If you think the two can’t be related, think again. Jojo Starbuck is a direct descendant of Anne Seymour, Countess of Warwick, John Dudley 1st Duke of Northumberland, and Walter Hungerford, 1st Baron Hungerford through Tristram Coffin and Dionis Stevens of Nantucket Island. Jojo’s now married to a Jewish architect and has her own little project running some skating malarkey at Rockefeller center. And oh yeah, according to wikipedia, Anne Seymour, Duchess of Somerset’s “snobbery and pride were considered to be intolerable and more presumptuous than Lucifer.”

    Tellingly, Miles started his most recent paper on Keanu Reeves with the disclaimer, “This is all genealogy work, so if you hate that, move on.” As always, Miles refuses to coddle his readers. He knows the truth. If you don’t or don’t want to, feel free to enjoy your servitude. Please have a GMO/Flouride beer for me at the tailgate party.

    Thanks Mark for allowing me to get that out of my system.

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      1. Yes she was. I’m still working on Bradshaw, but it looks they may have been “kissin” cousins. Probably an arranged marriage. Not as beards, but for the project at that time. It’s part of my current research project. But you win the prize, not many people probably remember her at all. Thanks.


        1. I remember Miles writing about how two prominent names in coffee, Folgers and Starbucks, were both bloodline. That is robusta and arabica for the uninitiated, or 7-11 and $4 coffee. They have us covered at both ends.


          1. The Folgers and the Starbucks are both founding families of Nantucket Island. The families also inter-married along with the Coffins (Cohens).

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          2. Kevin, you seem very knowledgeable about genealogies and I highly commend that aspect or yourself… so I find highly suspicious you don’t mention Ben Franklin (yes, fellows, that Ben) in the same sentence with the Folgers… I will let you elaborate on that one for the audience.


          3. Thanks for the feedback Jesse. If you recall, my initial post was about the Starbucks of Nantucket Island. Since this is a comment section and not a research project, I was attempting to be concise. Of course, the Starbucks, Folgers, and Coffins are frequently intermingled, so I could have included the Bush’s, Hinckley’s, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and many more people. I was merely staying focused on the subject at hand.

            You are absolutely correct though, and it is an important fact about the Folger family. Peter Foulger (d. 1690) was an interpreter of the American Indian language for the first settlers of Nantucket. He was the grandfather of Benjamin Franklin. He lived in Martha’s Vineyard until 1663. He married Mary Morrell (d. 1704) in 1644. Their ninth child, Abiah, married Josiah Franklin. Parents of Ben. Franklin. A likely descendant, J. A. Folger (b 1835) of Nantucket, founded Folgers Coffee.

            I now leave the floor open for you to expound. Thanks.


        2. The only reason I remember Starbuck was because of the incapacitating level of crush I had on Janet Lynn as a boy. Even peak value Dorothy Hamill couldn’t wean me off of her.


        3. Folgers: Creepy first coffee commercial after JFK shooting… hypnotizing America… //


          1. What an incredible find!

            A few years ago, not then realising the extent of the falsification, it struck me as strange that George Orwell provides Room 101 with coffee, in 1984. I didn’t at the time realise it was one of the important books, like Alice in Wonderland. Anyway, Miles has mentioned Jane Eyre several times and so I recently started re-reading … and there it is again. On Jane’s first day at Lowood Institute, with bad food and Dickensian cruelty, at 6pm the girls are given coffee to drink. I thought it was an expensive drink in the nineteenth century.

            There is no coffee in Alice, although there is lots of tea, sending us either crazy or to sleep, but in Through the Looking Glass a text search today gave me:

            Then fill up the glasses as quick as you can,
            And sprinkle the table with buttons and bran:
            Put cats in the coffee, and mice in the tea-
            And welcome Queen Alice
            With thirty-times-three!

            Again, incredible, although I can’t say I see more than those numbers again.

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          2. She was a person of interest for us, as her death was obviously fake. Just going on memory from a long time back, but I wondered if she was living in the Folger household, pretending to be someone else. I have to revisit this.


          3. There’s no need to investigate further Mark. According to Wikipedia, “After Abigail died, Peter (her father) conducted his own investigation into her death and spent the rest of his life protecting her from being the subject of salacious gossip, threatening legal action against anyone who tried to use her name in damning articles or books about the Tate murders. As a result, very little information is available about her.” Nothing to see here Mark, move along.

            Many years ago during my hibernation I recall hearing that as she was being repeatedly stabbed in the back she turned to her attackers and said, “I’m dead already or “I’m already dead” something like that. Even then I found that to be very odd.

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  11. A great thread and long overdue. The comments also. And it probably wouldn’t do much good to be a hall monitor here anyway. I believe this crowd has long since tossed the rule book into the lake. I also know the anger and frustration of people when having to deal with unnamed sources but sometimes that is the only choice. So please forgive me as I toss out out a cookie of unspecified origin. I have been told matter of factly, and out of the blue, that members are given a 20% discount at the wholesale level. While nominally illegal, for non members anyway, this might help explain the successes which seem to defy logic and mathematics. So Maury down at the deli may not care about running the world, but it is a fair bet he has some reasonable idea who does.

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  12. I believe that the new system of power came into being after a great catastrophe that destroyed the Roman Empire. The fall of the Roman Empire was not because of the barbarians or Christians. People discovered territories under the water in Egypt (Alexandria), India and North Europe that were once inhabited by people. The map of Ptolemy looks very different (Europe had a larger area I believe). People also discover aqueducts under the earth. The Roman Forum was a field for cows (campo vaccino) in medieval period. I don’t believe the barbarians or Christians buried the buildings or the aqueducts. The apocalyptic times helped the rise of Christianity and Islam . Maybe these 2 religions were invented by elite families during and after the catastrophic period (remember at Mecca we have a rock from space most probably). If a comet hit the earth, you get dust in the air. The sunlight doesn’t penetrate the atmosphere very well, so you have a fall in agriculture. Also you have climate change, maybe the tilt of the Earth was changed (some cities on the Ptolemy map are at a different altitude, also many cultures had a 360 days calendar).
    In the movie The Name of the Rose (Sean Connery) the monastery has a secret library. If some elite families (elite order) preserved ancient knowledge, they had a great advantage over a traumatized populace. The cartoon Chris Colorado is also incredible In this cartoon you have an apocalyptic world after a meteorite hit the world. You also have pieces of meteorite with black liquid that gives power to the members of a certain family (but they also become insane). The people that made this cartoon know something.

    I actually believe there were at least 2 great catastrophe, but the things above are related to the last one. The first one is probably related to the great flood and the golden age (when the tilt was probably under 10 degrees, and you have eternal spring). I believe the last catastrophe has more reliable proofs. The first one probably relies on more speculation (Atlantis, golden age etc).


    1. You got caught in the two-link trap, calgucus. I have changed it to three, but anytime there is more than one link in a comment, to goes to moderation. Not my choice.

      What you write is very interesting, and indicates you are deep into this subject. I would be glad to ‘host’ you if you want to expand on what you have written already.

      That same invitation goes out to everyone commenting here, by the way. This has been enlightening, new information. We are always looking for new writers, but experience taught me to go through a trial period first.


      1. Right now I am more interested in accumulating knowledge. I try to read alternative stuff, but I also try to read ancient writings (ancient historians, ancient literature etc). There is already good stuff on internet, but some things must be combined. Some people have good stuff on chronological revisionism, but they don’t say anything about bloodlines. Some people are good when it comes to ancient catastrophes (which can be independent of chronological revisionism). There is also some work to be done connecting the modern times to ancient times. Mathis already went way back to middle ages. I also keep an eye on XDR (special drawing rights) and “geopolitcs”. The biggest problem for the honest researcher is the intentional misdirection that affects all these subjects.


        1. Calgacus: Check out Gerald Massey. Brilliant. Wrote over 1.2 million words, long hand (in late 1800s, early 1900s), in 6 volumes: The Natural Genesis, Vol I, II ; the Book of the Beginnings Vol 1, II; Ancient Egypt, Light of the World Vol, 1, II. In these books you will learn there was never a great flood, nor an exodus out of Egypt by the Israelites. These particular fables can be interpreted using an astronomical key, especially as it relates to the changing of the pole star, and the Great Year of precession. Massey also traces historical origins of a mythical Christ (Jehoshua Ben Pandira). His books are invaluable and his research impeccable and I am told, disappear off the shelves of libraries in New York because some folks don’t like the content so much; basically Massey outlines why the Jews are not the chosen people By chasing their history in Egypt and earlier. He leaves no historical source unturned and taught himself how to read the hieroglyphics. and for the Christians, he exposes their supposed savior and messiah as having very shaky historical roots. No wonder his books have been suppressed. And because he did not have academic degrees he is shunned by those circles to this day. There was a US senator from Iowa , Harold Hughes, who was quite the intuitive – he had a vision that books would be found that would change the history of the world. This is chronicled in a book called The secret teachings: Unveiling the Luminous Sun Within by Gene Kieffer. The mysterious books of the Senator’s vision were Massey’s books. Quite a story and whether anyone wants to believe it or not, it happened. You seem to enjoy arcane knowledge so I thought I would share.


      1. Women probably play a great role. There were many important religious institutions like the college of the Vestals and the Sibyls. Tsarion is probably more interested in characters like princess Scota. I already mentioned Helena of Adiabene. Cleopatra is another interesting character (if Ralph Ellis is right). I think that Zenobia is another interesting woman. There is also a Zenobia from Armenia. Zenobia from Armenia seems obscure, but there are many paintings and operas about her life. I also believe I looked on a genealogy site, and she was related to Helena of Adiabene.
        Also you can research Pornocracy (lol) or Saeculum Obscurum ( when a few femaled like Theodora were important in Roman politics (10th century). Theophanu that married Otto 2 is also an interesting character and Sarah-Theodora of Bulgaria. Mathis probably covered Medici women (Swedish and Polish connection).


      2. There was a period of time in Vedic India where at least 100 enlightened men flourished and guided the folks, and they all had one thing in common – they were all married so it was apparent that the Shakti power of women was instrumental and key. (From the writings of a Pandit Gopi Krishna, mystic of Kashmir). This also ties into Kundalini, the Divine power in each of us, imaged as feminine. Women can give birth so before man knew it was his seed that sparked life, the woman was worshipped, venerated and matriarchal societies were the standard (from the writings of Gerald Masse) . Goddess worship may have gone underground but never died completely. The Shakti power of women is essential. The creatrix of the world, Shiva’s own Shakti, is portrayed as feminine because She gives birth to the world. Shiva can not move one inch without Shakti.


  13. Just some random thoughts on the topic I’ve accumulated over time:

    It seems to me that the “jews” (or whoever they are) injected themselves into the Old Testament, but weren’t the originators of it. The word itself doesn’t appear until 2nd Kings or some such, well into the process. Even the term “Jew” is an English slang for “Judean,” which has contextual meaning that is lost with this insertion. Sometimes it means a person from Judea (in the sense we might use “Texan”) and other times a member of the fundamentalist sect that ran things at the time of Christ.

    Israel Shahak says in his book “Jewish History, Jewish Religion” that the Jews disappear from history for a couple of hundred years after the Romans destroyed Jerusalem, and reappear as completely different people, having been sheep herders in the earlier stage, they were now city dwellers. (I’m going from memory from years ago, so that’s the gist of what I recall). He was widely attacked and criticized, and a lot of his supporters (Gore Vidal, Christopher Hitchens) are suspect, but this little tidbit has always stuck in my mind as significant.

    The word “gentile” has also been a curious one, as it’s almost universally taken to mean “non-jew” but has the same root as genesis, generation, etc., which implies it means “related to” and not unrelated. This also helps clear up the confusion in Galatians about “neither Greek nor Jew” which wasn’t a racial distinction but a cultural one, denoting the “fundamentalists” vs the Hellenized Israelites who were dispersed all around the Roman empire.

    The running battle between “Jacob and Esau” which goes through the scriptures is interesting. Esau was the father of Edom, eternal enemy of Israel. Edom means “red” and Herod was an Edomite or Idumenean. The Edomites were “integrated” into the Israelite religious orders around 150 BC. This created a lot of hostility, and explains part of the enmity Herod had for Christ. I also read in some alternative history book that there was a great upheaval around 3 or 4 AD where the people rioted over the selection of the high priest. The book didn’t go there, but my guess was that it had to do with the seating of an Edomite in this position. Would be like an open Jew being made pope – the hoi polloi wouldn’t approve.

    The 8th chapter of the book of John gives some clues as well, when Jesus tells the Pharisees that, “you are of your father, the devil” after they told him their father was Abraham, and “they had never been slaves.” By this they were identifying themselves as Edomites, as Israelites would wear their slavery like American blacks would, or Jews wear the holocaust.

    It’s also interesting that Hebrew was a dead language at the time of Christ, being used liturgically like Latin in the Catholic church. The people spoke Aramaic, a similar dialect. Hebrew script is called “Herodian script” which implies it was being created at the time of the Herods, and that explains the prominence of the “scribes” in the New Testament.

    The King James translation is based on the Masoretic Old Testament, which dates back to only 900AD. The Masoretes supposedly “kept it pure” by destroying competing copies of the text. A lot of the controversy about the New American Standard translation had to do with its translators consulting the Septuagint, which exists in several competing texts and is much older.

    Whatever one thinks of the validity of the scriptures, these are things I’ve gleaned over time, and shows there’s more to the story than the dumbed down Sunday school version we get.


  14. Interesting that as I was watching the film “The Reader” last night , I had not seen it before , for me to think Harvey Weinstein & CO would not want to do psychological harm to me and any Jews who saw it . Clearly , people like me (not on the team) have always been grease in the wheels , often literally . I would have thought very differently about that film nine years ago when it was released , before doing the work of reading and finding brave truth seekers research .
    Douglas Reed’s The Controversy of Zion gives great info on the walling and fencing in of “lesser Jews” by their elite and how they could so effectively manifest their will geopolitically in the 19th and 20th century . So have they simply interbred with non Jewish elite or are they the pawns of them or coconspirators ?
    Joseph Atwill’s Shakespeare’s Secret Messiah book tells of the 1st century Roman Empirical court inventing and sheltering a Rabbinical Jewish elite at the same time they invented Christianity . And the purposes/benefits for doing both are still paying off to this day .
    Will any of us know for sure , true history . More questions then answers .
    The burning of the library at Alexandria must have been a confiscation .
    I also like Gilad Atzmons definition of anti-semite as ” Not someone who hates Jews , but someone Jews hate “… people who are figuring out how they have been deceived .

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  15. I’m starting to think this post is a honeytrap. Mark, you seem well intended in all your knowledge quests, but I find very odd most of the starting line-up of this blog is practically mute. One of them, usually very sharp and incisive, just a comment about JoJo S. and J. Lynn?? Come on! I was about to contribute more to this thread but as said, seems to me a honeytrap. Just let me add the Roman Empire is alive and well. This is the 11 time in this blog I affirm the Matrix is multi-level, multi-dimensional and multi-layered. It is not so you dig here, there and over there and you discover this is a Marrano and bing! bang! pum! got you, you are from the tribe running the world. MM is onto something, he’s making cracks on the walls, and will surely make more, though I think he is sure there is just one wall. In his last paper he scratched the surface on the Portuguese Empire, noteworthy… one of the few AFAIK to make a connection there. Remember, there are many of a Jedburgh’s out there making sure the dots remain disconnected. I made a dispersed post somewhere in this blog about the Roman Empire and the American Empire but nobody seem to pick it up from there. All the best in your endeavors fellows, À bientôt, j’espère.


    1. I am familiar with the concept of honey trap. That is not what this is. I asked people to contribute to the base of knowledge without resorting to hatefulness, and got that. I am very pleased with the result, as it is a thread that can now go off in many directions. We for sure don’t have all the answers, but there are a lot of hints and directions.

      Anyway, do not worry about me. Or if you want, you can look me up here in Colorado to find that i really exist, even call me – I am always curious about the people behind the names. just email me at mark at mpthct dot com.


  16. I have one Jewish family in my direct neighborhood and their life is no different to mine. They are middle class, working as we do. They don’t socialize much with others and their kids play outside usually together and rarely participate in games other kids are playing. They also spend their holidays in Israel which I would love to do but cannot afford. But other than that? They are as others. They are what we should call Jews. Just regular people keeping a little bit to themselves. The really powerful people may call themselves Jews or may make us think, they are, but they belong to a different class of humans. In this class one does not have to make a living. They does not have to make savings for their retirement. And still IMHO, their live is not better than mine. I’m convinced, all the billionaires, all that extraordinary rich people are actors, put there to make us jealous and greedy. It’s a form of control. Otherwise who would want to work his ass of just to buy an expensive car, or jewelry (there is a Jew in it) or whatever. Who would want to have a bigger house which has to be cleaned and such. All those status symbols just cause more work and make the life more complicated and not more comfortable. So the rich people in media are part of the control program but they don’t control anything. People who do, do not use this status symbols. But what do I know? I’m not one of them.


    1. The book, “The Wolf of Wall Street” gives some telling insight into how they operate. If David Duke had written it, I think it would have created an outrage. I couldn’t stand to read much of it.


      1. it’s a blockbuster, it’s propaganda. Otherwise they wouldn’t make a movie. But let’s assume, my neighbors have billions on some bank account. What difference does it make, if you live in a common town house, wear regular clothes, drive a regular car and leave for work everyday at 07 AM? Maybe they eat caviar and drink champagne for breakfast, but I hate caviar and don’t like sprinkling wine very much. Besides, they buy groceries in the same Aldi. lol


  17. B. Müller says:
    June 7, 2017 at 1:21 am

    “it’s a blockbuster, it’s propaganda. Otherwise they wouldn’t make a movie. But let’s assume, my neighbors have billions on some bank account. What difference does it make,”

    It’s actually AGITATION PROPAGANDA , meant to pit groups against each other . And the psychological wall that has been built around your neighbors by their elite leaders prevents you discussing “Wolf of Wall Street” or “The Reader” with them .
    The fact is that attempting a discussion by you would make you look like a problem to the them.
    What are your thoughts on “the Reader” ? I was looking at wiki and the problem is not whether the events depicted in the second half of the film actually happened or not , but how outspoken Jews think the film does not go far enough in denouncing ALL Germans for the Holocaust . Which in itself is odd in that even discussing it could land you as a German in detention.


  18. This article has some interesting if way out there ideas about why all we see going on is happening.

    It’s about Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, something I’ve not heard of or at least paid any attention to. While it may be over-the-top there is something compelling about the overall idea that ties together a lot of things going way back, and is useful food for thought if nothing else.

    The amount of time and money and effort that goes into creating these memorials is staggering, and it’s hard to believe there’s not a deeper ideology or belief system tying them together. It also explains why so much emotional energy is being whipped up around Trump, various psyops, etc.

    A study of the monuments in DC from this viewpoint would be interesting. They are telling us a lot with them – hiding in plain sight…


      1. Whatever it is, the Yad Vashem stuff is disturbing. Whether it works like the author above has described, the idea that TPTB are milking us for emotional energy is a compelling one. It would go a long way towards explaining the constant tension and ratcheting up of the psyops and Trumpery and such.

        It does seem like Jews are put through an amazing amount of trauma conditioning as a group cohesion strategy. An acquaintance who moonlighted as a security guard at a big downtown hotel in Atlanta back in the 70’s told me of a conference for Jewish teens held there over Christmas where the kids were indoctrinated about how they were despised by the Christian populace and had to stick together, etc. The same sort of stuff this “memorial” is designed to drill into the minds of countless generations.


  19. ” The continuous theme that runs through … everything … as far as I can see, is Freemasonry, and not Jewery.”

    Different masks for the same purpose ? , moving into The Summer of Shove .

    There is so much Hebraic symbolism in Freemasonry along with Ancient Egyptian .
    Some have claimed a total infiltration of freemasonry at the top levels by crypto Jews .

    Recent idea for me to ponder has been a battle for domination among the would be
    worldwide hegemons , following what could have been
    the SEPT 11th big new weapon demonstration .

    Can anyone explain the damage done to Bankers Trust building , other than the evidence is fake ?
    I know , the insides of the WTC buildings were emptied of file cabs. , toilets , doors etc . but I don’t think
    they cut the steal out of the center and known controlled demolition device
    can not explain what was left after , I suppose a total CGI event could but I think not .

    Suppose one faction of the controllers pulled this event off without telling the others .
    Good Illuminatti vs. bad illuminatti is an old theme , but it’s hard to see a unified intelligence
    in recent years , with us as the pawns , again .


  20. I saw this clip highlighted on another blog that examines Zionism, Freemasonry, Gematria, etc:

    All this hoopla over rigged sports. Way to go Freemasons! Note skull cap on keynote speaker – one can take that any way they like. Just an observation.


    1. I want to focus in the subject of “Jews” here. I am not seeing a race or a religion. Instead, I am seeing a cult of recruitment without regard to religion or race. Family has a lot to do with it. These people do not honor the Sabbath or celebrate the holidays or honor the traditions. They are just secretive, talented, and oddly, highly motivated.


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