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Josh does some really interesting genealogy work on the George Washington. I swear, the guy has a nose for a bloodline. Put him on a trail, he doesn’t let up till he is looking right up the schnoz of his prey.

Which reminds me, Josh can trace George back to the Spencer (think Diana) line and the 1600s, when there was a mass importation of members of the British peerage to the colonies from England, “seeding” I think it is called. (I suspect that the notion that they were escaping religious persecution or were members of small sects wanting to be left alone is what we now call “misdirection.)  I merely need to connect Montana mogul Dennis Washington to this line. After all, Dennis got his start at age 30 with a $30,000 loan. Like we all do.

Vexman has put up two posts that I was not aware of … I thought I was on his mailing list. They are … THE LA BELLE ATTACK IN APRIL 1986: FIRST CASUS BELLI AGAINST GADDAFI’S LIBYA (he writes is titles in caps), and DECONSTRUCTING THE LAS VEGAS ROUTE 91 SHOOTING HOAX.

I look forward to reading both of Vex’s posts. Both Josh and Vexman are relentless when on a scent trail

12 thoughts on “Interesting links …

  1. In 1772, artist Charles Peale painted a portrait of the 40 year old Washington. As has been mentioned, there were rumors that Washington had an illegitimate son, Thomas (later General Thomas Posey) when he was 18. In 1795, artist Charles Peale’s younger brother, James Peale, painted a portrait of the 45 year old Thomas Posey. One of the reasons that Posey was rumored to be Washington’s son, was the fact that they supposedly greatly resembled each other. Posey grew up next to Mount Vernon. He never publicly disclosed who his parents were. Scroll down to pages 5 & 6 for pictures of the two men when they were both about the same age. A bit of a long nose, but nothing ridiculous.


  2. This is a painting in the lobby Solstrand Hotel, a very exclusive place south of Bergen, Norway. We stayed there for free due to our daughter knowing someone … I was struck by the length of her nose. She is Norwegian royalty, but I never learned her name. The title of this photo in my album is “Yikes!”



  3. I was watching ‘Antiques RoadShow’ the USA version , last night ,
    a man had an awesome carved ivory and silver statue of
    St. George , slaying his dragon and commentator tells me something
    I’d not heard before :
    ( from wiki ) ” Accounts differ regarding whether George was born in Cappadocia or Syria Palaestina, but agree that he was raised at least partly in Lydda.[6] His parents were Christian, of the nobility and of Greek heritage. His father Gerontius was a Roman army official from Cappadocia, and his mother Polychronia was from Lydda in the province of Syria Palaestina.[3] His father died when he was fourteen, and his mother returned with George to her homeland of Syria Palaestina.[7] ”

    No portraits from the 4th century exist , of all the images I’m seeing
    none look like a Greek , Christian or otherwise , but a button nosed ginger .
    The reason it stood out to me is in reading Miles’ Shakespeare piece ,
    he did not mention that Willy’s birth AND DEATH day is often given as
    April 23rd , St George’s feastday , ( he being the
    Patron Saint of England ) .

    Gotta love the Jew Fro on this portrait from the 14th century ,
    with the elongated nose .


  4. I saw the unfinished Gilbert Stuart 1796 portrait of George Washington
    in person in Philly in 1983 , my watercolor teacher was a big proponent of putting down
    the paints and walking to see anything noteworthy . Anyone else think he had his
    freemason gear on and the session got it’s plug pulled . You also can’t appreciate his
    rosy cheeks in a reproduction . I remember we were making jokes about what he could
    be so embarrassed about .


  5. One more thing before I call it a day . Thanks for the arena , Mark , to let this out .

    “Elizabeth is a feminine given name derived from the Ancient Greek Ἐλισάβετ (Elisabet, Modern Greek pronunciation Elisávet), which is a form of the Hebrew name Elisheva (אֱלִישֶׁבַע‎), meaning “My God is an oath” or “My God is abundance,” ….” (wiki)

    Can we now read the name Elizabeth as red flag in the any big intel project , starting 1533 ?

    I found this at a Torah/Talmud study site .

    “The second reading of this week’s Torah portion details the heads of the paternal clans of the Levites, by their families. Moshe (Moses) and Aharon (Aaron) are members of the most respected tribe, Levi, and the most respected Levite family, that of Amram. Moshe and Aharon’s lineage is a critical aspect contributing to the honor the people accord them as leaders. Therefore, Torah is explicit in naming Aharon’s wife and noting her lineage: “Aharon took to himself for a wife, Elisheva, the daughter of Amminadav, the sister of Nachshon, and she bore him Nadav and Avihu, Elazar and Itamar.” Elisheva was from the Davidic line (antecedents of King David) and !!!!!!!! her marriage to Aharon links the dynasties of kings and Kohanim (priests).!!!!!!!!!!! ”

    And then ‘Shakespeare’ happens as a goal line victory celebration .
    Merging of Kings + Priests and followed by Merchants + Rabbis , then Industrialists + Stalin/Hitler and now the MSM + billionaires of any race/color .

    Did the Rabbis who aided the aristocracy in writing the King James Bible leave this clue .

    go down to : Shakespeare’s alleged involvement

    Politics : Barack Obama has referenced the psalm 46 in several speeches, most notably the Tucson memorial speech and his speech on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

    But all this though tells me that a priestly group , rescued from the Destruction
    of the Temple in Jerusalem , 70 ce , by the Roman Empirical Court can not possibly be the head of these monster conspiracies .


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