An American hero

Lacy 2

Mark Lacy of Tuscon, Arizona, happened to be in Las Vegas and witnessed the shootings first hand.  The above grab is from a 5:55 interview with him (did it run 2:22 long?) which included the following exchange:

Interviewer: “Did you consider that this might mean the end for you?”

Lacy: “Never crossed my mind.”

Seems like we have heroes at every turn that night. Lacy, who we are told retired from the military 11 years ago, is remarkably composed even as a person next to him was shot in the head. He tore gates off their hinges to use for stretchers, carried out both dead and alive, warned people to safety.  He made it to television to tell his story, as did so many others who were called on to act in that crisis.

Lacy 1I looked for Lacy on Facebook and thought I briefly had him – there was a Mark Lacy in Tuscon with the initials “USAF” by his name, but it has since disappeared, perhaps too many people seeking out this American hero. When I was first introduced to him via a Facebook friend, I was told he was a Lieutenant Colonel. But there is no mention of any rank in any of the articles that I see, only that he was a former military policeman who apparently served in Iraq, Honduras, many other hot spots.

Here’s a snippet from another interview, a genuine money quote:

“When you see parts of individual’s heads off and lifeless individuals that look like they’re sleeping but there’s no pulse and you don’t know what’s happened,” he said, his voice trailing off.

“It’s just something you’re trained for, but you don’t necessarily think at a concert you’re going to have to do that.”

I don’t know why genuine heroes are so often so modest, in this case falling back into passive voice, second person, to describe his reactions. A cool rock, only carried kindness out for saving helpless innocent targets.

OK, I have to let you in on the joke, as it is too deeply buried. The first letters of the last sentence of this post are an acronym: “A crock of shit.” This guy is filthy.

47 thoughts on “An American hero

  1. They certainly are laying it on a bit thick, huh?
    Yet another superhuman “hero” effort for us all to rally around.
    And now Vegas has taken on the #strong slogan.
    Should we laugh or cry at this malarkey?


      1. I see on Tell-a-vision that someone broke into Paddocks house in Reno. I thought he lived in Mesquite. A fair distance between these two centers.
        Paddock means place to corral sheep.
        Real people did die. A lady who teaches school at my daughters school was killed. She has 2 children in this school also. She was 32, beautiful and a part time model. They are changing the rules.


          1. You Murikans crack me up. I live in a small town in Canada. Do you know where that is? It is a big country full of people from around the world that seem to be able to get along. Tara worked for the school division. She has 2 children in the same school as my child. I was not able to view the body as I am not related or married to her. Got it?
            If she did not die, then it is great theatre. The 2 schools where she worked have grief councilors. My daughter knows her children and we spoke about it. I spoke this morning with my daughters principle. Our weekly newspaper has run articles each week about her. Her sister came from Manitoba to grieve with us. Tara’s parents were looking after her house while her and her husband were in Vegas. Any of this sinking in? So a whole tight knit community of 25,000 people have been duped. Give your f**king head a shake.


        1. Number signals they send one another to indicate an event is of their doing, usually 8,11 and 33 (though 555 is used here too). Also many derivations of those numbers. In the picture at teh very top, Las Vegas time is 7:10 (8), and east coast time is 10:10 (11). Of course the banner across the bottoms screams 9-11. (9 is 3*3, or a form of 33.)


  2. @ Paul: “If she did not die, then it is great theatre.” Indeed, that’s what it is, right?

    From Canada there were victims:
    Jessica Klymchuk (34), not a model, from Valleyview, Alberta, Canada, educational assistant
    Calla Medig (28), not a teacher, from Edmonton (not a town), Alberta, Canada
    Tara Roe (34, not 32!), a teacher and model (so I guess you mean her), from Alberta (no town named), Canada:
    “Foothills School Division in High River, Alberta, where Smith worked has received an outpouring of support as the district deals with sadness, shock and grief, Superintendent John Bailey said.” (same USAToday link as posted before)

    Paul, why do people not disappear? Is that outside of the possibilities? Can she not have gotten another identity?


    1. So you are trying to tell me absolutely no one passed. It took 2 days to find out what had happened to her. Maybe she wasn’t killed at the venue. Maybe kidnapped and killed later. Why would the freaks that are trying to pull this off not kill people. They groove on the blood sacrifice and the supposed power it gives them. Maybe while we are all looking at the Israeli’s, Mossad and Intelligence agencies the other hand is operating. That hand would be the military arm of the Catholic church. Jesuits. Hegelian effect.
      Just like Harvey Weinstein he is the fall guy. The dupe. He is middle management at tops. He will be sacrificed for the greater good.
      So back to Tara. She cooked this up. Traumatized her family and friends. Threw away her career, family, friends, parents. All for what? Some filthy lucre and the chance to be on the run the rest of her life. Now that is a conspiracy I can get my head around. Full stop.


      1. Tara will live on under another name easily. Paid well for her role, if she wasn’t a stolen identity in the first place. Don’t pity her. Pity yourself that a reported “death” fooled you.

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          1. Well, you made fun of “Murikans,” and here you are a Canadian, supposedly, and removed from it all, supposedly, but you got taken in in total, supposedly.

            I think Murikans and Canucks live under the same umbrella. Both countries are still under British rule, and are subjects of the peerage, always have been.

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          2. Very right, Mark. I am not a “Murican” anyway, so the “ad hominem” fails right away.

            I am not excluding the possibility that people were hurt. But the question arises, if:
            * the ‘shots’ were faked (even controlled opp videos showing the impossibility of them coming from the 32nd floor)
            * the ones appearing in the media are actors
            * we know how they staged earlier events (“Boston”, “Orlando”, “Aurora”, “Newtown”, “Brussels”, “Nice”, “Munich”, “Barcelona”, “Paris 1”, “Paris 2”, London 1 (a joke), 2 (this year) and 3 (idem), I am not even counting the ridiculous Rigby “event” and so many others)
            * there is no need for real deaths

            how would it be that in this case, the allegedly “most horrible” “terror attack” in the US they would change their modus operandi? Why oh why? If it proved to work?

            Fake deaths are easier, cheaper, more profitable and more comfortable and safer than real deaths.


    1. According to the news reports, Tara and her husband Zach were together when the shooting started. Somehow, they were separated and Zach spent hours (yep, hours) looking for her. He never found her, but was informed of her death the next morning.

      (as an aside, does anyone remember Nicole Gross from the Boston bombing? She and her husband Michael were separated after the bomb went off, and he spent hours searching for her, as well. You can see evidence of his search in McGowan’s Boston piece. Hint: they aren’t far apart, as you’d expect)

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  3. I have some Awesome friends in the SFPD who accept the below as fact. I think this officer mentioned in new stories is probably ex military and his wife answered the ad for acting opportunities in Vegas:

    SFPD friends also say a retired officer rushed to Vegas to be at side of critically wounded daughter.

    I’m not buying this crock of sh*t. I believe these people acted a role and will get reassigned and rewarded.

    I think MM’s paper on this hoax is spot-on.


  4. I’m now looking at the wind down stories or other events to get everyone’s mind off the Vegas thing. Weinstien and Affleck hype, a few more North Korea articles etc…by November nobody will be talking about what happened in Vegas.


    1. One might interpret this as “goal achieved, move on to the next thing.”
      Remember that this “people” give a sh*t if a few cranks continue to discuss it here or elsewhere – no matter how close we come to the truth.

      Weinstien and Affleck hype, …

      BTW, have seen an article stating the “Merkel thing” met with Weinstein, too.
      Curious to see what stains that leaves on her, being “re-elected” recently …


    2. Weinstein, another intel project to divide the sexes (Miles Mathis has mentioned this before in a number of papers), Affleck also, and to deflect his closetcase mentality.


      1. The site suggests Korea and Iran are the next major stumbling blocks to bring down Trump and Xi.
        Just mentioning.
        And, I’m not American, no idea why Weinstein is being sacrificed now. Perhaps also a step stone to bring down someone else ?


        1. I believe that the elites must solve the problem of Chinese Nationalism. The new China will probably give UN the South China Sea military bases they are building now. They probably need some incident that will end with nationalism looking bad. Then most of the Chinese nationalists will be cured and they will not ask why their government gives those bases. They probably prepare something similar for USA.
          I believe that Korea will be united in the next 20 years (maybe some generals will overthrow the dictator without a major war). I also believe that Iran will end as a major economic leader, and they will probably create a Middle East economic Union. But I believe that they will create a new Islam that is more liberal and friendly towards science (both Shia and Sunni). One granddaughter of Khomeini is in politics and she is liberal while one grandson is an activist and anti-clerical and progressive. The grandfather introduced a conservative regime and maybe the grandchildren will be involved in the creation of a liberal regime. As always the families are on both sides. In Turkey(Sunni) they have the Gulen movement. So we will probably have some major psyops in the next few years in the Middle East/Anatolia/North Africa regions.


  5. “Late Sunday night, Ken Moholt-Siebert noticed the smell of the smoke from his Santa Rosa vineyard just off Highway 101.”

    “It was not until midnight that he spotted the flames: a small red glow growing a couple of ridges to the east, off Fountaingrove Parkway.”

    So what? Well, that’s October 8, 2011. (13) Well, here it is. “On the same date as the Great Chicago Fire, October 8, the largest forest fire in the recorded history of North America swept through northeastern Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, destroyed an area of 2,400 square miles or 1.5 million acres, took between 1,200 and 2,400 lives, and left more than 1,500 homeless.”


    1. I am in northern California and have many family members affected by this devastation. One came close to losing his little farm, but so far is hanging in there. Many of us are aware of the tie-in with start of great Chicago fire. I have lived in Bay Area since 1963 and have never seen anything like this. It is an absolute nightmare in Napa/Sonoma/Santa Rosa. It looks like a nuclear bomb hit Santa Rosa. Many of us have a sense that these fires are not by accident. A truthseeker hunch. A family member said a strange wind came out of the blue on Sunday night and that’s when all hell broke loose. Other family members observed unusual aircraft activity (military?) over the bay area before fire. We don’t have any hard evidence, just hunches, but different fires started cropping up here, there and everywhere. Please pray for all the people up there.


      1. I was a Napan for 33 yrs. (ha) well, 30 then. My family is in Santa Rosa and Napa. They have seen military helicopters flying low right after the fires started in the Cobb Mt. NV area. They live within a mile of the fire in Santa Rosa and have the car packed. The big winds came up quickly. They work for a winery so traded some eye-witness accts. A guy working north of Santa Rosa at a winery not near any fires saw a fire start yesterday. While standing out surveying the vineyard, he and others noted a sudden plume of fire. They drove out and promptly put out the fire. Obviously, arson. In addition, my friends live in old town Napa, where the lovely Queen Anne homes hold court. Ash and smoke are falling on them from nearby fires. Cell coverage ended immediately maybe to really panic the sheepie. According to the official fire report, over 19 or 20 fires were spotted within an hour or so with distance between many of them. . . evidence of a concerted effort to burn down the real estate and acquire expensive properties for nothing. Maybe some of scum elites want a new palace. Power was cut too in Napa.

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  6. Interesting parallels between the fires … the clues that these were intentional (and the 10/8 breadcrumb?) goes strongly against the grain of the commentariat here at POM recently, which insists that there is never any intentional harm to innocents in the events created by TPTB.

    There. I just popped the pull-tab on a fresh can of worms. Put it back on the shelf? Or peel the lid off all the way?


      1. Let not your heart be troubled. A bipartisan firefighting and logging bill is quietly being pushed by “Western Senators.”

        Now, is everybody happy? One problem: Wildfire, however disastrous it may be to property and to those responsible individuals who choose to build in high-risk forest zones, is, in fact, not a “natural disaster.” Without wildfire there are no forests. No forests, no water… and so on.


    1. Maybe that can wasn’t just recently opened. How to know exactly which is true reality being televised? I’m very sure that all events seen on the TV are not faked nor intentionally induced, some of them may truly represent a fact as in the case of devastating fires. Whether they’re intentional or unintentional is much harder to say then in the case of badly produced “shooting” incident. The question of “cui bono?” is shaky in the former case.

      I’ve seen a couple of similar fires during the summer season this year, not of Californian magnitude, with the biggest covering less than 500 hectares, but most were eventually proven as a consequence of people being careless. Most probably, this was the case in recent California fires. The wind is really unbeatable nature’s force and it transfers fire over unthinkable distances, with cones of conifer trees flying airborne – exposed to heat, they tend to explode, especially the closed, immature specimens. Just put one in the open fire, pull down your goggles and watch what happens to it. What I’m saying is that the fire as seen on the TV has almost certainly some human-related cause, such as poorly maintained high-voltage electrical equipment, overheated wires in contact with dry undergrowth or a bonfire that went out of control, but most probably it wasn’t intentionally started. The possibility of intentionally started fire is of course there, but it’s much much harder to prove it as was in the case of i.e. recent LV event. In the end, there is to much “in the air” to be able to compare the two in parallels.

      Off topic – if you’ve never seen how quickly can dry undergrowth or needle-like leaves catch fire and become hell on earth, it may be unrealistic to watch it on the TV. Similar could be said about the firemen’s efforts and the quantity of water needed to contain any serious fire in the burning woods – it may look unbelievable how much water gets evaporated before some actually hits the flames. Just crazy to witness in person, as well as the heat, ashes in the air and strange color of daylight. That 500 hectare fire that I’ve mentioned, there were hundreds of firemen and civilians and they airplanes we used as well, but it took them few days to put it completely out . On the 2nd day, the wind changed and intensified so disaster began to unfold – the fire stopped only at the sea line, while firemen were focused only on saving homes and lives. Nobody was even trying to fight against that strong wind fueling fire, to possibly contain it, just as we can notice in the case of California fires. We’re actually powerless against any serious natural disaster, as much as we’re powerless against (televised) fakery propaganda, a disaster of its own kind. It may be that the feeling of being powerless is the only similarity in these events.


      1. Fires of magnitude are most often the result of drought – then wind will spread them. I can think of two places where drought is a natural and recurring phenomenon, Montana and California. But human nature as it is, people remember the good years, the wet years, and think of them as normal. The 1980s were a period of drought in Montana, and 1988 produced the Yellowstone Park fires, millions of acres of (mostly lodgepole pine) burned. (Moisture content of trees was as low as 3%, kindling.) But lodgepole produces a cone that is held together by a sticky glue. Heat from fires causes release of seeds, and they naturally repopulate. Yellowstone, for the most part, has repopulated its forests. They will burn again someday.

        The nickname for California is “The Golden State,” not because of the mineral gold, but because after spring the hills turn brown. (Golden, Colorado, just down the hill from us, is so named for the same reason. “Golden” sounds better than “brown.”) That is the natural state. Without the Colorado River, there would be no Southern California as we know it. Fires there (along with landslides when the rains do come) are natural and recurring.


    2. … there is never any intentional harm to innocents in the events created by TPTB.

      Not my opinion. I think they just go for the cheapest option with the highest reward for their buddies (cost-benefit analysis).
      Being it crisis actors + PhotoShop, or 10.000 dead goys …


    1. Interesting enough, you’re the only one so far to claim anything being disinfo. Any real arguments about this serious issue or is it just your opinion? I’m eager to hear plausible theory about this fires…


  7. There is no smoke. There is no fire. There is no destroyed property. There is no evacuations. There is no missing or dead people. Its a hoax.

    On another note:

    Tara Roe did not die in Vegas. Tara did not leave behind a husband and 2 boys. She did not work for the school division for 10 years. She did not have a funeral in Brandon, Manitoba yesterday.

    Seems like too many people on this website are drinking too much of their own bathwater. Get out and get some fresh air. Smile and say hello to your neighbor. Try and limit your psychotropic meds.

    Finally a shout out to Gaia. Hope all is well in Tel Aviv. Or is it Barcelona? Both Mossad hotspots.


  8. what I’ve read so far .
    Some sort of advanced energy weapon
    too many fires started all at once
    should no t have been high winds or lightning
    but did all at once .
    weird pics of totaled houses , trees left standing
    cars with weird damage from ?fires?
    witnesses saying they had heart palpitations

    after Cuban US embassy sonic attack
    more chatter about ‘silent weapons’
    I’m not sure what to believe , Vex
    sorry no links , will have to search on your own


    1. Some sort of advanced energy weapon
      too many fires started all at once

      No need for “advanced energy weapon”. A simple and small ballistic rocket (the Chinese had something like this 1000 years ago), or a canister with delayed/timed ignition, dropped from a plan or helipcopter will do as good.
      Give me two weeks and the money, and I build you such an “advanced weapon” …


    1. Dave: I read that story and although I’m very suspicious of Makow site, that piece by Stone resonated because many of us on the ground in northern California (my relatives were evacuated and family members were on the front lines fighting the fires), we all agree: the fires were unusually suspicious. Hurricane like winds just whipping up all of a sudden, fireballs roaring through suburbs and wreaking destruction in a extremely short period of time (in the middle of the night) all in its path. All of us up here are saying “we’ve never seen anything like it.” I don’t wish to get into any debates with anyone, but Zoomah had a point about disinfo because many of us are saying it here on the ground, plus that downed powerline theory is pushed by the MSM and those in control. All we have is our heightened sense of intuition that something is not right. How can one prove it though. And not sure what to think of Stone’s story and his background in military and that people were killed in Vegas – it makes him suspect to say the least.


  9. One of the pics shows a car with melted wheels and glass
    but the plastic door handles and front grill , also plastic are
    not completely melted , weapon acting upon different type
    materials with different effects ?
    FM , 60 fires all starting at the same time ,
    carpet bombing ? Media stating many , many poles downed by
    wind , electrical fires , too many for that to be true .
    also anyone seeing anything suspicious about location name
    Santa Rosa , also wine country – Weinstein ?


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