Two Arrests- No Crimes Committed

The royal Chinese courts allowed parallel histories to co-exist. There was an official history issued by the Emperor which was used to determine the value of this and that (laws and customs) by controlling the nomenclature, and a wild history: a mélange of rumors, superstitions and bald faced lies told with real brio that resonated with the peasants, allowing them head space to dream rather than act out.

The following is neither- It is opinion based on contempt for institutions that used to have my admiration. This is me acting out… based on highly suspect information sources, of course. Take any of it with a sea’s worth of salt-

Happy, Healthy Slaves-

Bruce Tyrone Maxwell is a catching prospect for the Oakland Athletics. He is the first and only MLB player to take a knee during the national anthem. He is now up on assault charges: drunk and disorderly and waiving a gun around. Bet the house he’s not guilty, was not drunk (he’s a ballplayer so I won’t insist) and may not own a gun, but this is what was in the script when he was picked to play the sacrificial lamb. The message making the clubhouse rounds is clear: MLB does not have a problem with the national anthem. Period.

The NBA overseers issued a decree to their penthouse slaves, threatening to ban any player, big or small, from the league should they take a knee during the playing of our hallowed anthem. The shoe companies probably had a hand in negotiating with the players to go along with that. Letting the outside world’s concerns seep into the arenas is bad for business. NBA players are businessmen; many now second or third generation. Just look at those boardroom threads they wear; and how much lighter skinned they are becoming, just like the late-period antebellum south. (The NBA doesn’t scout Brooklyn playgrounds anymore. Especially since Brooklyn is too hip and expensive these days)

The field slaves of the NFL are being used as counter-point because they are easily disposable. The Buckwheat caricature known as Colin Kaepernick has been muted until his “I have a dream” speech is finished by the A-List writers called in to deliver the punchline. His statement will not be a laughable “Can’t we all just get along” aside, but a Lou Gehrig level testament to the resiliency of Man in the face of adversity kind of thing. Unless he shoots himself from all the concussions first. Then the NFL will have its own Grassy Knoll Society when the forensics don’t support a suicide.

The cops killing black men hoaxes have abated and Black Lives Matter is dissolving in a corrosive of indifference as even the Libtards realize that victimhood doesn’t sit well on the faces of angry black dudes. That notion probably pisses them off more than a billionaire likening his football team to a bunch of convicts. Like that’s never been heard by black people before. Shocking!

Taking a knee will have the shelf life of the flash mob craze. It’s just a fad but it’s taking the wind out of real grievances as it was designed to do.

Dateline: Hollywood-

Rose McGowan, an “actress” known only for her thexthy looks, charges rape against the biggest cigar in Tinsel Town (After she took her fee from the [likely gay] slob) and then gets arrested for cocaine possession. (Cocaine? This hoax is a period piece) Whatever she’s being paid to play humiliated, it’s paying off for the men are pigs program. To quote HL Mencken: “She makes you want to burn every bed in creation.”

Like Maxwell, though, she is not guilty of the charges against her, but both of these slaves are owned by some of the biggest culture creators on all of planet Earth so they play their parts. These arrests serve only as a warning: No uppity allowed within the “family”. At least that’s the trope for the majority of the public that likes their narratives single file neat: A causes B and therefore C. Fictional drama without the label.

Weinstein, et al, gives the appearance of due diligence- not all of us are rapists and we think rape is bad. (That’s big of you) But McGowan’s current plight is a threat demonstration to subtly remind the public that some organizations are too big to prosecute, so take your paltry settlement, sign the NDA and stay out of the way of cameras. (The death camp ‘do McGowan sports is blatant overkill in this reviewer’s opinion. But that’s also part of the androgyny agenda, a subject for another harangue)

The harassment trope is the rationale for Hollywood dumping its business model of stardom, one of the main aims of this controlled demolition that started with Weinstein. I think enough people really do get it: That you have to be born into it to follow that sordid dream. (I’ll bet nepotism has done more for most people than any other thing, certainly more than merit or genuine talent. It’s who you know, you know)

A great many of the people that consume Hollywood product do so as a fantasy propellant they think can one day manifest in reality. But the public is becoming immune to that stuff. If all your stars are gay/frigid cousins, why bother? The movies are crap and that actress isn’t going to sleep with me (Well, for a hefty fee she might but not at my pay grade) so what am I doing wasting my fantasies on something that can’t EVER happen?

Something not well understood is how young these connected stars are when they start. They know only that world and are inclined to see their place in it as simply professional liars, though they have been convinced each story they are part of is just another role, like any on stage. Its performance, not a lie.

There still are cattle calls for kids today that are probably for nothing more than spotting fill-ins for photo-ops, like Bieber when that 15 minutes required carpet bombing multiples; but to deliberately paint Hollywood as a pedophile’s paradise will cut off even that supply of young, unconnected dreamers. Stardom of the Hollywood variety could, at some point, no longer be a thing with the preferred demographics vanishing. No believers, no gods, no tithes. (Given how lucrative video games are, the answers to what will issue forth in the future from the propaganda mills may be found in that brain scrambler industry. Personally I know nothing about that jazz but that’s where the money is going so I have to assume the interactive process is the key to keeping minds caged. It is the appearance of control of the joystick that is the lure. Porn with weapons rather than, well, joysticks)

Your Brain on Disney-

The road to CGI generated performers is already being paved. (There’s no chance Debby Ryan is a real person) This, in some ways, is another path for imagination to be blocked. Many people who are not connected can make much better shows than what is offered, but if there is expensive technology dominating the stage and bloodlines only may apply, fewer talents will develop and the dumbing down of aesthetics will continue*.

You Tube has limited use. It’s heavily censored but if only a few people take notice of your efforts, you are in the clear. But like real musicians who can only gig at the local taverns, a real filmmaker can only entertain his friends (when they can find the time to watch) On the off chance something goes viral, that could be seen as poaching by the creeps and the filmmaker could be opening himself up to all kinds of lawsuits if the plantation owners take a dislike to unlicensed counter-propaganda. Accusations of copyright violation are easy to make and no lone nut with a camera can take Disney on in court, even if he has a genuine case. Time is money, and the suits probably know full well the strategy of the Fabians- Hell, they are probably dues paying members.

They could just buy him off in short money and flattery (Playboy bunnies), if he’s young enough, in which case he’ll never be able to show anything original again as he would be condemned, under contract, to Turn Around Hell.

(TAH is a real thing. There is an Oscar level director who would be in his prime if he wasn’t such a pathological asshole and so has gotten nothing off the ground in almost ten years. He’s boxed in and can’t do anything about it. Think of Barton Fink’s punishment. He’s been kept off the lot but in town. He is owned and silenced)

At this moment I am of the opinion that we are now entering the offseason for hoaxes. The retail season does not need distractions, especially in uncertain times like this hour of Trump that is suffocating the national dialogue. But rest assured, we’ll be back next spring with a full season of celebrity deaths, terror attacks and gay athlete confessions, guaranteed!


*Take music as a prime example of aesthetic rot. People used to be musicians when there was no radio or recordings. If you wanted music, you played an instrument and/or sang. When music culture went electric, locals slowly became intimidated by the pros they came to be convinced, through hype, were better than they were. They stopped learning music as a basic subject for survival of morale and left it to the professionals who have devolved the ears of youth over time, lately reaching its nadir with incoherent, slang based rapping over a boom box and then giving awards for this incitement to riot. It’s true that some people still have the skills- music is too innate a pleasure beyond the reach of reason, which makes for healthier imaginations- but, again, local tavern at best.


11 thoughts on “Two Arrests- No Crimes Committed

  1. Thanks Ty, just signing up and following comments here. Regarding music, watch (Mike) McCartney some time as he separates his fingers and bangs chords on a piano as he was taught, and then listen to anyone play the second movement of Mozart’s 21st Piano Concerto, whoever wrote it. I swear, I could have been a rock star. I have that lack of talent too.


  2. Enjoyed your post, Tyrone. Speaking of Hollywood and movies….I can hardly watch anymore! I look at these actors and think how pathetic they appear…pretending and posing. Lots of revelations coming out of Hollywood and quickly getting covered up with more lies. I look forward to your next post.


  3. “The road to CGI generated performers is already being paved. (There’s no chance Debby Ryan is a real person)..”

    I’m intrigued by this reference to Debby Ryan. Is it being asserted here that she is a CGI creation (like Edward Snowden)?


    1. Mick- There’s probably a human template under all that chroma key or whatever its called today, but these personas are seen by the viewers more through CGI post production than anything they actual do live. Auto-tune, which makes “singers” sound like they are singing with help from massive audio contortions, has a visual twin. Its a real time visual transformer. The contraption was developed by James Cameron and used for his film Avatar. It could, though, be older than that given Hollywood is an arm of military intelligence and we have no clue what they hide from the public up at DARPA. That system certainly isn’t used just for making aliens.
      In real time a person who actually uses up meat space can be sheathed in some advanced CGI and can walk around and look like anyone. They have to wear some kind of green screen suit or something- I saw some clips of the making of Avatar and it was right there on screen being explained in some detail.
      Debby Ryan (no chance that’s her real name or bio), to pick one of many “singer/actors” driven by Auto-tune in the Disney stable, seems so smothered in makeup and wigs that she appears to be a cartoon. But that’s what Disney does best. They have never been interested in actual human beings- just avatars to sell their soap.
      And then these young stars have these personas branch out into advocacy, selling a new version of the SOS, and the kids follow along, right off the cliff.
      I imagine its so much easier now to have a CGI advocate than a human being with any trace of conscience- or self-destructive tendencies that spoils the mood. I wonder if the Britney Spears generation of teen tramp crash and burn personas forced Langley to mandate an upgrade to full sims. Honestly, has anyone ever seen these people in real time and space? You have to wonder if there are some SimOne’s already in the mix, interacting on screen with still actual people. Once every actor in Hollywood is accused of even the most marginal of sins, the way will be clear for a completely pixelated world of entertainment.


      1. The 2002 film **S1mone” was not good, but the plot is exactly what you describe.
        At the end, Simone and Viktor are remotely interviewed at home about their new (virtual) baby. Simone is concerned about her child’s future and decides to enter politics. The film shows how the fake is produced using the chroma key technique. Creepy.


      2. I enjoyed your article, but found some of your premises a bit unclear. Something of a preface is in order for me, since I don’t know anything about some of the topics you brought up, and so had to just guess or infer where you were going. I agree with most of what you’re saying.

        …until we get to the CGI parts. No, that’s not how it works at all. Not at Pixar, not at Dreamworks, or ILM, or any big studio. Avatar is a prime example – what you’re talking about is MoCap, or Motion Capture. The suits they wear are collecting motion and position data, which is then transferred to the digital character’s “rig” inside of Maya. Maya is the main animation studio program (there are a few others) and I am a professional CGI architectural designer, by trade, and thus it’s my bread and butter.

        But this data is just an aid for the animators, to help key the digital animation together. It’s not just a bunch of realtime filters or anything like that – it’s not anywhere close to realtime, for one. And it’s not filters. It’s data. In most of those cases, the actual actor and actual footage isn’t used at all in the final film. It’s not like that “Snapchat” thing the kids are using these days.

        But I agree with you on the premise there. CGI is and should be overtaking Hollywood, because it takes real talent and real skill to make films with it. Even the fastest computers in the world take a long time to render, and they even have big “render farms” to speed this up, but it still takes time and electricity and money.

        My point here, to sum up, is that none of this is anywhere near as automatic as it might seem.


  4. (I’ll bet nepotism has done more for most people than any other thing, certainly more than merit or genuine talent. It’s who you know, you know)

    Another question , Hu are you , Hu HU – Hu HU , I really wanna know .

    Hu Jintao

    Jin – is the Hanyu pinyin transliteration of a number of Chinese surnames. The most common one, Jīn , literally means “gold”

    Tao -noun-
    1. (in Chinese philosophy) the absolute principle underlying the universe, combining within itself the principles of yin and yang and signifying the way, or code of behavior ….
    Hu Jintao
    Pronunciation: Hoo Jin-tow
    Born: 1942, Jiangsu Province.
    Education: Qinghua University, hydraulic engineering.
    Career: 1988 Party Secretary of TAR, appointed to Politburo Standing Committee in 1992. Heads China Youth League “faction”. General Secretary of CPC 2002 – 2012, President of China 2003 – 2013.
    Prospects: Retired, but likely to retain an influence on policy and future promotions of China’s leaders.
    Relevance to Tibet: Had strong control of Tibet Work.
    Party Secretary of TAR 1988 – 1992
    (during the imposition of martial law).


  5. Maybe what we are seeing is the reigning in and hyper programming
    of the 99% of the 1% , the actors , sportos , politicos are being
    reminded what their place really is , and the un-seen un-named
    overlords rule even the highest profile sheepdogs .


  6. I find your writing distinctive and quite inviting. Your words have a very pleasing flow (with plenty of substance). Thanks for your contribution(s).


    1. SK: I was about to comment along the same lines. Your wording is more elegant and I do agree with what you just wrote about Tyrone’s work and style.

      Just let me add the following:

      It seems to me you write with so much familiarity when referring to Hollywood and the Military. Much more than that, you speak with authority not guessing or wondering. Please correct me if I got the wrong impression. This is not a critic or suspicion, just curiosity.


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