No MSM Coverage Yet.

Something may have happened to 4 ships in the waters near the Strait of Hormuz, off the coast of Oman. This vague reporting of a potentially major trigger for military intervention is very suspicious. Skeptics, stay tuned.

The U.S. Navy arrived in the area about a week ago.

9 thoughts on “No MSM Coverage Yet.

  1. probably the same type of thing that happened at The Gulf of Tonkin that ushered in Vietnam….another f**king hoax to create more fearporn….I hate this crap


  2. With all the pipelines and other shipping lanes, do they really need to make the Strait of Hormuz a focal point for oil transport attacks?


  3. The ramp is being built for the next war, piece by piece, ever so slowly. I doubt Iran is the next target, actually. Lebanon may be a more likely candidate. The puppets do not run our government. Actors. Script. Action. Roll cameras. Prices will rise for food, fuel, rent, you name it. Squeezing the last drops out of the sedated livestock before slaughter. Good to make/have a plan for when the “crazies” turn the dogs loose here at home. Ultimately, we are the disposable Empire being phased out to make way for the new, more profitable one; China.


    1. I now have a grandson at Ft Benning, GA going through basic training wants to be a ‘Ranger”…sure was hoping this unholy war would wind down. The poor misguided kid thinks he is in Army for benefits and will not have to face war….freaking, lying govt/gullible kids, what a perfect pairing for disaster….my sons youngest wanting to follow in his dad’s footsteps but doubt his dad would be pleased.


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