Controlled Opposition 101

Here’s how it works:

“Funding to progressive organizations is not unconditional. Its purpose is to “pacify” and manipulate the protest movement.  Precise conditionalities are set by the funding agencies. If they are not met, the disbursements are discontinued and the recipient NGO is driven into de facto bankruptcy due to lack of funds.” – Michel Chossudovsky, 2010

Making the world “safe for capitalism” is a full-time job for those in power. Those little (billionaire) darlings, setting the world on fire for fun and profit.

18 thoughts on “Controlled Opposition 101

  1. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves. So said Lenin, I am told. I am of the opinion that anyone who gains wide exposure in mainstream media is controlled opposition, as in “Feel the Bern.”


    1. Click to access ttc-influence-industry-uk.pdf

      “What we are doing is no different from what the advertising industry at large is doing across
      the commercial space.”
      – Alexander Nix, former CEO of Cambridge Analytica

      With the vast array if databases as they are, I’d be surprised if there weren’t “micro-targeting” algorithms for every little fragment/segment of the “identity” based socio-cultural spectrum. A star for every fancy title. If you self-identify as a noun, chances are you have a special (hero) star created just for you.


  2. I read the globalresearch article you linked to. What stood out to me throughout the piece was the unstated premise, the taken-for-granted foundation, that the masses care about anything beyond their own immediate concerns (food, shelter, entertainment).

    If the cartels were not funding protests, would there be any protests in the first place? Do people care enough to go out on the streets and hold up placards, hand out flyers, and so forth? And even if they were to do so, without ‘NGO’ influence, would it make a difference to anything?

    Perhaps I am growing cynical, after heavy involvement in the so-called ‘truth’ movement for the past five years, but it is becoming increasingly clear to me that the masses simply do not care, and that they will never care, about anything, so long as they have shelter, food, and entertainment.

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    1. “I am against picketing, but do not know how to express it.” (Mitch Hedberg)

      I agree with you here. I remember when Trump was elected (appointed) and there were mass protests by women all over the country, and realized that news reporting overstated their numbers, and that those who showed up had to be cajoled by professional agitators to do so. The same is true, I think, of anti-war, civil rights, any cause that causes people to gather in public squares, that they are only there because professional organizers are there and the news media is allowed to take pictures that overstate their numbers. Most people are too busy, and only gather in public for sporting events.


      1. Why do we gather here? This is a public square, just on the internet.

        The Occupy movement was con-trolled from the top, obviously, but I am quite certain many of the protesters were genuinely concerned with “the state of the world”, just like we are here.

        On the “N”GO part; also there I think most people would not like to see gorillas go extinct. But when you tell them they need to pay 10x more for their smartphones because of the iridium ore deposit in a national park in Congo that cannot be extracted then, I think they will prefer their cheaper toys…


      2. Why do you and JLB define “really caring” as “willing to go join a protest march” somewhere? Even if they were real and not manufactured, it would still be a PR operation in the sense of a “pseudo event” to sway public opinion… Not everyone’s cup of tea.

        As Gai says, many millions of people have passionate belief in abstract ideals such as fairness, protecting nature, and so on. True very few are saints who can put abstract ideals above the need for food and shelter, but that’s not an unrealistically high standard to hold people to— unless one is oneself a saint, maybe they can condemn others for falling short…


        1. And then we have people like George Soros “hiring” crowds to make it appear that people actually gather because they are passionate about the cause.


      3. I agree…picketing and gathering as a crowd to oppose anything the govt has done or plans to do is a useless endeavor….and now with “free speech zones” even less effective than in years past


    2. I think people do care in a “feeling” sort of way. When care requires specific action, however, it’s a different story. It is the range of actions which the supreme powers work so hard to control, not so much what we think or feel. Instinct and intuition have been pretty much disconnected from our consciousness, leaving most of us dependent on some authority figure(s) (usually hand- picked actors with charisma) to direct the actions when emotions run higher than computer-model assessments/predictions. Our conditioning is nearly complete. Livestock (livestock-R-us) do not complain except for a few occasional whimpers and cries expressing discontent. Most of sounds you hear are pre-programmed, all part of the evolutionary domestication process played out over the past 4-6 millennia.

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    1. That settles it, I’m making my own stone tablets with a message to aliens and future trans-humans wanting to know how it all went down. “Montana-glyphs.” I like it.

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    1. Yer kidding. The spooks put CCTV on it years back when the ‘net exposed it to a much wider audience. Taos & Co. hit upon it ever? I have not combed his achieves.


  3. G. Stones were unveiled March 22 1980. 3-22 or 322 Fraternity at Yale as well as an important Bible passage (Genesis 3:22) & 1-9=8 & 8, 88. Spook city. 3-22 to May 1st is a 40 day Sacrifice ending w/the withWalpurgis Night & Beltane April 30 & May 1st respectively.

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