Greta Thunberg craps in a bucket?

This is so transparent that I don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes or Sven Svenson to see through it. We are told that Greta Thunberg crossed the Atlantic on a solar-powered vessel in order to lecture the diplomats during the UN climate summit.

No she didn’t. Jesus, what are we, a bunch of maroons? Here’s the money shot:

Money shot

That’s blurry enough that we really cannot make out her face, but let’s just assume it is really her. So what? All she had to do was get off the fossil fuel-powered rafts, get on the boat, pose, get back off and go home. Later she flew to New York City, first class and incognito, as she had to perform the same stunt on the other end.

It’s absurd. Yes, we can make vessels that run on batteries supplied by solar power. They are slow and clumsy and need fossil fuel backups along with sails. After all, the sun don’t always shine on Greta Thunberg’s dainty ass.

But think further … what if there is a mishap at sea? We live in the ages of satellites and instant communication, so Greta would not get lost. She would be found and rescued, by airplane, ships, helicopters, and taken to safety aboard a large and seaworthy vessel.

During her time at sea we are told that she ate bad food, slept uncomfortably, and defecated in a bucket. (Apparently there is no room for a proper toilet on these vessels, or the energy to generate a flush.)

No she didn’t. This is a child of wealth. No shit buckets for her. Flying first class across the Atlantic, she was able to adjust her seat and make it into a proper bed. That’s what Greta did while making her way to New York.

Take it to a higher level. This technology they are developing, solar-powered vessels, is useless! Pointless. It is slow, undependable, even Rube Goldberg in design with those damned panels occupying every bit of surface available. A few gallons of gasoline achieves the same effects without complicated designs, fail-safes, and subsidies.

The trip across the Atlantic, if indeed they didn’t cart the vessel to New York on a real ship, took two weeks. What are we doing to ourselves? We’ve come so far. I just flew across the Atlantic in relative comfort, not first class, and very desirous for the trip to end. En route I watched Jaws and John Wicks III, ate nicely prepared meals, and used confined but odorless toilet facilities. I had to sleep sitting up, but it’s a small price to pay for the ability to be able to get back from Europe in one day.

This is the future they want for us. These are the modern Luddites, anti-progress, hateful of people, desirous of an earth that makes us miserable with its tantrums of bad weather and heat and cold. We have not conquered nature, but have learned to live with it with a minimum of discomfort. Climate alarmists are taking all that back, telling us we have to live in squalor again.

Us, mind you. Not “them,” whoever these hidden forces are behind the the public figures. As Patrick Michaels says, the greatest fear that climate scientists of our era have is that they might lose their grants and subsidies, and be forced to fly coach instead of first class. He shares that fear, he says, but is at least forthright about it.

PS: Worst of all, while at sea, no Internet. No way does a kid that age get more than three feet away from her phone and Twitter.

26 thoughts on “Greta Thunberg craps in a bucket?

  1. “PS: Worst of all, while at sea, no Internet.”


    Seamless Worldwide Coverage
    FleetBroadband service is global using any service plan. Moving into different satellite coverage areas requires no user interaction and does not interrupt service. Worry free connectivity.

    Monthly Plan Minimum Term Voice SMS Overage Monthly
    25 Megabytes
    (15.00 per MB) 1 month $0.50/min $0.50 $20 per MB $375 usd

    The Sailor FB500 exterior antenna measures 2′ feet in diameter by 2.1′ feet in height. (605mm x 630mm).

    If you can afford to maintain and sail a yacht (and are supported by Soros), that’s nothing.


  2. I have a slightly different take… The fact that they play up these cartoonish and repellent aspects of Greta as a character/ icon, fits into a formula that might be called “playing the dialectic” or something along those lines. It has a teasing quality to it, similar to Bruce Jenner for example, or any number of absurd media constructs before that. They always force the debate into these diametric extremes, embodied in human symbols. Then everyone has to “pick a side.” The debate is forced into these black and white divisions that reduce the public to a squabbling A and B team… One side trying to maintain their heroic image of their “dear leader” (Trump, Greta, etc etc) the other side using that icon to smear all supporters as zealots and fools.

    And it’s not meant as any kind of rational, public debate among adults in the first place. It’s just poking an ant hill with a stick, provoking some sense of crisis and emotional outrage. Part of some long term propaganda technique, which will fade away after it serves its purpose in the current shaping of public opinion. It’ll go on the backburner eventually, as other shocks rise to the fore. But can be reintroduced or invoked at some future date.

    I mean I agree they want to degrade living standards, but into some controlled technocratic dystopia rather than buckets for toilets per se. They use that to energize the backlash… However it works precisely, I admit I’m not 100% clear how that dialectic technique works and haven’t found a propaganda manual that clearly explains it in full. Just my hypothesis at the moment.

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    1. Re “dystopia”… That may be hyperbolic. It could just be a multi decade shift to a new status quo that would strike US, grown used to this status quo, as dystopian. Of course, our current status quo is just as constructed and artificial… Whether “built by the inmates” or by master planners, or in compromise between them both… “John Adams” of Hoaxbusters used to describe that process very well. How each generation is brought into a new phase by social engineering.


    2. @TimR
      Yeah, I think you’re on to something. Makes me think of the Dilbert cartoonist/blogger/feel-good fascist Scott Adams, who is trying to become a relevant leader in whatever new paradigm is taking shape. During the Trump campaign he made a name for himself by supporting the guy and breaking down his leadership strategy into successful business negotiation strategies. Start with something totally outlandish that everyone will obviously reject, then lower it to something that’s less outlandish but doesn’t seem as bad as it otherwise would have if you hadn’t originally taken it to such an extreme. (I know there’s a term for that but I suck at remembering terms.)


      1. It’s called “the art of the deal” lol… I was trying to get at something a little bigger than that negotiation tactic though, more to do with how the propaganda system writ large operates.

        I’m not very familiar w Adams. Heard a podcast where he analyzed the climate debate from the pov of a layperson unable to assess the science, just looking at the arguments and tactics of both sides. Some very good insights, I can’t do justice here. Not aware of his feel good fascism?


        1. TimR, I’m really out of my depth. Haven’t read or listened to Adams in quite a while and have been staying away from the news lately (which has had a wonderfully rejuvenating effect on my mental and emotional health!) If not for this blog, I wouldn’t have even heard of little Greta. “Feel-good fascist” was just a term I pulled out of my ass to describe the impression I got reading Adams’ blog. He flatters his audience that they are above the majority of “in-duh-viduals” bumbling around on the planet and suggests that being lied to by Power isn’t such a bad thing as long as the lies don’t hurt you and you can figure out how to get rich. I can’t stand him, but some of his content is definitely interesting and engaging.


          1. Oh ok, thanks for elaborating. Wonder if you saw our host’s piece from some time back that flatters his readers a bit… Something about “the 5%” or like that…


          2. Interesting how people are so smart, the infrastructure and engineering around us is complicated and takes millions of technically smart people to keep it up and running. Yet at the same time, so incurious. I was going to say “brainwashed,” but thought better of it.


          3. Mark, incurious is certainly part of it, for a lot of people anyway, but I think you’d agree it’s also a matter of being distracted, scared, traumatized, exhausted, curious about things other than what we’re curious about…


          4. I’ll go along with that, as there is around us huge incentive to be afraid, and infinite distractions (he said after spending a wasted day watching football). But something much deeper goes on as well, a layer of smugness that goes with the distraction and fear, that to be curious about the world as it really works is a form of mental illness. All of that combined makes ordinary people into zombies, and I think it no accident that meme has gotten worked over so well in entertainment. They are mocking us.


          5. ScottRC- just saying your ultra egalitarian views(?) run up against one of Mark’s best pieces from a while back, where he reflected on the perennial issue of why so few want to shake off their programming


        2. Search engine works really well, but isn’t easy to find on hand-held devices. Go all the way to the end of comments on any post, and then go beyond the writers, and you’ll see “Search our Blog”. On a desktop, it is front and center.


  3. Another thought on Greta… Has it been mentioned that her supposed aspergers or whatever could well be just part of promoting THAT narrative? Normalizing the spike in childhood mental illness? Her mom’s book apparently describes how she worried at first, but then realized it was “a superpower”, this defect. Also Greta is said to be “high functioning”, which is just what you WOULD say if you had a fake autistic child being used for PR purposes.


  4. One final gem before I leave you.. The title of this piece opens you up to an easy retort: “Does a bear %$@# in the woods? Of COURSE Greta craps in a bucket!!”
    Just trying to help in case you were going to try this tack with your pro CC friends…


    1. TIMR,

      Target market(s) are millennials, women, indebted youth, etc. Victims! Engineering massive change is a piece of cake in the digital age. The proverbial pendulum does not swing anymore, it is moved by magic and slick video production. Hollywood, eat your heart out.


  5. I dunno about Greta, but have been blogging on my grandfather who, at 11, with his 13- year-old sister, crossed the North Atlantic. They likely puked their way forward, in their fierce seas that marked the end of the Little Ice Age; Nov. 1887. He outgrew that frigid time, felled old forest in British Columbia – then, reasonably replanted his take. If we knee-jerk our reaction to change today and spend all our assets in unproven remedy, there will be nothing left for correction. It is said CC is responsible for collapse of birds, bat and insect pollinators and I believe a factor (similar to that in the Little Ice Age), but how about the combination of tens of trillions of inviting windows, expanding radiance (4G/5G), and, unbelievably, those “remedy” windmill farms strategically placed in their paths to smatter their guts – and et cetera.


      1. Duly humbled. My comments were not meant to promote CC, rather to embrace caution on leaping forward without examining other thoughts. Since, apparently I am not clear (old lady here), I shall simply enjoy your site in future and thank you for perspective.


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