ABC News: They lie, they lie, they lie

Mont Blanc

I watched this “news” piece from ABC this morning at the gym, about how the glaciers are going to collapse on Mont Blanc. It caught my eye because I’ve been there on that platform they used for a backdrop. I don’t otherwise watch or read news. (I don’t know how to bring the video here. The above is a screen grab, not a video.)

Anyway, people of Europe, run for your lives! The glaciers are falling! The glaciers are falling!

Indeed, many Northern Hemisphere glaciers are in retreat, and have been since the late 1800s with the end of the Little Ice Age. Two words that grate on me that are constantly thrown in our faces: “experts” and “scientists.” They use those words to make their stories believable. I have six words to add instead: “Experts, scientists: They lie, they lie, they lie.”

The screen grab above shows cracks, faults, crevasses, fissures, a normal glacier in the Northern Hemisphere, where most of them have been in retreat since the late 1800s. I suspect this footage is designed to convince the average uninformed viewer that something unusual is going on. But the usual thing is going on, both on the glacier, and on the news, where it is lies as usual.

PS: Interesting they predict 66 million gallons of water coming down on southern Italy from the Planpincieux glacier … since they are just making wild ass guesses, why not 70 million, or 60? Why 66? For reference, 66 million gallons is about 20 seconds stream flow in the Mississippi, not insignificant, but over a long period, say a week or month (or the coming decades if our gradual warming continues) insignificant.

7 thoughts on “ABC News: They lie, they lie, they lie

  1. When it comes to a different location (around the states or globe), I often ask my friends(that reside in those areas) what the real deal may be. It’s good that I know people throughout the states AS WELL AS Australia, Africa, and a few places in Europe. No, I do not trust the man …and his news.


    1. If you know someone in that area, please report. I suspect what is going on is a normal incident than probably happens now and then, some glacial calving. News media is told to make a big deal out of anything that even looks remotely like it can be tied to “climate change.”


    I came across the above link by accident, techy scaremongering for the iPad generation. Straight in at #1, NASA’s tool (I don’t mean Brian Cox this time), this time no sign of any duct tape. Another aspect, folks afraid to have children, like the Dylan songline from Masters of war, threat of nuclear war hoax replaced by climate change. There was even a documentary about Europeans not having babies because of the climate change psyop on RT.


    1. I guess my 36 year old (awake) son did not get (nor heed) the scaremongering, population control message behind climate change hysteria as he’s expecting his 4th child in the spring. Yippee!


  3. With the vax shots mandatory Cali & many other leftist-satanist strongholds, the depopulation agenda is under way in more way than discussed here.

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