Foreshadowing, thanks to Dr. Spielberg

The crazy things I do … I never saw the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, at least while it was in theaters, during the time when there was no home video. I have never sat through it since either, as when I attempted to watch it I found it too frantic and intense. But I recalled one scene, and so last night rented the movie, and sat through it, endured it until I reached this scene. I recorded on my iPad. I did not watch the rest of it.

Draw your own conclusions.

AB also brought us the video below. I have only one thought about it: We are seeing it, therefore it has not been censored. Why?


PS: Have you noticed that Netflix is airing a documentary series called Pandemic at this time, talking about all the amazing people who would save us if there were ever a viral outbreak? What a coincidence! They are also now featuring the movie Outbreak, starring Dustin Hoffman, about an Ebola outbreak. At the end of that movie an African village is blown off the map to contain the disease. As I recall, Bill Gates was not on the jet that delivered the bombs, but probably had an erection as he watched it.

41 thoughts on “Foreshadowing, thanks to Dr. Spielberg

  1. My conclusions.. Hard to think what they couldn’t do in broad daylight. Somebody on Hoaxbusters said they could use this time to covertly install 5G in schools, while “disinfecting” schools. But why.. People want 5G, or can be sold on it, I assume.

    The only uses I can see, as far as misdirection, would be fantastical or paranormal types of things. Like the one commenter here who talked about 9/11 in those sort of mystical terms. Like say for some occult purpose, maybe you would stop the “busyness” of the world, try to have people doing more inward activities, meditating or on pause from life. I can’t think what practical thing would be misdirected from.

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    1. I agree, not that I necessarily believe in any particular paranormal explanation, but I agree with your logic. If it’s misdirection, it’s misdirection against something we probably couldn’t even conceive.


    2. I do believe what the AB video states, that it is a “live exercise.” A huge caveat, however. They have gone to great lengths to convince the public that viral epidemics are a real threat. They are not. They are always contained by natural methods, usually taking 3-400,000 already sick people with them. It’s a form of kindness by nature, as my late mother-in-law referred to pneumonia as the “old person’s friend.”

      But the routine scares we get, starting (in my memory) with the Swine Flu epidemic during the Gerald Ford presidency, along with books by Crichton and King, and the movie Outbreak,have cemented in the public mind the danger. This exercise merely drives it home, and will be used to allow them to say they saved us. It’s just one more way of controlling the herd, by protecting it against illusory demons.

      Also, no images or videos of the president see light of day unless approved by his handlers. The “You should have told us” video above must have been released to enhance Trump’s position as controlled opposition. Otherwise it would never have made it past the censors.


      1. My only critique of the “live exercise” argument is why would these people completely destroy national economies for a simple exercise? Is all the damage to the people at the bottom anyway, so win-win for them? Poor get poorer, power consolidates further at the top. Get to practice a global crisis, etc.? Because on the face of it, it’s baffling that those in power would do themselves harm by tanking these economies for a mere exercise…


        1. Some possibilities, Fauxlex.

          “Developed” economies seem to be most impacted. I think Mark mentioned a “reduction in lifestyle” or well-being as a possible impact. When corporate earnings can no longer be grown is when the cost-cutting, mergers, acquisitions and consolidation typically ramps up. Eliminate the competition. Welcome to the “new normal.” Ending the costly social benefits from the “New Deal,” onward and downward to the digital global plantation — we’ll all be 3rd-world slaves now. The good news may be that housing, transportation, food, gas, toilet paper and other necessities could get less expensive if “haircuts” for all is the plan.

          Can paper money and credit cards survive the new mandates for “social distancing?”
          Digital money may be in the offing too. ID 2020 is not a drill.

          “What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity.”


          1. I agree that this all fits very snugly into various agendas, but it’s remarkable to me that many major companies and organizations are going to take an enormous financial hit from all this. It’s strange.


          2. ID 2020 is what I keep coming back to, also. Of course, Bill Gates calling for a ‘’ National Tracking System,’’ to surveille and tag people in order to keep tabs on who is ‘’spreading disease.’’ Some Christians believe ID 2020 is a precursor to the mark of the beast. And they may be right.


    3. Hi TIMR,

      Whatever you may or may not believe, TPTB believe in the occult. We can all think it’s a load of bullshit and are free to do so, but if all this is just about making more money, does it make any sense? We’ll, not to me.
      When 9/11 happened many people who consider themselves “awake” said that it was surely an inside job because Bush wanted to invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam Hussein, and initially I believed that. I was young at the time and was just beginning my own personal search for truth, but after a few years, which I spent researching and reading tons of books about the history of freemasonry and esoteric disciplines I started to realize that there are so many layers of reality that we can’t even start to imagine. Why, I used to wonder, should America blow up an entire financial area in NYC during the day to be able to invade Iraq? Do Americans even need an excuse to invade a middle eastern country or any other country for that matter? No they don’t, and never did. I soon realised there was something hidden at a deeper level, which is what you English speaking people call the “rabbit hole”. And that rabbit hole surely has an end to it, but it’s not easy to talk about that without being labelled a freak, a New Age follower, a good shrink material and so on.
      So yes, there is an occult reason for all that happens in the world, and it actually makes more sense than a bet amongst rich families over a pandemic bond worth 1.5 billion dollar that expired on March 10th.
      These people don’t even use money, they just create it out of nowhere to keep us in slavery, they live their lives not even knowing how a 50 dollar bill is like, nor do they care.

      What they want is to block our evolution as human and spiritual beings, and our souls. They want a few hundred millions of people only, perfect lobotomized slaves.
      They believe the soul (which is the mind in the esoteric world) is in the DNA, that’s why they are trying to create androids which resemble human bodies using our modified DNA. They want to live forever, in a body that cannot die.
      And I believe Boethius, the commenter you are referring to, is right.

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      1. I believe that I am also in this camp. There is too much of a disconnect between the scale of this (unprecedented) and the actual underlying threat (virtually nil). The simple financial/control-based explanations seem so very inadequate. It really does feel as though they are trying to attack our very souls. They already have all the money. They already have unquestioned control. This is something else.


        1. I agree and am grateful I’ve let go of so much anger and fear over the past few years. Even grateful I lost my shit for a little while on this message board so I could take a closer look at myself and see what was up. It seems to me the only meaningful act of defiance is to be aware of what’s going on (or as aware as I can be) without leaping to crazy-making conclusions and cutting myself off from my higher self via my lower emotions.

          Do proper breathing and a reasonably healthy diet lessen the effects of 5G? I don’t know, but they can’t hurt. I’ve felt bad about myself for not having given up smoking after telling myself I should, I should, I should. But our rulers have been so aggressive about getting everyone to stop smoking, and nicotine apparently has a chemical that makes people more difficult to propagandize, and for all I know the tar in my lungs may help me better tolerate the 5G-altered oxygen.

          As the economy collapses around me, I’ll be open to opportunities others won’t see or be capable of dreaming of because they’re trapped in fear. I’ll be open to ways of being useful to others, rather than judging them for not being in the fortunate position I’m in. If this insanity had happened six months or a year ago, I’d probably be freaking out. This blog and everyone who comments here have helped me tremendously to get to a place of defiant acceptance. Pretty awesome.


      2. Anna, your post sent me off on a Saturn worship research tangent. I found this:

        On March 21, 2020 Saturn entered Aquarius. In July, Saturn will retrograde back into Capricorn and stay there until December 2020. At the close of 2020, Saturn will settle into Aquarius and remain there until 2023.

        “Most of the world has been running on cheap, fast, and unsustainable solutions for decades now. The drain on our environment, on our relationships, on our psyches and selves is undeniable. We bail out banks and big business before those at the highest risk of being swept under: the chronically ill, the entrepreneur, the single parent, the student, the teacher, the caretaker, the nurse, the survivor, the artist, the healer, the activist, the undocumented, the elder, the disabled, and the marginalized among us.

        We are a world out of balance, in desperate need of a social reorganization.

        In Aquarius, Saturn seeks to build innovative social structures. This air sign is known for its intellectual rigor, humanitarianism, and thoughtful visions for the future. In Aquarius, Saturn focuses on the needs of the group, bringing forth rules, regulations, and systems change for the masses.

        The last time Saturn was in Aquarius (1991-1993), apartheid was dismantled. Before that, Saturn was in Aquarius from 1962-1964, when the Civil Rights Act, which banned school segregation and employment discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, sex or national origin, was signed into law in the United States. And before that, Saturn was in Aquarius from 1932-1935. The Great Depression had begun in 1929 causing unemployment to reach 25%. These years of Saturn in Aquarius saw the beginning of FDR’s New Deal, which brought social security, government infrastructure and banking regulations to the US.”

        I remember researching 9/11 from the point of view of it being a mass ritual. I believe Mark previously wrote about the “Calcified Lies” blog and the post titled, “The Skeleton Key, 9/11, the Millenium Monolith….” I get the sense that, like 9/11, there are several layers to this coronavirus “pandemic” – economic, financial, social, political, medical/pharmaceutical, etc. But what about the metaphorical? The 9/11 ritual, for example, included the destruction of two towers followed by the raising of one tower: two become one, unity. Perhaps it’s too early to tell what the metaphorical, or symbolic significance of this “pandemic” is. I, for one, think it’s entirely possible that this event can be viewed as a ritual, or is being viewed as a ritual, from the vantage point of those who are running the show and crafting the narrative.
        Consider this: what if we’ve been raised our entire lives in a “church” that we didn’t know existed and didn’t know we belonged to. What if this current global social and economic shutdown is our forced tribute to a god or gods we don’t know exist? What if our quarantine experience serves as a prayer to something we aren’t aware of? Are we not participating in a kind of sabbath right now?

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        1. Hi Birds of Paradise,

          What you wrote makes perfect sense to me, thanks a lot for bringing up the astrology topic.
          These people believe in an ancient form of astrology, which is not the horoscope crap we see in magazines and last pages of newspapers these days. They even have their own personal astrology consultant. Many famous people, including dictators used to have their personal clairvoyant without whom they wouldn’t make a single decision (think Rasputin for instance), private or public.
          What’s important to them is to conceive under certain planetary situations. The dates of birth of all their children are not random, they’re planned well in advance. The position of planets at the time of conception is crucial for every human being in this world, not only for TPTB, bcos it’ll influence one’s choices in life and will determine who one becomes.
          To put it clearly: there’s a limit to free will, as there’s a destiny we all have to fulfil. Everyone has a call in life, it’s up to us to follow that path or not. If we don’t, there will be repercussions in this life and the next (if you believe in reincarnation, I do).

          I too believe 9/11 and many other major events in history can be considered mass rituals to please entities that we call Gods, but they’re not. They’re just parasites who can possess us and make us do whatever they want. TPTB are in my opinion possessed by these parasites act accordingly against mankind, but they chose to be thousands of years ago in order to have power over the world. In this Matrix or rabbit hole they are just deluded jerks who claim royal rights over the entire planet and think they have total power of life and death over 7.5 billion humans + all the non human life.
          It’s got to do with blood lineages as well, and boy they love blood so much!

          (The Lord of the rings= Saturn, their God, represented as black cube. Think Mecca and other cubes in other religions….).

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          1. Anna and B of P,

            The auroboros is a symbol, or archetype, that may represent what we are experiencing. The snake eating its tail, or the figure 8 is used in secret societies to signify eternal control. The symbol, of course, has many other meanings, but from the perspective of the ruling class this is a common theme. Think of our economic system, for example. It feeds upon itself. Our political system seems to replicate that spinning in place, always ending up where we began. Mainstream media bullshits each new fake paradigm into existence.

            Same as it ever was. Special thanks to our friend Patrick:

            Anyway, just thought your comment was right on, and this might add a little something. Thank you for your contributions.

            As a ways, this too shall pass.

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          2. I’ve posted on the Saturn occult subject many times here. Zelch. Rome itself is built upon the ruins of a prior city. Its name you ask? Saturn. Bet this post is deleted.


          3. “there’s a destiny we all have to fulfil. Everyone has a call in life, it’s up to us to follow that path or not. If we don’t, there will be repercussions in this life”, “and boy they love blood so much!”

            Maybe but maybe not I guess it depends on what someone really believes. I don’t think every human has a calling or one purpose, or if they do just one shot to find out what it is, many become different people as we age and have different interests and purposes along the way. About blood drinking and pedophilia within those higher ranks yet still there’s no proof, of course that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen either, it’s one of those what if topics that can be talked about forever without a conclusion.


            1. Greg,

              I have no intention whatsoever in discussing certain topics here, although proof can be found in esoteric texts and even religious books worshipped by billions of people around the world.
              I’m done with this subject.


  2. I really wish there were a way that those like us could so simply illustrate that this is all a fake hysteria as just “taking off the gas mask”. Great scene. A leap of faith, based on trust in his own ability to think for himself.


  3. Waiting on them to release the fake hate and nihilistic groups into the street to start fighting and draw all the idiots into it.


    1. The media is already spreading stories of people rushing to by guns (even a commenter here had an anecdote about it). I’m suspicious of this narrative, but even if gun sales ARE going up, the media is only promoting it to give the authoritarian state yet another excuse to “protect” (control, enslave) us.


      1. This live exercise has been a demonstration how much control the authoritarian state has over everyone. For my area, April 5th is the deadline for everything to start getting back to normal or the explanation for an extension. It appears many people here are taking off the gas masks.


        1. When do the costs outweigh the benefits? I think they know that society will start to ask that question. If all this ends soon enough, most economies should be able to recover. Early April is my guess.


      2. We saw lots of people out and about today as we strolled through a local city park, petting each others’ dogs and exchanging pleasantries. I have not seen any masks today, in fact, I’ve only seen a handful since this madness got underway.

        About the PCR test they are using to find all these “new” cases, here is what Dr. Kary Mullis, who invented it (and won a Nobel for it, FWIW) , says about it in use regarding HIV, which I am not certain even exists:

        “Quantitative PCR is an oxymoron. PCR is intended to identify substances qualitatively, but by its very nature is unsuited for estimating numbers. Although there is a common misimpression that the viral-load tests actually count the number of viruses in the blood, these tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all; they can only detect proteins that are believed, in some cases wrongly, to be unique to HIV.
        “The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.”

        Cannot identify viruses! Cannot measure viral load! Then what are the tests telling us? My guess, the tests are but a window dressing, and that the “positives” are being scattered about the landscape to make it appear the virus is spreading. I suspect it is a very deliberate process, planned and coordinated. If Denver’s citizens are not responding as they should to the commands from the governor about how to behave, they could just scatter out a bunch of positives around the city, and say the emergency is getting worse, and become even more draconian. The tests are a weapon against the public, and nothing scientific or useful. In my view.


  4. Interesting you mention “Close Encounters.” The scene where the missing squadron from WWII appears suddenly in the desert was what I thought about when I thought about the sound on 9/11.


  5. There are many explanations for why TPTB would do this. But the money alone is a huge one.

    It’s not really true that the rich perpetrators are hurting themselves by crashing stock markets. Quite the contrary, in fact. People who knew the plan/timing in advance have made INSANE profits in recent weeks. One tail risk fund is up 3000%…in 8 weeks. In other words, it multiplied investors’ money by 30 TIMES. And that fund DIDN’T know the plan in advance. The actual perpetrators probably did even better.

    Now the perpetrators have plenty of cash to buy back in cheaply from panic sellers and people who HAVE to sell off assets to survive. Then the bad guys will win a second time when the stock market eventually starts going up again.

    More importantly, this crisis is GREAT for banksters/predatory lenders. What’s may happen in the USA if the lockdowns continue is similar to what happens in places like Greece. Lenders encourage small businesses to take out loans. Then, by crushing revenues temporarily, they force all the small businesses to default/go bankrupt. Then the banks owns the assets and equity of those businesses and all future upside.

    It’s just a complicated way of stealing. The lenders received many years of interest payments, and in the end they get the businesses too. In some ways, it’s surprising this hasn’t happened more often in the past (or maybe it has, during wartime for example). But if you are a predatory lender, once a businessperson owes you money, all you have to do is “arrange” an “emergency” to disrupt his business, he defaults on the loan, and you get to TAKE the business.

    (A related example is when the Russian economy was crashing in the 1990s. Children of communist party officials got to buy state-owned companies for pennies on the dollar. These kids became BILLIONAIRES very very quickly.)

    This crisis is also GREAT for some large corporations. They are the ones with bigger cash cushions, more borrowing capacity, more access to government bailout money, more connections to TPTB, etc. This is a DEATH BLOW to what’s left of Main Street Retail. And Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Costco will happily take all those customers.

    What matters is REAL wealth, not numbers on a screen. And this crisis is helping to transfer more real wealth FROM small business TO banks and big businesses.

    Rising unemployment also helps rich people, big corporations, and banks. It lowers the cost of labor and reduces inflation pressures.

    There are many agendas at play. But there are MASSIVE tectonic wealth shifts going on too. The TRILLIONS of dollars in wealth changing hands in a matter of weeks is evidence enough that this is not just about “public health.”

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    1. Add to this the ongoing ripple effects and the now seasonal threat of another shutdown (assuming this one ends) that will drive even successful small business owners to look to cash out. They can modulate this like a violin and squeeze out even more money during the “normal” periods.

      The vaccine push will go into overdrive (UPS and FedEx have been gearing up to deliver nurses with needles for a few years) and would assume Agenda 2030 or whatever it is now will ramp up as well.

      Would expect a blowback on alternative health options as well, with the claim they have misled people and left more susceptible to get and spread the imaginary virus.

      But every push has unintended consequences so there’s always hope.


    2. Real wealth is based on gold.
      Every single dollar, Euro or any other currency needs to have an equivalent in gold. If it doesn’t, it’s just a number on a screen as you said, and therefore it doesn’t exist.
      Gold is the only thing that really matters to these people, for many reasons, not all of them related to human greed.
      Anything else is called an illusion.


        1. I fail to see why gold is not an “illusion” too … I know, limited quantity, never deteriorates. It regulates currencies. I don’t think they got off of gold for any nefarious reasons, just that it was clumsy and placed too much power on chance … where it happened to be found.

          Oil has essentially been our currency from the 1970s forward, with the world’s biggest oil companies forming OPEC to misdirect anger at Arabs. I have never thought of this before, but fracking essentially undermined the currency, created instability. Oil, like gold, was limited in quantity. Now it is not. Spain fell apart because of too much gold stolen from South America, so that everything was devalued. With abundant cheap oil, human progress was in high gear. Now it is ratcheted back, both by the Climate Change agenda, and now coronavirus. Time for a New World Order?


          1. Maybe all this social distancing is just the beginning of a whole new ‘’way of life.’’

            ‘’As long as someone in the world has the virus, breakouts will keep recurring unless stringent controls are put in place,’’ says MIT Technology Review

            What kind of stringent controls do we need?

            Well, obviously temperature scanners ‘’everywhere,’’ monitors that track our vital signs and digital verification of vaccination status to do things like go to concerts and fly on an airplane.

            ‘The intrusive surveillance will be considered a small price to pay for the basic freedom to be with other people.’’



          2. Mark,

            Gold is one of the best conductors of electricity. It’s largely used to produce electronic components.
            The universe is electric. Gold can control the electric fields.
            Also it has incredible healing properties.
            Rich people never seem to die, and when they do, they’re very very old.
            Why? Ask gold.


  6. Sounds magical. Ask gold? Why not a muse? Among the wealthy are some do tend to live long lives, but they look grotesque, like David Rockefeller … yikes!

    Nixon closed the gold window, and after a period of adjustment, including hyperinflation, they got control of things. We are now using a currency that everyone accepts to be real, otherwise we could not function. Inflation is a matter of policy, deliberately kept at a certain level by controlling consumer spending. The means by which this is done are many, excessive college fees, student loan debt and taxation all part of the mix. The idea is to keep enough money in circulation to allow for commerce to flourish, but not more. Having gold backing currency would be clumsier and less efficient. It is not magical.


  7. Well, I will admit this time I am afraid. Not afraid of an illness, but the uncertainty of the extent of the fallout.

    The other hoaxes have all been easy to ignore and have never interfered with my life or plans. At least not to this degree.

    My husband’s company is already talking about laying people off, and they can’t survive a few more months of this. I know we would survive, and he would find another job, but it could take a while.

    This hoax is also worse in that it robs us of our communities and friendships. The last time I saw someone outside of my immediate family in person was March 12, and she recoiled when I went to hug her. Even if I wanted to go on with my normal life and meet friends up at the park right now, no one would come.

    Everyone is shuttered away in their homes, and won’t come out until TPTB says it’s ok to come out.

    And mostly I’m afraid of this event being used to usher in mandatory vaccines. Vaccines are a hell no for me, so I would find a way to manage, but it would complicate things quite a bit.


    1. It’s almost as if this hoax, by conditioning us all to see each other as potential disease vectors, has taken some of the humanity out of our interactions.

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    1. If indeed this hoax, along with Climate Change, came from Club of Rome, then it would be right up their alley, as their 1972 book Limits to Growth,” they stated that the real enemy is humanity. It is anti-human, and especially anti-black and brown.

      One by one businesses are shutting their doors here, first restaurants, then any profession where people touch one another (massage, barbers, beauticians, dentists, optometrists, etc.). Others are voluntarily closing their doors, not because of the virus, but because people are afraid to be out and about. In a country where most people live hand to mouth, they are creating desperation. It is as cruel a hoax as is imaginable.


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