The suicide rate will not be televised

Yesterday at the grocery store I noticed that the level of masking, which was sparse at first, and then approached 50 percent, was now at 90. This morning I watched a man forcibly removed from a bus by armed police for failure to wear a mask. That turned my stomach, making me think that the officers in question should be wearing brown shirts. The man was black, and why do I want to add “of course”?

This tells me that that the news is ramping it up now, and that the State of Fear is reaching dangerous levels. People this scared are going to start acting up, family disputes, substance abuse, and fights in grocery stores. Inevitably they are going to sink into depression, and their health will deteriorate. Add to this unemployment, lack of money, and a sense of hopelessness, and suicide rates will rocket. It will not be publicized.

I think in the end I am going to have to don a mask, if only to avoid drawing attention to myself. We are in a snitch culture now, and failure to conform might invite aggression from people with guns strapped to their hips.*

It is hilarious and outrageous at once. If there really were a virus, deadly or not, nothing could stop its spread. It would have traveled around the world several times by the time it was discovered,  so that all efforts to avoid it would be futile. That happens every year with influenza, if indeed it is a virus (and I know of no other explanation that makes more sense at this time). We either get it or we don’t. This year I got that mysterious bug that was going around in January, as did my Physicians Assistant, who happened to be in Jamaica at the time. Mine lasted three weeks. She said hers did as well, and that she was in bed for three days.

What, pray tell, could we have done to avoid it? We are told that Covid-19 cropped up at a fish market in Wuhan, China, and that Doctor Li Wenliang died of it, but that is easily seen to be a rollout. If he even existed (Fauxlex says not), it is plain to see that they wanted a dramatic entrance for a deadly pathogen, and nothing serves it up better than a dead doctor. The idea that they spotted it right away, isolated it and identified then it … it does not work that way. All if that stuff is normally done long after the fact, as the virus will have gone round the world while the WHO and CDC were still tying their shoes.

So it is a hoax. We all know that here. Its purpose? Easy to see with crashed economies and desperate people and now armed police pushing people around … it is fascism. It has always lurked in the shadows, but now they have brought it out in the open.

I read an article not long ago listing they ways in which the last ten years saw more human progress than perhaps the last hundred. We had abundant energy, and traditionally poor countries like India and China were busting out. Africa would not be far behind, in spite of efforts to restrict its access to cheap energy. It was a true war on poverty. The US was at near-full employment. The Internet was in part the driver, as that coupled with human creativity was allowing amazing progress everywhere we looked.

I suspect that all scared the overlords. They needed to put an end to it, and get back to our old days of desperation. So they decided to crash the economy. When they rebuild it, it will not be the same. It will never be business as usual again, as they cannot risk the progress we were seeing coming into being again. The new economy will keep us down, and a lockdown can be called anytime things get out of hand.

By the way, fascism is defined as the marriage of the corporation and the state. Isn’t it interesting that Netflix ran a documentary called Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates right at the time that Bill Gates became the spokesperson for the rules and regulations of the fascist lockdown/shutdown? Bill Gates is no genius, I think Mathis drove that point home a while back. He invented nothing. Microsoft/Apple/Google are all products of DARPA. The billions needed for ideas that might never pay off puts massive research projects beyond the reach of investors. The Internet and PC and then the smart phone were given over to private corporations for free.

Chomsky, FWIW, has long maintained that technology is developed by the government and then turned over to private corporations for profit. Each of these corporations has a “genius” to front for it. Thus do we have Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, maybe not slouches, but certainly not genius inventors. They are just window dressing.

*Bob Garner, God rest his soul, was a man who for a time after his motorcycle days worked at a small bookstore when we lived in Bozeman, Montana. One day a customer tied up his dog outside and came in to browse. A policeman followed him in to tell him he could not do that. Bob picked up the phone and dialed 911 saying an armed man was harassing one of his customers. He had three police cars out front within a few minutes. That takes a special man.

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  1. News Flash. They don’t sell bats at the Wuhan Market.

    If you have the time this video provides evidence of intentional weaponization of the virus.

    Yeah, I’m racist.


      1. My point exactly. All true data indicates a death rate which basically can be rounded to 0.0000%. The overall death rate figures coming out of Europe are not elevated. Down slightly. Nothing unusual is actually occurring, so I kind of just roll my eyes that “bio-weapon” stuff is still going around. Nothing unusual is actually happening.

        If there is a virus, it’s essentially harmless and likely to be found in the vast majority of the human population already anyway. And there is some very interesting theory out there saying that the RNA code we call SARS-CoV-2 is actually something internally produced by the body. Detecting it would be finding the effect, not the cause.

        Bottom line: no matter how you tweak your personal theory as to how we are being scammed, we are being scammed! The bio-weapon stuff is just to bog us down in blind alley dead ends. A free-thinking public would be openly rebelling at this point.

        It’s almost irrelevant at this point to try to figure out exactly how the magician did the trick…the key is simply knowing that it is a magic trick. Implementing open fascism is what we are being misdirected from, while we stare at the magician assistant’s rack.


        1. This claims all cause mortality in Europe is up (link from Simon Shack debunking paper)-

          “The latest pooled estimates from the EuroMOMO network show a marked increase in excess all-cause mortality overall for the participating European countries, related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This overall excess mortality is driven by a very substantial excess mortality in some countries, primarily seen in the age group of 65 years and above, but also in the age group of 15-64 years.”


          1. The images I had seen were from this very same dataset, except it looks like about 1-2 weeks prior. Strange. And no, not really. This puts current rates on the same levels as recently as 2016 and 2018. We should be seeing rates off the charts…a total outward shift in overall mortality. We do not. And there was absolutely no elevation in the data whatsoever until April 2020, which is very bizarre. This shows rates totally in line with recent history, even if slightly elevated in the last few weeks.

            But thank you for the link. I had only seen images from about a week ago. This is…slightly interesting. I will keep watching to see if we actually spike outside of historic levels, not something where we can show even higher rates as recently as 2016 and 2018.

            Remember, we should see similar levels of all other kinds of deaths PLUS the supposed corona deaths, so it is already inherently suspicious that this data only seemed to even go slightly up in the last week or so, and even then only to rates we’d deem minorly elevated. Again, when you consider the number of people thought to have been infected, likely 50% or more of these countries population, and these mortality figures being nearly unchanged speaks volumes. Let’s see what this chart does moving forward.

            And I swear, they’re gaming the system somehow. Every one of these charts has had a wave of “debunk” right behind them…but as I’m pointing out, even the very recent slight elevation in this data is not yet compelling. We should see a true outward shift in mortality, not a tiny elevation only in the last few weeks. A tiny elevation is more data saying that these lockdowns need to end immediately. A true outward shift is what the media claims is occurring. We still do not see that.


  2. The refrigerated semi trucks that they’re pulling up to hospitals as fake morgues are a really nice touch. I have to say. A-plus propaganda. Same with Boris Johnson being in the ICU. Very dramatic. Well done.

    It’s so funny yet sad and terrifying the way the herd are shaming any actual free thinking here. It is to the point that if you don’t agree that we should all lock ourselves away, you are deemed a terrorist. This is the culmination of all previous propaganda. I have been saying the fascist bit from the start, so I completely agree obviously. This is a major, major event. When the dust settles on the collapse of the United States, they will look back on this as a significant factor. When the fascism came out from the shadows and into the open. I am sure there is a comparable event in pre-WWII Nazi Germany.

    As one of the ants…albeit a free-thinking ant…I continue to be floored at the depths of the evil behind all of this. There is no logic or science left supporting why we should be locked away, but this is going to go on until at least June. And after that it will only get worse with the “you can only come back to work if you have been vaccinated” shit. Fuck them. Profanity is warranted in times like these. Fuck these fucking monsters.

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  3. The masks are so ridiculous. Not only are viruses small enough to get through masks, but if you were serious about not contracting something you would need protective goggles as well, as the eyes are an exchange membrane. Of course nobody is wearing goggles…


  4. Fauxlex, I totally agree with everything you are saying. 100%. These “people” are the vilest of the vile. So what will they do with people who don’t comply with vaccine? Will you not be able to get a job? How will you pay your bills? What will happen to these people?


    1. Well what would you do? If I were told by my employer that I had to get the vaccine to return to work, I would be effectively backed into a corner. I envision the government making the upcoming vaccine “mandatory” in such roundabout ways. Children will be required to have it to return to school and adults will be required to have it to return to work. That way, the government will be able to hide behind the fact that technically they haven’t made anything mandatory. Think to what Mark shows as the definition of fascism. The marriage of the corporation and the state. If the state cannot make a vaccine mandatory, the corporate sector will step in for them.

      At this point, I basically am expecting such a policy. The question becomes how long can you fight it? Is it worth it to fight? We are living in a fascist nightmare.

      There are wild theories out there that certain entities quite literally feed on human suffering, and this whole corona event has made me feel such theories might not be so wild.


  5. I’m happy to stipulate that this is a global con. What is not so obvious, to me at least, is what is the objective. I cannot dismiss the possibility that there may be a bio-weapon, and that this (Covid-19) is not it. Vaccines are being prepared, or have already been prepared and are being mass produced for the moment we “go back to work” and let our collective guard down. There is neither a single con here, nor a lot of evidence to support the role and scope of that happens next. I have questions.

    Just because the numbers are being faked now, doesn’t prevent this “drill” from going live at some point in the future. Is population control (“culling”) something I/we can dismiss once and for all? I cannot. Our immune systems, however compromised after a lifetime of chemical, biological and psychological attack by the same perpetrators is able to fight off this round of “flu-like” symptoms. Is that any reason to assume that this “will be over soon?” I’m not so sure. There have been hints of “waves” of attacks. Like the waves of the past, we cannot predict the severity of what lies ahead. The evil SOBs with their hands on the levers of power have never been shy about killing everything and anything in their sights. I suggest we continue to ask questions about events on the horizon, not just what is at our feet.

    One example of a “think-tank” full of influential technocrats planning our future is The Club of Rome. It is by no means the upper level of global power, but it is transparent enough to get a general idea of favored paradigm shifts, not inconsistent with the higher-ups’ previously revealed tendencies.

    See what you think as you gaze into your future, or at least one of the alternatives being seriously contemplated at the highest levels of global control.


    1. People are frequently getting stuck in this line of logic (“What is the objective?”), when I believe this is the wrong way to look at it. There is neither any single objective nor any new objective here. It is the same litany of objectives that have always been present.

      These fascist policies have continued along a trajectory, but for them to move into later phases it was likely known that a shock would be needed. Something to totally reshape the public mind. Hence, this scenario was dreamt up to create the widest possible range of justifications for existing aims. It would need to make previously unimaginable policies seem entirely necessary. The aim is to reshape society into a completely new state of existence, both physically and mentally.

      Problem, Reaction, Solution.

      So I believe people are looking at it backwards. Since this is new and sudden hysteria, people tend to believe that there must be a new and sudden objective at hand. Not so. Instead, the objectives are the same as they ever were.

      I fear we are spending too much time trying to understand the exact process by which we are being conned, when we ought to be looking AWAY from the virus. The virus hysteria is the great and mighty Oz, and the man behind the curtain is currently unimpeded. But it is a much more formidable man behind the curtain. Realistically, those like us are in no position to stop any of this.


      1. I agree. There is no reversing this. One of their main agendas is to massively decrease the population. The Georgia Guidestones 40th anniversary was just on 3/22. Their goal is 500 million.


        1. I hope to God that this is not an event to that level. My feeling on the guidestones is that they are planted so that whenever a natural catastrophe knocks down our numbers so significantly, it was meant as a guide to not let the population explode again. It is not a warning that we will be artificially trimmed to that level. Again, that’s just my opinion. Let’s hope that such a catastrophe is still far on the horizon.

          If anything has stood out for those looking at the data it is that the death rate is not actually elevated.


      2. Fauxlex, I’ve been reading all your comments on this post, up to this point. I agree with all you’ve said. I’d like to add a thought of my own, too.
        We know that ‘these people’ are absolute control freaks. Besides money and power, they have an intense need to be in control. Does anyone think that people like they are, so focused on control, would ever truly unleash a real virus on the world?
        The way I see it, they wouldn’t. For the same reasons there are never any real victims of so called “mass shootings” and all of their other theatrical pieces. A real virus would be quick to get out of their control and create real victims. Real victims cause them real problems. I don’t know if any of these people are capable of truly loving another human being, but if by chance they are, what if a real virus were to somehow get near to and kill one of the people they love? Even before every last one of them were hidden away in some underground bunker, on a desert island, or in Antarctica, where science fiction has always told us they’ll go to “ride this out.”
        In my opinion, this is and always has been a fake pandemic. You mentioned the “bio weapons” theory. My memory is so bad and my phone is so weird that I can neither remember nor check back to see whether you mentioned 5G, too. Anyway, I agree that the whole bio weapons thing and all the rest of those discussions take away from the discussion of what’s going to be happening from now on. I wanted to mention an experience I’ve had twice this week and it was really weird both times.
        Twice this past week, I was talking to straight laced, ‘little old ladies’ in my building in Milano. I thought I’d be hearing them talk about how terrible the virus is or something like that. Imagine my total shock when one of them started talking about bio weapons and the other started talking about 5G!!! I was so blown away by the fact that they even knew those terms that I couldn’t say more to either of them than that I don’t believe there’s a virus at all and why. Both of them strongly disagreed with me on that.
        Anyway, that’s basically it. While I’m here I’ll just quickly add that I read every post by every author. They’ve all been really great and informative and interesting. I share all of them on Twitter and people are liking them. Ciao! 🌞

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    2. Couldn’t agree more. I am disappointed more thinking is not done by those who (retroactively) share so much revelation, like the Taos “genius”. Obama genielogy and Pratt-Prine aren’t exactly timely, nor is Norway. Or Phenicia . I wonder why not leak more, and suspect you are right here about reasons they keep back.


  6. There will undoubtedly be consequences for the non-compliant but I agree, is it worth the fight for this? And at what point is it worth the fight? At what point do I say, “Give me Liberty or Give me Death?” These are really tough questions as we totally are living in a fascist nightmare.


    1. Personally, I think most of us will have no choice but to play ball. Mark mentions wearing a mask simply so that he does not draw attention to himself. Long term, my plan is leave the US. But then the question becomes “And go where?”


  7. Play the race card first to create the normalization you desire, see Cosby #metoo. By the mid 80’s the U.S. had already lived through decades of demoralization you gotta know these “viruses” are the new terrorists, the new Cold War, always gotta have a boogeymen. The next time they do something like this everyone will know how to respond creating an absurd normalization. Getting ratted out by strangers is pure 1984. The coercion is always kinda cute in a twisted way no matter how pernicious. Will it ever dawn upon the herd that they are the enemy and have always been, not “Russia”, not “terrorists”, not any “virus” rather them, us. No war on aids, no war on drugs, no war on crime, cancer, but you, me, us.


  8. This whole “crisis” reminds me of a play by Eugene Ionesco, a leading writer in the category known as “The Theater of the absurd”. The play is called “Rhinoceros”, the following synopsis of it is from Wikipedia:

    “Over the course of three acts, the inhabitants of a small, provincial French town turn into rhinoceroses; ultimately the only human who does not succumb to this mass metamorphosis is the central character, Bérenger, a flustered everyman figure who is initially criticized in the play for his drinking, tardiness, and slovenly lifestyle and then, later, for his increasing paranoia and obsession with the rhinoceroses.”

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  9. Piecebob, I have to disagree. We are not the enemy. I suppose one could argue that we have noone to blame but ourselves for letting this happen but most people on this planet are really good people. Trusting people who want to believe the best about others. And the people who control the world know this. That’s how they can manipulate the masses so easily. I don’t want to be like them and never will be like them. So I will never be the enemy. I don’t know why I can see what is going on to some degree and others can’t at all. I don’t understand those kinds of things. I don’t understand why there are horrific people in this world who do horrific things to others. I do not judge those who cannot see what is happening. We all get up each morning and function the only way we know how to. I really believe that. We all have a certain level of awareness and I really believe we all try to do our best in the world with that degree of awareness.


    1. You speak of a goal of depopulating to 500 million from 7.5 billion and can say with a straight face the populace isn’t the enemy? Then spare me from such benevolent and hospitable friends that would have such desires.


      1. I guess I don’t follow you, Piecebob. We are miscommunicating in some way. I do not support the aims of those who may want to decrease the population to 500 million. The populace is in no way involved in that goal, if it even is a goal. I don’t claim to know the agenda of these people. I only try to educate myself for my own and my loved ones’ security and well-being.


  10. I believe that is the ultimate goal, 500 million, for the world to live in harmony with nature again. Just as it states on the guidestones. How they will reach that and how long it will take, who knows. But I do believe that is the end goal. That is why you see the headlines how all the people staying at home is helping the environment so much. There is an environmental component to this whole agenda and again, living in harmony with it. But that is just my take on it all.


  11. In Germany, they have not been able to really pull it. Yes, schools and retail are down, but people just don’t want to panic. We’ve been jogging in the park on Saturday morning, people everywhere, and just one guy wearing a ridiculous mask, he could barely breath while running. A stranger could not hold back, to tell us he must like that Bane character from a Batman movie.
    We had “news”, trying to make mask wearing the new normal.
    Still, I think this is much too cheap. Everybody knows. Yes, it is about to change the economy. We had FFF big time here, and the Volkswagen scandal.
    People are connecting the dots. The reputation of the MSN is down the drains, by intent. The Relotius scandal of the Der Spiegel magazine teached everyone how the progressives work, it was staged.


  12. Sorry, Piecebob. I understand what you are saying now about us being the enemy. I guess I look at things in unusual, unique ways sometimes. Thanks for your comments…

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  13. I’m about 70/30 on David Icke. I really do like where he calls us The hunger games society though. I don’t know if ANY of the mass causality events have been real, non false flags. I read somewhere calling the Americonned people the 300 million crisis actors. Of only 5% of us are awake the number is closer to 340 million.


      1. Our instinct is there, we just have to work to reconnect. We can only work on ourselves, improve, live life in love, charity and with compassion. Others will see, one by one. We are nature, and the laws of nature have been opposed for far too long.


        1. Thanks! Just trying not to offend anyone. I can be somewhat blunt in my speech. We are all on a journey and that needs to be respected. But at the end of the day, I have concluded that David Icke is a fraud. I respect others who have different views on him:)


          1. Icke is a fraud and a gatekeeper but he is interesting nonetheless. Like any questionable source, you cannot take their word directly, but there is interesting information to be found between the lines.


  14. Horst, yesterday I read on an italian website that the Governor of one of the Länder, Bavaria I think but can’t remember now, stated that people who do not comply with the lockdown regulations are to be transferred into mental institutions. Is that true? And if this is true, how exactly they haven’t been able to pull it off in Germany? Sounds to me like a total schizophrenia is going on in your country.

    Happy Easter to ya all, by the way.
    Many italian people today celebrated by gathering together, were fined but the police were not able apparently, to separate families and friends. I read that there was even a 11 km long car queue this morning outside Rome, all people driving to their vacation houses by the sea to celebrate what is the most important festivity for Romans. Nobody could stop them it seems. Same in Cortina d’Ampezzo on the Alps, people everywhere, they were fined but didn’t care. In the south, people had barbecues on top of buildings not to be caught by the police.
    Our ridiculous and incompetent Prime Minister thinks that he can go on like this until God knows when, but people here hasn’t seen a single cent yet, and what media do not say is that many are starting to gather on the street to protest and soon there will riots and disorders as no virus can win over poverty and hunger. When one has got nothing left to lose, one can be very dangerous. We’re nearly there.

    Many people are suiciding as well, I know that as I talk to some guys on blogs and they inform me nearly everyday about what’s going on in different Italian areas.
    Whenever this thing’s over, I like to think our politicians will run as fast as possible, possibly hunted down by thousands of people who’ve gone crazy and therefore, unstoppable.


  15. Hi! The problem with my reply going to spam seems to be happening again. I just wrote a reply to Fauxlex, but it isn’t here. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks! 🙂


    1. Restored your comment. Hand to God, nobody is marking you as spam. WordPress acts funny to some commenters and we’ve never understood why.


  16. The purpose of this global virus-scare is to usher in a new boogeyman. The Terrorism boogeyman has served its purpose, as had the Cold War boogeyman before it. No new fascism here. In the Cold War/Vietnam era we had the Kent State “massacre of peaceful protesters” psy-op; the current probably-staged video of police pulling a man off a bus for not wearing a mask is a kinder, gentler way to scare us out of protesting the idiotic restrictions they’re imposing.

    The puppet masters want this to end soon, but they can’t bring the show to a close without convincing everyone that our obedience had been necessary. Thus the intimidation propaganda. They do not have the means to force us comply. The only option they have to is try to make us feel powerless. They’d rather have us think they beat us into submission and won than to have it known that we all went out and breathed on each other anyway and it didn’t make a difference.

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  17. When this thing first started I thought the absurdity was so obvious that talking about it publicly would be a good thing. I now realize it’s exactly the opposite. Stopped at a gas station a few days ago, and they’d put up one of those rectangular clear plastic sneeze guards on the counter beside the cash register. It was hardly much bigger than a legal-size notebook. I laughed out loud and, before I could stop myself, blurted out, “Oh, so the coronavirus doesn’t know how to get around this thing?” The cashier and other customers–none of whom were wearing facemasks–looked at me with shocked outrage. This is beyond idiocy. It is very tightly controlled insanity. And I agree with those who predict it will become increasingly violent insanity. I’m keeping my mouth shut and may end up wearing a facemask just to avoid being attacked.


  18. Maybe the long awaited twist is coming guy’s… I’ve been keeping this to myself for a couple of days as I wanted to make sure it wasn’t bullshit, but the fact that the scientific committee within the Italian government has gone against says it all.
    So. An Italian cardiologist from Pavia hospital (a town near Milan, one of the best cardiologic centres in Europe) has found out that this flu virus ( he called that flu virus, not Covid) attacks the lungs but people are not dying of pneumonia, they’re dying of pulmonary thrombosis that causes pulmonary edema. They’ve been doing a few autopsies and realised they hadn’t noticed before that there were these thrombos in the lungs, or whatever you call them in English, poorly visible even through a scan. They immediately started treating patients in ICU’s with shots of anti coagulant Clexane (that’s it’s name in Italy, dunno about the US), and after a day or two they were out of IC, breathing normally and without support.

    This is probably the twist we’ve been waiting for, as these doctors said on all social media that this quarantene has to finish asap and they’ll turn this bg into a normal flu, easily treatable at home with heparine and anti inflammatory meds.
    The government scientists started a defamation campaign against those doctors straight away…maybe a vaccine is no longer useful and they risk to lose all the money they invested into vaccine patents?

    The truth about this bullshit hoax is emerging guys, I’m sure about it as too many doctors in Italy are not following the protocols imposed by criminal politicians and sold off scientists which are literally killing hundreds of old people treating them like rats in a lab.

    My mom was on anti coagulants for many years, I used to gave her shots on the belly and that saved her life many times from pulmonary edema’s that were killing her.
    Hopefully she’s safe because of that.

    I won’t link anything here being in Italian but if you do a google search you’ll find the whole story with more details.


    1. I saw something from an American doctor saying the same: the pulmonary edema is secondary; the primary ailment is in the blood. (He likened the effects of the virus to altitude sickness, and once he started treating patients thusly, they recovered quickly.)

      Of course, these are inconvenient points of data around here. These reports, if true, would mean that:

      A. There IS a disease out there: it’s not just that so very many doctors and EMTs and epidemiologists in so many countries are faking an outbreak or generating medical data out of whole cloth.
      B. The disease CAN be serious. It is more than the common cold, more even that the run-of-the-mill flu bug, for some people, at least.
      C. There is likely more than one strain of the virus going around, and that the effects vary accordingly.

      Those who have acquired an immunity for counter-evidence will not be affected by these data points.

      Nor by the news that my one acquaintance died last week, after being removed from the ventilator because his chances were poor and someone more likely to live could use it. (This fact points to crowding on the COVID ward and scarcity of resources, which has also been denied here.) My other acquaintance who was hospitalized had been on a ventilator for a couple days, but is off now and seems to be stable and slowly recovering.

      “It’s all fake” is just as much an ostrich strategy as those who believe everything on CNN is all real.


      1. Predominantly fake is not the same as completely fake. My condolences. Please realize that you are a total outlier on this one. Of the hundreds of people who I have come across, you are the only one I know who has such a broad exposure to sick people in this situation. Realize that most of us know absolutely nobody who is sick from this, let alone 7 hospitalized people, let alone one who died…so your experience is very exceptional. It is also extremely unusual that the virus being reported by the media would predominantly impact the blood. For me, this feeds 5G theories…an autoimmune response. But who the hell knows? People are getting respiratory symptoms, but dying from strange secondary symptoms that we shouldn’t be seeing out of a respiratory syndrome. That’s…not right. Or it certainly shouldn’t only occur in 1 in every 10,000 patients while 50% are totally asymptomatic. That doesn’t make any sense, so if there really is some new syndrome out there I really do wonder if it could be the 5G theory or something exotic/unknown. Recall, most hospitals ARE empty. This is not being made up. So your experience truly is a strange outlier here.

        All I ask Maarten is that you keep in mind that your personal experience is the atypical one, not ours. I am not saying that yours is not true, only that you are the one who is providing details which totally differ from the vast, vast majority of people. So you yourself may be more skewed by your experience than we are by ours. Ask yourself, if I have broad exposure to elderly people, is it possible 2-3 of them might have been sick right now with pneumonia regardless? Among the others, who knows what proportion of their symptoms are the dreaded COVID-19 alone. We just can’t know. But I ask that you remember…for every person like you who knows of many sick people, there are a hundred who don’t know a single sick person. This should still be meaningful to you, although it is harder as you are the exception.

        I have always agreed that something is really out there, and it CAN rarely be serious. But all available evidence still says that it is serious in only the rarest of the rare cases. Or that we are seeing something completely different from what we are being told about. Please at least consider this.


        1. To be clear, only 2 of the 7 I know were hospitalized. The other 5 have mild cases. They are also younger.

          Faux, you have a sense of the sort of circle of associates that I have. For those who have a circle of associates similar to mine, my experience is typical. Or rather, in these circles, I am the outlier for not knowing someone in my own “proximity” who has the illness. Where I sit, I know more people whose direct experience parallels mine more than yours. This is not to discount your report, which I accept at face value. But I am not playing an emotional trump card, as I have been accused: I am merely reporting bona fide information.

          As I mentioned in a private email, I am very much open to your hypothesis, that the outbreak is a cover for something else, 5G maybe or possibly other things not yet considered. I absolutely agree that there is fakery all around us about COVID. But there is a pathogen out there …

          We deem it immoral to shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater. But I think it immoral also to shout “Just special effects!” in a theater filling with smoke.


          1. Good to hear it wasn’t 7 hospitalized. That brings you much more in line with what I would expect, given your exposure to a broad mix of people. That sounds about right. Very sorry to hear someone died. Admitting…I still consider that person to be a significant rarity here, unfortunately enough for them and their family. Giving a ton of ground to accept on credit that it is only COVID-19 which caused that death. And I’m so-so on the smoke analogy. You do admit that the vast majority of the smoke here is caused by special effects. Or that for every fire, we’ve got a huge cloud of artificial smoke here.

            I definitely agree that “no virus” is not something to push, given that I am confident enough that not ALL the PCR test results could be fraudulent and considering that they are doing SOME testing. Iceland in particular has tested a decent fraction of its population. However, I have also seen some very compelling and intelligent people make the case that viruses are not transmitted person-to-person. So I don’t know what to think. I do think they’re finding this virus in the PCR, but for all I know 40% of the population has been carrying that virus going back thousands of years. For all I know, the body itself produces that code in response to certain stresses. So while I do not deny sickness, I am currently puzzled what is causing it.

            The hospitals ARE mainly empty, and overall mortality rates are not elevated outside of recent norms. The peaks during cold/flu seasons of 2016 and 2018 caused higher all-cause mortality in Europe than currently. This doesn’t make any sense, paired with the media story. Think about that. We should have seen a TOTAL outward shift in all-cause mortality, instead we have seen mortality amounting to a typical cold/flu season!!! This is why the “no virus” crowd has legs.

            Quite intentionally, we are meant to not have the slightest idea what is going on. But I have become increasingly less concerned with the exact nature of the shenanigans and more concerned with the fact that the public response is fascist and unjustifiable.


            1. The hospitals look empty … from the outside. I am sure the occupancy rate is lower than usual, too. But that is different from the hospitals being empty. If you know personally some nurses, therapists, and techs—as I do—then you know that they still have plenty of work to do. And they are afraid of going to work, based on what they see there.

              But an empty-looking hospital is exactly what one would expect if all elective procedures are cancelled. This is not a fact about COVID … it is an indictment against the huge number of unnecessary surgeries that are done in the US. And for that matter, once people stop using the Emergency Room as the first stop for every little ailment, it gets pretty quiet there, too. Not to mention that less traffic and closed factories makes for fewer accidents. And that social distancing will cut down on the spread of normal flu bugs as well as COVID. “Empty hospitals” is not that meaningful.

              If the virus were not spread person-to-person, that would make the case even stronger that this pathogen is a bioweapon, either created in a lab or taken from nature and weaponized. There are informed voices saying exactly this about COVID. In which case, the pandemic is an act of war. Maybe even a war in which a government attacks its own population for the purpose of plausible deniability. Especially a government which has a history of infecting its own people.

              And in a war, civil rights are usually the second casualty. The first, of course, being truth.


              1. Lack of elective procedures might explain the relative slowness, but it doesn’t explain the lack of a COVID-19 rush. There should be a rush, remember? Hospitals should be overwhelmed. There weren’t THAT MANY elective procedures. Flatten the curve and all that? And none of that explains why we haven’t seen a steady outward shift in all cause mortality. You know that I agree that a virus exists, just because of the genome records in patient samples. I just happen to believe they’re mainly finding people who died WITH SARS-CoV-2, not FROM SARS-CoV-2. If there is some distinct new illness out there, I have no idea what is causing it. But there has not been the excess mortality that they claim and that they have so effectively propagandised with the morgue trailers.


                1. In some places, the hospitals ARE experiencing the COVID rush. My acquaintance John was removed from his ventilator, not because he was getting better, but because someone more likely to survive needed one, and the hospital was short on units.

                  A nurse friend who works in the cardiology department has told me that her floor is being converted to a COVID floor, because her hospital has run out of space for those patients. She is scared of what she will now be exposed to at work, because her colleagues in the COVID unit have told her.

                  No, these issues are not being experienced in every state or city. That’s hardly the point. If mitigation is working, then many hospitals will be spared the COVID rush. But the rush is happening, and it is not just CNN presstitutes reporting this. Real, genuine first-hand eyewitnesses known personally to me are telling me these things. What you see on TV is fake. But there is nevertheless a reality behind the fakery.


                    1. I know. “Sounded like” was all I said. You might as well have said “Flatten the curve, shelter in place, we’re all in this together!”…it is like nails on a chalkboard for me. If even the most populated countries in Europe spiking to their maximum results in all-cause mortality rates similar to the cold/flu seasons in 2016 and 2018, then these lockdowns need to end immediately before we completely destroy the economic futures of millions of people and their offspring.


                  1. Research into your state shows plenty of available ventilators, so that is quite an unusual case you are reporting.


                    1. It seems like some stats you trust while at the same time distrust some others. How so? What is your criteria regarding stats?


                    2. Please tell me which stat you feel that I have not trusted, and I am more than willing to explain my thoughts. Thanks.


                    3. You trust the ventilator stats while at the same time distrust deaths stats. Not saying it is wrong, just wanted to know your criteria. So far, everything is gray to me regarding this pandemic.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    4. I never said that I didn’t trust the death stats. I said that if the media story were accurate, we wouldn’t be seeing all-cause mortality rates in Europe within the same level as the 2016 and 2018 cold and flu seasons. And more specifically, that if the vast majority of the population being infected only causes such a minor spike, then the lockdowns are indeed several magnitudes more harm than they are good.


                    5. If you were actually this polite, you never would have incorrectly categorized my take on the death numbers.


                    6. If I never hear the term “social distancing” ever again until the end of my life, it will be way too soon. I even loathe writing that horrible phrase.

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          2. “Fascism is defined as “is a form of far-right, authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and strong regimentation of society and of the economy, generally happening anywhere else but the United States.”

            OK, I added that last part. But I am foregoing talk of viruses right now. People get sick and die all the time, more than 50 million each year. How easy would it be to simply re-label those deaths? What if a bogus test was used to add drama? What if, by the power of TV, people can be convinced of anything? Honest, you gotta see the movie Wag the Dog sometime. It’s a primer.

            Fascism is only ever imposed in reaction to an “emergency” when people are frightened and highly suggestible. They voluntarily give up their (remaining) freedoms, only to awaken later to find out they are not getting them back. It could be that the current fascist push is in response to a real emergency, but I really doubt that. Historically, emergencies are invented as needed. Since the 1950s, television has been used to sell the emergencies. Before that it was Newsreels and radio. Before mass communication it was a whole different game, but they still managed to get people to fight in their stupid wars. The problem is humans, a herd animal.


            1. Or even a legitimate test. This is where I’m saying the fact that all-cause mortality rates are not elevated beyond 2016-2018 levels is incredibly telling. Let’s imagine they labeled a virus that a third of the population inherently carries as the boogeyman regardless of whether it was actually the cause of any illness. Would also explain why so many people are asymptomatic. They just happened to test for it during cold/flu season, so a bunch of people who tested positive had minor colds. About 50% had no symptoms at all, because the presence of this virus may not cause symptoms. Then their test would find it just about wherever they wanted to find it. As you say, just labeling regular deaths as spooky virus deaths. This scenario fits better than most and it can still supports that there is a real virus detected by PCR.

              The real question is why we would take as pure fact the idea that this virus is the sole cause of a sudden claimed wave of illnesses. The death rates are simply not shifted outward to the levels they should be if the media is being honest.


              1. For years and years now, the third-leading cause of death in the United States is ….

                … Doctors!


                In a situation like the present one, where people are kept or discouraged from seeing doctors, getting more prescriptions, and undergoing more surgeries, the death rate is absolutely going to drop!

                You should adjust your expectations about the comparison of mortality rates based on that information. The healthiest thing to happen to Americans in a long time is being unable to visit doctors.


              2. Rappoport in the 2-hour podcast I sent along yesterday emphasized throughout that the key selling point in this and all post virus hoaxes is “one single cause.” This year looks like any other, people dying of many things related to their own choices of lifestyle, be it respiratory or heart-related or cancer, or simply having worn out bodies, ready to exit, as was the case with my mother, who died in 2013 at age 96 of nothing in particular. Her body just shut down. By reducing it to one single cause, they can claim “Pandemic!!!”


            2. How easy would it be to simply re-label those deaths?

              I don’t know. I am not a coroner. Neither are you. We would both have uninformed answers to your question.

              What if a bogus test was used to add drama?

              I don’t know. I am not a virologist. Neither are you. It is easy to make random speculations about matters of ignorance, like whether one could make a bogus test that no medical professional in countries across the world would figure out and speak up about.

              Those who are practiced, like the Red Queen, can believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast. It’s easy to imagine vast conspiracy scenarios, especially if counter-evidence is excluded or ignored. But if one is not absolutely sure that what’s happening is completely SFX, one should be careful about what one shouts in a smoky theater.


              1. I neither need be a coroner or a virologist to understand a few basic premises, that the CDC has instructed doctors when filling out a death certificate (not a coroner) to use the “Covid-19” if dead person tested positive, no matter how many other symptoms were present. This is why 100 Covid-19 deaths in Italy a few weeks back were scaled back to 2. All decedents had lots of other symptoms and would have died anyway. CDC has also told doctors to use Covid-7 even if it is only a suspicion.

                Thus spaketh the non-coroner.

                I am not a virologist but am betting that I’ve done a lot more reading than you on the subject, and not just recently. I’ve also formed a lot of questions in my mind that need answering, the best way to read. But all of that aside, it’s become plain to me that this is not a pandemic, nor is there a dangerous pathogen around. As I have gathered so far, if influenza is caused by a virus, most people in good health are either asymptomatic, or get over it quickly. The kind of viral-pageants as played out out int the works of King and Crichton do not happen. The worst plagues that have befallen humans have been a combination of bad living conditions, poor health, and bacterial agents.

                I do not have to have doctoral degree to understand the basics of these matters. Thus spaketh the non-virologist/bacteriologist.

                Why do you insist that things are beyond the reach of people? This dependence on authoritative sources is a weakness, taught in the schools where kids, instead of being taught how to think, are taught to rely on the brains of others.

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                1. This dependence on authoritative sources is a weakness …

                  Mark, we both depend on authoritative sources. You just said how much reading in virology you have done. But what were you reading? Authoritative sources. It is not your own personal unpublished research in virology that you are reporting to us here. You are no less dependent on experts than I. And whether you have done more reading in virology, who can say?

                  For my part, I try not to cherry-pick my authoritative sources. I try to read widely, and I try actively to challenge my own confirmation biases. And I know my own limitations. As an expert in a field myself, I have direct experience in how utterly wrong non-experts can be, and yet how convincing they can seem to the unwary.

                  And I am different from you in another way. We both appreciate analyses that question the mainstream narrative. But I am readier than you are to question the agenda and motives of the “Truthers.” You seem not to realize that almost all of the Truther sites out there are a part of the fakery as well—a Matrix within the Matrix. There is much fakery about the COVID crisis. But also much fakery about those offering exposés of the fakery.


                  1. Examples? [last sentence]
                    “There is much fakery about the COVID crisis” . Yes. and it’s coming from “trusted sources”, “trusted people”.
                    We have seen some egregious examples of the MSM faking it – as in every other hoax in recent time – not forgetting all those media savant celebs doing their pathetic scaremongering bit.
                    Why would that be?
                    Why fake anything in a real pandemic with people dropping like flies allegedly [but not in the street, mind, only off their ventilators and into the phoney refrigerated trailers and makeshift morges, lol!] They only faked sudden street death syndrome in Wuhan.


                  2. Maarten – how many times have I written that all we have in the end are our own brains? Yesterday I listened to a two-hour presentation by Rappoport. I said as I forwarded you the link that I am not sure he is trustworthy and have drifted away from him, but in the end, take what is good.

                    Yes I am reading about not just viruses, but an 800-page take-down of modern medicine in general. Do I believe every word I read? Do I trust the authors? It does not matter, because in the end I have to assemble the information in my own head in an orderly way. This is the problem I face, to understand what viruses are, if they can cause pandemics, if they are a cause or remedy for bodily malfunctions, if they travel in air or pass person to person.

                    This I know right now: If viruses are as defined by modern medicine, very small strands of RNA that can be passed by touch and through the air, then we have no defenses against Covid-19. Every time we go to the store we touch stuff. Masks offer no defense. The distancing, the masks, the fear, are psychological conditioning. We are in the midst of coup d’etat, which cannot be done without an emergency.


      2. I’m also running across the “blood” issue, and the destruction of the ability for the lungs to get oxygen into the bloodstream. It may well be the underlying key, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that a viral contagion is the cause. Environmental toxins and 5G and related EMF toxicity can lead to inability to properly process oxygen.

        Of course, basic fear and anxiety diminish one’s ability to breathe deeply and oxygenate. It may well be that the whole “pandemic” is a cover for something deadly that the PTB don’t want known because of where the ultimate trail will lead.

        As we see how everyone in the chain is so quickly ready to go along with this, it doesn’t even have to be sinister forces. We’ve all become a bunch of dependent cowards.


      3. The pandemic is fake Maarten, don’t pretend not to get this.
        The numbers worldwide are not those of a pandemic, period. A 10% or more of mortality rate worldwide is a pandemic. This one isn’t.
        It is a FLU bug. One out of many that people catch every year, and that people die of every year. But nobody was talking about those deaths this time last year, right?

        A flu bug is never fake, a Covid pandemic is. What is that you don’t understand here?

        And the fact that you are the only one on all the blogs I’ve been checking lately who knows people who died of SOMETHING, confirms that numbers are very low and this pandemic is a total scam.


    2. Anna, are you aware of the unusually large amounts of nitrogen dioxide that hovered over Northern Italy going back to possibly May of last year? It may have intensified in January, but starting in March has declined.

      I wonder if this was really causing increased deaths in Northern Italy and not corona. If so it would be one of the few “True” stories we’ve been told during this whole hysteria. Maybe they used this as an excuse to blame it on corona. Also, what caused such an unusual amount of NO2 over just Northern Italy, strange.


      1. Hi David, yes I am.

        Someone even talked about Sarin gas having been sprayed on northern Italy skies last autumn, in low dosages as it’s known that this gas causes lungs paralysis and thrombosis.
        That theory was dismissed a few weeks ago by foreign scientific magazines but who knows.
        One thing for sure is that there’s an ongoing strange plane activity in northern Italy skies despite most flights are banned until May. Also, there was s massive vaccination campaign back in October-November in those areas, the highest vaccination rate in Italy in years.

        People are dying of the two things combined together, I would add 5G to the list.


    3. It’s great to hear the Italians have finally had enough -it gives me hope.

      Besides my 72 year old mother who only woke 3 weeks ago and those online at sites like this, I know of no one in my day-to-day life who believes this is anything other than what we’ve been told. It’s pure insanity and I feel like I’m trapped in a never ending episode of The Twilight Zone.

      America, so powerful and strong.


      Taken down from within via the mainstream media, in only a few days and without a single shot fired.

      Home of the brave?
      More like home of the stupid, pathetic, and brainwashed.

      I’m sorry, but I’m tired of being nice about it. It’s time more Americans get a clue.


    1. Huh? So you’re saying there are thousands of rotting corpses in their houses right now?

      The true fatality rate is so low because 50% of people are totally asymptomatic and of the remaining people only 1% even get serious symptoms. Death rate of 0.01%, according to Iceland.

      The media has ever so shamelessly tried to frame this as the virus being “stealthy” when the more appropriate term would be “nearly harmless”.

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      1. Fauxlex, I think you missed BS’s point. I think he was highlighting the fact that one of the biggest killers in the world (and especially in the U.S.) is medical accidents (i.e., mistakes made by doctors and hospitals). The fewer people going to hospitals means there are fewer people being killed by medical mistakes.


  19. How about ‘professionally-maintained’ HVAC systems at all public places, like convention centers, schools, large gyms, shopping malls, grocery stores, Walmarts? Quite an effective way to get very dry, warm air to get odourless chemicals inside millions of lungs. And some of us may respond by becoming quite unwell over time. Just a thought, since we all breathe, and exposure might matter.


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