CBS Nightly Newstricks


I am running these two screen grabs, the second beneath the fold, to demonstrate something a little more meaningful than “news is lying to us.” Of course news lies, 24/7, as that is their job, to keep us tuned in and out of it at once. Above is a screen grab from a CBS News report, which I will link later, as we are about to go out and do some unnecessary traveling.


As can be seen in this close-up shot, we are looking at a dummy and a rubber mask. I got this from AB, and again with thanks.

Here is the newscast. This image is grabbed at 2:45.

This doesn’t tell me that news is dishonest, as I already knew that. This tells me that we are in a drill. It is standard in medical drills to use dummies and mannequins and crisis actors. That’s all that is going on around us, a drill.

The consequences of this drill are real, and are meant to introduce permanent changes in our economy, world government, schooling, interpersonal behavior. None of it is good. As I have said before, these are monsters.

Just as a side note, and more later after our unnecessary trip, here’s a video of Hillary Clinton collapsing during the 2016 campaign. See if you see what I see.

Have a great day, get out and move around, drive to places, video empty hospitals, socialize with one another, including hugging and other means of touching. That will kill the virus.

Several things are wrong here:

  • Security professionals would never allow her to use a front, or street entrance.
  • Security professionals would never allow filming of her – such things are authorized but not random. Someone would have told this guy to put his camera away.
  • Security professionals would never allow her to walk from the building to the car without complete cover. Remember the Reagan thing? (That was staged too, I know.)
  • Security professionals would never have her wait for her limousine. The whole idea is to keep her out of view. They know all about buildings with windows. She does not move until the limo is in place.
  • Security professionals would never imagine they had done their job by guarding one side of the street while ignoring the other, which is behind bushes, no less.
  • Security professionals would be looking up as well as straight out, as the buildings have windows.
  • Security professionals would never waste their time guarding a blow-up doll, which is what we are looking at. (I wonder if it it has genitals too, give them something to do while waiting for the real Hillary.)

35 thoughts on “CBS Nightly Newstricks

  1. Did you mention the fact that there are H.I.P.P.A. laws that prevent filming a patient without their permission. Maybe that’s why a training photo was used. If a patient is leaving an ambulance that is in public. A hospital is private property.


    1. A hospital might be a regional medical center which is a public hospital then. But even then people have a reasonable expectation of privacy. That’s why you can film policemen on the street making an arrest whatever they’re doing because they don’t have a reasonable expectation of privacy and it is unfettered public domain.


        1. If it’s not real, (which it isn’t) they can do anything they want. Even bring down three skyscrapers in Manhattan.


  2. Ha! Those are my screenshots. :). I’ve already heard so many people saying “Well, they use stock footage to protect people’s privacy”. The mental gymnastics that people will employ is breathtaking.


  3. I have seen the Hillary video before and it’s one of my favorites. I like it where they drag the polish off of the toes of her shoes. there’s a video of her later in the same day in front of her daughter’s house apartment giving a speech, very well done by a body double.


  4. That looks like dummy hair. I’ve never seen what happens before that clip. Another dummy sketch inserted into the approach shot, if there is one. People “go down” in a heap. If they’re not even looking at her, how could they “catch” her in time. Either someone was counting out loud, or they would have been scraping her/her double off the ground. Or it didn’t have a pulse.

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  5. I never took the hillary vid serious seemed like a purposeful staged thing anyone can tell its a mannequin. The reasons for doing it? Not totally sure other than the supposed health issues she had going at the time, maybe it was to screw with people.


      1. Not to mention the whole circus with the “pizzagate”, Epstein, “draining the swamp”, Q Anon Wikileaks. All this has been planned for at least 10 years. And today Hillary Clinton doesn’t look as sick as she did in 2016, so…

        Of course we’ll never get to the bottom of this…

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  6. Or perhaps they were trying to pull it off as real. Maybe it was to purposely try to convince the public to not want to vote for her, skew public opinion and instead to lean it towards Trump


    1. You make valid points. I operate on the premise that they do not count votes at the presidential level, and that the decision about who is appointed to the office are made years in advance. Thus when Obama spoke at the D Convention in Boston in 2004, the news media went gaga over him, as he was the anointed one. {Thus did it appear that Hillary had been anointed and that there was a late inning pitching change.]

      As to public opinion, it does not matter, but it is key and critical that the public thinks it matters.

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  7. Have you all seen this one on Trump? He was just a little kid when they had him chosen to be president.

    All this stuff is planned decades in advance…
    The headlines are coming out now: Have you already had Coronavirus? Of course! So when they take your blood test for your certificate to see if you’ve had it, they have to cover all those people who come up positive but didn’t “catch” it in this “wave”. All planned. All bases at least attempted to be covered. They just change the narrative as needed. America has fallen so low…very sad.


  8. Interesting, somehow total death rates overall are down.

    According to data obtained from the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics Mortality Surveillance System website, total U.S. deaths for the first three weeks of March are DOWN 10% from the average of the prior four years for the same three week period.

    The average for weeks 9 through 11 for the four prior years was a total of 170,555 deaths. For weeks 9 through 11 this year, the total is 153,015, meaning 17,540 fewer people died in America during the first three weeks of March than could be reasonably expected. And the gap between historic deaths and weekly deaths is widening. For week 11, just 47,655 Americans died, 8,773 and 15% fewer than the average for week 11 in the prior four years. And while data on week 12 is not complete, it is trending similar to week 11 and will likely be down by 15% (around 8,700 deaths less than expected) even though 1,919 COVID-19 deaths were reported (in week beginning 3/22).


    1. BS, do you have a link for that information?

      One of the questions I wish the reporters would ask Fauci and Gates whenever they start talking about how people who have already gotten this crafty virus could get it again, is how a vaccine is going to solve that problem?


  9. Has anyone noticed all the headlines about how pollution has gone way down now that people are in their homes? Golly! Look what keeping people out of the streets and cities does for the environment, aka, decrease the population dramatically and the environment will improve. Maybe global warming will be turned around!!! Amazing what the coronavirus is doing for the world!!!!


  10. “I don’t need no doctor…”

    Ray Charles is excellent too. I just have that rockin’ day going on, so, Humble Pie it is.


      1. Oh, gosh, I thought you were gonna boot me out of the group with my video! I’m glad to hear to hear you are not! I thought I had crossed a line and I was going to be censored. Good news!


        1. Oh no, nothing like that. Read the commenting policy and you will see a list of no-no topics, but I know people don’t read the commenting policy as it is tucked away. You get a warning, which is usually enough. Even if you are “banned,” is is never permanent. We all get out of hand now and then. I know I do. Relax.


  11. I’m wondering if they are actually killing random people to make it look good. I just was on a walk and ran into a neighbor who said her co-worker died. She said she was healthy 53 year old, etc. They said she died from pneumonia caused by coronavirus…I just have a hard time believing it. And murder is definitely not beneath these people…


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