Dregs of one extreme preying on the other

The person who wrote the article called COVID-19: A New Superimposed Reality, goes by the name Stephers. She and I have had email exchanges, and I asked her permission to reprint the one that follows. In it, she discusses something I’ve not heard about before. While we have all seen and heard about empty hospitals, below she describes something quite different, an urban hospital where ambulances appear to be bringing in the ‘dregs’ of society, our homeless, drug addicted or alcoholic members.

These people usually have compromised immune systems and so are often beyond reach of medical care. When transported to urban medical facilities, they are body-bagged and labeled “COVID-19” victims.

What we are seeing here, if accurate, is people destroyed by their own vices being victimized by another element, the hoaxers who have brought this fake pandemic down upon us. These are the dregs of the other extreme, those bringing us financial ruin, lock-downs, regimentation and threat of fines and jail time for failure to follow their moronic restrictions.

We used to call them “fascists.” Oh, wait. That works. The word still applies. I look at Bill Gates, and while it is easy to see he is an imbecile, maybe a sociopath or suffering from Asperger’s, it must also be noted that he is powerful. That makes him a danger to us all. Maybe he is just a front, a pretty face for faceless powerful people who intend to do great harm to us. For this group to prey on the dregs to advance their cause is, in my mind, craven monsters feasting on the wasted. I hope if there is an afterlife that those who perish in the back of ambulances have a higher perch than the likes of Bill Gates.

Read on.

I know a nurse who is on the “front lines”. I was with her a couple days ago. She is working at an ER in a large urban city. She also works at a mobile hospital in a smaller urban community. She was recently called to “duty” even as she has not worked as a nurse for some time. This is significant for several reasons.

Foremost, she has no baseline/frame of reference with which to compare what she is currently seeing. However, she has no reason at all to lie. So I needed to hear what she was saying and make sense of it within my own perceptions. I asked her if she was participating in any drills/simulations during this, and she said no. But she said she did during the Ebola situation.

At the mobile unit, it has been quiet and non-eventful. She works 12 hour shifts there and sits a lot but is not permitted to go in and out to eat or use the bathroom. It is highly controlled when they are there. Once they don their gear, they cannot take it off throughout their shift. The patients at the mobile unit are mostly just there to recover and do not need much care. She said there were 25 patients total during her most recent shift. So that fits with the scenario I have imagined and seen – not much going on.

Conversely, at the ER in a large city (I do not want to name it to protect her privacy) she is “seeing death all over the place”. Again, she is working 12 hour shifts and cannot take off the full gear. She said she sees people ages seventeen up to seniors, and all ages in between. She said most come in “dead on arrival” and she is the one body-bagging them. I forgot to ask her one critical question though — how are the bodies identified? How are next of kin notified? They all arrive via ambulance with no family member — those are the current rules.

Even though hospitals (at least in urban settings) could be seeing an uptick in these arrivals —DOA or on death’s door, that does NOT mean there is an uptick in illness/deaths attributed to a deadly virus or otherwise. If I were the system and I wanted to try to show that there were more deaths and more sick people (including non-elderly), I would go and gather up all the “untouchables” I could find in shelters, crack houses, underground brothels, street corners — you name it. Most of them probably have no ID and no known family. I wonder if my nurse friend, or any other nurse, would really be able to distinguish a low-income patient from a homeless patient if not specifically notified?

According to the system, they are already the dregs of society. Why not round them all up and deliver them to the hospital? It is a win-win. Maybe a few could be saved, while others could serve as ideal guinea pigs. Most homeless individuals have lung/respiratory problems —I have seen studies on this (I have shared links to two of these studies below). Others would die quickly.

The streets and abandoned buildings would get “cleaned up”. What better way to keep medical personnel busy with REAL work and feeling they are in a battle with a viral pandemic (especially if they are country nurses who have not worked in city hospitals, as is my friend.)

I am just thinking out loud. I have no actual evidence, except that I did see that a US map of homelessness did seem to match up evenly with the US map of COVID-19 cases (see links below). Regardless, I think I am onto something here, and it could explain a lot — particularly the vast difference in narratives among hospitals in cities vs rural/suburban settings in the United States.


Obstructive lung disease among the urban homeless

Prevalence of Influenza-like Illness in Sheltered Homeless Populations: A Cross-Sectional Study in Seattle, WA

Homelessness Statistics by State

States Reporting Cases of COVID-19 to CDC

44 thoughts on “Dregs of one extreme preying on the other

  1. Is there actually a noted discrepancy between urban and rural hospitals right now? Beyond NYC? I thought hospitals were predominantly empty and laying people off. The only exception being NYC, which I take with a grain of salt.

    We’ve said over and over that the statistics cannot be trusted. All the charts and graphs that I have seen are intentional propaganda, and “they” have even fed us conspiracists some charts that they knew they could immediately undermine.

    I don’t really trust the data at all. If there has actually been an increase in all-cause mortality, it was brief and not nearly as bad as it has been made out to be. A 20% increase, maybe. For a few weeks. How they did that trick, I’ll never know.

    What was that book Gates mentioned? How to lie with statistics? Damn right. There’s a million ways it can be done.

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    1. CDC is corrupt, I understand. I did not know until very recently that it is not a government agency, but rather funded by PhRMA and AHIP and he other usual suspects. That does not make everything it does dishonest, however, and recently, via Kaufman or Corbett or some other source I learned that CDC has reported that overall 2020 deaths from all causes are down 6% from the average of the last three years.

      I would take that to mean we had a normal cold and flu season, as 2017-18 was nasty. Another possible partial cause, since people are not seeing doctors, a marked decrease in iatrogenic death, aka death by doctor’s treatment.

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      1. I keep checking that European site and they do show a spike. But I think the system is gamed, so what can I say? What I find most interesting is how brief the spike is, and how it seems to be driven entirely by the major countries only. Many other countries were totally immune, apparently.


        I only share this because it’s out there. For about two weeks, you had about 20-30% more deaths in the numbers than would be expected during a bad flu season. Mostly I just shrug. I think the numbers are crooked and they showed a spike because they knew they had to. I’m not diving into every death in Europe to judge their validity.

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      1. Hey, I’ve flown before. But not any more. Therefore, I can’t escape no matter what they pull. I don’t even have a passport. I’m here for the duration.


      2. But this comment is held up in moderation for some reason. Here’s what I said: I, myself, will not be flying anywhere any time soon. Or ever. If God intended us to fly He would have given us feathers.


  2. I too have heard that NYC is really the only place that has been bad, with Detroit and New Orleans also showing more need for COVID hospitalizations, BUT EVEN IN THOSE PLACE (NYC included), most of the hospitals sit empty. Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston…nothing out of the ordinary. And I said earlier, the California Bay Area (perhaps where COVID has been longer than anywhere else) has been mostly unaffected.

    I too had heard that the CDC just recently released some new numbers which (1) showed fewer COVID deaths than previously reported AND (2) overall mortality was down by 10% this year compared to previous years. Not exactly what you would expect during a “deadly” pandemic. (However, I have not been able to verify that these CDC numbers are true.)

    Finally, for some time I’ve been mulling over the quest and unquenchable thirst that some people seem to have for a vaccine. Is it possible that COVID started with this year’s flu vaccine? Who are the people most likely to get a flu vaccine? Older folks…especially those in nursing homes. Simon Shack at Clues Forum has said that the Italian Health Minister required people over 65 in northern Italy to get the flu vaccine this year. And…the top two U.S. makers of flu vaccines…Merck (headquartered just across the river from NYC in New Jersey) and Pfizer (headquartered in NYC). I wonder if doctors in NYC are most likely to prescribe flu vaccines to their patients. Just thinking out loud with no evidence to back up this line of thinking.

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    1. 2017 Flu vaccine: “Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus”


      Italy: “In September 2019 was made available for the first time in Italy a “cell-based” flu shot, called VIQCC or QIVc, that is produced from cultured animal cells rather than eggs. VIQCC is a quadrivalent flu vaccine that contains 2 type A viruses (H1N1 and H3N2) and 2 type B viruses. It is approved for people ages 9 and older. ”


      I might have found what I was looking for.


      1. Very curious.. A new vaccine type, mandated to Italian seniors, right before they die off en masse? !

        Are those links from before all this? If there’s any genuine connection, you’d think they’d be aware and eager to hide it.

        There seems to be a history of vaccine damage being hidden by the invention of new diseases. Look into the origins of Lyme disease. Dr Jennifer Daniels did a podcast on it that is one of her most fascinating episodes. Search the archives of the truth-files.html page on her site.


        1. I said that before and I reiterate that old people in northern Italy have died of vaccine’s side effects and NOT of Covid, maybe WITH Covid on top of other pre existent illnesses + flu vaccine.

          But that doesn’t explain why other regions haven’t seen the same amount of positive and dead. Flu vaccines are given everywhere in my country, even my mom gets her yearly shot religiously despite my advice not to, but the region she lives in, in central Italy, wasn’t really touched by this bug. Hospitals are now empty everywhere in Italy, the bug seemed to have nearly disappeared now, although strict regulations are still in place until May 18th, when all shops will finally reopen.

          So, something else happened in northern Italy. I believe those areas were deliberately chosen to carry on a test and see what the outcomes would be, that meaning that the flu vaccines distributed in those areas were modified. The notoriously heavy pollution and bad air quality in those areas did the rest.


    2. Caught this same concept this morning. Apparently the elderly are given an “extra potent” flu vaccine. Sounds suspicious to me.

      The problem is that we can’t be sure whether or not excess death is actually occurring. We seem able to justify it either way. If there is no excess death, this alone speaks volumes. If there IS excess death, there are about a thousand ways we could take the theory. Killing the homeless being one such theory.

      It’s just depressing to know that I can see when things are amiss, but realizing that I will never know the true nature of the scam. There are too many possibilities and too little reliable information. And this goes for just about every major conspiracy.

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  3. In a no-growth fake capitalist system, cost cutting and merger are primary tools to show increased earnings quarter on quarter. In the hospital business, “non-profit” or private, the uninsured are always the focus of much concern to bankers and finance admin. trying to keep shareholders happy. Both are hierarchical systems, both feel a need to boost profits at any cost, including elimination of “the problem,” ie. the homeless, the intoxicated, the drugged, the in-home victims of violence, essentially the regulars at the ER. Why not round them up, keep them by moving them to intensive care, then onto ventilators, where they will all pass away, regardless of the original condition. Each step along the way is rewarded by higher and higher reimbursements by private insurance companies and government insurance programs. One final cash payment before terminating these lifetime contracts that didn’t pay out, falling into the “bad debt” category. Sounds harsh. Hospitals have no soul. Without a soul, who cares anyway?


  4. The homeless have been “disappearing” for years in some states Texas being a main one. I made a post about that on another site a few years ago. I noticed also that articles on such as if its unknown why they have disappeared. Perhaps rounded up in some way to dispatch of those useless eaters. I try to refrain from talking about an actual virus existing in my regular life it doesn’t need to actually exist all you have to do is report that one does, show figures, and go through the simulation as if it exists. Every good control mechanism seems to utilize the fear of death, religion, communism, fear porn, serial killers, war in general, terrorism, viruses you name it and in this age each is a stage to further enslavement. They arn’t happy simply by robbing us blind it has to be a further declination into some form of medieval servitude.

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    1. Meant to put useless eater in parentheses wasn’t meant in a disparaging way but speaking from TPTB’s point of view.


  5. This nurse friend story is certainly fascinating but leaves out a key detail or two… How exactly do the homeless die when they reach the hospital? If they’ve been surviving out in the world… They show up, and then we jump to, she puts them in body bags?? Lolol

    Steve Kelly fills in the blanks of speculation in a plausible way I guess.. They end up on the death ventilators through financial incentives maybe. But it seems the friend could’ve said that.

    Side point about bringing in retired medical personnel is indeed curious. I’ve heard both these stories.. Current docs and nurses on leave; retired brought in as reinforcements. Wtf. I don’t quite understand how they’d be that much easier to manipulate or deceive..?

    And.. 12 hour shift no food or bathroom breaks?


  6. I guess this pandemic hoax is paving the way for the upcoming alien invasion. Conditional programming so governments and people get caught of guard, believing aliens are just another hoax from the phoenician army or the peerage or captain crunch… 5G, economy, etc, etc. Those are mere smokescreens. Anyone familiar with the “Book of Alien Races: Secret Russian KGB Book of Alien Races”?


  7. I emphasize that we do not have good information on deaths or causes of deaths in the US, probably not in Italy either. They have cooked the books. Hard to draw any conclusions save one that is my current hypothesis: People infected with COVID-19, zero. Resulting deaths: Zero. People infected by fear generated by television news: Maybe 4 billion. People running around afraid and wearing masks and afraid to come near other people, 4 billion.

    Diagnosis: Stupidity caused by fear which turns off rational thought and creates a herd stampede. Prognosis: Fascism, well earned.

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  8. More AI (archon) narrative speaking itself into existence — like the ouroboros — replacing the old religion with the new. Nano “medicine” seems to me just another oxymoron. If government, the financial support for this research, is presumed to be interested in our health and well-being, well, I’ve got some swampland for sale I’d like you to take a look at. Each piece (“nano-tubes”) added to the gathering false narrative helps to institutionalize the next phase of our own demise/imprisonment — at least for those who are not exterminated like unwanted insects and other life labeled as vermin. Religion is a killer, whether it’s new, or the good, old-time religion, which finds itself in the way of “progress.”


    1. I watched a few minutes.. Sounds like she’s saying there are real covid patients, but their care is badly mismanaged, lots of simple errors that are obvious (to her at least.)

      Hm. Well presumably all that mismanagement goes on in normal times as well.. Iatrogenic deaths. I would want to ask her how she’s sure that covid is really what brought these people to the hospital, since the symptoms overlap with other conditions. Maybe she can tell it’s real from her experience, or maybe she’s just under power of suggestion.


      1. She is describing nothing at all even close to any form of simple mismanagement. She is describing coordinated murder. She literally says that nobody has once used a stethoscope to listen to anyone’s lungs, and many people have been killed due to such egregious errors (while she protests!) that she obviously believes it to be intentional. This fits very well with the topic of this post, which I was not really convinced by until I saw this unreal video. You can tell how badly she is struggling to come to terms with it, as what she’s seeing has no other way to be described other than “murder”. I really didn’t buy this concept until I came upon this video.

        I believe it now. I understand medicine enough to know from several of the cases that she describes that these are just not legitimate errors. They are people being killed. This fits with the broader atmosphere described of intentional shoddy care. We were wondering how the homeless would suddenly die if they ended up in the hospital, and this testimony basically answers that question 100%.


      2. And if you watched “a few minutes”, I’m not exactly sure you got the whole picture of everything she is saying for you to claim she just might be swayed by suggestion. These are things she KEEPS seeing over and over and over, in a poor COVID hospital. She’s not seeing what she wants to see here, in fact my own personal sense was quite the opposite.

        There are also MANY comments from similar nurses telling people she is absolutely telling the truth. Someone else in the comments named “Grumpy military guy” basically tells her to shut up and leave town because she’s way out of her depth.

        This video cannot be judged in the opening minutes. I basically consider it testimony, and you cannot make an individual judgment until you have heard each person’s whole testimony.


        1. Ok she actually used the word “mismanaged” herself in the opening minutes. She seemed to me to be saying that it was the idiocy of her co-workers, or incompetence, ehich I would not doubt. I’ve listened to hours of Dr Jennifer Daniels who is very persuasive on the prevalence of iatrogenic death.

          But you’re saying that she’s claiming it’s intentional? On the part of the nurses and docs? That’s harder to buy, for me. I’ll try to listen to more, I’m just not a fan of slogging through video format typically; prefer if someone writes it up with best quotes and bullet points it, lol.


        2. Well I watched the whole thing, despite a lot of rambling and long pauses. I still have about the same opinion. She uses the phrase “medically mismanaged”, so in context it doesn’t seem she’s saying anyone is being instructed to “murder” or “kill.” But it’s a very weird video, and she needs to be interviewed, not just talk off the cuff.

          I would ask her- Are you seeing anything different from pre-covid? What specifically? The people brought in, the treatment, etc.?
          If it’s different, then what, did you miss the memo? Was there some memo that went out saying “everybody murder these homeless people”?
          Or is there some implicit message from higher up to that effect, and your colleagues are on board with it?

          It just doesn’t make sense as she presents it. Seems very fishy. I know about medical incompetence, iatrogenic death, all that. But that’s nothing new. So what is the new element, she never explains that clearly. In her version it’s just “Aghh! All my co-workers went nuts all of a sudden and it’s like I’m in a Nazi concentration camp!” Doesn’t add up.


          1. She also uses the word murder several times, and I think mismanagement is the first thing that would come into a nurse’s head. But really she’s grappling with murder. I don’t find it fishy at all that she would use that analogy if she’s witnessing what she describes. Her demeanor completely fits. Her emotions are genuine. She does not have the body language of someone who is lying, and if she’s acting she is the best actress of all time.

            Why do you want to couch this as fake or just exaggerated mismanagement? I’ve seen your comments. You know something bad is going on. Why for this testimony only are you looking for reasons to disregard? I know she’s not very articulate, but this only adds credibility. What she’s saying is quite literally that they’re intentionally killing these people, hence the Nazi reference. She says mismanagement as that one way to describe it, but she’s crystal clear that this goes beyond simple mismanagement.

            If this is genuine, and I personally believe it is, then it is vital information and explains the hotspots of death.


            1. I don’t know, maybe we’re using these words like “mismanagement” with slightly different connotations and talking past each other. I can try to rephrase, but I would basically just be repeating my questions above.

              I’m not trying to minimize any iatrogenic deaths. But again, that was already happening pre-covid. I need some clarity on how what she’s seeing now, is different from what’s been going on for decades at least.

              If it’s more, or different, than previous iatrogenic death, and it’s being done at the discretion of her own “low level” colleagues like herself, how does she account for that? How did she “miss the memo”? Or what, they’ve all suddenly been possessed, like zombies, to behave this way— but not her?

              Sorry if I’m not being clear, just saying it leaves a lot of questions for me. Again, she needs to be interviewed by someone knowledgeable about modern medicine and its failings, who could try to put this in a bigger picture and get more context for her testimony.


              1. To be clear, she is DEFINITELY saying that it’s more than regular iatrogenic death. That’s pretty much the whole point of the video, that she’s in complete disbelief about the things she is seeing, which she KNOWS are inexcusable.

                As for how she missed the memo, I honestly can’t believe that you’re asking that. She is said to be a VISITING nurse. And we all know that if there really were some kind of eugenics program to intentionally kill the “less desirable”, 99.9% of people would not get a copy of the memo. It would all just be explained away as typical hospital errors, which is exactly what you’re trying to do.

                The only question is whether she’s acting, and like I said, I’ve studied body language enough to say that I’ll be FLOORED if she’s lying. There are some scary implications from this video. I think a lot of people will want to tell themselves it can’t be true, but yikes…it damn well might be.


              2. The scenario as you interpret then is that they let in genuine, good nurses among these nurses and docs who “got the memo” and are discretely (but apparent to her) offing these undesirables?

                How plausible does that really sound? It’s more like what the general public thinks of when they think “conspiracy theories.” Or the kind of “conspiracy candy” that gets promoted as a form of misdirection and fearmongering.

                In my view, things like iatrogenic deaths are the result of structural, systemic issues, bad incentives, etc. The designers of these systems may be malign or indifferent, but the “low level” people in them are doing their best as far as they’re able, within the constraints of the system. They follow protocol. The protocol itself may be dangerous and deadly, but they follow it. And if they question the protocol, they can be given a flimsy rationale that can allow them to put responsibility on the experts above them.

                This nurse seems to say that her colleagues are knowingly breaking with the given protocol, even when she objects. That her colleagues are as she says, murdering the patients, without any pretense of following the “standard of care.” That’s implausible in terms of human nature, that you would find large numbers of willing murderers, who are consciously and intentionally murdering people.


                1. I agree with you. One thing I did run across this week was that medical staff, as brainwashed as the public regarding the nature of COVID-19, were afraid of their patients, especially those on respirators, fearing aerosol spread of the virus. An order came down from on high that all new patients with respiratory issues be intubated on admission. That is not a dangerous procedure, normally, but with people already suffering and weakened by lifestyle, I wonder if it tends to make them die quicker.


  9. I agree with you Faux Lex, this nurse Nicole Sirotek is very believable. But I sincerely apologize, as I do disagree with you that she is genuine. (Just a side note – I can cry real tears at the drop of a hat, and if I were to tell this story – real or not – I could sound very authentic.) If we just step back for a moment from what she is saying and how she is saying it…Let’s just see who she is. She is a visiting nurse. She is from Elko, Nevada. I don’t want to smear and libel her, and I can not prove anything. However, I will say that MANY of her family members work in the gold mining business – for Newmont (and for Barrick Gold in the past, as well). It is challenging to dig up info on Newmont that is not completely positive, as most of it has been buried. But many years ago, Newmont was involved in a very large scandal that got exposed – primarily poisoning the environment in Ghana. The people of Ghana tried to resist the company from their filthy mining operations. This continues to this day in third world countries, where these mining companies continue to loot resources and pollute the environment and consequently, cause illnesses from the toxins. Bill Gates has many investments in gold mining companies. Go figure. On an interesting note, while I have no idea if there is any family relation (I could not find evidence of this, but I highly suspect a strong family connection), the name Sirotek is nearly synonymous with gaming and “role play scenarios” (lets’ say – telling elaborate stories). There was a company called Sir-Tech Software that created the online game, Wizardry. It really paved the way for all online LARPing (role-playing). The owners were Fred, Norman and Robert Sirotek. I will leave this article here (from 1982) http://www.softalkapple.com/content/exec-sir-tech-wizzing-top. If you have time to read it, it is intriguing and also quite revealing (although long). I would just suggest that maybe we are being played here with this nurse’s “story”. Call it a gut hunch…

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    1. Nice research. I’ll look for more. That’s enough for me to consider her an actress, seen too many of her ilk. Just doing the family business on one side while they rape on the other side. The women are many times used to this capacity, whether it’s promoting some kind of “spirituality” or theatrics like this. How coincidental she just happens to be a part of that family, rinse and repeat.


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