Guest Post: Fancy Yourself Free

For Lorenzo

H.Lorenzo Malowane. Publisher/G.M. The New Agora.

We are, all of us, living in a dream, and although we get plenty of direction, good and ill, it is all, every bit of it by our own making. We create the day to day of our lives, all of it, most choose to follow what they’ve been told forever, never realizing they have the power to choose again. Not fight the dream, or circumstances they dislike or hate, but to make a new one.

Trick: let go of the old, the good, bad, ugly, comfortable and not. If you’re happy where and how you are, by all means, stay and live the ride, but if you’re not….happy, too afraid, nervous, stressed, not living to what you know could be your best, and you feel like something must be done, well it’s true, something must be done, and, alas, it must be done by you.

Your life, your feelings, your circumstances, are there for you to be brave or cowardly with. There are no refunds on the path of a warrior, simply choices made, one after the other, leading towards dreams of wonder, or the other kind…. you can never rewind…learn, recall, remember, always with an eye for the better. You can’t give up, since it’s your life, and the actions or lack thereof will always count, no matter what you may wish or desire, so it’s impossible, while breathing to give up…perhaps even after, the next life.  Awareness brings a huge responsibility and that responsibility is your life and how you play in and with it…how it plays out.

Reasons are for fools too afraid of change. There are never any good reasons, valid, to remain in a life you are not happy with. Whatever real reasons you may have, are simply the first challenges facing you to move away from or towards where you wish to go.

Healthy imagination will grow as your health does. There are always simple steps leading to perhaps more complicated, even difficult ones, personally, no matter how it appears at first, I’ve never been faced with a challenge I couldn’t overcome, or come to realize that that challenge  wasn’t worth my life’s time and effort…but was in the way of something better for me; in a sense that challenge, to drop the challenge and thus, beat the challenge, was the challenge.

Love will always find a way, but love is always a two-way street, and you are on both sides of that street, both directions. You must love outward, the world around you, and with equal fervor, inward, to love, honour and respect yourself, not at the fearful cost of others, but at the loving respect we all require to grow happily during our dream here together.

Go it alone, go with thousands, but always make sure you take your heart along for the ride, and always assure yourself you will love no matter what. An excuse, any excuse, is a poor excuse for not reaching your honest potential.

We are what dreams are made of, and the trick is to realize that we also make that dream. Being told ‘no’ is just a way to find a yes, if that yes is spiritually sent. Being told yes, is just a challenge to say no and remain firm, if that yes is ‘from the dark’, leading one into shadow realm of fear, disease, sadness and the never-ending torture of stress that come from living in someone, some beings, other mess.

Honestly, this world’s society was made by ‘hands’ not friendly to ours. We are not bound to bind ourselves to any rules that hurt, harm or shame. Shame on you, if you do, listen and bend and take the easy way down. It may seem easier to go downhill, but the view is much better from the top of the mountain, even more so from the heights of flight.

Go in or you go without, I read that in a spiritual book once, can’t say I bought the whole premise being sold, but I do strongly know, if you forget yourself, you do get left out…and then, left behind.

So, fancy yourself ready, anytime, to be the hero who defines who and how you are.

For Lorenzo  This and much more on our website. Thanks for reading. Your time is appreciated.

32 thoughts on “Guest Post: Fancy Yourself Free

  1. In 1990, a friend who had reached “greatness” and incredible fame as a rock guitarist and singer once told a small group of “tree-huggers” sitting around a campfire, midway through a week-long mountain bike ride experiencing the patchwork of old growth forest and clearcuts in the Swan Valley, Montana, the following: “Always star in your own movie.” Seems to work, for me at least.


  2. So I awoke this morning from my dreams and low and behold, nothing of my here and now life had changed…well…except for deciding to read a new guest article here at PoM from [ADvertise here 300 x 300 px].

    Amazingly, never bleed in my dreams. Am able to leap tall buildings or leap from them and suffer no indignation, [ADd Spice to your life…] no ill effects. Never get sick, nor die in those dreams. Often get the woman of my dreams and life is blissful. Well…until awakening.

    Surprisingly, in my dream state here in reality, none of those things ever occur. I bleed, get sick, trip and fall and would no more climb a small boulder, than jump from tall buildings. Bad knees are bad knees no matter how much exercise or trying to convince oneself, otherwise. [ADvertise here 600 x 400 px]. Nor is anyone trying to attach a vacuum to my wallet or bank account. That woman of my dreams? Surely ye jest.

    So my assumption after the guest paper read was that must be some miracle of modern new ageism. A new modern paradigm that would change my realistic reality with deep thought and a profound new way forward. The accompanying website would be full of beauty and I would be amazed at how they pulled it all off [ADvertise here 300 x 300 px]. Hmmmm. Guess not.

    Seems no matter what “new” way is discussed, put forward or otherwise transmitted, the end result is always the same. BUY HERE and be SAVED. Saved from tptb, from sickness, from the commies, the sheeple masses and the FIBS (financiers, industrialists, bankers, security). Simply by reading our (picked from other sources) [ADvertise here 300 x 300 px] articles.

    Quite frankly what’s different from the old agora and the new? Am I not still being advertised to death? But hey, you all have the answers and they LIE in dream$, no?

    Pardon my faux pas but the Universe has way more to offer. She never sends me astray, advertises my mind into slop nor tries to sell me anything. Granted a four by four is often needed to get things through my thick skull but she also—never gives up.

    The woman of my dreams? You betcha. Added bonus—never have to dream.
    [Post no bills]

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    1. Interesting comments, if not a little dense. Gotta do it all for yourself. Inside, outside, sleeping awake. The trick, I’ve found, is to take what you learned in your dreams and act on them ‘when awake’. Honestly, how anyone can find fault, except the monsters, of course, with sweet loving ‘advice’ is still beyond me. Perhaps, simple love and freedom, is beyond them. Not sure, but I appreciate the sharing. Shadows always play with light. Lorenzo Can’t see the ‘New Age’ either. Simply about taking responsibility for your own life. Funny too, how sharing, what could be helpful services, products, etc…is somehow considered ‘bad’. Ahh, well, this was an experiment for me to share. All are allowed, of course, their own interpretations, actions, or non-actions and such. Lorenzo


  3. Whenever we have done guest posts in the past, it is because someone has had a topic worthy of write-up, and they wanted to get it out into the world. I was expecting some kind new and interesting topic here. This feels almost like a sponsored advertisement for a site that is already full of advertisements and product placements.

    Not sure what the thinking was here, but I just wanted to make sure any legit blog followers understand that I’m as confused as you are…


    1. well I guess for you, self-empowerment and being a real hero in your community, helping those with you to follow their dreams, embrace personal imagination, and follow their highest vision of themselves is confusing….what can you do. Simple and makes sense to me. Funny too, the first call of most trolls for truth is it’s an advertisement, strange, simply proud of the long years of work put into sharing good info. Take it or not, leave it, read it, ignore…all good. Appreciate a comment.


      1. Look, there may possibly be worthy topics individually in there somewhere…but you are pitching them in a total mishmash. And in a manner that seems more like advertisement than post.

        The mishmash is where I could kind of just grab randomly at New Age buzzwords with similar effect…”Well I don’t know what to tell you if you don’t think that the path to self-realization through personal improvement techniques and meditations is worthwhile, sheesh then just ignore my Overall Satisfaction Program™ of personal improvement to a higher plane by reaching soul Enlightenment and personal satisfaction. It is the ideal plan for mastering environmental balance and whole-body health alignment. Only $349.99!”

        That’s a jumble of New Age concepts which might individually have merits, sure…but I think this post just came off as a sort of advertisement for your site. There is nothing really specifically gleaned from the post except some generalized concepts stated, then immediately left behind. You might as well just have left the link to your site.

        Perhaps I am just saying less promotion/advertising and more actual depth on any one of those specific topics, and I might have been plenty interested. That is what I thought we do here (posts with depth, especially from guests), and this post feels very out of place…at least to me. It feels less like a guest post and more like a guest advertisement. And I am very, very open to posts about literally anything…but this post just did not really have a clear purpose (besides drawing people to your site). This just feels like not the kind of thing I have ever seen before here, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. We were told a guest post was coming, and other guest posts were simply about the content. Not about advertising a different site.

        In response, you’re still just generically responding about “following their dreams, follow their highest vision of themselves”, etc…it really just comes off as a caricature of New Agey concepts and I, like others, get a good laugh from it.

        My intention is certainly not to troll, but I get why you would suggest that since I am not getting behind the content. This blog is important enough to me that I just wanted to clarify that I was not behind this post. I’d have just ignored the post if not for the naked promotion going on and clear lack of a specific purpose. You had only commented here for a few days, and I was/am very confused why we’re basically dropping a sponsored advertisement for this other site so suddenly. I apologize…this was so foreign to me that I specifically wanted to clarify that I was not involved. I never meant to specifically discount the theoretical merit of any of these many generic concepts that you are dropping.


        1. Honestly, you confuse me. Not an advert at all, as I’m not selling anything. Everything, all the info on our website is free. Products and such help keep us going, but nobody is telling anyone to buy anything. Certainly, not sure what you mean by $349. Simply shared how you can use your imagination to make a better life. Not my fault if complicated concepts can sound too simple. We’ve published, on our website, thousands of guest posts, and they almost always point back to the author’s website. Certainly doesn’t make them a sponsored post, and we certainly don’t hold it against those sharing good into, that they would, like anyone else, enjoy making a ‘living’ from their work

          If you wish for more specific ideas, perhaps look around our website, tons of good info from others who express themselves much better than I do in print, anyways. Our featured articles are worth some time, in my opinion. We are lucky to have had some great people share amazing ideas to our readers.

          Too many simply point at the news and going’s on of the day, without sharing how regular folks can pick themselves up and make a better life. I can’t give anyone specifics on that, but do know, if exercised, we all have a good imagination inside of us.

          Anyhoots, never posted this to ‘fight’ with anyone…simply share my heart.



          1. Then we can both agree to be confused and that’s that, as you still go on promoting your site above all else. Like you, I did not seek any fight here. Only clarification of my level of involvement with this (slim to none), and stating some level of confusion.


            1. Never said I was confused, only confused by some of the logic in your comments. We can agree though, perhaps, we are both happy with your lack of involvement in my article.


              1. Logic? Your site is packed full of products and advertisements, and the main purpose of this whole post is clearly to draw people there. My comments here are simply clarifying that I had nothing to do with this. If you’re confused about that, so be it.


                1. wrong again, my intent was to share my experiences on imagination. that’s it really, but as you say, we can all see what we wish in everything.


              2. PS- Did you actually just say “Never said I was confused”? Because if you never said that, why does your comment above literally begin with, “Honestly, you confuse me”???

                That’s uh, pretty dishonest. Claiming you never said that thing that you had definitely just said.


                  1. I deleted this because you butted into a conversation that you did not belong to with an irrelevant weeks-old gripe for the sole purpose of making me look bad. You don’t have to like me, but stay out of conversations that are directly between me and others. I have fully admitted that you annoy me to no end, so yes if you are doing something just to flame, I will delete it. Of all things to gripe about getting deleted, this should not be one of them. You were doing absolutely nothing constructive, and what got deleted amounts to a worthless disagreement between you and I where we were not understanding each other and it had absolutely no relevance to the content whatsoever.


    2. On this rare occasion I agree with Fauxlex here …………………even if he does delete my pro MM posts. YES, you do. You KNOW you do!
      Anyway , back to the point in hand.
      These Buddhist like posts are extremely irritating. They tell us that achieving love, happiness and all we want/ need are just a re alignment of thought away. Oh really?
      Tell that to the chronically sick, the poor and yes………………….the downright unlucky. They exist in their trillions and no amount of correct thought is going to change their lives one iota. The best they can do is find personal ways to try and convince themselves that life is just wonderful for them .
      What is this HAPPINESS we are all supposed to achieve? It’s a downright lie. Very few of us spend our days walking around in a happy daze unless of course we’ve partaken of something that’s probably illegal . Would you even want to wander around with a smug self satisfied look of happiness across your face?
      Surely CONTENTMENT and ACCEPTANCE are better things to aim for?
      I sit in my garden , a glass of wine in my hand. The sun on my face and surrounded by the perfume of the flowers I’ve lovingly cared for . My husband is sitting at my side offering up the odd word and the dog is sprawled at his feet. Am I happy? NO, I’m content. Life isn’t a bed of roses but it’s all it can be and I accept that. I’m grateful.
      What is this LOVE we are all supposed to share with every other human being whether they’re good , bad and / or ugly?
      There are plenty people in this world that I can’t stand . There are plenty I quite like and just a few……………………mostly family…………..that I honestly love. That’ll do me. I don’t feel the need to go overboard.
      This is my life and the lives of millions . Nothing is more galling than being told we’re not doing it right , we could do better.
      Like I said. I’m content. I’m accepting and I’m grateful. It’s enough!


      1. Anyone can do better, it’s why we are here. To rant and say life is horrible, nothing you can do, if just more proof, that your dream is up to you. If you say so, it’s what you get, the trick is seeing how to change that. And yes, that includes, warts and all. Must be hard living with all that fear and anger, without feeling there is a way out. Honestly, pathetic, in my opinion, to feel there is now way towards a better life. And it’s not thoughts that will get you there but actions. Be a Man, Stand up for the kind of world you would like to see. I have chatted with plenty who have had it hard, even super hard, but have made a way that brings more honest love, health, and above all a sense of purpose into their lives. Just sayin. Everything is up to us, our life, our choices, our beliefs. The beauty and the trick, the power and the trap of being human.


      2. (Sigh)

        To “emma k”, your first few comments on my posts did indeed fail to gain approval, but that wasn’t some MM-related reason. The real reason was that your email address shows usage under other identities. Not only that, but within hours of your first comment remaining in moderation, you commented in an explosive manner to critique the blog and state your connection to CTTF.

        So yes, while your original post was slightly favorable to MM in a way I can’t exactly remember, the actual reason I didn’t approve you was your email address use under multiple identities. The way you flew off the handle within hours of not being immediately approved only sealed the deal that you were here to stir up trouble.

        Someone else must have let you past the bouncer, and I’ve yet to veto that decision…so you shouldn’t think I have actually cared that much about you. All told, I’d say we’re about even. Feel free to comment here as long as you don’t troll, flame, insult, stir up trouble, etc. I really don’t care…but so far you are full of troll red flags.

        If there’s an innocent explanation for all that, then I look forward to seeing you be a productive and thought-provoking commenter. If not, then well I guess we’ll see won’t we?


      3. And like you, EK, I find myself in the awkward position of mostly agreeing with you. Contentment is superior to some blind happiness. Writings like this always feel to me like by trying to say everything, they’ve actually said nothing. Empty statements trying to lead the discontented to their latest guru seeking a shortcut answer to all that ails them…and on that site they’d find plenty of shortcut options.

        It felt like empty rhetoric seeking to get people to make that click over to the site, where there were potions galore to buy. That, I guess, was my uneasiness with it.

        I don’t mind if people hold such views or visit such sites, but the way POM seemed to be promoting it was not a good thing for me.


        1. Too bad, and sad for many, that a suggestion their imagination and bravery could help them lead better lives, and perhaps some healing ‘potions’ clean their bodies and minds from the poisons and pollution of the day is ‘thrown away’ as empty rhetoric. Anyone who has honestly attempted to follow their hearts and dreams knows for certain that it is no ‘easy shortcut’. Quite the opposite. Honestly, I now find, the fellows running this so-called alternative blog, sad, heavy, empty and dare I say pathetic. Nothing left but to move on towards a heroic dream of self discovery. Alas, I now see why the word is moving the way it is. Too many wish to point and blame, gov’t, rules, politicians, others, monetary systems, etc….instead of the real and harder challenges of looking into their own hearts and souls. On this lovely day of new dawning for me, I can only say, all must travel their own way and see where it brings them.


          1. Look, I didn’t mean that those topics were ALL ALWAYS empty rhetoric. But thrown out in a generic manner, without depth or focus, and it ends up seeming like a New Age caricature. It read to me like a Tony Robbins self-help guru type thing. Nobody is saying that the advice isn’t theoretically good advice. It just…I don’t know. Seemed the wrong place and wrong approach. Sorry, don’t let my opinion bother you. This is really just my own opinion.


            1. Honestly, all good and no bother, was simply sharing in case others may get discouraged before attempting their own journey’s of self-discovery. Happy to leave it here with nice feelings. No stress intended. Everyone is free to follow their individual notions of what it is they wish to create in this life. The beauty and ugly of being free. Smiles Lorenzo


  4. This one is on me. I let it through. I see a bunch of comments, otherwise I would delete the entire thing. I saw that he reprinted one of Stephers posts at his site, and wanted to reciprocate.

    Mea culpa. Advise by private email please. I want to just do a big delete.


    1. I don’t see what the big fuss is about. I enjoyed the article. It’s food for thought. Let’s be positive. Let’s not succumb to the propaganda of powerlessness and fear whether it’s fear of the virus, fear of forced vaccinations, fear of your neighbor, fear of people who share your opinion but differ in approach. Rise to the occasion. You are freer than you may realize at first. Be creative. Mark, I would leave the post up if I were you. The attacks on the expression of this opinion by the self-appointed “watchmen” here do not make sense to me.

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      1. At the risk of more ‘stupidity’ coming back my way, from the so-called moderators of this ‘blog’. Thanks Undoctored. Funny, that all you have to do is mention you are responsible for your life, and can change it with your imagination and actions, and instead of an intelligent discussion on the topic, you get all this drivel back. Hours and hours and hours. In my opinion, it shows why the world is the way it is….hard to pick up that gauntlet, take full, more than 100% responsibility, for ALL the circumstances of your life, and with great wisdom, an eye on how you’ve failed your own dreams in view, so you can act better next time. Simple stuff really, but challenging to act on. I woke up to this comment, it is appreciated. Lorenzo


  5. All this was covered ages ago in Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, and before that in countless other teachings. In the words of several Monty Python characters, “Just get on with it!”.


  6. I never saw this till now

    Shame on you, if you do, listen and bend and take the easy way down. It may seem easier to go downhill, but the view is much better from the top of the mountain, even more so from the heights of flight.

    You have a great writing style and a very powerful message. I agree wholeheartedly.

    I hope to see more “guest” posts by your hand.


    1. If they will ‘allow’ I’d be super happy to share more. I enjoyed the first one and was actually a bit ‘shocked’ at my poor treatment simply because we have sponsors on our website, this a full time labour of love for us, who share, and in turn, enjoy our readership. It was ‘strange’ the faux, which means ‘fake’ of course guy, was so upset by this. Well, truth wins out eventually. more of my writing, and much more from many others. From mine, I would recommend, my latest…

      Hey guys at Piece of MInd, what say you. Can we share again? I’d be delighted to. Lorenzo


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