A post whereby I explain everything

Mike Baillie is a Professor of Palaeoecology at Queen’s University of Belfast, in Northern Ireland. Born in 1944, he is now 76 and, I imagine, retired. He wrote the 2006 book New Light on the Black Death, in which he claims that this event in 1348 forward was the result of a comet. He makes a convincing case, and below is a summary of the evidence he brings:

  • There was a global tree-ring downturn followed by a universal recovery
  •  There were references to things falling from the sky
  • There were references to a corrupted atmosphere
  • There was an actual comet Negra in 1347
  • There was a change in the frequency of long-period comet observations
  • There was a major earthquake on 25 January 1348
  • There was a sub-peak into tsunami occurrence
  • There was an increase in CO2 suggestive of ocean turnover
  • There was ammonia in the atmosphere across 1348
  • There was a pestilence interpreted by modern historians as pneumonic, i.e. mostly airborne
  • There is now a serious suggestion that biogenic organisms can enter the Earth’s atmosphere from space.

I am not going to do much with all of this other than to suggest that the rats/fleas and Bubonic Plague regime still rules, and as explained by Thomas Kuhn in The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962), adoption of a new idea that does not fit under that paradigm will not happen any time soon. Rats and fleas rule, but change will come as the old guard dies off.

Just a brief summary of the effects of a comet. We are told that 65 million years ago a comet struck the planet and left an impact crater that straddles land and water in the Gulf of Mexico. As a result, virtually all above-ground life on Earth was ended, including the dinosaurs. But a comet does not have to directly strike us to harm us. Think of one as a flying dust ball of gas and hydrocarbons. If it passes close enough, it can poison the atmosphere, block sunlight for prolonged periods, and create famines and pestilence. Baillie assumes that the Black Death comet probably struck the ocean, which would have caused earthquakes and tsunamis as well as atmospheric corruption.

I was more struck by several intriguing side-issues brought forth by Baillie, as follow (I am quoting directly):

  • In the 19th century the German historian J.F.C. Hecker produced a list of terrible, bizarre, happenings in the Orient in the run-up to the Black Death. His start date was A.D. 1333. (Page 9)
  • Basically, looking at the list he was drawing up, he said that great natural upheaval shook the earth for 26 years following 1333

  • The mid-1330s is also our best estimate for the change in the radiocarbon calibration curve from [carbon-14] enrichment to depletion. It seems to be replicated in a change of mode in the North Atlantic see-surface temperatures. We could reasonably ask what happened in or immediately after 1333. It would also seem reasonable to suggest that the climate upsets in China (1333 perching drought and famine followed by floods) are reflected in change conditions on either side of the Pacific, as well as the North Atlantic region. So, it does look as if there is a global component to whatever was going on. However, just because the upset may have been global does not mean that everywhere was badly affected. For example, in 1333 crop prices in England actually fell dramatically. (Page 111)

  • Changes in tree-ring responses can be used to highlight climate differences between regions. The observations around 900 serve to illustrate the point. It is then possible to use the same idea to draw out some changes in the 14th century. Some of the dates for “change” are then found in other records, to the extent that a picture can be built up across time. It is clear that something profound happened around 1333. (Page 112)

  • Compilation by T. Short: Thucydides tells us, that in the fifth year of the Peloponnesian War, there were several shakings of the earth, and the plague that had not been quite extinguished broke out again at that time, continued about a year, which being the 33rd year of Hippocrates’s Age, and the year of the earthquake in comment mentioned by him, as well as his malignity year, when he was at Thasus… (Page 208)

You can see what I am getting at, but the mere appearance of ’33s in the body of the book can be many things. I won’t dwell on that as I want to make a larger point still. First, let me ask a basic question: Is author Mike Baillie a Freemason?

That’s not easy information to recover. Geni.com tells us of a Michael Evan Victor Baillie, 3rd Baron Burton, who died in 2013. He was a high-ranking Freemason. He is said to have lived in Inverness, Highland UK, whereas the Mike Baillie who wrote this book was born in 1944 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Baron would have been 20 when our Mike was born in ’44, reasonable. But that is where this has to stop. Genealogies are scrubbed. I will take the spelling of the unusual surnames as evidence of some possible connection, but beyond that, it is all speculation. Is our Mike a Freemason? I do not know.

So we have the appearance of 33s throughout the book, and a possible Freemason connection. My point goes far beyond coincidence. I do not imagine that Baillie inserted the ’33’ references in the text as some sort of secret handshake. I imagined rather that his evidence actually points at those years. There is more: On page 156 Baillie points at Irish myth concerning King Conchobar, who was conceived in a womb for three years and three months, and Fingel, who was pregnant for nine months and nine years. Baillie goes on to discuss mythology, and why we should take it seriously:

“For readers not familiar with myth, the above is another good example of the way myth operates. These were important pieces of information to the ancient human witnesses of, in this case, powerful events in the sky. In pre-literate societies, e.g. in pre-Christian Ireland, the information was compressed and disseminated among people who knew the basic story. Storytellers could decompress the stories and tell them at greater length. Story survive for long periods, but, somewhere along the way – either by people moving, or undergoing culture change, or forgetting, or no longer believing – the real meaning of the stories was lost. The stories to our modern, literate, ears appears to be gobbledygook, with bizarre people doing bizarre things – fairy stories.”

I am suggesting that the appearance of the number 33, so often used as a signal among those who put together the hoaxes by which our modern lives are governed, have in common in their ancestry some experiences with nature that they use as forbidden knowledge. While the bulk of humanity forgot these events and dates, a few remembered.

It is interesting that Baillie wrote the entire book and cites many instances where our planet has been impacted by comets, and never once refers to Immanuel Velikovsky. That tells me that he knows to avoid the third rail. Velikovsky was a scholarly man, honest and courageous in my view, who was viciously attacked for suggesting that Exodus was a tale of an encounter with a comet, which he claimed to be Venus expelled from Jupiter, and later a close pass with Mars, knocked temporarily out of orbit. He brought prodigious evidence, as has Baillie, and followed up with a book, Earth in Upheaval, that used modern features of our planet’s landscape that cannot be explained by conventional geology. I regard that work as his most important.

This, from page 184:

As we saw in chapter 7, recent crater fields are being discovered. We already have Tunguska, Sirente, Chiemgau and Kaali all within the last 3500 years. All of these were over land. As 70% of the earth is covered in water, we can assume that there must have been an absolute minimum of 12 notable impact events in the last 3500 years, that is one every 300 years on average! This is an absolute minimum figure because there must be many more crater fields out there, especially outside the developed world.

From page 199:

“In a paper published in 2005, David Ascher and colleagues have looked at the objects that are known to have come close to the earth in recent times. They conclude, based on various strands of evidence (for example the number of meteorites discovered on earth that originated on the moon) that the average time between impacts on earth is no more than 300 years, probably less. Their conclusion is remarkably similar to the “off-the-cuff” estimate given in chapter 19 it was based on different criteria.”

Here is where I explain everything. Our planet has routinely been devastated by extraterrestrial encounters, on average once every 300 years, probably more often. There live among us a small group of people who in earlier ages survived the devastation and developed long-term strategies for surviving future calamities. Part of that strategy involves secrecy, that the vast bulk of humanity cannot know of these events. That is why Velikovsky was humiliated and destroyed.

What, beyond oath-bound secrecy, might the strategy involve? Places to hide might be one. Imagine, for instance, the the Egyptian pyramids were not tombs, but rather, shelters. When a calamity hit, the elite of that civilization lived inside where there were stores of food and even servants to care for them. They came back out after the calamity had passed.

Where might such shelters exist today? Pure speculation would be places like Cern, Cheyenne Mountain, or Denver International Airport. I base that speculation on pure guessing and rumors heard here and there, knowing that it might be fanciful meandering, and not having any idea of what I do not know.

One last quote from the book, from (where else?), Page 133:

In case readers think this is simply rhetoric, this is as good a place as any to mention a forthcoming event. On April 13, 2029 and asteroid named Apophis will pass by the Earth at a distance of less than 50,000 km. If you’re alive at the time, and it is not cloudy, you’ll be able to see it pass with the naked eye. Apophis is more than 300 m in diameter. If, as it passes the earth, it just happens to pass through a certain narrow window in space, then, in 2036 it will return and hit the earth (this narrow “window” is a point where the Earth’s gravity would deflect the orbit of Apophis just enough to ensure an impact in 2036). Due to its mass, Apophis carries about 200 times the energy of the Tunguska object. If Apophis hits the earth the impact will be in the 3000-megaton class. It is entirely reasonable to state that such an impact, taking place anywhere on the planet, would collapse our current civilization and return the survivors, metaphorically speaking, to the Dark Ages (it is believed in such an event globalized institutions, such as the financial and insurance markets, would collapse, bringing down the entire interconnected monetary, trade and transport systems). Impacts from space are not fiction, and it seems highly likely that quite a number have taken place in the last few millennia (over and above the small crater-forming examples already mentioned). It is just that, for some reason, most people who study the past have chosen to avoid, or ignore, the issue.

I have done some browsing concerning Apophis, and there does not seem to be much concern among scientists as expressed here by Baillie. There might be some deviation in its orbit generated by the 2029 pass, but odds are remote that it would result in devastation of our planet. Maybe that is just whistling past the graveyard, or maybe just keeping forbidden knowledge secret. Maybe the 2029 pass by itself might be enough to generate a Black Death-like scene of devastation, with corrupted air, earthquakes and tsunamis, famines and floods and epoch death.

And maybe our ruling elite are planning to be sure that when that happens, they will survive and be able to reboot.

It would be just like the creeps.


PS: This passage had no place in the narrative above, but perhaps it intrigues you as it does me:

“Take this example from the ice-core records. If you access the particulate record from the American GISP2 ice core, you find that they give both the numbers of particles in the ice and the size of the particles through time. They provide this information running back to the seventh century. If you look at this 1300-year record you discover that the section of ice with the most particles and the largest particles is 1920-2. This spike is so huge in comparison with anything else in the record that it stands out like a sore thumb. There is a lesser but still outstanding spike in 1916. What on earth was the “event” that causes 1920-2 anomaly? One could possibly understand something in the middle of World War I putting dust into Greenland, but it’s hard to think of a “once in 1300 years” happening around 1920. Thus, as recently as the 1920s, when the world was well-connected, we have a complete enigma involving anomalous amounts of course dust – someone might like to solve this little enigma! Examples like this one (and there are many, many others relating to past happenings) suggests the past is really a bit of a mystery.” (Page 116)

PPS: This is taken from the MM Part 2 piece on Thomas Jefferson. “I think Burr and Hamilton were also related through Theodosia Bartow, since I think her name was changed from Barstow. The Barstows of the peerage are scrubbed before 1838, but before that they were Baillies through the women. And if we take these Baillies back a couple of generations, we find they are actually Hamiltons, Earls of Haddington. In about 1720, the son of Charles Hamilton, Lord Binning, took the name of his mother Rachel Baillie, becoming George Baillie of Jerviswood and Mellerstain.”

13 thoughts on “A post whereby I explain everything

  1. Fascinating, Mark. Thanks for sharing this.

    There’s something you should see. From “Comet Venus the Shrinking Violet”:

    “The orbital distances for Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn suggest:

    a) The dynamics of the current Solar System were initialised at the Arabian Horizon centred upon 637 CE.


    b) The dynamics re-synchronised 800 years later at the Hecker Horizon.

    … the Earth-Moon system experienced a “‘square wave’ in the accelerations” between [about] 700 and 1300 CE.

    The orbital distance data also supports the following scenario:

    1) Venus first attempted to pass through the orbital domain of planet Earth at the Arabian Horizon and was repeatedly blocked [aka repulsed] until the greatly diminished Planet Venus finally broke through at the Hecker Horizon.

    2) Mars passed through the orbital domains of Earth and Venus at the Heinsohn Horizon and emerged as the greatly diminished Planet Mars.

    It was impossible to observe Transits of Venus [across the face of the Sun] until Venus moved to it’s inside track orbit at the Hecker Horizon i.e. 1639 – 243 = 1396.
    + + +
    Transits of Venus are among the rarest of predictable astronomical phenomena. They occur in a pattern that generally repeats every 243 years, with pairs of transits eight years apart separated by long gaps of 121.5 years and 105.5 years

    The first recorded observation of a transit of Venus was made by Jeremiah Horrocks from his home at Carr House in Much Hoole, near Preston in England, on 4 December 1639 (24 November under the Julian calendar then in use in England). His friend, William Crabtree, also observed this transit from Broughton, near Manchester.

    Halley was not satisfied that the resulting calculation of the solar parallax at 45″ was accurate. In a paper published in 1691, and a more refined one in 1716, he proposed that more accurate calculations could be made using measurements of a transit of Venus, although the next such event was not due until 1761.

    On June 3, 1769, British navigator Captain James Cook, British naturalist Joseph Banks, British astronomer Charles Green and Swedish naturalist Daniel Solander recorded the transit of Venus on the island of Tahiti during Cook’s first voyage around the world.”


    An asteroid or comet impact isn’t necessary for dramatic and rapid geological change. Electric discharge between two passing bodies could result in devastating plasma arcs that gouge and strip the bodies’ surfaces. An excellent visual example of this is here:



    1. Somewhere I’ve got a book that details cave drawings and plasma claiming our ancestors were seeing electrical phenomena … possibly The Electric Universe by Thornhill and Talbot, replicated in laboratories.


  2. With all respect, please help me understand precisely where all us teeming masses of humanity come from who are not among the wise-guy elites, if there are frequent cycles of mass death to those not sheltering in special places? Why would our own grandparents omit to mention such a thing that makes COVID lockdown and its attendant economic meltdown look like a sunday school picnic by comparison?


    1. Somebody described the Exodus event that Velikovsky wrote about as this: Imagine that you are in the first row of a crowded movie theater, and suddenly turn around to find that every person behind you has disappeared. You do not, cannot comprehend what happened. The story survives only in myth and legend. But the losses are not world-wide, and some areas are unaffected. Further, population grows exponentially in good times, and good times followed the Black Death.

      Baillie makes the point that we don’t know very much about the past, not as much as we think we do. I make the point that we don’t know anything about the present. Everything we know is, as William Casey predicted during the Reagan Administration, false.


  3. Thank you for that explanation. I have long avoided movie theaters crowded or otherwise.
    Early on in this outrage, I tried to formulate explanations in my own mind. I did ponder perhaps they knew of impending doom to humanity. But logically it seems like that would lead to the mother of all parties, carnival, bachenalia and saturnalia all rolled into one with all spigots open — what would be to lose?
    Contrarily, your proposition is — we the almighty soon will hide in our burrows and yousa people gonna die (OK the kids did drag me to that crowded and dumb movie whence the quote). So we thought we would go ahead and screw up things for the rest of you in the meantime while we still can? Huh?


    1. I do not imagine that the current hoax has anything to do with what might happen in 2019. I should have made that clear. They do want to reduce the population of the planet. All of this, masks, distancing, vaccines, leads in that direction. I mean, how are people going to hook up and mate in the future if they cannot meet and even hug?

      This post is just speculation that since we have historically had episodes where the planet comes under bombardment, that there are measures in place to protect an elite group, and that perhaps even as far back as the time when they built the pyramids, perhaps such measures were in place, that perhaps our “Jews” are Egyptian.

      A reach, I know. Velikovsky and the reaction to him clued me that something more was at play, that the guy was taken down for a reason, and I am speculating that it was forbidden knowledge.


  4. Regarding your postscript on the 1920 dust spike:

    The orbit of a dust particle behaves pretty much like any other orbit, like a pebble or a mountain, the dust particles proceed in an eleptical or hyperbolic path around the sun. The dust spike may not have been terrestrial.

    I have heard that Mars may have lost its atmosphere and oceans in a huge electrostatic event. There might still be clouds of that stuff orbiting that the Earth passes through from time to time. Or even ancient comet tails that reconverge when the eliptical paths return and reconcentrate near their point of origin. The Earth passes through the dust cloud and the stuff rains down…


    1. Good info, and thanks. The dust spike caught my eye because it coincided with the Spanish Flu epidemic. I am curious about non-viral non-bacterial causes of major epidemics (we are not presently having one, just a propaganda epidemic). Baillie also makes the point that we don’t know much about the present, near past or distant past, so it would not surprise me that around the end of WWI the earth’s atmosphere was contaminated by passing through a particle debris field. No one caught it because no one knew to look for it, then or now.


        1. Dorothy was a remarkably high-functioning alcoholic, as I view her. I read her biography years ago, and the deeper into it I got, the less interesting she became. But I freely use the phrase “What fresh hell is this?” That is a really nice memorial, however. Thank you for bringing it here.


  5. Baillie does mention Velikovsy quite extensively in his previous book “Exodus to Arthur – Catastrophic Encounters with Comets”. Although if you dig deeper you will find that Velikovsky in his books, used much of the work done by Comyns Beaumont decades earlier. Beaumont also writes about the Pyramids being shelters built by the survivors of the great comet and flood that struck northern Europe which sunk and split Atlantis (which was Britain and surrounding areas, much of which has now sunk ie. Doggerland). The stone circles like Stonehenge, Avebury, Callanish etc are remnants of that era, the survivers moved south after the comet hit and spread across Europe and the middle east perfecting their building skills and built the pyramids as (amongst other things) shelters and as way to find ‘home’ see http://www.mythomorph.com/wp/the-pyramids-of-scotland-revisited/).

    There is extensive evidence in Beaumonts books written from the 1920’s to the 1940’s.


    1. This is the best hypothesis I have ever read for the PURPOSE of the Great Pyramid:

      Simply a robust and explicit warning sign.
      HOW it was built is beyond everything except an antediluvian advanced civilization.


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