Is coronavirus contagious?

This article, forwarded to Faux and me by Maarten and already absorbed by Stephers, is quite long. Give it half an hour of focused attention. I was already familiar with much of its content and planned to write about electromagnetic-caused illness down the road, after I reviewed the book by Arthur Firstenberg, The Invisible Rainbow, said by Amazon now to be a best seller.

The article, by Sally Fallon Morrel, not only got me up to speed on this subject, but cleared up some misconceptions I was carrying around (the nature of the “isolation” process of viruses, for one). I’ve long been divorced now from germ theory. If you are traveling that road too, you’ll find this article an additional push in that direction.

It is almost six thousand words followed by thirty citations. Readers here will not be put off by that, but to me it says that it is not accessible to the vast majority of Americans. As I like to say, truth in this country is hidden mostly in books. But a six-thousand word piece is also a good hiding place.

Paranoid fool that I am, I downloaded the article and stored it on my computer. While the nature of viruses is misunderstood by the medical profession, there is still the hoax aspect of all that is going on, the insertion of a heavy dose of fascism into our lives.

25 thoughts on “Is coronavirus contagious?

  1. Great article by Sally Fallon, however…

    5G implementation doesn’t actually correlate with the COVID-10 epicenters, and her ref #9 doesn’t support her statement about 60Hz rendering oxygen useless for respiration. She is requiring the reader to infer what is not in ref #9. None of these 5G’ers are describing how much oxygen is being “rendered useless for absorption” by the lungs. I could post link, maps, critique, if interested.


    1. Stephers will add to this too, as saying she still leaves gaps and questions. I like that she cleared up virus isolation for me, how big and complex it is, and how it is just not done. This means that the PCR is testing for something not proven to exist. Add to that her words on exosomes and the article is nice centralized source of information that I have encountered from many sources, leaving kind of a disorganized feeling. Now I feel more organized.

      I looked up Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell using various people search engines, and he is a real guy, a real doctor in Brooklyn, and as MM would remind us, Jewish of course. However, I could not help but feel that the camera appearance he did describing people turning green was staged, scripted, and meant to add to the terror that regular people were feeling about this new and novel virus never proven to even exist.


    2. The COVID epicenter is virtual. Considering having fun with the PCR test, the epicenter could be anywhere and nowhere. When writing 60 Hz, I don’t know if you mean 60 GHz. At this frequency, the EM wave is strongly absorbed by oxygen and the oxygen-rich tissue – i.e. blood – heats up. We have a similar effect as in a microwave.


      1. Yes, 60GHz is absorbed by atmospheric oxygen, due apparently to resonance. But to what extent is this, and to what extent does this relate to biological function? Where are the studies?


  2. I thought the same about Kyle-Sidell. Didn’t sit right at all. So back in April, I looked into his family. He’s got a twin brother who is a professor and author, who has written about their escapades in Israel. Here are just two research studies in which Kyle-Sidell’s father, Dr. Neil Sidell (out of Emory University) was involved — please note his expertise in exosomes, cytokines and RT-PCR. Hmmmm.


  3. W.H.O. Memo # 1:

    W.H.O. Memo # 2:

    The following analysis by Patrick Jordan taken from his website:
    1) Introduce and agent with immunosuppressive effect or breed for immunodeficiency.
    2) Load the host up with viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungus and a host of foreign molecules.
    3) Any activation whether in Nature or a delivered chemical switch can reactivate the Immune System and the body will attack itself either in a Cytokine Storm that is damaging to lethal or by Autoimmunity – the Slow Death.

    This is a military operation. We are the enemy. Don’t get hung up on fractals.


  4. This fits with the 5G hypothesis I had laid out way back when. I believe there could be something there. Really, I do. 5G fears aren’t unfounded. I firmly believe that the only reason they’d shut down the whole economy briefly like this is to allow them to break into a total expansion of possibilities, which is what 5G allows.

    Economically speaking, a recession under a 4G economy is nothing if it allows you to break through to an outward shift of a 5G economy. The military experts would say “temporary health effects be damned”, cover it up, and get it done. I still think 5G should be higher on our conversation lists. No doubt it will bring out the paid shills, but so be it.

    PS: the title of this post really ought to say something about 5G


    1. Ok, the 5G information is interesting. The area where I previously lived in Florida has had 5G for a while now. I wish I could remember exactly when it switched over, but I wasn’t paying attention at the time.

      A little anecdote I can share that may or may not mean anything is that my youngest child (now 7) had yearly late-Spring /early summer bouts of unexplained pneumonia in ‘17, ‘18 and again in ‘19. He was tested each time for flu, strep, etc, but no reason could ever be found.

      Oddly enough, this past spring/ summer was the first with no unexplained pneumonia.

      On the one hand, people especially little kids just gets bugs. But he has always been an otherwise healthy (received 2 vaccines as a baby, but none since then) kid, and it was strange to me that he had the exact same symptoms 3 years in a row at the same time of year for no reason.

      Who knows.

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      1. Just another thought I have had:

        Is it crazy to wonder if some of the masks are actually causing some of this? Like maybe some of them are purposely contaminated with bacteria or chemicals.

        I know a few people who have personally had the Bug, or symptoms of something different and all are religious mask-wearers.


        1. From the paper mentioned above by Jim West:

          “In view of these symptoms it is not surprising that flu-like illness is the most common misdiagnosis, particularly when further questioning reveals that a roommate or family member is having similar symptoms. If carbon monoxide poisoning is not considered in patients with these symptoms, they may return to a hazardous environment, with disastrous results. Carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from the use of inadequately vented heating devices tend to occur with the onset of cold weather, COINCIDENT WITH THE” FLU SEASON” “. (my caps)

          “Acute carbon monoxide poisoning is the leading cause of death from poisoning in the United States”
          ….”Subacute carbon monoxide poisoning is commonly misdiagnosed, so its actual incidence is not known”.

          People with “flu-like” symptoms assume they have the flu, and are treated with flu medications. Contagion is assumed, but pervasive toxic environments are ignored. Part of the year is designated “annual flu season”, but logic suggests that 1) people sharing the same or similar toxic-enhanced (as during heating season) environments will experience the same or similar toxic effects, with no need to postulate contagion, and 2) an “annual flu season” encompassing only a part of the year is in itself strong indication of environmental rather than contagious causes, else why is the ‘contagion’ restricted to a certain few months?


        2. Also from the paper referenced above:

          “Methylene chloride, a constituent of many paint thinners, is converted in vivo to carbon monoxide. This source is particularly hazardous since the COHb (carboxyhemoglobin) level continues to increase after cessation of exposure; when the level begins to decrease it does so slowly”.


          “The major cause of death associated with acute carbon dioxide poisoning is cardiac arrhythmia”.

          More than twenty years ago, when I was younger and more foolish, I took apart the engine from my 1971 volvo, and was in my garage cleaning the engine parts with paint thinner (nice sweet-smelling stuff). I took several steps towards the house, and suddenly fell to the ground. From then on, for several days, I experienced continuously episodes of erratic heartbeat, accompanied by general feelings of internal pressure and ‘unwellness’. I waited for my body to recover, and it did.

          How often are people poisoned, usually less acutely, by constant exposure to chemical toxicity in workplace, home, commuting, travel? When the effects are noticed, what is the usual conclusion? “Oh well, I guess I caught the bug. I’ll just take that over the counter med, or at least the doc can fix me up”.

          Since I brought up travel, and this post is about coronavirus and contagion, I recommend reading this article by Jim West. Very compelling arguments regarding that previous sars ‘virus’.


          1. Matt, I was going to follow up on that old SARS article with more research, but it didn’t get published.

            I found a very obvious air pollution cause, stack pollution from China drifting over Hong Kong.

            The Hong Kong epidemic largely consisted of apartments above the 10th floor. So a good guess (better than a “virus”) would be a strata of stack pollution.

            Medicos claimed that a Chinese immigrant had flushed his toilet and that debris from a leaking sewer pipe was blown by an updraft into the floors above the 10th floor !

            Six weeks after that SARS article, UCLA did a study implicating air pollution as a major “cofactor” for SARS. Same is the present-day finding for COVID virus.


    2. It should be about 5G and its connection to a vaccine having nothing to do with any virus, making us trackable. Without it, we cannot enjoy the things we once did, though I must say I found Denver bronco games unbearable.


  5. wearing the mask or even taking the test can definitely lead to sickness. If you cannot breath properly, if you cannot exchange the air in you lung freely, you’ll get oxygen problems on the cellular level which on the long run is the actual reason for cancer. Cells then degenerate to their genetic origins where cells didn’t process oxygen but only fermented carbohydrates. They then behave like single-cell organisms and start uncontrolled cell division which is then said to be cancer spreading. The corona test today is also different to the old antibody test, which required blood samples and an actual sickness before the test. They now just take a saliva sample but to make it look more serious they put a stick deep in your nose, where it hurts you mucous membrane also leading to symptoms of a sickness. If you’re scared of Corona and get hurt that way you’ll most probably become sick believing it is Covid. Also they made the symptoms unclear. Everything can be a corona symptom. Lost of taste, which is very suggestive, or ingrown nails are also said to be caused by Corona. I kid you not. And there obviously wasn’t any Flu this year, was it? They don’t talk anymore about sick people but only about infected people creating the impression it is the same. The basic question is never asked: how is the failure rate of the corona test? Can you prove the result of the corona test was wrong at all? The entire hoax is based on the test, which never fails, right?


  6. Multi pronged approach makes sense to me:

    Data rigging – no need to repeat the obvious.
    Toxic air pollutiom – for which Jim West & Jon Rappoport have both provided compelling evidence. Does chemical spraying (dare I say chemtrails) play a part in this?
    Didn’t tuberculosis claim 1.5 million lives in 2018? I think the author of makes mention of this, along with the observation that some covid cases had been treated successfully with azithromycin – which makes zero sense if it’s truly a virus. Who’s to say TB still isn’t an ongoing issue?
    5G – my understanding from a purely tech perspective is that it works wonderfully when one is positioned within close proximity of a node – as in 20 or so feet. And I suppose we cannot assume that the frequencies deployed would always remain consistent at each given site. I have often wondered how much of the alarming “alternative” articles I’ve read about 5g are playing the fear mongering game (a la Alex Jones). Hard to know.
    Remember the rash of respiratory issues & even deaths tthat young adults were experiencing about a year ago? As I recall, it was first attributed to vaping, and then later surmised by some to be the result of vaping black market THC products. In any case, I can’t imagine that this “epidemic” just quietly subsided on its own. Moreover, I also wonder about the level of biotech meddling (pesticides, Gmo, etc) in cannabis production these days, now that it has become far more ubiquitous. Might frequent inhalation of pesticide laced cannabis vapor result in respiratory issues? During such stressful times, I have to believe that weed consumption must be at an all time high these days, no pun intended.

    Anyways, just some more grist for the mill.



  7. this may have been shared on this site, if not, speed reading required for the following video subtitles (if not bilingual), but it’s definitely worth a watch/read.

    Pay close attention to what the Dr says about H-Pylori;


    1. Why are they talking to such a downplaying doctor on a Spanish news channel? Are they trying to dial down the fear in that area, or what?

      I have some experience with H. Pylori. I was having weird stomach issues, they tested me and I was positive for that, so that was the diagnosis. But later I learned, as this doc says, that huge numbers of healthy people also test positive for it. So what can you say conclusively? Was that really the issue I had, or was it just a convenient label, which the “positive test” made to seem very authoritative?

      Especially since they don’t inform the patient that millions of healthy people would also test positive. The typical patient just thinks, “wow, I tested positive, that must be it.” Assuming that only other sick people would also test positive. And it’s not just H Pylori, there are many such tests.


      1. Koch’s First Postulate is that people with symptoms have the bug, people without do not. With viruses, that is standard, always the case.

        The meaning of all of this is that they don’t know jack shit.


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