“Covid-19” = AIDS with emPHAsis

AIDS is a real disease, or better said, a syndrome, a cluster of symptoms that indicate an “immune,” or healthy body no longer functions as it should. It becomes susceptible to various diseases, such as pneumonia or cancer, because it is tired, worn down, even worn out. AIDS can be traced back to self-abuse, most notably use of antibiotics and poppers in the gay community, but also hemophilia and malnutrition.

Our medical system is corrupt, and research is run from above by grants, and those grants control what is being researched. It’s a money chase. When Richard Gallo and Luc Montagnier declared that HIV, a retrovirus that has never even been isolated much less photographed, was the cause of AIDS, they should have been pilloried, as they did so without evidence. They announced their findings without scientific papers, but rather by press conference. After that, all money for research involving AIDS was directed at HIV. Billions upon billions have been wasted.

AIDS was never a disease that threatened many people, and while lives matter, a disease that threatens only relatively few did not justify the alarm and panic that ensued. But alarm and panic was the object of the HIV scare. The people atop this monstrous corrupt enterprise called allopathic medicine wanted a plague, and since we don’t have such things anymore beyond annual cold and flu season, itself not understood, they invented one. AIDS was useless as a scourge of the bath houses, so they made it into something that threatened everyone.

To find the HIV virus, virologists used the PCR machine. That too was fraudulent. At the end of this post, I am going to put up a video by Spiro Skouras given us yesterday by Stephers. In it, the narrator questions the timely “death” of Dr. Kary Mullis, as I do. I add to that the timely death of David Crowe. It is my conclusion that the PCR machine is a useful device in criminology and perhaps even in ancestral studies, but not for diagnosis of disease, which it simply cannot do. Its current use is onefold – to advance the scamdemic called “Covid-19.” The supposed virus, SARS-Cov-2 has not been proven to exist, therefore, PCR cannot possibly be finding it.

AIDS became a long list of various diseases, maybe thirty by now, I do not keep track. I will take just one, pneumonia. It is often called “the old person’s friend,” as we all have to leave this realm by some means, and pneumonia serves as relatively gentle way (with morphine assistance) to escort us out. So suppose a person dies of pneumonia – how do we, for statistical purposes, list cause of death? We say that person died of pneumonia.

But what if that person was (dishonestly by use of PCR) diagnosed as HIV-positive? Then we change the cause of death to AIDS. Multiply that bit of fraud by millions, and you have the AIDS scamdemic.

AIDS was the working model that is now used for Covid-19. The PCR machine cannot tell us anything useful, as it is not a tool to identify either viruses or disease. But if today that same person dies of pneumonia, if PCR has been used to find that SARS-Cov-2 is present, we say the person died of Covid-19.

I keep track of the number of people who have died of Covid-19. Unlike AIDS, which is a real and deadly syndrome, Covid-19 does not exist. I therefore know at any given time how many people have died of it: zero.

Covid-19 is imitation AIDS, that is, while AIDS itself is real, Covid-19 has been invented out of whole cloth. That so many people, most of us, think it is real, is a tribute to both “authoritative” sources like WHO and CDC, but also to the power of news to shape our perceptions. Dr. Andrew Kaufman suggested in one of his videos that if we were to simply shut off our TVs, as our household has done, and look around us, we would see that life goes on as before, no pandemic, no unusual deaths. Every year perhaps 2.5 million Americans exit the scene. If I were to claim the cause of those deaths is flying saucers and little green men, you would rightly think me nuts. If you think that the normal deaths we experience is in any part due to Covid-19, I think you are nuts.

Dr. Tom Cowan, in a video given us yesterday by commenter Kroger, suggested we might be being played, that we are quite possibly going to experience a much higher death rate due to millimeter wave radiation sickness, or 5G, which is yet to be turned on full force. If that happens, these excess deaths will be blamed on Covid-19. That might, indeed, be the reason for the scamdemic. Not everyone is affected in the same manner by electromagnetic fields or 5G. I hope to maintain good health, along with everyone I know and love. But that could be the thud we’ve been awaiting, the other shoe falling.

It is, of course, above my pray grade. All I can say was that AIDS was a scam, and that innocent people were and are being murdered by its treatment. There are no ethics to be had with modern medicine. So too with “Covid-19.”

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  1. As I understand it, PCR only works on DNA and not RNA. The Covid test is supposedly based on RNA, so that’s already an issue. To use PCR, they’d have to apply a technique to somehow allow for amplification of RNA. Yes, I’m sure it’s claimed that such a thing can be done. Then we have the issue of how much amplification is necessary to reach accurate results. I suppose if you amplify it enough, a 100% positive rate could be achieved, assuming they are even conducting legitimate tests in the first place.

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    1. That is a big assumption. I regard PCR as mere window dressing, telling us nothing useful. But the test is officially dubbed “RT-PCR, or “reverse transcriptase,” wherein RNA is converted to DNA before testing. In my own personal life, I have found that in criminology, PCR is accurate and extremely useful.


      1. Yes, I agree. While I cannot verify these stories, I have heard from a couple of people about how they know of a friend or family member who went to a test center and filled out paperwork before deciding to leave because of long wait times. Despite never taking the test, they subsequently received a test result. I don’t put much faith in third-hand accounts of such information, but if even one of such instances is true, it implies outright fraud and no real test whatsoever.

        IF a legitimate test exists, the percentage of positive results could easily be controlled by changing the amount of amplification to be applied.


        1. Has anyone comsidered that maybe this is also being used as a form dna testing and catalogging? Idk. But why else would they be performing bogus testing? And also im confused because some things contradict. Like if hiv aids is tested this way and theyve never isolated a virus ever much less hiv aids and covid. Than later say that aids is a real disease. Thats conflicting information. And i dont umderstand what the poimt being made is. Which is it? A disease or not? And if so- then why say otherwise. Ive never believed in covid. Mostly because i dont trust nor respect any agency in my country. Or others. I use to count on my doctors. But now i dont. All everything is doing is confusing us laymen with a diagnosis of aids. Really pissed off at it all. Id like to know . seeing im being victimized by it. Personnally. So if anyone can clarify or point to some non conflicti g data that a child could understand. Please post info. As this only adds to confusion. Not about covid thougb. Its not real. Umless fear is the name of the virus

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  2. Follow the money.
    What more proof do we need?
    Here in the UK it has been revealed that here in the UK the average age of dying of / with ( who knows? ) is 83 years old which is one year LONGER than the average UK life span.
    Nothing but nothing adds up.
    They’re building up to something this winter that’s for sure.
    Great article by the way Mark.


  3. I just watched, coincidentally, this recent video from the UK, Dr Kevin Corbett interviewed. He talks with great personal insight and depth of knowledge about the AIDS scam and the parallels with the Sars-cov-2 event.

    One of the best things I’ve heard for a while.

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    1. GRAHAMSDIFFUSION – Thank you so much for sharing this Kevin Corbett discussion. I have heard him speak a number of times, but I’m afraid I would have missed this. Agreed – Dr. Corbett is deeply insightful and eloquent, with vast personal knowledge. The first half of this interview echoes much of what was presented in the “Positively False” documentary. Again, we need this information to place this event in context, and to glean the necessary parallels. In the second half, he clearly states there has been no viral isolate in the case of SARS-CoV-2, and he places needed emphasis on fear contagion. Kaufman said recently that he is collaborating with Dr. Corbett on producing a documentary.


  4. I strongly urge readers to watch “Positively False – Birth of a Heresy” at https://www.positivelyfalse.org. It was produced in 2011 by Joan Shenton, who was a compassionate and persistent dissenting voice. She and David Crowe were colleagues (there is a short clip of him starting at the 1 hr 25 min timestamp) and had the utmost of mutual respect. I have listened to several of their conversations with regard to the HIV psyop, and I have much admiration for both of them. I often wonder why we have not heard from Shenton during this current operation, and, sadly, we know what happened to Crowe. I had intended to write a post (but life obstacles have interfered) on this documentary, as it presents an overwhelming case depicting how the entire world had been (and continues to be) hoodwinked with the HIV/AIDS scam by the same medical cartel that brought us this current black project. I was going to title the post, “Deja-vu: Lessons Learned . . . NOT!” Evidently, despite much dissent and lack of proof that HIV causes AIDS, we have not yet learned our lesson. Thus, the same corrupt organizations have been able to repeat their crimes against humanity in nearly the same fashion. When will we learn? Please watch the film. It is lengthy, but in order to halt these crimes, we need to place the current situation in greater context.


  5. I’ve wondered throughout all this, why they are not using a blood test and according to CDC; ‘…and Serology tests, which look for previous infection by detecting antibodies. Serology tests are for surveillance or investigational purposes and not for diagnostic purposes.’

    Why is that? I find it odd because throughout my life experience, whether myself, family, friends, (even dogs!) the only swab test ever used was for strep throat, everything else, including ‘viruses’ (EBV, Mono, Lyme, etc.) were found using a blood test.

    And recently I received an interesting reply from a YT video commenter, his/her theory was that Theranos was created specifically for this ‘pandemic’ and when that failed, they had to switch to some other form of testing. IMO, the whole Theranos story is questionable, including the founder, Holmes, but who knows, maybe she was just the front person and it really didn’t work as they had hoped. But why would Walgreens, (and CVS I think) have contracted w/ Theranos unless the test was 100%. Not only that, the board members were mostly govt. officials. The whole story is truly beyond belief yet the comment made some sense tying the two together.


  6. I read this again very closely, and I still find your position to be logically incoherent. Do you believe that there is no connection whatsoever between the syndrome known as AIDS and an HIV-positive test result? Because that seems like what you are saying, and it is a hell of a statement. It isn’t what you were saying in your previous paper, but now it seems to be what you are saying. Why on earth would you be pushing this comparison to AIDS when you claim AIDS is a real thing but COVID-19 (a coronavirus cold) is not a real thing? It is just incoherent.

    You don’t think coronavirus cold is a real thing? Seriously? I mean, just because you might disagree that it is a “novel” virus (which I happen to agree with), this does not mean you ought to be pushing this “it doesn’t exist” line. It is excessively denialist, excessively anti-science, anti-logic, stubborn, anti-data. I mean, if I sit here and say that I think people are just getting regular colds, and the PCR machine has a tendency to turn up positives during the time of those colds, you still refuse. You are dug in. No evidence would sway you. This seems like the most basic of things that we ought to be able to acknowledge. You won’t.

    People are getting colds, and they might just be the colds they have always been getting. The PCR machine, then, would have some general tendency to showing a positive result in people with colds. It is the propaganda that has created the hysteria surrounding a typical cold. This, for some reason, is something you have to fight tooth and nail.

    But again, for some reason you must push what amounts to a denialist and scientifically illiterate position. It doesn’t exist!! The test is the virus!! For some reason to you logically, AIDS does exist but coronavirus colds do not exist? I think you are doing a real disservice to coronavirus dissent at this point, and that is why I am not going to contribute here about coronavirus anymore. It is all yours to push this line all you want.

    At no point has this been an actual discussion of available evidence between two people who disagree. It has been you with your fingers in your ears, ignoring what you want to ignore when you want to ignore it, and pushing the same line you have been pushing for months.

    I want nothing to do with it. If we were having a real debate and using available evidence to seek truth, there would be no problem disagreeing with each other. But that is not what this is.

    It is your blog, so you post whatever on earth you like, but I am done with coronavirus here. Your position on the matter is just…incoherent. There are all kinds of concessions that you just obstinately refuse to make. Data you refuse to consider. Logical contradictions you pretend not to see. Reversals you are now making in previous positions to make them more consistent with your dug-in coronavirus stake. I don’t get it, Mark. I just don’t get it.

    You seem to have an agenda, and it makes me sad. I feel the approach that you are taking is harmful to real dissent. It is a caricature of actual skepticism. Good luck, man. See you around.


    1. Fauxlex, you hit the nail on the head. Thank you.

      I am astounded at how many commenters toss around arcane science vocabulary so facilely, as if they had long expertise in specialized subjects. It’s like Mark has said about Miles Mathis—there’s no way one guy could be an expert at so many different things. Similarly, there’s no way that so many commenters who have found their way to this tiny blog could each bring such deep knowledge about DNA and PCR and virology and epidemiology and so on.

      What Mark recently suggested of a commenter caught my attention: “… they send people like you around to make it all sound real and reliable. You are most likely a kid in a basement working with a set of instructions, … spewing your bullshit.” This characterization of a mainstream troll could easily be applied to the seeming alt-truth experts that chime in around here: they are hired hands reading off a script. Or sock puppets of only a few authors.

      Theirs is a reductionistic script, as you point out, pushing always the fallacy of the false dichotomy: “you are either for us or against us, and no in-between position is allowed.” It didn’t used to be that way here at POM, but things have definitely taken a Manichaean turn. If you disagree with the party line, you are an “apparent troll.” If you read the comments under the Commenting Policy of the very blog to which you contribute ands draw valid conclusions about someone’s previous blogging experiences, you are a cyber-stalker.

      A healthy forum invites opposing points of view. What we are seeing here lately is more akin to “censorship by noise.”


      1. Agreed that the problem of agendas is running rampant around here right now, but it is also the difference between skepticism and denialism. Whereas I thought this was a place for skeptics, it appears to be a gathering point for denialism. If that is going to be the way it is, then as I said I want nothing more to do with it.


    2. Because the HIV “virus” has never been isolated, thus never proven to physically exist, just like SARS-Cov-2, or actually any “virus”. Simple as that. Am I someone with a medical title attached to my name? No, but I can see no logical flaw in (or agenda behind) taking the baseline assumption that something that has never been proven to exist doesn’t exist. The onus is on anyone claiming x to be true/real to provide the irrefutable proof, not on me to prove the non-reality/existence of it.

      Now, I’m not going to personally weigh in on the AIDS syndrome being a real/correct collection of signs and symptoms or not, however the way I see it, your real/fake scale connection there between AIDS (a syndrome) and SARS-Cov-2 (a “virus”) is like comparing apples and oranges. You question Mark because he assumes one to be real but not the other, but they are not the same class of “thing,” by definition. His connection was HIV and Cov, not AIDS and Cov, which seems to me to be a legitimate comparison point.

      You say you want debate, but then you state that you will not take part in it and simply wave away any analysis that doesn’t start with a certain baseline assumption. I don’t consider that a fair and open debate. What’s to be debated on this particular front if not the more root issue? Also, what is this real evidence that you bring to the table that Mark is supposedly ignoring? I’m just not seeing it, myself. Bring your evidence to the table if you want a debate.


  7. There’s something to be said for being open to differing views. I’ve probably got a longer list of things that I have changed my mind about over time than either of you, and part of that is due to writing on a blog. I meet so many people here, and learn from them.

    But Faux, I just don’t understand your passion for such a small point, that the machine is picking up increased colds. Why do you suppose the results are real? Of course that is a possibility, but I think if you listen to Dr. Mullis closely in the video linked on this post, he explains very clearly why PCR should not be used in the manner that it is. All it is doing is amplifying on bit of a genome among trillions, and having a positive or negative result means nothing. As I have said frequently now, it is an amazing machine when you have two things qualified to test – strands of DNA. In criminology, this has been groundbreaking.

    And I am surprised, Faux, that you do not know that there is no scientific link to HIV and AIDS. This too is covered at length in the linked video. How did that get by you?

    There is no for us or against us agenda here on the blog. There is only you two repeatedly engaging in debate and tearing down anyone who does not meet your qualification standards. I do not have to be a virologist to understand that they have never isolated a virus. I do not have to be a doctor to make a determination that colds and flu can be from many sources, and that germ theory does not explain them well at all. I do not have to be a doctor to understand the Rosenau experiments – the implications are staggering, but it is all left un-investigated, treated with silence.

    By the way, we were given a video with the Mark Tic character narrating. At a certain point he says, concerning PCR, that they all work fine. I went looking for the surname Tic – nonexistent. I judged him to be wrong on that point, as you do too if you are to be understood as having feet planted in both camps. I also judged him to be using an alias. I do not respect him or his views. My privilege.

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  8. My oh my, what a mess…

    “For some reason to you logically, AIDS does exist but coronavirus colds do not exist? ”

    AIDS is a syndrome. It’s allegedly caused by HIV, a virus. Except the virus was never proven to exist, while neural damage and immuno-surpression are known effects of inhaling isoamyl nitrite or isopentyl nitrite, and isopropyl nitrite or isobutyl nitrite, a.k.a. poppers. Add to this other drugs, antibiotics, etc, and yr immune system is paralyzed as much as yr consciousness is numbed. That’s roughly all that it was to AIDS panic, a drug abuse case vastly overblown.

    COVID is an invented disease. It’ s allegedly caused by corona virus (one of many strains). Except it was never proven to exist. Also, the symptoms of this Covid disease can’t be discerned from symptoms of many other diseases, which makes it difficult to diagnose. There is no new symptom associated with common cold, so there is and will be no way to distinguish common cold from Coronvirus cold, even if any of these viruses were proven to exist.

    Do you see the differences and common points? Viruses in both cases were never proven to exist, that’s the most important to note. PcR was abused in both cases, turned into witch hunting tool – it all while calibrated (!) to non-existing sequence? In both cases, sick people are real, apparently.

    Does this make it clear why AIDS scam is a primer for Covid? It definitely should. Y’re more than intell8gent enough to understand all and any of this.

    What denialism most certainly isn’t, is claiming PCR can’t prove anything meaningful in the case of viral RNA. Mullins knew that, that’s why he called all of them charlatans. For one, if y’re poking with a swab into my nose and NOT purifying that sample, ya CAN’T KNOW what piece of protein y’re reproducing with PcR tool. Second, PcR needs calibrating in order to deliver meaningful results. For instance, in forensics ya take a sample of DNA and compare it against KNOWN sample’s DNA sequence. If it matches, y’ve identified the origin of yr sample. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polymerase_chain_reaction#Procedure

    That’s how it works, PcR is a tool, not a test of any kind. So how can they calibrate their PcRs with a sequence of a SARS-COV2 virus that was never isolated nor purified, thus having no SARS-COV2 RNA sequence to primer it with in the first place? Of course, they publish their research papers, claiming they’ve isolated the virus thus securing its RNA. Here are some examples of their purification, electrone micrography pics:

    Not one of the pics from the link shows isolated virus / colony. These samples all contain human cells, debris from intermolecular fluids, antibiotics, colorants. Plus, samples are treated in vacuum and extreme cold, etc. If anything, all electron micrography here is the proof they have no clue which protein from this “isolate” belongs specifically to Sars-Cov2. It’s a smoking gun. If y’re still not convinced, just read how these people define the process of isolation. For instance:

    “The patient’s oropharyngeal samples were obtained by using UTMTM kit containing 3 mL of viral transport media (Copan Diagnostics Inc., Murrieta, CA). The samples were stored at -70°C until assays. We inoculated monolayers of Vero cells with the samples and cultured the cells at 37°C in a 5% carbon dioxide atmosphere. Cytopathic effects consisting of rounding and detachment of cells were observed 3 days after the inoculation of the sample taken on day 11 of his illness (Fig. 1A and B). The RNA titer in the sample was 5.80 × 107 copies/mL for upE gene and 4.97 × 107 copies/mL for ORF1a gene.”

    From here,https://jkms.org/DOIx.php?id=10.3346/jkms.2016.31.2.315. That’s what makes an isolate, in next paragraph they already write about preparing this “isolate” for electrone micrography. Go figure. Btw, Vero cells are a lineage of cells used in cell cultures. The ‘Vero’ lineage was isolated from kidney epithelial cells extracted from an African green monkey. So yeah, that’s right, monkey cells are involved in isolation process….which I’m sure makes it a lot easier for researchers to discern between the particles in the soup.

    If that’s science, then I’m happily a denialist. I refuse to consider this as science by applying such methods. I deny them the right to claim having isolated any goddamn thing by using this method. It’s laughable even at low-level understanding of lab procedures. And logic.

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    1. Mini, do pay attention to the Cowan interview wherein he describes symptoms of millimeter radiation wave sickness, which are quite different from ordinary cold and flu, and which, apparently turned up in Wuhan, and possibly New York. This confuses the mix, and could be the reason for the fake virus. We could be in for excess deaths for this reason, which will be blamed on Covid and might lead to more draconian measures against us, lockdowns, prohibition of public gatherings, distancing, masking, all done only the reinforce fear and convince the public that there really is a new virus.


      1. Yes, that’s a reasonable assumption, EM field to strong to be handled by our bodies, losing balance and showing symptoms similar to cold/influenza. As Jim pointed out, these epicenters are among most heavily poluted locales, so all toxicological influences should be considered as possible triggers and tested by properly constructed experiments, which would confirm or refute causation link. Which isn’t going to happen because our overlords know what’d show up in the results, so they resorted to a classic magickal trick – illusion and distraction. Anyway, there’re many factors influencing our bodily balance so stay alert about where ya live, what kind of food and water ya consume, what chemistry ya use in yr home, be sure to keep EM sources as far away from ya when possible, etc. Until we’re 100% sure what is actually harmful and what isn’t, it’s better to resort to common sense and avoid ’em all. Good question is how to avoid this omnipresent radiation produced by gazillion GSM towers. Where to hide? Or should we consider building a Faraday cage within our homes to be 100% sure? It’s absolutely unbelievable we have to consider this as a new normalcy.

        How to be sure there are any excess deaths? Which statistics to trust? How to even start analyzing it? I really have zero faith or trust when it comes to official numbers.


          1. Your information is a gold mine. I started reading and was immediately immersed, with much left to cover. Thank you for bringing it to us. It is new information applied to old logic that forces a change in outlook. I’ve completely changed my view of disease since the start of the pandemic, and was busy trying to work things out in a new way. This information is a curve ball even for the new outlook.

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            1. my state is in the top 12 (MA) and call me a nutter, but the chemtrails pre-covid were off the charts. Our skies (coastal suburban, no factories or fracking) looked like NYC, the trees, plants were struggling, many dying.
              I’ve watched them ‘spray’ (obsessively) for what seems like forever and it’s so obvious that the flight patterns, sharp ascents, altitudes of those planes make zero sense for any type of commercial flight and/or the location of Logan airport. And once the ‘spray’ is released, the sunrise/sunset is obliterated and the sky is a whitish-gray.
              For years, there was no let up, other than a day here/there every 2 or 3 weeks. And then shortly after covid was sensationalized, the spraying just stopped, the blue sky/puffy clouds returned and the trees, plants regenerated in a short time. Honestly, it was so noticeable/abrupt, that even friends/family, who are skeptics, called me to say they also saw the change in the sky.
              Anyway, given the link to the above pollution report, I can’t 100% rule out chemtrails being a factor; whatever ‘it’ is spewing out of the back of those ‘selected’ planes, and basically masking the sun, can’t be healthy for any living thing.

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              1. The thing with “chemtrails” is, what are they? The patterned trails we can observe in many places must have a special meaning; normal flight routes are not square patterns.

                Possibilities I see:
                1 – just contrails of high-flying planes (majority, especially the single trails)
                2 – weather modification/cloud creation (explains the patterns and your experience could fit into this)
                3 – spraying metals in the air for enhanced electromagnetic activity (communication), I have seen reports on this and it makes sense and it explains the data gathered by common people showing elevated metal contents (the ones that are not in kerosine)
                4 – “satellites” – this is my main explanation, especially for the patterned trails. You can see it on Google Maps “satellite view”, it just says “Boeing” or “Airbus”!

                If man-made satellites in orbit do not exist (and if space travel is impossible, they cannot exist), there needs to be ways to gather satellite data, because the data is real. I have used a lot of it in my former professional life and the data aligns with ground-based measurements, so it is not “made up”. High-flying planes in patterns explains “satellite” data acquisition I think.

                What I don’t see as viable is “chemtrails designed to poison us”. If you imagine a plane loaded with 1000 kg of botulin (the most toxic substance we know of), it would take too long to poison us.

                And especially it doesn’t make sense. The whole reason spraying planes fly very LOW is that else the concentration is too low to be effective.

                With planes flying at contrail altitudes (60,000 ft or so, double normal cruising altitudes) the area where the exhaust particles are spread is very large, but that makes the concentration per area extremely small.

                And if they spray to poison us, we would expect to see an increase in chemtrails with Covid. Because those pesky outdoor lovers (most of us I reckon) could be punished from the air by those poisoning chemtrails.

                Do you see other possibilities than the ones I listed? Or other ideas about those trails? They exist, it is stupid to deny their existence. But what they represent is another story. The killing chemtrail idea is presented by YTers who tend to lose skepticism and just repeat what others say about those trails.


                1. The one thing that delineates a chemtrail (vs a con trail), is the dissipation, as con trails don’t last, chemtrails linger and spread and appear to gravitate toward the sun. I don’t agree that chemtrails are being used to wipe us all out, but I do think that whatever it is they use them for, the side effects of all that spraying, whether it be metals to enhance communication or weather manipulation, cannot be healthy for people, animals or plants and possibly contributes to all the dis-ease. Especially over such a long period of time. The lack of direct sunlight alone is in itself a huge side effect of chemtrails. Viewing a flawless sunrise/sunset is extremely rare compared to the past.
                  I compare it to pesticides/Round Up sprayed on our food. Or flouride in our water and thousands of other substances we knowingly and unknowingly consume. Pharmaceuticals as well.
                  When they stopped spraying after covid I saw it more as an ‘oops’ moment, kind of like they realized they took it too far and had to back off.


              2. I’ve heard helicopters at 3.00 AM hovering around my town for apparent reason, I’ve heard them hovering for over an hour one night, got up and saw one stationery (as a chopper can be) while another moved around. Your comment made me think were they spraying something at night so they won’t be seen – it’s not cheap hiring helicopters I would suspect.


                1. I don’t think they are spraying. Rather monitoring. If they’d spray, where is the reservoir located they spray from?

                  My experience right in front of the Palace in the north of Bogotá is that there are LESS helicopters flying over since Covid. It started beginning of 2019 after a psyop they pulled with a van attack on the police academy here in the city (first day, police students killed by a ‘terrorist’, typical psyop speech).

                  That led to having 7 military drones flying over the center of the city (not in my view, but at my neighbor I saw those lights and asked him and he told me) everyday. Monitoring the (much poorer and more dangerous center and south of the city).

                  Here in the north we don’t have drones, but helicopters. Blackhawk ones. The website of the police didn’t give much information WHY they were flying around, but they invented another story about a girl who got kidnapped and they were tracing the kidnappers and that is the reason they “need to” monitor us.

                  I suspect that most helicopters are used for monitoring/filming us, their envisioned livestock.

                  But other possibilities may be there. Just how would spraying work from a helicopter? And then unnoticed in urban areas? It may be true, but I don’t see how it would work. Spraying stuff, no matter how little you need, needs to be contained in a reservoir in the helicopter, right?


                  1. Would helicopters film at 3.00 AM in the morning? There’s no traffic at that time any more, no passers-by to see, a couple of hours later there’s the sound of birds, but that’s it. I’ve seen none (choppers) in the day time.


                    1. Tracking criminals, burglars? I don’t know. I don’t even know what the helicopters right in view are doing exactly.

                      But for a “spraying helicopter” to exist, wouldn’t we need at least some info on how they work or evidence of their existence? If it is just a one event, then does spraying even make sense?

                      On your earlier point; the whole point about contrails and why some stay visible longer is simply an altitude thing. At lower altitudes the temperature and pressure of the air is much higher than higher up. So at higher altitudes the difference between the hot exhausts is much larger. And a larger difference takes longer to reach back equilibrium. That explains why some trails (of higher flying planes) dissipate much slower than trails at lower altitudes.


                    2. I have read that as well, low vs high altitude, as well as temperature (summer/winter) Granted, this is based on visual observation only, from both ground and 30+k ft., but the altitude/temperature rules, which should apply to the majority of flights, do not.


                1. I’m near Cape Cod, moved back about 5 years ago. They were pretty heavy before I left, but since my return, they seem to have increased and haven’t really stopped until covid.
                  Most often, they spray east to west and you can be certain the blue sky will disappear by 2pm. Then there are the ones that curve in and straight upward from the northeast over the ocean and head west. The planes are very busy before a sunset for some reason, the amount of spraying during that time is mind blowing. You can especially see it on a PM train from Boston to NYC.
                  Before covid, the longest pause was maybe 3 to 4 days (oddly, that happens a lot on holidays too) but then they are right back at it again. Given that I’m ‘old’, I would say I have been seeing this since the early 90’s, only to worsen over time. I also remember cold, but very sunny winters, when no one even heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder(?) now you may get a week or less of sun out of 90 days (Jan, Feb, March, I kept track in 2018 because the weather apps are BS and do not reflect reality)
                  Prior to my moving back, I lived in Manhattan and Long Island, the chemtrails were quite excessive there as well. In LI, you could see the sunrise being wiped out every morning from the train and in Manhattan, all you had to do was look up on any given day.
                  I’m in no way referring to a chemtrail ‘death conspiracy’ of sorts, I just really wonder if there’s a possibility that illness is an unintentional byproduct of whatever is being released from those planes. At the very least, it definitely diffuses/weakens the sunlight (never mind turn a blue sky white) which, imo, is harmful to our well being.


    2. from here – https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/10/14/the-virus-that-isnt-there-has-a-hypnotic-effect/#comments

      Mark R says:
      October 14, 2020 at 12:27 pm
      While I appreciate your articles I have to say you are incorrect on this. Since January, I have been writing how no one has followed Koch’s Postulates, the 1st being isolating and purifying the suspected pathogen. And for all these months I thought I was right in saying this. This morning I was humbled because here are a few articles showing I was wrong. What is being called SARS-Cov-2 was isolated and cultured back in January in Australia. Not only that but the CDC has it’s own isolated & cultured sample. The damn thing is being SOLD through a company to facilities to study and research. Lastly, it is labeled a BIO-WEAPON BY THE CDC. Below are the links.
      Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 from Patient with Coronavirus Disease, United States – https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/6/20-0516_article

      SARS-CoV-2 Viral Culturing at CDC – https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/lab/grows-virus-cell-culture.html?CDC_AA_refVal=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdc.gov%2Fcoronavirus%2F2019-ncov%2Fphp%2Fgrows-virus-cell-culture.html

      Information for Researchers Requesting SARS-CoV-2 from BEI Resources

      Information Regarding SARS-CoV-2 Strains and Reagents

      Select Agents and Toxins List – https://www.selectagents.gov/sat/list.htm

      If anyone can prove me wrong I welcome their input.



    3. Notanonymous, alias Mark Tic, did not answer any of the questions posed to him re genome sequencing and other things, he merely suggested we should watch the videos he posted, to get us up to speed, so we might possibly know enough to ask useful questions, and then he could help us. He also left us with a couple of links to help us become better educated. Here is the one that he posted to show that sars-cov-2 has been definitively isolated and sequenced https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/6/20-0516_article.

      First, in this paper, we are meant to be impressed by how the virological narrative followed by virological sleuthing led to the identification of USA covid-19 patient zero in Washington state (January), after he returned from visiting relatives in Wuhan, China. Second, we are treated to the following interesting description of the lab work to identify the ‘virus’.

      “Cell Culture, Limiting Dilution, and Virus Isolation
      We used Vero CCL-81 cells for isolation and initial passage. We cultured Vero E6, Vero CCL-81, HUH 7.0, 293T, A549, and EFKB3 cells in Dulbecco minimal essential medium (DMEM) supplemented with heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (5% or 10%) and antibiotics/antimycotics (GIBCO, https://www.thermofisher.comExternal Link). We used both NP and OP swab specimens for virus isolation. For isolation, limiting dilution, and passage 1 of the virus, we pipetted 50 μL of serum-free DMEM into columns 2–12 of a 96-well tissue culture plate, then pipetted 100 μL of clinical specimens into column 1 and serially diluted 2-fold across the plate. We then trypsinized and resuspended Vero cells in DMEM containing 10% fetal bovine serum, 2× penicillin/streptomycin, 2× antibiotics/antimycotics, and 2× amphotericin B at a concentration of 2.5 × 105 cells/mL. We added 100 μL of cell suspension directly to the clinical specimen dilutions and mixed gently by pipetting. We then grew the inoculated cultures in a humidified 37°C incubator in an atmosphere of 5% CO2 and observed for cytopathic effects (CPEs) daily. We used standard plaque assays for SARS-CoV-2, which were based on SARS-CoV and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) protocols (9,10).”

      To simplify the above quote, we have:

      1) monkey kidney cells living in DMEM synthetic liquid (43 ingredients), combined with fetal bovine serum and antibiotics

      2) swab specimens from patient zero mixed into unknown (no description given) substance(s) enabling its future dispersion into the culture plates

      3) DMEM pipetted into tissue culture plate, then patient zero specimens pipetted into plate

      4) monkey kidney cells (vero CCL-81) trypsinized (chemically dissociated) and then some are resuspended in a fresh concoction of DMEM, fetal bovine serum, and antibiotics

      5) fresh cell suspension added to the culture plate

      6) the now-’inoculated’ cultures are incubated, and observed for cytopathic effects

      There you have it. Observed “cytopathic effects” showed that the virus was present, and also claimed to represent its isolation. All of the above begs many questions, and some are posed here.

      a) If a cell is removed from the organism, and artificially prevented from dying, does its behavior / functioning change significantly?

      b) Is an isolated cell, removed from the organism, in a perpetual ‘crisis’ mode, and what does this mean for its physical expressions?

      c) If a cell can only be closely observed in vitro, how much (or not) can we know about its behavior in vivo?

      d) Can anything at all be inferred about cells in vivo by the behavior of isolated cells kept alive in vitro in a toxic environment?

      e) What specific negative effects do antibiotics have on lab cells? Do different antibiotics have different effects?

      f) What negative effect does trypsinization have on lab cells?

      g) What is the purpose of any genetic material or particles expressed by the cell?

      h) Does the lab cell’s toxic and unnatural environment lead to an increase in its production of genetic material?

      i) What basis is there for interpreting genetic fragments as ‘virus’, other than by the means of digital / computer modeling?

      There is similarity between the methods detailed in this CDC paper and those employed by Landsteiner and Popper in 1908, who ‘proved’ transmission of polio by injecting a concoction containing spinal cord material from a nine-year-old alleged polio victim into two monkeys, which resulted in the monkeys getting sick.

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      1. OregonMatt – Superb analysis here, and you raise vital questions.
        As an aside, the Vero cells are nearly always provided by ATCC. Take a look at the leadership at ATCC and see what you notice. https://www.atcc.org/About/About_ATCC/Leadership.aspx
        One individual in particular worked for ANSER. Whitney Webb wrote a brilliant piece last week, revealing the “spooky” role of ANSER. It’s a crucial read and highly relevant, in my opinion. https://unlimitedhangout.com/2020/10/investigative-reports/operation-warp-speed/. This entire scam has been a military/intelligence operation from cradle to grave – and I mean that in every sense.


      2. Virology, especially in modern times, reminds me of The Wizard of Oz, before he got caught behind the green curtain. But we are facing a militarized Medical version of The Wizard.

        Related to ATCC:

        Zika virus was “discovered” in the early 1950s by elegantly studying one monkey with no controls. That means the study is invalid, but nobody cares.

        The “virus strain” was then sequenced and soon registered at ATCC by the Rockefellers.

        “The [Zika] virus was first deposited into ATCC by Dr. Jordi Casals of the Rockefeller Foundation Virus Laboratory in 1953.”


        In 2015, Zika virus was declared to be the cause of the microcephaly epidemic in NE Brazil. The virus was said to have entered Brazil in 2015 along with the epidemic.

        However, the epidemic actually started in 2012, perfectly correlated in timeline and location with a new prenatal ultrasound program in the region. In terms of ultrasound risk, this was virgin territory, and so the epidemic of microcephaly served inadvertently as a perfect population study of ultrasound effects.

        Catch: All literature from WHO etc describes this program as a POSTNATAL program to catch heart defects in newborns. However, my communications with an officer in the program, a proud and nice guy, informed me that it was actually a PRENATAL program, pioneering, and UNIQUE in the world.

        PRENATAL means a HUGE difference in terms of fetal risk to ultrasound, of course.

        In effect, this was a covert program, and would take some planning and coordination at WHO etc.

        The Medical system is, at its core, a branch of the military. USPS and CDC are military agencies.

        Example: Circa 2013, FDA had JAMA publish its article definitively declaring ultrasound safe because — those causing damage (Doctors) are not reporting damage, though at the same time, FDA admitted that the animal studies find ultrasound damaging to the fetus. The FDA letter was co-signed by The US Marine Corp.

        Additional details:

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        1. Jim, you are a man of integrity doing honorable work. We need more honest and astute researchers like you. I am grateful we have connected amidst this whole mess.


        2. I really appreciate you (Jim West) and your research. Kindred spirits, in cooperation, can “move mountains.” Thanks for bringing valuable information to POM.

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        3. I recall Rappoport writing about Chomsky, who wrote about microcephaly in Brazil in the early 90s, tying it to Monsanto and pesticides. I have suspected that the Zika phenomenon was a cover story to protect Monsanto, as all viruses are covering for some other environmental malady. But as always, having a slice of information is undone by other, new and better information. I was a big admirer of Chomsky but never understood his adherence to the official story on JFK, and then later on 911. MM finally did a paper on him, outing him as controlled opposition, and on my own I tied him to the Pentagon Papers, leading to the outing (for me, anyway) of another spook, Daniel Ellsberg. Those papers were a clever rewriting of history disguised as a leak, ala Julian Assange and Wikileaks. Education is a lifelong exercise, no?


          1. I recall Rappoport writing about Chomsky, who wrote about microcephaly in Brazil in the early 90s, tying it to Monsanto and pesticides. I have suspected that the Zika phenomenon was a cover story to protect Monsanto

            The little I followed of “Zika” from neighboring Brazil (registered by the Rockefellers in 1983, that I found), this was the narrative at the time indeed. It was localized in Brazil around some Monsanto dump. That is why the theory aired at Fakeologist that they have poisoned our water and food supply in the last months to increase death tools has value. Chilling, but far from impossible.


          2. For those interested in seeing how ZikaV was NOT actually isolated in the early 50’s, see the following paper, which is hidden behind paywalls, but was kindly preserved for us by David Crowe. https://davidcrowe.ca/SciHealthEnv/papers/10889-ZikaVirusIsolationSerology.pdf. The paper was published in 1952 (the year I was born), but the initial monkey business took place in 1947 (when the CIA was officially born).

            The usual story. One monkey (as per Jim West above) in a cage in the Zika trees. Monkey gets a fever and has blood withdrawn. Serum from monkey injected into the brains (“intracerebrally”) of mice, mice get sick. Must be a virus!

            The paper now tells us: “A filterable transmissible agent was isolated from the brains of these sick mice.” What was the method of “isolation”? Making a serum containing material from the brains of these sick mice and injecting it into the brains of more mice, making them sick. “Isolation” achieved, ‘virus’ proven.

            We note that they now are taking the easy way, as we see that monkey kidney cells grown in labs are taking the place of real monkeys for the ‘isolation’ of sars-cov-2.

            Also notice the Rockefeller connection with the two co-authors.


            1. David interviewed me on Zika causation by ultrasound. He took an opposition view, so we argued the hour — which was fine. I think he argued against me because he was sympathetic to the anti-vax view of NE Brazil’s epidemic. And my wild theory might not be politically safe otherwise.


              My earlier interview (1.5 years before) on this topic with David, focused on the usual dissident suspects (pesticides, vaccines, etc), but months later I found that the horror of ultrasound applied to NE Brazil, and I wrote 600 pages (3 books) on this (and suffered EMF toxicity from my computer monitor 🙂


              1. Go for it, sport! That’s a great catch, they’re so busted. We may finally solve contagion mystery following yr lead. It was really obvious Matt was the clue himself, all answers rights in front of our noses but nobody could break or see through. Thanks for yr input here, yr name will be long remembered. I’m sure about that.


                1. My above comment was a reply to Faux but somehow ended up below Jim’s comment. I apologize for this, maybe it could be fixed?


                2. We?

                  To any real, neutral humans still reading this (I’m skeptical), please make note of the fact that MiniMe just referred to this site as “we”…


                  1. We – the denialists, Faux. Anybody here NOT dumping reason and doubt while examining Covid BS, that’s who I was refering to as ‘we’. Just curious, what was yr above comment about anyway?


                    1. Also, nice provocation. Calling yourself a denialist while claiming to be a beacon of reason. An obvious contradiction meant to stir up shit. Exactly what you always do, and have always done, and exactly the reason your ban here was well warranted.

                      …until “Mark” decided to let all the garbage back in, legitimize them, all simultaneously while running a coordinated attack on the person here who most fervently disagrees with him.

                      You people are a collective, no matter how much you evade and deny.


                  2. Recovery? From what exactly? Y’re acting delusional so I used words that’d help ya undersyand who is “we” in my understanding. But y’re not willing to accept any of it. The only thing y’re considering right now is anger and resentment because our views differ. Just…chill out and get a grip on yrself, will ya? There’s no agenda motivating me to post comments here, I’m doing it for my own pleasure. If ya find my responses disturbing, the reason may be in the content of yr post. This is my last reply, I have no further interest to participate in forum sliding.


                    1. By the way, I’d pay you money to try and actually use the proper your/you’re (instead of “yr”), which you do to mask the fact that you are not a native English speaker (or at least one of the people who use this identity isn’t). You have messed up several to/too instances in the last few days, and your IP address is intentionally masked to seem like it is coming from North America (which means that you are not, or not all of you are).

                      You are not here for good reasons, and any actual people who read this ought to know.


                    2. In truth, I am convinced that you are multiple people. I am tired of the brigades of commenters who clearly have agendas being allowed to run amok here. “Mark” willingly invited you all back at the same time he did his little character assassination against Maarten.

                      I am convinced this place is compromised. Readers should know.


                    3. You just don’t know me very well. I have for years been releasing commenters in limbo, as the act of “banning” someone is humiliation. If you read the commenting policy, you will see that banning is never permanent. It was that way before you came along, and has not changed. People misbehave, but are always given a chance at redemption. That’s my nature.

                      There’s a reason for it too – I’ve been banned in better places than this, and I hate it. It is so demeaning, and puts people in a position of power who should not have that power.

                      I’m pretty sure Maarten and I had a rough exchange, but note he is still a writer here, and nothing has changed. I hold nothing against him.

                      There’s something going on here, having to do with the emotionalism you bring to the fore here. When I have exchanges with people, I am not feeling the heat. I just respond as best I am able. But I’m not pissed at anyone, or only very rarely, as one time with Skink when he defamed my brother. But even he is forgiven, though I don’t think he’ll ever take a shine to me.

                      Just calm down. These are people, given strengths and weaknesses, all of us human, having good days and bad days.


                    4. Have you gone ’round the bend?

                      I am a person who does not want to have power over others. It is why I became self-employed. I want no power, and want no one to have power over me. In the early 80s I was employed by a dominating and mercurial woman, Mary Alice Fortin, who could be both generous and mean to her employees. At one Christmas she bought everyone in the office 5 lb boxes of chocolate candy. With that shipment came a small sampler. I opened it and put it in the break room. That night she called me at home and railed into me for “obfuscating” and using her candy to ingratiate myself to others. She was wild and unpredictable and had complete power over me. I had kids, needed a job.

                      That night I decided to sit for the CPA exam, a way to break free. I was before scared to do that, as risk of failure is high, and the outcome permanent. It would take courage, putting myself on the line like that, make it or break it. The following February I enrolled in a review course, and in addition to regular hours of work, came to the office early each morning to study, and had four hour classes on Tuesday evening and Saturday morning. In May I sat through the 19 hour test, and passed all five parts first sitting. I desperately wanted my freedom, and that is how I got it. More importantly, I realized finally that I was good enough to make it.

                      Ten months later I was on my own, scared shitless. I discovered, however, that being self employed meant I could make more money, have more time to myself, and I gradually really broke free, started thinking for myself. It was a slow liberation, did not really take hold until the late 1980s. I had much to break free from, bosses, Catholic upbringing, Republican and conservative. Then came divorce, alimony and child support. The only member of my family who supported this ex-Catholic boy getting divorced was my brother, the priest.

                      That’s a small part of my history. Your saying I am someone other than who I am is strange. Note there are two of us on the blog who use our real names, and not coincidentally, we are both independent thinkers who rely on our own resources to make a living. I have also noticed out in the world that the people I meet who can see through the scamdemic are usually self-employed. There’s a reason … employees usually submit to a Vulcan mind-meld, comforming their brains to their superiors.

                      Take a break, Faux. You seem threadbare tired.


          3. The Zika article also elaborates similar methodology…grinding up A. Africanus mosquitoes to make a concoction for injection into mouse brains, making them sick and thus proving the virus once again, and specifying that it was Zika, not some other virus, like the yellow fever they had been looking for.

            One of the elephants in this virological room is that the mice injected “intraperitoneally” did not get sick. The supposed virus was only able to infect when injected into the brain. No question is raised regarding whether injection of anything at all into the brain could conceivably cause damage.

            Interesting also are the “neutralization tests” described, wherein the attempt is made by some tortuous musical chairs to demonstrate the development of “antibodies”, tests meant to demonstrate the ‘virus(s)’ by a back-door method, and also to further show that they were dealing with separate viral entities.


            1. Hey OregonMatt, why do you only ever seem to respond to Mark Tokarski?

              Put another way, why do you seem to operate in total agreement with Mark Tokarski? At times even responding to questions that were put to him?


              1. Oregon Matt and I are two separate individuals who agree on much, but not everything, of course. Matt is far better schooled in these matters than me. I respect his writing. I thank him now for his new word of the day (for me): “intraperitoneally.”


                1. Gee..you respond to questions to OregonMatt, OregonMatt responds to questions put to you. Quite the unit! And you definitely do “agree on much”.


      3. @stephers – long history of ATCC, haven’t got very far yet, https://www.atcc.org/~/media/PDFs/Books/Transformation%20of%20an%20Icon.ashx

        on page 12:
        “On October 23, 1924, a committee of the National Academy of Sciences met to figure out a more durable arrangement for the culture collection. With a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, the committee formally established ATCC a few months later in 1925. ATCC’s first home would be the John McCormick Institute for Infectious Diseases in Chicago.”

        Pg. 72, chapter 7, Black Swan (false flag) events (my parentheses)

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      4. As an illustration, here is a Freedom of Information Request [not mine] to Public Health England asking for their evidence [upon which their advice to government, allegedly, is used shut down the economy is based] for the isolation of Sars-Cov-2.

        As you can see in the response, the writer gets a total brush-off.
        “PHE can confirm it does not hold information in the way suggested by your request. ”
        The writer doesn’t seem to have tried another approach. Another citizen has submitted another more direct request along the same lines, on Oct 5, awaiting a response.

        Examining the minutes of meetings of “experts” advising government, the pattern emerges of the table of scientists and behavioural psychologists sending a small team away to scroll through the recent literature [even preprints perhaps not even peer-reviewed] for tenuous evidence supporting the law and rule changes which government seems to want. Them the government bow down to the same ‘experts’ and impose the rules which they wanted in the first place, no doubt cascaded down from Davos. It’s a closed circle. The scientists aren’t the ones going to Davos, but they’re doing just what is required.


          The Davos crowd clearly sees the (financial collapse) “train” bearing down on them caused by self-inflicted, un-payable debt and an un-fixable global energy balance problem whereby new fossil fuels discoveries are not able to meet demand at a price that will support continued global economic growth — leading to collapse of their Ponzi scheme. See: 2019 “Repo-scare.” https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/why-fed-repos-capital-injections-might-not-calm-liquidity-fears-2019-10-1028643549

          There is currently no replacement for fossil fuels. Not even close.

          We have ALL been forced into an induced (financial) coma, being kept alive by a trickle of “free cash” while the evil geniuses that got us into this mess decide which economies will be “saved” and which ones are a lost cause. The last thing they want is a total global meltdown. Collapse is unavoidable at this point, they’re just working out the next moves. Looks like dept-heavy U.S. will be on the chopping block, for sure. We, like the sheep that we are, will march v0luntarily to the abittoir because we will easily be brainwashed to believe it’s “the best thing” we can do to “Make America Great Again.” Then we can spend the next decade blaming Trump, as the real fascists do to us what all fascists do when the shit hits the fan.


    4. “AIDS is a syndrome. It’s allegedly caused by HIV, a virus. Except the virus was never proven to exist, while neural damage and immuno-surpression are known effects of inhaling isoamyl nitrite or isopentyl nitrite, and isopropyl nitrite or isobutyl nitrite, a.k.a. poppers. Add to this other drugs, antibiotics, etc, and yr immune system is paralyzed as much as yr consciousness is numbed. That’s roughly all that it was to AIDS panic, a drug abuse case vastly overblown.”

      Does that mean all those folk who have been “diagnosed” with HIV/AIDS sniffed Poppers, even the Black Peoples of Africa? What about the medications those “diagnosed” with HIV have to take forth rest of thier lives to make sure their CD4 levels remain high….how does that fit in?


  9. There is an Indian paper from January:
    Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1
    They themselves tied the scare of this year to HIV from the beginning, this is not a finding!
    Back then, the tale functioned to support the biolab / WMD origin narrative, Corona as an artificial virus.
    These days some few people begin to wonder what happened in China, no news from China for months now.
    The HIV connection may function as a reason for vaccination in the future. Vaccination with new technology, HIV is hard to fight you know. On the other hand, maybe the scam is revealed in the end, it’s so transparent and ridiculous now. In Germany an entertainer changed sides, became conspiracy theorist, allegedly sacrificed his career, teaches the TV watcher about those things. But they put him on the front pages every day. Maybe this will be the gift of the Q Psyop, a big relief, something everyone is related to, to change the world big time.



    This statement release implies they will begin to put an end to the scamdemic.

    I don’t know of any towns that are still in “lockdown” mode, just phase mode and most are the reopening phases.

    There will no longer be a mask mandate in stores, schools or places of employment. They will eventually release a statement implying mistakes were made in that regard.
    A vaccine or flu type shot may or may not be a requirement like the vaccines people had to get when they were little, and it will go on their immunization records. That’s it a regular flu shot, no chip, cyanide poison or DNA altering material in the fluid.

    No apologies to those that were looking forward to keeping the hogwash going, with guillotines and executions and mass 5g killings. That is not going to happen.

    They know can’t keep it going on any longer without their own consequences. There is much doom and gloom about what could happen but I don’t see it going that path. The big wheeler and dealers got what they wanted out of this experiment and now it’s time to move on. Everything in the time frame was planned in advance many years ago, the start of it and how they will bring it to closure after the elections, and these statements are clues that things are going to get back to normal. Now they can enjoy the big money they made. They had their fun, a nice little chess game they played at the pawn’s expense, however it will wind quickly down and be over soon!


      1. The only Covid related thing going on in my area is that employees of the big box stores still wear face coverings or face shields. Many employees of smaller businesses do not wear them, and very oddly customers are not required to wear them at all anywhere and most do not. There is testing and vaccines but as of now it’s mostly all voluntary.

        With Boris the PM’s statement last week it appears they really can just put an immediate end to it. But if every Country does that how will they implement their control mechanisms. While we had somewhat of a victory with the Supreme Court ruling, mandatory vaccines seem to still be on the table as a future possibility. Are they just giving the Covid Charade a rest for awhile or what I felt at the time of my older comment…the need to move onto their many other agendas…


  11. FYI. Moon of Alabama, listed on our blogroll, has today gone completely down the RT-PCR test “rabbit hole” with both feet on behalf of Big Pharma and the globalist 4th industrial revolution cabal. Sad, but just another form — and there are so many — of managing the herd, I suppose. https://www.moonofalabama.org/


      1. MoA would easily secure a position at Imperial College, the BBC Reality Check group or on the SAGE Committee of the UK itself, based on his own “fact check”. Just one query – did any other countries change their rules on death reporting in March 2020 to produce the spike in “Covid deaths” as the UK did? Pretty well any death in Spring, based even on presumption of Covid, could be used to produce the “died from Covid” banner headlines. This ‘certification of death-lite” was only modified in August 2020 such that a first ‘positive test’ within 28 days of death would suffice whatever the ultimate cause of death. Naturally, everyone entering a hospital is tested, many of whom never leave the building alive within the month and we will never know how many PcR cycles are used on their tested material. Hence the focus on creating the death headlines has changed from speculative addition of Covid’ on death certificates to wholesale testing of the sick and elderly, hoping they shortly expire to created a ‘second winter wave’.


      2. DARPA’s “winged monkeys” are having a hard time of it lately. Between the self-inflicted wounds and censorship of some really excellent grassroots bloggers and web broadcasters the ranks are slowly being culled. Eliminate the competition then consolidate. What will remain? Only time will tell, but like most merger and acquisition maneuvering the end game always seems to be some BIG, dull, mediocre outfit making boatloads of money at our expense. Sell, sell, sell!


  12. Video in German, questioning AIDS/HIV, 62 minutes:
    Fehldiagnose AIDS ? – Peter Duesberg – Heinrich Kremer – Konrad Hoya 1991

    Produced by ex GDR broadcaster DFF in 1991 shortly before they were closed down.


  13. I never believed in HIV and never will.
    Never believed in whatever virus and never will.
    Modern science is just a scam and doesn’t know squat about what viruses really are and how do they work within the human body most of all.
    As I said in other comments months ago all diseases come from body intoxication and the mind; contagions happen on an energy field basis, when two or more people are too emotionally and mentally involved with one another.
    I never caught a disease from anybody I wasn’t involved with, and I shared the flat with someone who turned out to have tubercolosis many years ago.

    And until nobody can bring me certified evidence that viruses have been isolated, photographed and are means of contagion, I’ll keep believing what I just wrote many times before, here and on italian blogs.

    Same goes for Covid: it’s total bullshit and has been since day 1.
    There is no emergency whatsoever but the government in my country is a total joke and has postponed the state of emergency until January 31. 2021. Conte has also ordered we wear masks when outside, even if alone, and at home if we host friends and relatives. We also have curfew past 10 Pm.
    PCR tests are the biggest bullshit of all.
    We’re all positive to everything because we’re contaminated by everything since birth, our diet doesn’t help either most of the times, PCR tests CANNOT be used as a means to diagnose anything and Mullis himself has always been clear about that, but conveniently for TPTB he died last year, just months before this hoax took place, a natural death? Don’t think so, as his PCR tests were introduced back in the day just about HIV detection, and now we find that Covid is somehow related to HIV and Aids, which are two completely different things, but people still think the two things are one cause by the other.

    So, in a word I agree with what Mark and Minime said about Covid.
    As a sidenote: if I had a blog I’d never allow certain people to disrepect me, in fact I do not believe in democracy when it come to alternative blogs, if democracy means having to deal with shite caused by extreme paranoia.


          1. I believe you’re being targeted by deep state AI for your discovery of the chromosome-8 primer sequence. I don’t think it matters much in terms of PCR “testing” – they can adjust the amount overall of positives simply by changing the number of cycles in the process (switching brands of “tests”), so you are probably correct about it’s relevance to the PCR experiment… and they know this, and exploit it. However, I actually think you’ve unintentionally uncovered something else that’s relevant to the vaccine. If that sequence is being used in the development of the vaccine, regardless if the sequence is actually present in the viral particle or not, it definitely has the potential to have an “unintended” effect on our bodies – perhaps even the mechanism of sterilization? It’s all speculation at this point but I do believe that they seriously crapped their pants when that information went viral, targeted the writer, and helped via fake account bot nets to propagate the misinformation while diminishing the core part of the finding that remains relevant.
            Check out how they target “troublesome” intelligent people into a suicidal state:


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