19 thoughts on “Life in East Germany, I mean, Canada

  1. Well, this thinking and fully-human woman was hoisted on her own ethical petard, tragically. What sane/insane system would want someone teaching young adults “critical thinking”? Hell, no! Shut it down!
    She must be one of the last good teachers. Next stop, Idiocracy.

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    1. Maybe worthy of own article, but I asked shortly back…if all “nations” are Corporations (which a short search of Dun&Bradstreet indicates to be Yes), then who pray tell, “issues” or “grants” them their Charter?

      Same hidden forces? Who / what is above nation states to be “granting” charters??

      Royal Crown (as Steve may have indicated as much)??

      Anyone? I don’t know anything about it which is why I asked.

      And who are the “shareholders”??

      And where can we obtain an ” annual report”??

      I agree with you, it is all hidden while we go about our “keep them busy” daily lives.

      Pilgrims and Indians is the mythology we get. Keep ’em dumb and stoopid!

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      1. CAFR is where you can see the annual audits. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comprehensive_annual_financial_report

        Those calling for auditing the FED need only look it up. Your city? Look it up. It’s all there. Funds in various trusts are invested in publicly traded stocks, bonds, etc. Surprise, the governments of the world in aggregate are controlling shareholders in many major publicly traded corporations. Nice, neat little “circle jerk.”


  2. And where is the Stock traded, or is it ALL “Private Stock”??

    And obviously they ” profit’ off the people yes?? So peope in charge “serve” their “shareholders”, right? Animal farming…on the plantation!!

    While blowing smoke up public’s rear regarding “Democracy”???


    1. Ras are you referring to the possible process of an individual to “claim minor estate”? Are we traded on the stock market via are birth certificate numbers and can somehow claim that and cash out?

      As far as the woman professor, did she have a contract for the year signed or is she an At Will employee?
      At Will employees can be discharged for any reason at any time. Depending on the wording of her discharge, perhaps in the future she will have future legal recourse. Considering her experience she can move on to another place with no restrictions, where she will be happier.


      1. These are all 200% excellent questions! Questions I know not even to ask!

        All 700% learning on my part.

        Is why I hinted at an article written by someone much more knowlegable than myself.


  3. I watched the video. What a brave woman, this Julie. It broke my heart as she was breaking down at the end of it. They’ve managed to stress out millions of people worldwide and continue to do so with their army being public employees in directorial positions. It makes me nauseous, just how many Quislings and sellouts are out there? You know, it’s saddening to realize that the most brainwashed people are actually defending the corrupted system without realizing they’re as expendable as anybody else outside the small group of Tyrants.

    I’m lately telling all of those who dare to aprove coerced vaccination, that it will be once recognised as a crime against the humanity. Since they’re peddling it, they’re partners in crime with those who have mandated it. We, the people won’t forget that stance. Cowards and fascists, that’s who they are.

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  4. Where is the power to make this happen?
    At my place of work up until now anyone having to self isolate for covid has had full pay and no accruing of sick days, regardless of how many times they’ve had to do it.
    They’ve just changed the rules, this only continues if you’re double jabbed. If not, sick days are counted and no more unlimited full pay.
    They’ve also started to have a vaccination bus turn up weekly on site.


  5. In this whatever it is we’re in, when the little dog pulls back the curtain, the state police shoots the dog.

    In ponerology, it must be understood that demolition does not spare beauty, knowledge, logic, family, ethics, or morality because the objective is destruction of those individual expressions. That is what leftist, Marxist, totalitarian, fascist, satanic, etc. democracies do. Destroy.

    If you haven’t noticed, they don’t build anything or create anything or care for anything or protect and nurture anything, regardless of the marketing campaign or talking points from the beedy eyes and flapping heads. It is all words and images of war, terror, destruction and hate–crafted into an appealing and catchy marketing campaign. Not to mention consumption which used to refer to fire and tuberculosis. Welcome to Costco, I love you.

    This lady’s plight is a micro illustration of how corporate clears the decks when they want to bring in new management or restructure. Make an offer that if refused, removes you, the obstacle, from their path to controlled demolition.

    If you read the accounts of people who were restructured out of their jobs by entities like Bain Capital in the ’80s, demolition went much the same way.

    If she had played this a different way and looked at her contract, conditionally accepted, Yes, I will take your experimental biological injection if you can prove to me that it will not harm me, rebutting every point in my sworn affidavit showing that it would harm me, perhaps it would have been more interesting than another demolition.

    I read an interview of a college president here who said brick and mortar colleges are on their way out. Hmm. What would his job be then? Oh, he’s 77 years young. What will they do with the buildings?

    What remains of critical thinking, ethics will be safely stored in a check BOX where it belongs until gradually even the word will be phased out. Corporate will tell it’s resources, er, students what the bullet points are for those things in their ‘best practices’, until the resources are depleted. So they believe.

    Critical thinking has been purged already along with the notion that what happened before yesterday is related to what happens today. Doesn’t that fit with ideological or physical destruction and demolition? Bombs bursting in air, relative sizes of chunks of concrete or the integrity of twisted steel? You can’t make sense out of nonsense.

    It seems to me that high school students have been told for some time that critical thinking means being against a word like pollution, greenhouse gas, or racism either defined by an authority, or you know it when you see the logo or feel an emotion.

    Students know what they are against, but what are they for? What is the purpose? Unspeakable. It is so confusing and scary that it is best practice to hold hands to cross the street, do as you are told by authority and take your Ritalin, Concerta, Abilify, Seroquel, Myday, Risperdal and Xanax.

    It all reminds me of sick variations of the pinata or ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.


    1. on target, thx

      “Pseudo-reality demoralizes all who are pressed into engaging with it
      by the mere fact of being something false that must be treated as true.
      We should never underestimate how psychologically weakening
      and damaging it is to be forced to treat as true,
      something that is not true… ~ James Lindsay

      Required reading for private school seniors;
      public indoctrination centers wouldn’t touch it…



      1. I am slowly wadding through this very long article. Will get through it today, as it is gripping. As I read it, I am struck by how all it says can be applied to the Climate Change hoax, starting with it being utopian.


      2. Well worth a blog post! It’s long and few will either have time or inclination to read it, but the closing paragraphs make the journey worthwhile:

        Some of the requisite courage to resist can be found by remembering that the pseudo-reality is not real, its paralogic is not logical, and its paramorality is not moral. That is, it’s not you; it’s them. Some more backbone can be dredged up by realizing that once the pseudo-real begins displacing the real for even a few percent of the population, the question is no longer whether things will go bad but how bad they will go before the bubble bursts. Reality will always win, and calamity comes in proportion to the size of the lie between us and it, so it is better to act sooner than later. Still more heart resides in grasping that it gets worse right up until a real resistance mounts, and then, after a rocky transition, it starts getting better. The time to act is therefore now.

        The way resistance — just plain resistance — works is by restoring to the normal person the epistemic and moral authority necessary to resist the ideologue’s illegitimate demands to participate in a pseudo-real fraud. That is, it restores confidence in normality to the normal. No one feels ashamed of resisting a con, whatever form it takes, and this is the real phenomenon we face with any growing ideological pseudo-reality. Its paralogic and paramorality work to drain us of our sense of authority to know what is and is not true and what is and is not right. One’s authority only lacks under the assumptions of the paralogical and paramoral systems, however — that is, inside pseudo-reality — and it can be reclaimed by anyone who simply refuses to participate in the lie. Step outside of the pseudo-reality (take the “red pill,” as depicted in The Matrix), and you’ll see.

        My emphasis


        1. Was it not Orwell’s 1984 which stated 2+2=5??

          Why? Because “The State” stated as much. That’s why!

          And people will not only “believe”.. They will grow to LOVE IT!!

          Recall, TeeVee is simply a delivery system…It’s what’s fed into it that corrodes the soul.


    2. Someone, maybe Kaufman or Cowen, said that none of us are obligated or can be forced to take the “vaccine.” However, there are consequences, and that is what we have to deal with. I wonder if Dr. Ponesse did not really imagine that she would be fired? Behind the vaccine are psychopaths. She has been handed a life lesson.

      If I were still in the job market (I have not held a job in 35 years) I would consider a move to Montana where, for the time being, the governor has signed a bill passed by the legislature that prohibits vaccination as a condition of employment. He has also rescinded the executive state of emergency. Liberals are in a pantytwist.


  6. Thank you, Waterproof.

    Saker’s site has today an interesting article with a similar take:
    “This being so, and taking into consideration that the United States’ military presence in Afghanistan, paradoxically, would not be negatively affecting the Chinese economic projects, and, on the contrary, favored them by guaranteeing stability in the region, it is absolutely plausible the line of reasoning that would justify the way out: to establish chaos in a region where the Eurasian enemies would be interested in stability.

    The fourth expansive explosion of the world system reveals itself in frightening appearances by indicating, besides the increase in competitive pressure and the escalation of conflicts in itself, a displacement of what the professor of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, José Luís Fiori, would call a “black hole” of destructive force.

    The black hole, therefore, would be at this very moment moving to a new war epicenter, which would probably be the Indo-Pacific, as well as previously unthinkable regions such as South America itself.

    In a recent poll, USA Today indicated a rise in Joe Biden’s unpopularity rating after what happened in Afghanistan, which could have erroneously indicated a possible step backwards in the American exit. However, what is likely to happen is just the opposite: the bid for more systemic chaos and global destabilization.

    The world system feeds on the permanent expansion of power, and this becomes even clearer when those at the top of the system find themselves challenged and losing ground to their adversaries.

    More than ever perhaps the time has come for the Eurasians to fill that void left by Admiral Cheng Ho’s squadron in 1433.” – Fabio Reis Vianna, https://thesaker.is/nuances-of-a-silent-expansive-explosion/


  7. German here, famous for impeding teachers from working is western Germany, the BRD! The “radical decree”, 1972. Aimed at leftist teachers, young graduates could not work in their profession, they were not hired by the public service (schools), when rated “Extremists”.
    These days were quite similar, just different algebraic signs. The pendulum will swing back soon. ATM, there is a court case against a leftist woman in Germany, who literally hunted down “Nazis” on the streets, injuring them seriously.


  8. I can’t imagine what this wonderful woman had to go through, forced to give up her dream job because she wouldn’t accept injecting a foreign – and potentially lethal – substance into her body.

    At the same time, I see this as a brilliant moment for open-minded people of like interests to come together and exit the system, to turn a manufactured tragedy into something that will be to OUR advantage. Now is the time to use that opportunity. No one is forcing us to work in places where vaccines are required, anyway, so it’s time for us to exit such environs in droves and boycott them en masse. With our actions, we can inspire more people to do the same, and overtime the system will collapse on itself without shooting a single bullet.


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