The Giving Trees

June 2020

Ash Tree

The endangered Ash Tree

What can we say

We have somehow

Numbered your days

Bright in the spring

With hint of all new

In summer you shade us

And make us feel new

So wonderful in the fall

Of Burgundy glow

So majestic in winter

Dark bark against snow

To gaze at your splendor

To wish you to stay

~ Nancy Hupperich

Our family has lived in our small, humble abode for more than 25 years. Most of the trees on our property have stood here since we arrived in the late 1990s — already fully mature. It was the landscape of tall, proud, and abundant trees that invited us in. 

The lush trees have provided not only beauty, healthy habitat for wild animals, and shelter from sweltering sun in the summer, but also a place on which to hang our hammock and swing, when our children were very young. 

We actually kept the swing attached after all these years. Every once in a while, I have sat pensively atop it. 

We have gratefully enjoyed the offerings of the majestic trees, attempting to not take them for granted. To echo the thoughts of this writer, the bold ash trees have served to anchor our front, back, and side yards.  

June 2022

The photo directly above is not reflective of a storm (nor climate change), but, rather, the consequence of the blight of the emerald ash borer (EAB). Accordingly, twenty-one (yes, 21) of our trees (exclusively ash) were professionally felled. This week, it took the tree cutting service 24 hours over the span of 2 1/2 days — long days in the heat — to clean up the devastation created . . . by a frickin’ beetle

The emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis) is a destructive wood-boring pest of ash trees (Fraxinus spp.). Native to China, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the Russian Far East, the emerald ash borer beetle (EAB) was unknown in North America until its discovery in southeast Michigan in 2002. Today, EAB infestations have been detected in 35 states and the District of Columbia; Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.


Sadly, over the past few years, the green metallic-like ash borer beetle bore inside our ash trees, ravaging them — leaving behind massive decay, and destroying the natural green canopy above us. In the meantime, the dying trees provided a home for plentiful lichen. 

It is crazy to think that a small, shiny beetle can do so much damage. 

Saying goodbye to our supportive arboreal friends was much more difficult than I could have ever imagined. It left me feeling exposed, vulnerable, and forlorn. In writing this, I am hoping to achieve some cathartic relief, and to expressly honor their selflessness.

Given reports of genetically modified insects and genetically engineered trees (including the ash tree), as well as accompanying research studying the genetic resistance of the ash tree species to emerald ash borer beetles, I suppose there is a rabbit there to chase. But I am too sad today to chase those pesky bunnies. I’ve got memories to preserve before they get swallowed up by deep rabbit holes; and, indeed, our resident red-tailed hawk has been hot on the local bunny trail.

While we do plan to plant some replacement trees (not of the ash variety), we will not be replenishing our yard with gene-edited biotech vegetation, trees incorporating artificial components, or fully synthetic nano leaf-bearing trees, nor committing our trees to any form of digital slavery — as in, blockchain and tokenization (see TreeChain Network).

Given the precision tree monitoring (including geospatial data) encompassed within the Queen of England’s new Green Canopy tree planting initiative (QGC), I have to wonder if the royal tree planting deployment is mainly about data seeding and harvesting (“planting” an interlinked forest of digital tree twins in the cyber realm) . . . After all, trees are vital building blocks of the Cryptosphere (see Merkle trees here and here); and presumably, blockchain would likely not survive without them.

It seems our tree companions may also not be able to forestall the swiftly advancing nano-bio colonization of life on earth. What are the potentially life-altering implications of full spectrum technological dominance over the wood wide web via sensor-laden ectomycorrhizal fungi (EM)? Read here about a multi-faceted campaign to throw nature under the bus, reimagining all natural life as a networked bio-computational template.

P.S. Collectively, and due to overriding sentimentality, our family decided to keep the base trunks of two smaller ash trees intact — with our swing still attached — despite having to chop off all of their branches. As ungraceful as it may appear (until new trees are planted nearby), the old guys will keep on giving . . .

P.P.S. The one silver lining — plenty of firewood! (The photos below are just a taste of what was gifted to us by our fallen ash trees.)

26 thoughts on “The Giving Trees

  1. Parts of Montana and Wyoming were devastated, including our own property in Bozeman, by pine bark beetle in the first decade of this century. To me it seemed cataclysmic, and I thought “Climate Change” was the cause. How, I wondered, did forests ever survive these monster insects? It makes no sense, as they destroy their hosts and have to move on to new victims. Eventually they will run out of victims, and our forest canopy will be replaced by new species. But the Montana landscape now is unchanged. Local devastations seem to be epidemic, but they are not. (By the way, we could not use our dead pines for firewood, as the beetle resided therein. We had to pay to have each tree ground to pulp.)

    Not at all. Beetle infestations accompany droughts, and Montana and Wyoming are drought prone. This year Montana is knee deep in floods, which they will also blame on Climate Change. That is all nonsense. What we are looking at is called climate variability, or “nature always bats last”. However, humans are both benevolent and malevolent creatures, and are enforcing major changes upon us using the illusion of Climate Change … I am always suspicious when foreign elements invade our lives. Last year’s fires in California are an example. Two of them, including the largest, were the result of arson, fires set by two collegiate academics. Why?

    There are some very ugly and evil people at work … think of a thousand overweight and dumbass Al Gores running around in $1,000 suits, who live in mansions and luxurious beach houses, telling us we must endure rolling blackouts and stop traveling as solar and wind power reduce us to pauper status … the game afoot is malevolent, hateful of humanity, infecting us like a virus. If there were such a thing.


    1. This word: virus. It’s Greek and Latin roots define virus as “snake venom.” Here’s a chart of the word’s variable usage over centuries: Hence the examples cited above. From the late 16th century it was also used to mean snake venom. Other derivatives are shown in Figure 2 (please scroll down).

      It has become one of those words, like “love,” that need to be defined in context and sufficient specificity to have common meaning/understanding. Such words are weapons used against us when pursuit of truth is the means and the end.

      Thunderclap Newman — Pete Townsend’s “other band” — had a few memorable closing lines in their song: “Accidents.”

      “I see Jimmy climbing on the milkman’s van, laughing
      On his feet were a pair of granddad’s shoes
      Then I looked around
      And he was gone
      Are we to lose

      Life’s just a game, you fly a paper plane, there is no aim…” (18x)

      Makes me wonder. I have no answers.


  2. MT,

    Inspired by your comment, I made a very small, yet important modification to my essay above. It now reads . . . “The photo directly above is not reflective of a storm (nor climate change), but, rather, the consequence of the blight of the emerald ash borer (EAB).” Thank you, my friend and mentor. 🙂


      1. Les,

        I am developing some insights from this angle, but will need some more time to pull my thoughts together – coherently. Hopefully, I can speak to this in the next few days. Thank you for your patience. In the interim, please feel free to offer your thoughts.


        1. From Alison on Twitter:

          Following is a link to Alison’s timely and critical discussion this evening (June 16, 2022) with Leo Saraceno:

          Various touch points echoing my post above include: sacredness of trees, climate change narrative, blockchain, tokenization, Queen’s Jubilee ‘Tree of Trees’, digital twins, nano-bio colonization, biosensors, bio-computation, full spectrum dominance, synthetic life, fungi, lichen . . . and more . . .

          Please note that while Alison graciously credits me for providing her with the paper on “Sensing the future of bio-informational engineering,” that paper initially came to me by way of Steve K in a recent comments thread.

          Episode No.1 Summary – Featuring Alison McDowell and Leo Saraceno. In this episode, Alison McDowell and Leo Saraceno discuss the implications of “interspecies currency” and bio-informational engineering in the context of efforts to gamify our interaction with nature in the emerging data economy. Alison and Leo break down the systems, symbols and organizations involved in this must-watch, maiden episode of the 53˚ Degree.

          Episode No.1 Chapters:

          00.00.00 – Intro
          00.01.16 – Decentralization
          00.02.30 – Giraffes on the Blockchain
          00.05.15 – Sensors in the Grass
          00.13.10 – The Queen’s DNA
          00.18.00 – Deutsche Telekom Pink
          00.24.58 – Track & Trace & Stake
          00.31.10 – Oracles and Sigils
          00.36.10 – Pseudo Religion
          00.41.45 – Colonial Garden Tools
          00.54.41 – Data Ownership vs Data Privacy
          01.00.29 – Lord of the (Data) Flies
          01.11.40 – Re-Minting Eugenics

          Show Notes:

          Third-party works and articles referenced in this episode

          1- Introducing: Interspecies Games –
          2- Curve Labs –
          3- Sovereign Nature Initiative Manifesto –
          4- Breakthrough, Chapter Five –… (Source:…)
          5- Sensing the future of bio-informational engineering –
          6- Data Garden Plant Sonification Workshop –
          7- Leveraging Technology for the Planet –
          8- Blockchain Futures –

          Works and articles by Podcast guests referenced in this episode:

          Alison McDowell

          1- Tracking Students: Google Rolls Out “Anytime, Anywhere” Learning in Kirkland, WA Parks This Spring –

          Leo Saraceno

          1- Blockchain, Digital Twins, and Global Brain Economics –
          2- Interoperable Identity Tokens and the War for Our Soul –
          3- Celo’s Alliance for Prosperity: Microworkers for the Humanitarian AI –

          Support Us

          Silicon Icarus and the 53˚ Degree Podcast are a completely reader and listener-funded independent journalistic endeavor. If you enjoyed this episode and appreciate our articles, please consider making a contribution or becoming a Patron.


          1. On fungi and blockchain (it directly relates to digitally enslaving trees – and other beings) . . . (I intend to elaborate on blockchained fungi and how it relates to the World Brain/bio-computational eugenics agenda in an upcoming blog post):

            “Mycelial Earth” (May 20, 2022)

            In honor of International Bee Day, I’m proud to introduce Mycelial Earth, a community based initiative that is many years in the making to harness the power of blockchain technology, the core principles of decentralization, and the potential of the Mushroom Kingdom to restore our ecology. (my emphasis)

            After breakthrough research of bees and hive health improvement from a fungal mycelium based liquid solution, we are on a mission to distribute this to as many people and bees as possible, and we need your help getting it out there.

            We are launching a truly unique carbon neutral NFT project. The proceeds from sales will fund a new 501C4 social welfare and charity organization to develop and distribute connected bee feeders. (my emphasis)

            Every bee feeder will contain an immune supporting solution developed by me and my great team, and operated by “citizen scientists” around the world. Through a wide decentralized network, bee feeders will be delivered to as many people and bees as possible. (my emphasis)

            We are thrilled to start this much needed and time-sensitive journey together – saving the bees for everyone’s sake.


            1. Since I am still riding on highly sentimental (and vulnerable) waves today (as I have been all week with the loss of my tree companions, stirring up previous and recent family losses, and existential loss at its core), I thought I would drop this timely discussion from Matt of QofC that he posted today (June 17, 2022): “Real People” Experiencing Waves of Sentimentality and Nostalgia It was an hour well spent today listening to Matt, as he paralleled (synchronously) what I have been been feeling.


              1. Listening to Matt I couldn’t help but reflect on the beginning of the 2000’s — new century, new millennia, at least according to our conditioned concept of linear time.
                Flash #1: WWIII has begun. Of course we are shaken, uprooted, traumatized, longing for that which has passed.
                Flash #2: The Lovin’ Spoonful’s 1965 record, “Do You Believe in Magic?” And in particular, a line in their song “Daydream,” which mentions “… daydreamin’ for a thousand years…”

                “And you can be sure that if you’re feelin’ right
                A daydream will last long into the night
                Tomorrow at breakfast you may prick up your ears
                Or you may be daydreamin’ for a thousand years”

                If God speaks to us in dreams, I’m of a mind to think that dreaming doesn’t happen only at night. We are so busy during the day, we just can’t fathom that we daydream, like all the time. Dreams are unvarnished truth, like nature, but so hard to interpret as the language is in symbols, not speech, written word, or digital images projected on a screen. We march on, seeking what is always there communicating in an ancient, instinctive language we seem to have left behind. It is still in us all.

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                1. On fungi, noetic technology (the noosphere), and imprinting mass consciousness (which I intend to explain more in the near future):

                  A tweet by Alison today (June 18, 2022):

                  If you go to the Google search home page today (June 18, 2022), you will see the various alternating images of “human” hands (all very fungi-like) in the stylized logo (seems to be woodland-inspired).

                  Relevant fungal food for thought: “Google and the Myceliation of Consciousness” (October 11, 2007)

                  Google is the first psychedelically informed superpower to shape the noosphere . . .
                  The Googling that has become a prime noetic technology . . .


                  1. More Airtanker aerial firefighting cover for chemtrail stuff, which both lead to nothing good and possibly used for terraforming the fungal network for some other nefarious reason. Who really knows what these psycho’s real intentions are.


                    In other words, the fire retardant proved ineffective.

                    Spanne also spoke with Tim Ingalsbee, a fire ecologist, former wildland firefighter, and director of Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics, & Ecology. Ingalsbee agrees with FSEEE’s position that “state and federal fire agencies should be more restrained and targeted in their use of retardant. ‘The price of just one air tanker load of retardant can fund so many more workers … They’re much more flexible and nimble and versatile than that air tanker, which has one single function.’”

                    Excerpt: Long-term fire retardants have seen very little innovation over the past 60 years. The exact recipe has been modified, but the primary active ingredient, ammonium phosphate, is still the same chemical that our firefighters currently rely on to keep wildfires at bay.

                    Monsanto is a common denominator in agent orange, round up and fire retardant. Interesting!


                    Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics (
                    Is Fire Retardant Effective?
                    The Forest Service is supplementing its aerial fire retardant environmental impact statement that FSEEE’s lawsuits forced to be written in 2011.

                    Check out home page banner pictures to see what types of planes are used and the different air tanker quick change delivery systems used. All with a US military connection I might add. Hmmm!

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            2. Stephers
              Perhaps I am dumb, I just can’t get my head round how mushrooms, animals etc can be put on a blockchain, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Is there a simple way to understand this? I couldn’t understand Alison & Leo’s discussion.
              Many thanks


              1. Kath,

                I think this presentation may be helpful for context: It is about bar-coded spores, but it is very much related. If this is not sufficient, please tell me, and I will see what I can do to “dumb” it down. You are not dumb in any way. This is a challenging notion to grasp, as our minds are not yet habituated to thinking in 0s and 1s (I hope my mind never becomes habituated to this.)


                1. Stephers

                  That was really helpful, thank you. I like Ice Age Farmer & had let him somehow slip off my radar in the quest to reduce exposure to tech. This tracking & so subtle GMO coercing scheme so nefarious, hidden from general public view. I get the sense that most people will not engage or disengage, or believe the cult view via AGW. It feeds into your comments on the joyful thread too – I’ll reply to that there.
                  Many thanks again & kudos for your wisdom


                2. I too resonate with your grief. I know how I felt yesterday when I saw someone had randomly lopped off some flowering Elder branches & just left them lying & when I came the other day to a beautiful fruitful Hazel to find her randomly cut to the ground.. it’s a deep hurt & for all your Ash.. From your words it’s clear they will live on in your heart.


        2. It would make sense for the mining corporations to seek out this fungal terraforming technology.

          This adds a whole new layer to why they may be spraying chemtrails and dropping millions upon millions of gallons of fire retardant in the distant forests. From some of the research I have done, stats show that dropping fire retardant is not effective. So why do they keep doing it and seemingly wasting millions upon millions of dollars pursuing it.

          Are they somehow using this toxic nano shit to somehow interact with the fungal network to retrieve data that will help them find their next Lithium mining site for instance.

          Forwarding my Air Tanker firefighting research: Alison has also received. Port Alberni is my home town and is located 2 hours away from where I live. I personal know Wayne Coulson a former small time logging company who now is a big time player in spraying fire retardant from high elevation wheel planes. He has expanded enormously in the past 10 years operating out of Canada, US, Australia, and Chili. No doubt with the financial help of US Military. I suspect he is the cover for their dirty work. Tapping into the fungal network may have some thing do with chemtrail spraying and fire retardant dropping. This note may add to forming a perspective: From 2000 to 2019 in the US forest lands alone 192 million gallons of toxic chemicals and who knows what else is in the fire retardant has been dropped on all the innocent things living in the mainly distant forest. Bastards!!!

          Here are some pics and videos to help explain the Chemtrail cover, which is mixed into high elevation firefighting wheel planes. Foggy Port Alberni and Coulson was the chosen one to manufacture the US military quick change tanker system that is used to spray water and fire retardant, but as you can imagine could have other intended uses. Also to note that the extremely toxic blood red fire retardant is by no means worth the negative environmental consequences it poses to all living things it is sprayed on in the wild. It would never be used in a populated area because of its toxicity to water, soil and all living things, so why is it ok to drop on some distant wild forest. Its apparent beneficial purpose does not make it right. Here is a great article that explains my position on fire retardant. I would suggest it is knowing done for its negative effect on the natural world.

          So my observations here concerning the US military tanker system used in high elevation wheel planes is two fold use, one spraying fire retardant and two spraying chemtrails.
          Either one I would suggest is extremely toxic to all living forms!


          Video’s are time stamped, but please watch the whole video and others. Focus on the High elevation wheel planes out fitted for the US military tanker system. Coulson is going to become a Billionaire for sure. Quickly expanding within the past 4 years implementing high elevation wheel planes into his firefights arsenal. He has bought six 737 in the past couple of years.

          Anyway, sink your teeth into this material and see what you think.

          Coulson Aviation website
          Please navigate through, but watch their banner video on home page to get a feel for what a 737 looks like when it opens up the spraying process for whatever one can imagine is in the US military tanker system and at whatever elevation they may be interested in spraying something.

          Forward to whoever is interested in my observations.

          Tell me if all the different Airtanker configuration pictures made it. I may me able to send another way.

          Love your work

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          1. Gino,

            Thank you very much for sharing this salient information – and saving me some time. I will delve deeper into your links (including the video from Alison, which she had previously forwarded to me, and I had only superficially explored). For now, I see they all came through except for some images. Perhaps you can find another way to embed them, or I can retrieve them from Alison (?). Please advise.

            On your critical inquiry: Are they somehow using this toxic nano shit to somehow interact with the fungal network to retrieve data… Alison and I – in collaboration with Jen Lake and Leo Saraceno have been examining this. Please stay tuned, and in the interim, feel free to collate and share anything you’d like in this regard (with Alison and I). The more the merrier . . . 🙂 All nature-protecting/life-affirming hands on deck.

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          2. “So why do they keep doing it and seemingly wasting millions upon millions of dollars pursuing it.”

            Because it’s part of their population control agenda. They realized that they have no need to depend on conventional brute warfare when they can simply use chemical warfare to swiftly reduce population numbers without causing bloodshed, so they spare no expense (including, in the U.S. military’s case, tax dollars) to achieve that goal.

            It also fits into their whole “Climate Change” scam and Agenda 21/30, both of which advocate a carbon tax so they can steal more trillions for the criminals running this world.


  3. I am sorry to hear of this painful loss and thank you for sharing about it. I can say very honestly I think I know how you feel. When we had a ‘tornado’ (yes, manufactured) come over our property a few years ago, something happened to me psychically-emotionally-spiritually, however you want to call it. I did not delete my posts from that time, even now they sound kinda crazy to me now, but that’s because I really think these things need to be recorded, even in their chaos and ugliness.

    It was one thing to sit through the storm alone, but quite another to deal with the aftermath. It brought up so much past pain and denial of pain, it was like being lost in a well for two months, with everything around me crumbling down, relationships, illusions, and at a time I felt I’d already done ‘that work’. It’s never-ending ‘work’ I realized, excavating the psyche from the trauma. To see those huge trees pulled out of the ground in an instant, to see all that destruction, it triggers something very dark and profound and I am sending you hugs now, in case you are there now, or maybe just entering.

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    1. Kensho,

      Thank you for these warm, empathic sentiments.

      I am still overwhelmed with sadness and nostalgic emotions . . . So many memories tied to those trees, and the trees held many memories before our family even arrived. Witnessing the literal destruction by unfeeling mechanical equipment (and their human handlers) this past week also mirrored what I perceive happening in the world, and it all just became a lot to process – as you said, physically, emotionally, and spiritually (and I would add, energetically). I felt compelled to record it in photos and words. Thank you so much for reading my words, internalizing them, and replying. It means a lot to me.

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  4. Alison wrote this contemplative piece today. It has impacted me greatly. It resonates on sooooo many levels – too many levels: “Reject Scientific Management, Celebrate “Weeds” – Synthetic Pretenders Interlude.”

    You don’t know, until you do. Then you try and do better.

    Yeah. That sums up my feeling about now. I know that Nature is resilient and forgiving. The trees remaining on my property are healthy and robust, and will carry on, despite losing a good portion of their ecosystem – with the loss of their ash tree comrades. But I hope they forgive me. I could have stood up more for their companions. I am feeling a deep void without their anchoring presence. Miss you, big guys.


  5. From Alison today (June 20, 2022) – Part 7 of her Synthetic Pretenders series:

    “Computational Life and Industrial Design Erode the Boundaries of Our Being”

    As someone pointed out to me, the technologists worship not at the tree of life, but rather the tree of knowledge. They’re planning a world of Merkle trees, a synthetic nature with lots of magenta and very little green.


    1. To follow up on my comment above – RE: Magenta . . . relating to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee beacon lighting (June 2, 2022) . . .

      Today (June 23, 2022), Alison posted the 10th installment of her Synthetic Pretenders series: “Magenta at Dusk and the Royal Beacon of Decarbonization”

      The spiraling counterfeit “tree” was made for the Queen from 80 steel branches interwoven with LED lanterns holding aloft 350 aluminum pots with trees to be planted later for “sustainability.” The whole effect reeked of control and contortion, electro-magnetic, disconnected, inorganic, and set up for carbon offsets and citizen participation metrics. It struck me as a ritual energetic imprint, an attempt to manifest a future of “life” as engineered photonics working in man-made circuits, full spectrum dominance of the natural world by an aging monarch whose mint green coat dress stood out disconcertingly against the Windsor red carpet. Remember in the RGB system, Magenta has no “green.”


  6. Only 4 minutes long – Alison’s visit to Capital One on the Beltway (August 21, 2022). Seeing the LED-entangled (strangled) trees is incredibly disheartening:


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