Thanks to Covid, I Believe in Science

By Guest Writer Scott RC

Over the past year and a half, as I argued with friends and family about the absurdities of the Covid narrative, many of them speculated my objections must stem from a lack of belief in science.

I now realize how right they were. I was a heathen. I didn’t believe.

But recently, I made a discovery… and the scales fell from my eyes.

Like others who follow this blog, I’ve read lots of the scientific studies media and government officials point to when claiming “science supports” whatever they say about Covid. We know these papers prove nothing. They offer no credible evidence. Many are not, and never will be, published in established scientific journals. Yet their mere existence confers the blessing of scientific “support.”

As long as the authors use impenetrable language to describe scientific-sounding work on a hypothesis… and as long as the media likes that hypothesis… voilà! Lo-and-behold, science supports it!

At that point, the hypothesis emerges from the cocoon of imagination, spreads its wings, and manifests into glorious reality.

Come to think of it, it’s a lot like the Law of Attraction—a concept I’m embarrassed to admit I once believed in.

Man, was I stupid. The Law of Attraction never supported any of my hopes and dreams. Not a single one.

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On the matter of forest fires

The above is a photo of the ongoing Robertson Draw fire, located in Montana near the Wyoming border, on the east face of the Beartooth Mountains. The map quadrant is known as “Mt. Maurice,” and I assume that to be Mount Maurice itself.

Over 100 homes have been destroyed, a reminder not to build in the forest interface, says the guy living in the forest interface. Evacuations are ongoing or people are in “pre-evac status,” sitting on pins and needles. Just a few thoughts, if I may:

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The Rock Hudson affair

One of my childhood memories is being taken to an outdoor movie theater, Motor View, by an aunt and uncle, to watch the movie “Giant,” starring Rock Hudson, James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor. I was probably seven years old, and had no business watching that movie. It was incredibly boring, but I think aunt and uncle were charged with taking care of me for some reason, and they wanted to see the movie. I was just assigned back seat duties.

Yesterday I went to read the synopsis of the movie, and I couldn’t get through it. Bored again! The reason for my interest was having just read the last chapter of the book Virus Mania, titled Rock Hudson Gave “AIDS” A Face, and Virus Hunters Godlike Status. I’ve been reading this book off and on for a long time now, having to get away from it now and then because the crap that has gone down in the fields of epidemiology, medicine and virology is so ghastly dishonest and criminal. That they get away with their crimes with utter impunity makes reading about them tortuous. But I did it, got through it, knowing all along that the last chapter was about Rock Hudson.

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Common goals in differing public hoaxes

A short while back I learned from a Climate Change website I frequent, WattsUpWithThat, run by meteorologist Anthony Watts, that since 1980 the earth had experienced a 14% increase in greening effects, caused mostly by increased CO2 in the atmosphere. Eureka!, I thought. Of course. That’s the reason for the Climate Change hoax and demonization of CO2 – more greening leads to more food to more people. Climate Change, like Covid-19, is backed by eugenicists.

First, let me address an annoying topic in this (hopefully) short post: If you are a believer in warming and climate change and all of that, how can you be so dense? Look around, look at statistics (that have not been altered by EPA), and see that yes, while a little warming has been going on since the bottom of the Little Ice Age in the late 1600s, it only benefits us. We tend to thrive in warmth, perish in cold. Warming periods such as the Minoan, Roman, Medieval and now Modern eras saw great advances in civilization. Greenland ice cores show that there is no correlation between CO2 levels and temperature. But my real question for you is this: How can you stick your head out the window, see that nothing is changing, and still think everything is changing? You make no sense! You are purely a product of the power of suggestion. Every doom and gloom prediction coming out of junk science produced by climate alarmists is just that: A prediction. According to noted climatologist and all around really smart dude Prince Charles, it was all to be over for us in 2017. When that didn’t happen, the cretin merely changed the Doomsday date. If you think Climate Change is real, I want your photo to place aside Chuck’s in the hall of deceit and stupidity. (I deliberately searched for goofy pictures of Chuck. I was offered a wide selection.)

Anyway, final notice if you are a true believer: Smarten up.

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The deadliest game afoot … criticizing teachers

Earlier this week I bragged to Stephers that, having been at this since 2006, I’ve seen many bloggers burn out. But I keep going. It seems easy to sit down and write. I very promptly ran out of ideas. Karma is real.

The above video features one of my favorite comedians (I have many), Norm MacDonald, telling us that despite pompous pronouncement, teaching is not the hardest job in the world. It is the easiest. To teach a second grader, you only need have a third grade education.

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Nuremberg Schpuremberg

The Nuremberg Code, a part of which is listed listed at the end of this post (concerning informed consent), came about in the wake of World War II, the result of a public trial of Nazi leadership figures in the Nuremberg Trials, lasting from 1946-49. These days we call such public displays “virtue signalling,” as in the wake of the war the Allies were much in need of a public face lift. Crimes against humanity knew no nationality, and my own country, The United States, was sorely in need of a public trial and a few ritual hangings. But victor’s justice prevailed. The Nuremberg Code led to the subsequent 1975 Helsinki Accords, designed to ease the stalemate between the West and the USSR that existed at that time. Article VII of the Helsinki Accords reads as follows, promoting

Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, including the freedom of thought, conscience, religion or belief.

This was apparently intended as a slap in the face to the USSR, again, virtual signalling and nothing more. Neither the Nuremberg Code nor the Helsinki Accords have force of law or treaty behind them, and as such are merely window dressing. In fact, during the current “pandemic,” they’ve been ignored in total. It’s a good thing for leadership, as if these enunciated principles carried with them force of law, our prisons would be over-populated and thousands of white lab coats would be hanging in the closets. The medical and scientific professions are as corrupt as anything that might have existed in Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union that led to this massive display of false righteousness called Nuremberg.

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Zika tales – a new Seatback virus?

The above video, about the Zika virus, is about 16 minutes long. If you elect not to watch it, this paragraph will summarize. Zika erupted in Brazil in the year 2014. Interestingly, there was work in progress on a Zika vaccine prior to that time. After the breakout, President Obama requested $1.8 billion to develop the vaccine. Brazil historically had 150-200 cases of microcephaly (babies with shrunken heads) annually. In 2014 there were 4,000, most in the last half of the year. Two things coincided with the outbreak of microcephaly: Mandated Dtap vaccinations (diptheria/tetanus/pertussis) for all Brazilian pregnant mothers, and spraying of the larvicide pyriproxyfen into the water supply in various areas to stop mosquitos from infesting water tanks. Pyriproxyfen, made by Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto, caused mosquitos to be deformed prior to hatching, i.e., birth defects. An Argentine group, Physicians in Crop-Sprayed Towns, claims that the cases of microcephaly are caused not by the Zika virus, but rather by pyriproxyfen. (Link.) In the United States we annually have 25,000+ cases of microcephaly, and the Wild Doc in the above video, Dr. Dale Brown, strongly suggests a connection between the Dtap vaccine and that deformity.

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Facebook misdirection

The title of this article says it all:

Facebook: People Are Now Permitted to Speculate Covid-19 Leaked from a Laboratory

I did a run through the comments under this article – not one of which spots the misdirection at work. It is very discouraging.

The reason why the US Government is “seriously considering” that the virus might have slipped out of a laboratory in Wuhan is obvious, to readers here and at other sites like this. It’s the oldest game there is in propaganda – misdirection. Get people to ask the wrong question, and the answer does not matter. (There is no virus, Cyrus.)

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A Bill Gates fantasy


I asked a friend on the phone the other day why he thought Melinda Gates left Bill. My answer would have been “Well, if you can have lots of money and live without Bill, wouldn’t you do it?” But no, and this is a regular guy with a good brain, he gave me the story his wife was following. It is this:


Bill Gates has a ranchette in Wyoming, and is using it as a nest for his pedophilia instincts. He has visited Epstein Island 24 times in the past. He spend $36 million to dig a 300-feet deep cavern underneath the structures, and was using that to house his children, his playthings. Melinda knew about all of this, having never seen the place (underneath) but having seen the receipts. She reported this to Donald Trump, and he took it to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who used all their fancy tools to determine there really was a large cavern under the house.

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The “Master List” Fallacy

I yesterday stumbled upon this list, Master List of Logical Fallacies, assembled by Owen M. Williamson at the University of Texas at El Paso. He’s come up with 146 of them. It is quite a joy ride to read through them, so many of them updated to modern times, as in #90, “Overexplaining, aka “Mansplaining”. Some I like very much and think are justifiably called “fallacies,” such as #146, “Zero Tolerance:

The contemporary fallacy of declaring an “emergency” and promising to disregard justice and due process and devote unlimited resources (and occasionally, unlimited cruelty) to stamp out a limited, insignificant or even nonexistent problem.

My experience with ZT is in our schools. Administrators cast a negative pall over any targeted behavior (“bullying”) and eliminate due process. They apply standardized mindless punishment without a day in court for the accused. It’s nasty business, as I see it, allowing school officials off the hook. Each incident of behavior needs thoughtful and just inquiry into alleged behaviors, meting out measured and just punishment when someone is found guilty. But who the hell has time for that? (It’s lazy too.)

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