An open letter to Dave Worstell of the Billings Gazette

I penned the following letter to Dave Worstell, head honcho of the Billings (MT) Gazette, not intending to send it. After all, it would never get read. Anyway, Worstell is a journalist, and in my life I have never known a more smug group. They presume (without evidence) that they do good work, and so turn inward to their group for validation. They hand out awards to each other like candy to trick-or-treaters. David Crisp, once owner of the Billings [MT] Outpost, a smaller newspaper, once took issue with me on this blog for saying that journalists are smug and do not do good work. He said, and I would quote if it did not take an hour to find it, that the reason they do not respond to criticism is because the criticism is stupid. I answered him … isn’t that a bit smug?

I paid $1.00 for a six month subscription to the Gazette – Billings is my home town and I lived there until 2002 or so. I like to keep up. Honestly, it is not a bad newspaper, lots of coverage of lots of stuff. But the letter below addresses some real issues in their coverage. Read it, see if it agrees with your own experience.

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Overwrought by Paracelsus

I read What Really Makes you Ill a couple of years back and found it useful. Today when I went to my bookcase to get my copy, I found it missing. It doesn’t matter as I took copious notes, but generally when a book goes missing here, I means that I have either taken it to 2nd and Charles, a used book store down in Littleton, or tossed it. If I did that, I must have been a little fed up with Dawn Parker and David Lester, the authors.

I think I probably took it to 2nd and Charles. The authors now have an expanded website that includes a newsletter, some interviews they have done, and talks.

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Climate Change is backed, of course, by billionaires

Thanks to Paul Homewood, whose website is Not A Lot of People Know That, I was linked to TCW: Defending Freedom, and an article entitled The Global Climate Change Cult and the War on the Mind – 1. The “1” indicates that this article is the first in a series of four, three to follow. I will summarize the first, and the other three you are on your own to follow.

I have long known that the objective of the people behind the Climate Change movement has nothing to do with climate or CO2, but everything to do with fossil fuels. They underlie our wealth and are the key to breaking the back of poverty in the third world. One key to understanding this cult is that while they pretend that CO2 (which they call “carbon”) is a harmful gas that they are trying to save the planet from, they oppose nuclear*** and hydroelectric power, both of which are CO2-free. This unmasks them for all to see – they are against free and abundant energy. Their real objective, then, is unstated, but not hard to fathom: Anti people, growth, and prosperity in the third world.

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Some optimism checked by reality

This morning and yesterday I stumbled upon two legal proceedings I knew nothing about, one because I read WattsUpWithThat, Anthony Watts’ remarkable website that acts as a clearinghouse for skepticism about climate change and global warming. The other was a newspaper I received in the mail, and I have no idea which mailing list placed me on the list of recipients. (It could be that I subscribed to National Review, a conservative outlet, for a brief time a couple of years ago.) It is a newspaper, that is, large pages using real paper, pages that can be turned and folded. It is called The Epoch Times. (It is online, of course, but they sent me a real newspaper.)

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I am an “election denier” too

Use of the term “denier” is irritating, in that it means that certain people “own” the truth, and it cannot be questioned. The IPCC recently announced that it “owned” the science surrounding climate change. Yet anyone who takes time to look at that science with skeptical eyes will learn that not only do they not own it, but that it doesn’t even exist! The science behind climate change is nothing but a pack of lies, but it is surrounded by professional liars, people like Al Gore, who set out to destroy every critic.

I recently read in my hometown newspaper that if we do not have complete faith in election counting machines, we are “election deniers”. Right now there is a hand recount going on in Nevada, and of course I have no faith in that process. Interestingly, however, as Miles Mathis pointed out, the ACLU is suing to stop the hand count. What’s up with that?

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Judge reinstates fired unvaccinated NYC workers

With back pay!

Truthfully, a whole lot more city workers caved and did the vaccine. But those that stood their ground are seeing justice. Moral courage usually does not work like that. Usually it has to be its own reward, as once screwed, we generally stay screwed.

Read about it here.

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The search for the living Diana continues

Tyrone McCloskey sent me a face split he had done of Ghislaine (pronounced ghee-layn) Maxwell, and of Princess Diana, who allegedly died on August 31, 1997. I found it intriguing, and since that time have been busy reading the Wikipedia pages on both. Ghislaine’s is 12 pages with 180 footnotes, Diana’s 21 pages with 510 footnotes.

I did my own face split, which pretty much confirmed Tyrone’s work, that these two women are pretty much bookends for one another. I will offer my own face split beneath the fold to let you judge.

It’s a daunting task to figure out this piece of evidence, and where it leads. Both are members of the British peerage, and both were born in 1961. In past efforts I have determined that a death can be a mere prelude to another life and identify, as in Eva Perón becoming Madonna Fortin. That is fairly cut and dried, as there is no overlap. With Ghislaine and Diana, there is plenty of overlap. In fact, both led public lives at the same time. Since they are both high profile celebrities, I wonder, is there a photo of them together?

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Prediction for Europe this winter: “Intense Cold Surges”

The above photo is taken from the British Guardian, one of the most inflammatory climate alarmist sources on the planet. It was brought to my inbox by Paul Homewood, a prolific writer and very erudite skeptic. He is inked here under “Not A Lot of People Know That, his blog. He titles his post “Guardian Readers are the Most Gullible on the Planet, New Data Shows.

I have but three problems with the article published in the Guaradian, which claims that Climate Change may unlock new pathogens, both viral and bacterial: 1) Viruses have never been proven to exist; 2) Bacteria feed on dead and dying tissue, and do not attack healthy hosts unless in an oxygen-free environment, and 3) Climate change, a scare propaganda campaign, is not real.

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Dear neighbors: Please stop using electricity while we charge our EVs.

The letter above, sent to people living on an unspecified street in an unspecified community, simply reeks of smugness. I would guess the four electric vehicle owners are young, as the bulk of the climate alarmism has been directed at school children, who are now becoming adults. During the school years they were never given more than one side of the climate debate, and so they do not know the the supposed science is unsettled, and that the warmists could be (very) wrong,

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