What pandemic?

The definition of a “pandemic” is a an infectious disease that has spread over a whole country or the world. I am age seventy now, and have lived through … let’s see, looking back now … yeah, seventy pandemics. They are called “cold and flu season. The severity of a pandemic is measured by a concept known as “excess deaths,” that is, the number of deaths that occurred during the pandemic that are over and above the number of deaths that are normally expected to occur in that given time frame.

That in mind, please take a look at the table below the fold here that I stumbled upon at the Centers for Disease Control website (scroll down at that site).

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Open letter to Megan Ryan, employed by the Office of the Governor of Colorado, and having an official title way too long to include here …

The following post is more for proof that certain documents were sent to the Office of the Governor of Colorado than for anyone’s reading enjoyment. After a round of Freedom of Information exchanges, I came to the conclusion his staff members simply don’t know anything. Orders come from above. They have no clue as to masking, distancing, the utter uselessness of PCR testing or the failure to isolate a virus anywhere, anytime.

My intent then is contained in the fourth paragraph of my letter to Megan Ryan, the woman who “handled” my FOIA by linking me to a bunch of non-scientific mask studies, and nothing more. She ignored everything else including distancing, quarantine, isolation of virus, etc. She must have spent all of ten minutes on the exercise, cursing me as she went. I want it on record that that office has access to information about the pandemic, as lawsuits are indeed cropping up around the world. I do not want them, if sued, to be able to claim innocence. By putting the information forwarded to Ryan up here, I have evidence that she received the package I sent on December 21, 2020. Without this, I fear they may send it back or shred it, claiming never to have gotten it. Eventually I will include the tracking data.

I ask that anyone with resources link to this post, or mirror it, so that it too does not go down Winston Smith’s memory hole. (Smith, if you remember the book 1984, worked for the Ministry of Truth.) The memory hole was a small chute that led to a large incinerator. A metaphorical memory is deliberate alteration or disappearance of inconvenient or embarrassing documents, photographs, transcripts or other records, such as from a website or other archive, particularly as part of an attempt to give the impression that something never happened. I want the Governor of Colorado to face his constituents in court. In my view, he has committed abuse and fraud against us.

What follows is mere use of this blog for storage. Read it if you please, but I am using it to serve a different purpose.

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Somatids, somadats

The following is new to me, though surely not to our astute readers, so please humor me. It is a long tract taken from the 1995 book Immunization: The Reality Behind the Myth, by Walene James. (Mine is the second edition.) Reading the following passages this morning, I finally came to understand Bechamp’s “microzymas.”

Enjoy, as I did. It was fascinating reading for me.

“Every creative act in science, art, or religion involves a new innocence the perception liberated from the cataract of accepted beliefs. (Arthur Koestler, The Sleepwalkers)

The “New Biology”

““You see,” the Rock Forest biologist told the journalist, “I’ve been able to establish a life-cycle of forms in the blood that add up to no less than a brand-new understanding for the very basis for life. What were talking about is an entirely new biology.” He went on to say that ultramicroscopic entities that he had discovered in the blood of animals and humans – as well as in the saps of plants – were “precursors of DNA.” This means that they supply “missing link” to our understanding of the molecule that has been considered the irreducible building block of the life process.

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Vaccines and the Philippines

The following is a large excerpt from the 1923 book Béchamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by Ethel D. Hume. I don’t expect one way or another that you would care to read it, but I just got done transcribing the section on the history of American involvement in the Philippines as it regards vaccinations.

I have seen this time and again – there is no credible evidence to support vaxxing of any type, and often enough, the evidence is, as shown by Hume, negative. Massachuetts had a similar experience as the Philippines with smallpox, outbreaks tailing vaccination campaigns and mandates. Far from preventing disease, vaccines are a major cause.

And yet they go on. The insult that goes with the injury is that those who support vaxxing claim that it wiped out smallpox.

Not hardly.

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Thanks a bunch, Pogie

I am linking to a site I rarely visit, The Montana Post, run by award-winning high school English teacher Don Pogreba. “Pogie,” as he is known, is famous for the following exemplary form of argumentation … this a conversation I am making up but have experienced nonetheless:

Anyone anywhere: “But Pogie, I’ve got it right here that you’re wrong.”
Pogie: “What’s your source?”
AA: “It’s some research done from a book that was cited on a blog, Piece of Mindful.”
Pogie: That’s not reliable. I want the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS News, otherwise I don’t believe it.”
AA: But Pogie, that’s not the point. You’ve got to look at the material and judge it using your own brain.”
Pogie: “Get real. Give me a reliable source.”

This has long been my beef with Pogie, and maybe with modern education in general – he does not teach thinking. He teaches students to use other people’s brains instead of their own. The result is seen all around us, the masked masses, clueless as to why they are in such garb.

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I call your attention to this article from Global Research of Canada by F. William Engdahl called Coronavirus Scandal Breaking in Merkel’s Germany. False Positives and the Drosten PCR Test. Engdahl highlights three scandals that are, in an honest world, hoaxbusters.

    1. On November 27, a group of 23 virologists, microbiologists and other scientists called for the journal Eurosurveillance to retract a January 23 article submitted by “Dr.” Christian Drosten (the reason for the “Dr.” will be made clear hereafter) that claimed to have developed a test for detection of Coronavirus, the 2019 version, Sars-CoV-2 using real time PCR. The test, adopted world-wide in the wake of Tedros Adhanom’s, head of WHO (who at least does not claim the title “Dr.”) recommendation. The group of 23 claims the paper contains ten fatal errors, and should not have been used as justification for the Stalinist-type lock downs, attacks on civil liberties, and quarantines.
    2. In his paper, Drosten gave a variety of primers for the RT-PCR test to use, There was no scientific rigor behind them. Others have pointed out that WHO primers are found in the human genome, and in various microbes we carry with us.  The PCR test is routinely generating false positives to the degree that it is not highly unreliable, but completely so. Thus did a Portuguese court rule that quarantines based on positive PCR tests cannot be enforced. Engdahl also writes about the matter of cycles – the Portuguese court cited a study that concluded that beyond 25 amplification cycles the PCR test (when used as intended, for comparison of DNA strands) loses accuracy, so that at 30 amps it is only 70% reliable, and at 35, only 3% reliable. Remarkably, the Drosten paper recommends 45 cycles! At the level, the test is, according to Engdahl, “not worth a hill of beans.”
    3. “Dr.” Drosten may find himself in court defending his PhD thesis, which was never properly submitted to Goethe University, leaving that institution with pants down. By law, three copies are to be on file, but two of Drosten’s are missing, the third is water soaked.

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Dangerous ideas …

The following comment from Paso Robles is generating discussion. With his permission, I am reprinting it here below the fold to give it more exposure. As someone commented below, “Now, that’s a COMMENT!” It is long, but well worth your ten minutes of read time.

Paso was responding to a comment I left yesterday morning, which you can read here if you are inclined. In it, I suggested that since there is no virus, the coming vaccine can be one of two things, harmless or harmful. I felt there were advantages to a harmless vaccine, a saline solution like our former presidents will be administered live on TV. It reinforces the idea that there is a virus, and that viruses exist and are dangerous. It reinforces the idea that the public needs a nanny state to protect us. It reinforces the idea that vaccines work. It reinforces germ theory, already so deeply embedded in the public mind that it may be a century before it is fully discredited.

I don’t need to go on about harmful potions. We all have heard or expressed some fear of malevolent intent.

What bugs me is a comment that followed Paso’s, … “Nice to see POM promoting the vaccine as probably just saline, is that an attempt to increase to take up from people who question things?” I am not promoting! I am not attempting to persuade anyone, nor is Paso. We are just fleshing this out. Anyway, if you know how to read and reason, you don’t need advice from the likes of me. I am trying to decide what I want to do. If this pandemic is merely using a virus to achieve other goals, mentioned in my comment linked above, then the virus and the vaccine are less troublesome. To me. Just to me. You’re on your own.

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Awaiting deliverance

The movie “Deliverance” was famous for its rape scene, which seems appropriate in our current mass hysterical Covid-19 climate. The banjo-playing kid Lonnie, played by Billy Redden, appeared autistic, but since he was a backwoods boy, it is unlikely he was vaxxed. Perhaps he was just inbred.

1. We went to Walgreen over the weekend to get some photos made into Christmas cards. On the front door was a notice that the vaccine is not yet available. Apparently people are anxiously awaiting deliverance and hounding drug stores.

2. Montana has undergone a major change of governance, all major office now held by Republicans. The new governor is Greg Gianforte. He replaces Steve Bullock, who has been a Covid nightmare for everyone, locking down the entire state for months, enforcing rigid mask and social distancing requirements. You know … a fascist. Here’s Gianforte, taken from this source:

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Checking the obits

I routinely check the obituaries for my home town of Billings, Montana. No doubt others do the same exercise for their past hometowns. I spent many years there, knew many people, and knew of many more people. Today I came across a man I did not know, but who was very prominent. His obituary can be found here. His name was Jack Rehberg. His obit is a very well written and interesting tribute to this accomplished, energetic, generous and optimistic man. I am not writing this to detract from his remarkable legacy in any way. I am especially impressed at how he met the love of his life, a neighbor girl, and determined that he would marry her someday. Prior to the marriage, he would park his car in front of her house so that potential rivals would think she was occupied. Well played, sir!

They were married for 68 years.

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Here’s to you Mrs. Mathis-son

Former writer Fauxlex has been writing on his own blog now, which I am not going to link. There is a back channel of communication with him, now going only one way, and he’s got nothing nice to say. It’s an odd torrent of words, as he is completely without humility, claiming to be our “best writer”, and having fits of temper. On his current blog, he has done some genealogy and has claimed that Miles Mathis’ lineage goes back to Charlemange and Charles Martel. But let’s first take a look at his analysis of Miles Mathis’ mother, which he (he has since altered the text) claim(ed) to be two different women in two separate photos.

I placed the arrows there, as from his text it appears he is saying that the woman in the middle (left) and one the left (right) are claimed to be MM’s mother, and that they are two different people. That may be the case, but evidence is skimpy at best. I’ve done thousands of comparisons over the years, and if there is one thing to conclude, it is that low-quality photos don’t always tell the story. With women as well, we have changing hair styles and makeup. Obviously the woman on the right (left) looks younger. Then again, we have dates of photos, never a given unless metadata is available. My conclusion: none.

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