Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: An early version of Elon Musk?

Under [his father Leonardo’s] guidance Mozart began playing the piano at age four, was a skilled musician at age six, and was subsequently propelled through Europe, visiting Vienna at six in 1762,  Paris in 1763, London in 1764, and Italy in 1769 at the old age of thirteen. As a young child in Rome, he wrote out the entire score of a nine-voice religious work after hearing it twice. He played the piano brilliantly, he read concertos  at sight, he improvised, and he composed from the age of six; his first symphony came at eight, his first oratorio at eleven, his first opera at twelve. At fourteen he conducted twenty performances of that opera. The Pope decorated him, Empress Maria Theresa took note of him, he heard Haydn’s string quartets in 1773 and wrote his own first six that same year, at age 17. (Classical Music: The 50 Greatest Composers and their 1,000 Greatest Works, Phil G. Goulding, P121

That all sounds a little Elon Musky, if you ask me, a contrived ‘great’ man, a product of publicity and deception.

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Elon Musk, bad actor dude

imageI was reading an article last night about Elon Musk, not one that I am going to link to as it makes some bold assertions that I am not ready to embrace. This photo is troublesome, and I don’t really know why. If PhotoShopped, it’s a good one. They are at some sort of outdoor setting inferring rocketry … that would be the whole point. Musk is now a rocket man. Obama is with him because both are important men. That’s why people want their picture taken with the president. It adds credibility.

But if the SpaceX rocket launches have been hoaxes, and they obviously have, why is Obama lending his name to help make Musk appear real?

Maybe there are no real photos of Obama and Musk together. Maybe this whole thing is fake, just like SpaceX. It is hard to tell, but the whole photo has a fake quality about it.


Then there was this … Same thing. Something odd about it … Musk is standing at an angle, like he is about to fall down. But he looks like he is really there – no telltale lines.   The shadow under him makes no sense, but it could just be complicated lighting effects. The face has a dark shadow underneath that we often see when a head is PhotoShopped onto a body. But I cannot say with certainty it is fake. Just appears that way. It could also be one of those cameras they use to make rooms look bigger when renting apartments or selling real estate, except that everything else looks normal except Musk. Note that while Musk is the center of attention and speaking into a microphone, no one is paying him any attention. Most eyes are elsewhere. Maybe they are just bored, like movie extras on a set.

Then there is this. It is a nice photo of the guy that plays the part of Elon Musk, most likely a made-up name. His back story is that he came to the US from South Africa in 1981, made a fortune forming and then selling companies that do amazing things like EBay, Tesla, and now SpaceX. It is also said he has five sons. We never see them together. The point of this photo is to demonstrate that the boys are real. That’s them in the background, on the wall. The man has spent a fortune decorating.

Musk 2

Don’t believe he has five sons? Here’s more proof. Here are three trikes and two bikes and a first wife, a beautiful young woman in her (late?) twenties who has obviously not endured five pregnancies. And his dog, and I cannot help it – the dog looks fake!

Elon Musk, the guy doing to fake rocket launches and landings, appears himself to be an invented person. These photos just don’t sell him! There’s no enthusiasm. The whole affair has a plastic feel about it, like he’s a man going through the motions, a bad actor.

Most people don’t trust large corporations, so they try to make them more likeable by putting human faces on them. General Foods became Betty Crocker, Pillsbury the Doughboy, Apple Steve Jobs, Microsoft Bill Gates, Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. All fake personas, actors I imagine, just like Musk. If the idea of the wife, the kids, the trikes and bikes is to humanize Musk, it is not working.

If SpaceX is doing fake work, and Musk is an actor, does this mean that Tesla the car company is a hoax too?  I hope not. It could be that he was inserted into the venture as a public face, and a boring one at that.