Group psychosis

I was just reading this morning, in an archeological book, about how scientists actively suppress information that goes against the grain. By my nature I am a justice seeker,  and so want to read malevolence into the process. There is some of that I know, but mostly not. The process is built around fear. A group consensus naturally forms in any given endeavor, and those who go against it find themselves unable to maintain their livelihood. Unless independently wealthy or stubborn beyond the norm, deviants eventually fold into the group.

Dr. Judy Wood* caught my attention as she described why people are resistant to the idea that the events of 9/11 (just used here as an example – this post is not about that) were anything other than described by the media. She laid it out as follows:

  • People are ill-served by our system of education, and have poor thinking and research skills.
  • People are ruled by the phenomenon we call “groupthink,” as seen by the author of the book on archeology noted above. This is an inbred system of marginalization and even punishment for those who deviate from mainstream thought.
  • People are frightened by the implications of what they might learn if they deviate from the mainstream.

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