11 thoughts on “On the matter of Seth Rich

  1. Born in Nebraska to Jewish parents with no name. Graduated from a Jesuit University. Made Voter Expansion Data Director of the DNC. Died 7-10-2016 ( Lookee, Aces and Eights!) at age 27 fighting the good fight for our freedom at umm 4:20. Nothing to see here, move along.


    1. I like what you write. Though the death is fake, they are ginning it up now for a reason. This will be interesting, maybe just distraction (from what, we have to ask) or maybe a Watergate-style virus that will eventually take control of the fake news cycles for months to come.


  2. Oh I almost forgot……Here is the nugget from the Titanic British Wreck Commissioner’s Inquiry..Please read…Day 6, Testimony of Frederick Scott …….The Commissioner ” I am told by one of my colleagues that it is directly in the teeth of this evidence “…….The Attorney-General ” I am afraid that it is likely to happen more than once in this case “………The Commissioner ” No doubt; we shall not get the same story from everyone “.


  3. On another unrelated topic to this blog entry (sorry, did not know exactly where else to post it).Let me propose the theory that NSA itself made this whole ‘Wannacry’ ransomware stuff. They are testing some scenarios for a future cyber-crisis… an attack to banks and financial institutions, perhaps? In the meantime, most people is distracted with Comey memos, etc, etc. Microsoft et al design, develop and sell vulnerable software for a reason, it is not random.

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  4. Seth died at 27 2+7=9, and just in Chris Cornell Died at 52 5+2=7 no rumors on the music sites that Chris was into drugs, seemed like he was in pretty good shape too.


  5. Sorry to go off topic again, but have you looked at D J Bonebreak of the band X as a Morrison zombie? Some of the still photos look like different people to me, and the Letterman video curiously leaves him out. But the Dick Clark video has a quick one at the 20 second mark, Gotta be quick to pause and he is making kind of a funny face. I remember Jimbo with a tambourine in earlier photos and so the drummer aspect clicked on something.Also note the band’s producer. Just a WAG though.


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