A disgusting ad from the John Walsh campaign


Democrat candidates need to appeal to the nurturing instincts of their party’s natural base when campaigning. The ad men are working the numbers, trying to help him appeal to various factions. This ad was designed to reach teachers and appears via Facebook.

John Walsh is yet to utter an original thought, typical of a military man. He’s not had to think for himself throughout his life, and won’t start in the Senate if, God forbid, he’s elected instead of, God forbid, Steve Daines.

Montana teachers: Walsh’s people are making a run at you, but you won’t even get a cuppa joe with this guy if he wins. That’s now it works – they want you to show up, vote for him, and then go away and let him work for his money backers. That is his real constituency.

There is a candidate for Senate in Montana, Dirk Adams, who is talking progressive talk. I dunno … I fell for Jon Tester’s pwoggie talk in 2006. Tester played us and won and then quickly turned on us. Dirk Adams could be Lucy holding the football for the Charlie Brown progressives again, but if there is any real choice in the senate field in Montana in 2014, Adams appears to be the guy worthy of support from the left, such as it is.

4 thoughts on “A disgusting ad from the John Walsh campaign

  1. So, Swede, does that “dog whistle” make you more likely to vote for Walsh than before you’re ears started to ring with that perfect-pitch pitch for “energy independence/homeland security?” I love a parade.


      1. Don’t underestimate these people, Swede. They put Tester back in for six years on 48% of the vote. There was some very sophisticated maneuvering to get that done. The money behind the Democrats is not stupid money.


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