Trump angst

scary-trumpThe writers and friends of this blog spend a lot of time unraveling the past. It is fun, like being handed a brand new Sherlock Holmes mystery every day. There is no shortage. Without reliance on authority, eschewing groupthink and ignoring ridicule, we have developed eyes to see the real world around us and can easily spot fakery now. It’s always after the fact, but we do spot it.

And there is so much more in store, God willing and the creek don’t rise. If only … we could turn our gaze forward and see what is coming.

None of us foresaw the selection of Donald Trump to be president. Speaking for myself, I assumed Hillary was to be chosen. The whole of the campaign was orchestrated in that direction, from using Bernie as a sheepdog to Donald Trump as a foil. I am confused.

Trump is not a leader of any gravitas. He is more like a clown. I don’t think he is a business tycoon for real, and certainly not a womanizer (“manizer?”). However, he’s not insane or mindless. He’s probably a calm and collected man who is making scheduled public appearances. I don’t think a person can carry out a gig like that without having mental stability. It’s all an act, as he is not in charge of anything. His public utterances, ‘tweets,’ appointments and decisions are all handled by others. Presidents don’t do any of that in the modern era and perhaps never have.

Why he was put in the office? (Maybe he carried Utah, but we will never know how people voted.) The president can be anyone. They can even make a Hollywood simpleton look presidential.

I first started reading about propaganda back in the late 1990s in a book by French philosopher Jacques Ellul called “Propaganda” Written in 1965, Ellul described the three major propaganda centers of that era, the USSR, China, and the US. Soviet propaganda was said to be ham-handed. We can see with the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1989-90 that people were not consumed by it in the manner that we are by our “Americanism.”  American propaganda is very, very good.

Most propaganda is harmless, and has a binding effect. It is what makes us a cohesive country. There is no threat of breakups or secession here as so many other countries face. Our fake history, our kids saying the pledge every morning, the playing of the national anthem at ball games, the gigantic flags and military parades and flyovers is all done to bind us together. (We have a super-huge dose coming this Sunday).
We find that in varying degrees in every country.


I am on Facebook. I know it is an Intelligence front, in fact, the primary means of spying on us these days. It has also taken the place of TV as a primary means of spreading propaganda. I try to be above it all, going there every day just to skim. However, I cannot quit.

Facebook is currently being used for something different than we are used to seeing …”agitation propaganda,” or “agitprop” for short. Wikipedia tells us that it is something the communists did … that may be true, but in true Wiki fashion, is misleading.  Agitprop is used everywhere, especially in powerful empires like ours. But leaders know to use it sparingly. A constant state of agitation, as we saw in the wake of 9/11, destroys minds. Rational thought is shut down and the primitive fight or flight brain takes over. I am feeling on Facebook people genuinely stressed and scared by all of the Trump business – the tweets, appointments, irrational statements. It has to be by design.
Normal propaganda is cradle to grave and designed to make people feel safe and secure, even smart. Agitprop is used for immediate results. It is done when something has to happen and happen fast. It took years of futile effort to get the American public behind World War II. They finally they threw in the towel and gave us Pearl Harbor. 9/11 was agitprop writ large, the Mideast wars one obvious objective. It is still used today to advance fear and resentment – the fake deportations and immigration bans are grounded in 9/11 angst.


This concerns me. Judging by Facebook, Trump has the American public riled up to an alarming state. Couple that with the  staged rallies for women and against immigration, and it is as to presage some event. We cannot control it, but if indeed there is a major and psychologically upsetting event, it might help if many of us knew in advance it will be fake. 9/11 having worn off to a large degree, perhaps they see in Trump a chance to give us a booster shot?

I am not blasé. I worry about things, like everyone. I see them taking us places for reasons I do not know. We are in an era of awakening. It is only a small part of the population and evidenced in small part by this blog, but it does not take a majority. A small minority of vigilant citizens might send waves of concern to Georgetown and Langley. I fear major changes in our society – clamping down on our ability to travel freely or even write on a blog (already seen with the “fake news” push). I am waiting for the other shoe to fall, so I guess agitprop is working on me too.

In the end I say to myself to relax, that it is beyond my control. We’ve never been a free country in any meaningful sense, and elections have never changed that.  Elections are a distraction, “look here, not there.”  We are focused on the man moving the cups around as we try to follow the pea, failing to notice the guy behind us stealing our wallets.

Facebook is seething these days with Trump angst, and it is not accidental. I don’t know the future, but it appears something is in store for us.

39 thoughts on “Trump angst

  1. Yes, more of the same, with new packaging and a new pr campaign. Like Procter and Gamble rolls out “new” toothpaste. I think we’re in the middle of something, rather than waiting for a future something. The Yinon Plan, Clean Break, PNAC, all have common elements and similar goals. I see no significant departure from these well-established plans. Perpetual war is — and has been for centuries — our only answer to the consequences of recession. It’s how the rich get richer.


    1. That’s a good point, Steve, that the seven named nations have been under attack for the entire postwar era. I would be suspicious that there is no change in policy, that immigration and travel are going on as always, but that the news will highlight some high-profile events to make it seem real.

      But I could be wrong.

      If they stop letting Iranians in, where do our future engineers come from? The Saudi royal family?


  2. Saudi engineers. That’s a good one. Social engineers, perhaps, helping Zionists manage the goy’s every move. Saudis move money and buy whatever they need/want with “petro-dollars.” Proxy funders for our proxy armies vs. Iran, Russia, China, and anyone else not yet under the (our) thumb of NATO, the IMF and World Bank.

    Again, I generally like Dmitry’s view:

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  3. I think Trump is about keeping people engaged and invested in the political show. Cynacism runs high. In my own personal experience – during the election few people were excited about either candidate- indeed the disgust at our “choices” was palpable even among those who voted and picked a side. Saying the whole thing was a rigged farce did not bring dismissal as a “conspiracy theorist” but vague agreement. In short people suspect something is up. And Trump’s constant triggering attempts via inane tweets and so forth is too make it look like he is relevant – that the system is real.

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  4. As a related post- apparently there was some limited violence at a left/right staged protest between Actor “Milo” (a “hip” Pro Trump British twerp) and something called “antifa” (Intel Front).

    I would expect to see more of these. The show that passes for politics in this country exists almost entirely on TV. People have no real connection otherwise to politics and it breeds apathy and doubt. There are no precinct captains or ward bosses or local political machines. State legislatures may as well not exist as they are so zombiefied (other than Marijuana which is directed from above). In short there is an unreality to our politics.

    But promote some mass protests to Trump’s Tweet Trigger of The Day and then ad in some extra drama by having small groups of oppossed “radicals” throw stuff at each other- (not to mention food truck vendors as I saw at the Boston protest recently) and you have a dramatic story they will tell and retell to friends and embellish and even fabricate to make it more dramatic.

    I’m calling a wave of hoax riots is coming up next.


  5. Insightful as always. It is a shell game, but I believe everyone knows what and where the pea is. They just don’t have the nerve yet to turn over the cup.


  6. If you think and know FB is an intelligence front, why be on it? Get off – your life will be one of much higher quality. I have been off FB for years and have no regrets especially since mark zuckerberg is such a piece. Believe me if you choose to get off FB, you will live


      1. I’ve taken the week off of all social media and I must admit that it is a relief. It’s still a bit awkward as I’m not sure what to do during those moments I’m bored, but you learn to replace it with something else.


  7. “The writers and friends of this blog spend a lot of time unraveling the past. It is fun, like being handed a brand new Sherlock Holmes mystery every day. There is no shortage. Without reliance on authority, eschewing groupthink and ignoring ridicule, we have developed eyes to see the real world around us and can easily spot fakery now. It’s always after the fact, but we do spot it.”

    Someone in Taos (or his twin brother) disagrees.


  8. Yes, when the election happened, I didn’t panic, and I remember the general opinion on this blog was “don’t panic.” The feeling was, well, it doesn’t really matter who is President, since the President is just a puppet. And that’s true as far as it goes. But the election of Trump appears to signal that they are kicking a major project into high gear. We saw it with the Brexit vote, and it will be interesting to watch European elections to see if Marie Le Pen is elected in France and other nationalist leaders elected elsewhere. My gut tells me they are using Trump and these other leaders to set up nativism and nationalism for a fall. The fear is that they’re going to go BIG on this one, which would include some massive recession/depression and/or a huge conflagration. The goal being this: to show the world that nationalism in the form that Trump represents is dangerous and bad, a losing proposition for everyone. They will of course present “the only” alternative. I presume that will look like some form of world government with more liberal immigration flows and unfettered capitalism along the lines of TPP on steroids. Or it might just take the form of another major stepping stone towards that end. We’ll see. But, if that scenario is roughly right, it will entail a sharp uptick in human suffering (which is already high enough) for a prolonged period. I do hope I’m wrong.


    1. Hahaha. Do you seriously think that’s real? That thing had better production values than most music videos and B-movies. But yes, I do think it’s fake. That second kid with gun looked and walked more like a midget than a child.


          1. You’re being sarcastic, but I’m trying to understand why you are so convinced it’s real outside of what you hear on the news. You appear to be aware of Miles Mathis so you are aware of the fakery happening in the world. So I’m curious why you are so convinced Islamic Terrorism is 100% the real deal?


  9. off topic here.but now im officially convinced nfl is scripted and fake
    and by the words on message boards other people are starting to figure this out


    1. Last night’s Super Bowl leaves little doubt about that. It was beyond ridiculous. What I’m starting to wonder about is how much they are playing with the psyches of people in places like Atlanta, with such a “loserville” mentality when it comes to sports. Setting them up with such a dominant playoff run and start to the game only to shoot them down in flames with the most embarrassing defeat in football history – could it be some sort of “stress test” or part of a larger overall strategy to “bias” different regions of the country to channel emotional energy to whatever purpose they have concocted.


      1. According to the oddsmakers the probability of a win for Atlanta was 99.6% midway through the 3rd quarter.
        “Beyond ridiculous” I thought that myself during the “comeback”. I thought there is no way they have the audacity to do this fake comeback for a win. I thought ok, make a fake comeback to keep people watching as the advertisers paid big money for commercials and
        you want to keep people glued to the tv set but in the end make atlanta win.

        the nfl may have screwed themselves on this one.


        1. I hope so. You wonder what it does to the psyche of the players, like Matt Ryan, who will be remembered as “can’t win the big one” or the coach, who looks like a complete dumbass for not playing for the field goal that would have put things out of reach, and generally managed the last quarter like a moron.

          Must be that the money makes it all worthwhile, or they are just immune to it by now and know that’s the price of admission.

          It was also quite telling how cooly the Patriots were playing at the end of regulation, when missing the two point conversion would have meant they needed time to still try for an onside kick.

          There were so many things that point to a script…


  10. Watching Trump’s manufactured rise and his (?) politicking after the election, I got the impression that he (Trump) is the American equivalent to Gorbatchov. For those who are not aware or not born then – this was the “young and dynamic” guy from the ranks of the CPSU (soviet communist party), chosen to allegedly reform the Soviet Empire. Remember “Perestroika and Glasnost” ? His moves precipitated the collapse of the Eastern bloc as such, the Soviet state, and of all associated communist dictatorships in between a few years.
    I think Trump is the puppet presiding over the collapse of the American Empire – including the EU – and the handover of the “master puppet” role to the Chinese. Not sure what short- and mid-term hacks this will include …


    1. There is indeed something about Trump, a fake mogul and now a fake president (not that any are ever real says this Nixon admirer) – his image is being used for higher purposes, perhaps big changes in store. But I am not willing to speculative on what. The future is always a mystery to me.

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    2. I think it will be a multipolar world. In the next 20 years we may see many countries divided, including China, US and Russia. China is scripted to become an economic power. I see a few parallels between Trump and McKinley especially regarding protective tariffs (maybe also an assassination ?). Maybe there is something to Trump being the oldest elected president.
      When it comes to EU I believe they want to reintroduce national currencies like French Franc (France first to do this move if Marine le Pen elected?), deutschmark and others. But the Euro can still be used as reserve currency and intra-european trade. The elites also seem to want to create high speed railroads from Europe to China. The Eurasian economic union seems to be the nexus between Europe and Asia.

      I am that guy in the comments that likes too much the words “multipolar” and “multilateral” 🙂 . Funny because I probably get the obsession from sites like philosophyofmetrics (abbreviation also POM )(good info but I am a bit suspicious of JC Collins)


      1. I mostly agree with you, but :

        I think it will be a multipolar world.
        IMHO rather a world that looks like a multipolar world, but is controlled by the same old puppet masters like in the last centuries.
        It is not difficult to discover their tentacles into China. Hadn’t Mao been at Yale ? Who else accompanied Nixon at his famous China visit ? And obviously, the following Chinese leadership up to now never ever disavowed Mao – no statues toppled.

        Not to mention the very very short known (and questionable) genealogy of Putin …
        BTW, having been exposed to Russian TV for family-related reasons, I could watch a growing effort during the last years to whitewash Stalin and his Soviet Empire, the WWII fiction, and authoritarian dictatorship in general. Meaning, I don’t have great hopes for this multipolar future. Especially since I’m living in Europe, which will most probably be under direct Russian-Chinese influence.


  11. Loosely related to the topic Trump:
    I have seen that this site links to “Jay’s Analysis”. I know this site for a few month, and have been startled by his recent article about “how he converted to pro-Trump”. And following later, a talking about Trump as establishment outsider, and a challenge to globalism.
    Either he is really that dumb (or trump ?), or he is a limited-hangout psyop, like Paul Craig Roberts. I assume the latter.
    Maybe you want to think your link over.
    I don’t mind, though, but still – black-wash by association …


    1. It’s amazing how many conspiracy/alternative people suddenly became trumptards. If Trump and other nationalist leaders are a trap, maybe they want the conspiracy/alternative people to be associated with the trap. They will say that Trump and others were elected because of those “crazy” alternative guys. So the most famous alternative people now wear trump jerseys.


    2. I don’t recall putting that link there – must have been me. I know little about the site. In the end, people have to use their own brains. While the president is never an outsider and always under control of others, they are up to something with Trump, are they not? Did you see that cover on Time Mag? They’re trying to spook us! I have not seen such a portrayal of malevolent evil since OBL.


      1. I really enjoyed (and probably continue to enjoy) Jay’s decoding of Hollywood propaganda. That does not mean that I follow his opinion in other regards, like politics.
        I have met a great number of one-track specialists in my life, that held absolutely ridiculous beliefs when it came to politics. As I learned, critical thinking is not directly associated or proportional with IQ.
        I just wanted to alert you of Jay’s strange turn – it’s your site, and I’m o.k. with any decision of yours.

        While the president is never an outsider and always under control of others, they are up to something with Trump, are they not? Did you see that cover on Time Mag? They’re trying to spook us!

        I remember the Simpson episode from 2000, kind of “predicting” Trump presidency, which I have seen at about that time. Hollywood does not predict <>, they just give us glimpses of our planned future.


  12. Someone was telling me the other day about a TV show that features a Trump like character in charge, can’t recall if it was as president or just a mayor, but they didn’t design, script and produce something like that in 3 weeks.

    I always thought the ridiculous looking TV puppet character Alf from back in the 80’s was designed to prepare us for Dukakis. Looking it up, it started two years before the Dukakis election run in 1988. And that was before I had any clue how things actually work…


  13. Don’t hate me if I add more thoughts about this Trump character.

    First, Trump “himself” talks about Trump in third person. Is this an inside joke? Trump “himself” telling us in a covert/esoteric manner that he is just a role. Probably many alt-right people like to associate Trump with Pepe the frog. Characters and memes rule the world, not words nor laws.

    His manner of speaking is also simplistic. Overuse of “tremendous” , “nobody loves more …” etc. Of course his biggest role is to be the “greatest” anti-political correct talker.
    Also he is supposed to be the alpha male in chief. His role is appealing to people that in their minds are alpha males (manosphere). Of course real alpha males don’t expect a savior from White House to come and save them. Putin seems to be worshiped (very alpha) in a similar manner.
    We also have trump and twitter. I guess tweets are now considered the intellectual/official medium, while memes are the common/vulgar medium.


  14. Thomas Sheridan is another alt guy in the mold of Jay Dwyer and he’s gone over to Trump as well- He’s at times fascinating, and with a great Irish brogue- He did more than anyone to inject the concept of the Psychologarchy (my term) into the alt conversation, where psychopaths are but a small percentage of the population but over represented in the upper echelons of society- Kind of a Jews under every bed concept without saying the J word- He ‘s a horrible painter and yet he rails against modern art, like MIles (who for the record is a very good artist)-
    I think some of these alt guys are like the old Fuller Brush salesmen who lugged a suitcase full of samples from door to door- A little of everything but not enough of anything- They have a take on many things that don’t really go together, thus diluting arguments that do focus on the facts of the matter-
    For example, Sheridan will rail against researchers pushing the alien agenda and then turn around and say something like trees and stones are self aware- Oy!


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