Blog notes, welcome Steve

I am experiencing something that all CPAs know about … spring. I don’t do near the volume of work I once did, but even so have been bogged down in accounting-style work lately. But it is done now, and the weather outside is nice, the place is greening up, the smell of the mountains is intoxicating. Every CPA in the country is having similar feelings now, even those in the boroughs of New York. It’s almost over, for a year anyway. It is spring.

I have been feeling new energy, and want to get back into the work we were doing before the Mathis attack, before we lost Straight. I still have off to the side here the lists we were working on of potential candidates for fake death and reincarnation, lifetime actors as they call them over at Gnostic Media, or “Zombies.” This is the work that draws the most skepticism from readers, and the work that convinced me that this world just isn’t what we think it is. As the bumper stick says, everything we know is wrong.

I have a couple of matters to clear off the platter, and then will dive in again, re-examining old work with better technology and bringing some new stuff to light.

Steve Kelly has offered up one post so far, and I am so thrilled to have him aboard. I have known him for years going all the way back to Montana, and think of him as a friend. When I first came to know him he was working for a group called Alliance for the Wild Rockies, while I was a soldier for Montana Wilderness Association. I did not know it then, and could not have been convinced, that MWA was an industry front group. One of its insiders, who was the strongest force in the group at that time (and who is still there as far as I know – or care), was controlled opposition, an industry plant. He was put there to guide the group in a way that industry liked. They have since gone off the deep end, no longer even pretending to care about wilderness, but back then, they fooled me.

I would link to either of these groups, but was asked by one of the guns at AWR not to do so, as they don’t want to be associated with our work. I get that. Theirs is a more conventional fight. MWA can drop off a cliff as far as I am concerned.

When I look at what Steve does and what we do, it seems we are on different courses. He is a trench fighter, taking to task the timber industry and the Forest Service (but I repeat myself). He is in the courts, working with other environmentalists to stop timber sales that break the law,  and always looking for the new way, the clever way, the unexpected. He’s also an artist, as is his lovely wife, and an entrepreneur. They live full and rich lives. They are not like other people.

We’re not so different. This blog was just another Montana blog for so many years until I decided I had to do something different. I did not know what. I plunged ahead with one difference – my mind was open to new insight, new ways of looking at old stuff. Once I did that, I saw more, and came to know the group we have now. It has been a thrilling ride. Steve fits in nicely.

Steve just got done with a court case up in Montana about the ability of parties other than Democrats and Republicans (again I repeat myself) to have ballot access. I hope he fills us in on that process. The former lone representative from the state, Ryan Zinke, was raised to the level of Secretary of the Interior, a mere industry front position and not that different from his former job. All members of the congressional delegation in Montana are fronting for the Timber Lobby, just like MWA. That’s why Montana needs Steve and all the others like him.

Welcome Steve, sorry to be slow acknowledging your presence. We look forward to your unique voice, unlike any other here. Do your thing.

2 thoughts on “Blog notes, welcome Steve

  1. Thank you for the warm introduction. I will write about the ballot-access court battle soon. The 9th Circuit Court will take up our motion on Thursday. This could be the end of the line for this particular constitutional challenge to Montana election laws, or it could be the beginning of the dismantling of decades-old structural barriers to ballot access for independent and minor-party candidates wanting to challenge the corporate, two-party duopoly. None of this would have been possible without the expert assistance from Richart Winger at Ballot Access News.


  2. Steve, Good luck with election law challenge! This “supposed” 2 party system certainly needs to be dismantled….one state at a time if necessary.


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