JFKTV now available in full format

We are pleased to be able to add Tyrone McCloskey’s book-length treatment of the JFK assassination, JFKTV, to this blog. It is permanently linked on the right under “Public Hoaxes.” Tyrone prior to this time had serialized the work in ten parts, which are still scattered about on this blog. Ownership of the work is his, and it will remain here only as he allows it to do so. You might say we are borrowing it.

As with any new discovery, Tyrone’s work grew out of a central focus by a group of people – he gives due credit at the end. It was his effort alone, however,  to produce this work, as can be felt in the meticulous reasoning and research behind the words. It is a powerful piece. As I understand the timeline, the Mathis piece on JFK, the Hidden Kings, was also in the works as Tyrone worked on this, and publishing dates place that work first. However, the two men did not consult one another in their respective efforts. We are fortunate to have both in our our midst.

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