Jonestown … the end

The complete five-part Jonestown series:
Jim Jones: The Fake early years
Jonestown: Introduction
Jonestown: More Questions than answers
Jonestown: Not so remote after all
Jonestown: The end

To draw this business around Jonestown to a conclusion, I will try to answer the question “Why?”

First, some obvious conclusions.

  • Due to the location of purported Jonestown, there was no need to bring anyone from San Francisco down there. They probably used military or actual mining company employees to stage the fake mass suicide photo-op. No one was going to travel there afterwards.

  • It needed to be big, and to pull off a big fake event, they needed a remote, inaccessible and obscure location.
  • There were perhaps two hundred bodies present, so they merely bumped that to 909 knowing that even if we counted the bodies, as I did, we would assume we were not seeing all of them.
  • The scenes involving the real Jim Jones could have been filmed anywhere, maybe in that mining compound, maybe in the hills near San Francisco, maybe in the woods outside Langley, Virginia. They were always indoors, no backdrop giving a hint of location.
  • The Jonestown scene was later reenacted for cameras, and since there was no footage of the real event, “documentaries” that were made used the reenactments, affecting them as real even as the screen would say “simulation.”
  • Langley was busy identifying fake victims, supplying fake backgrounds and photos. This was perhaps training for 911, twenty-one years off. It was a large undertaking requiring years of preparation.
  • Congressman Ryan and several purported NBC employees, were whisked into new identities, probably never having graced “Jonestown.” Why bother? Purported film of that shooting, again, could have been shot anywhere.
  • Since the victims were mostly unworthy, there would not be a lot of research about them, and no investigations. Many people would be suspicious, but who are they going to take their suspicions to? The media? The FBI? They would be stonewalled. Investigative journalists? Get real. No such animal exists,
  • Guyana, a former British colony, was and is not independent in any real sense, like most colonies that supposedly break free. Its government was complicit. The mining camp already existed and only had to be stripped of vehicles (maybe removed in dark rooms – photos look hinky*). That is why it was chosen, though other options were surely available.
  • In the aftermath, Jim Jones, who had long departed the scene, went into witness protection and assumed a new identity. Commenters have ideas about this. Since it involves facial analysis, I opt to let others do it. I am tired of that.
  • His wife, Marceline, was probably his handler, as Kevin posits, and assumed a new life somewhere separate of Jim. Their 9 children, possibly just actors, are at least complicit, but are charged with carrying forth the myth. They get paid for this.
  • No one died.

Why? Well, think of the time, 1978, height of the fake “Cold War” when competing ideologies are supposedly fighting it out. Jim Jones and Jonestown were used to sully the image of “communism,” associating it with mindless robots, a zombie kind of mind-control. Contrast this with American “capitalism,” which really is a Truman Show zombie mind-control system. Americans assume they are in a relative paradise compared to their counterparts living under other systems. Jonestown reinforces the illusion of American freedom of thought.

The American public was the target, and the event was a kind of trauma-based mind control used to sell us the idea that we are free human beings living in an enlightened system. The message is that other systems are much, much worse than ours. Mind control, according to the Jonestown narrative, does not exist here. Only in other places that suffer from evil ideologies.

That is all I can make of it.  Jonestown was used to reinforce our mind slavery by showing us things far worse that are the product of these other evil ideologies.

We are free human beings. They are not. That was the message.


*”Hinky:” This is a photo used before. Ignore the red arrow. The red circles indicate places in the photo where there might have been smudging to obscure unwanted objects. For instance, the upper right circle could be heavy equipment or four-wheel drive vehicles. The same with the upper left red circle, though it is less likely there. Could that be a drain field? Lower right is a place where the road is greened over, perhaps removing a vehicle from the photo. Remember that Jonestown residents were said to have no vehicles. It makes me wonder why the elaborate road system.

The green circle upper left is odd, I don’t know what it is. A cistern? A helipad? Whatever it is is serviced by a better quality road than other parts of the compound, perhaps graded to allow movement of heavy vehicles.

4 thoughts on “Jonestown … the end

  1. Jim Jones is “The Old Man ” Character on Pawn Stars . I doubt that He has died as the media says . People where starting to wake up to this fact of “The Old Man’s ” real Identity as “Jim Jones ” . So “The Old Man ” died a second time .


  2. I agree that Jonestown is definitely a big fake made up psyco-drama created in order to cause fear and control. But the Communist system was horrifying and led to the mass murder of innocent peoples. Even though we are being manipulated and put through psychops we still have freedom of thought which allows you to give your opinion on situations like Jonestown…Under Communism your lifes are controlled and speaking bad about the government in any media outlet would send you to prison or death…But good expose!


    1. The difference in the two systems, and I speculate that it was an experiment, was to decide which was more effective at controlling people – brute force, or soft democracy with intense propaganda. They may well have decided that the Soviet system, which produced compliance, merely left people looking at their shoes and pretending to believe. The American system produces true believiers. Even as we are not in any sense free as we imagine, we are free to imagine that we are. I am free to write here because it is well understood that the general population is well beyond reach. You can fool most of the people most of the time, and that works well enough.

      It is really, as I see it, an experiment between 1984 and Brave New World, where the latter won out as a more effective means of control.


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