Columbine II: (Booster) shots fired

Sol Pais, our latest nightmare

Fake events like the Columbine massacre of April 20, 1999, are part of TBMC, or trauma-based mind control. The object is kids, teaching them to be frightened when they are young so that they grow up to be frightened, easily herded adults.

Denver is a spook nest if one ever existed, with Buckley Air Force Base, Air Force Academy, Cheyenne Mountain to the south and another military base in the city of Cheyenne to the north. Lockheed is a big presence here. So it makes sense that they would run a major fake event like Columbine here. Everything they need is at hand.

Our spooks are running a psyop this week meant to reinforce the Columbine lesson. Yesterday schools were in “lockdown” with armed cops at every entrance, and today they are closed. The reason is a Florida woman who flew here, purchased a shotgun, and is now in hiding, waiting to strike. She is said to be “obsessed” with the Columbine event.

She is said to have been seen in the foothills above Denver. Get outta here! That’s where I live! I might be close to the big event, the final showdown. Would that not be cool?

Eric and DylanIt’s just a booster shot. Columbine was a big deal, almost as big as 911 itself in terms of impact on the population. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, invented persons, are part of our national hierarchy of Freddy Kruger-type nightmarish ghouls. They don’t need to reenact the event, only remind us if it. It worked so well on the last generation that they are doing a remake of sorts on the current generation.

Imagine you’re a kid and you see armed cops at your school, and now are told to stay home because a ghouly who wants to shoot you is out and about. You’re the object of this stage play! They are entering your mind, twisting you and scaring you in order to keep you under control. Never, ever are you to break free or enjoy the feeling of true freedom.

It’s sick, so corrupt I don’t have words for it. Yeesh.

15 thoughts on “Columbine II: (Booster) shots fired

    1. What is hilarious about Columbine was that they did not have school security cameras, but decided to install them in the cafeteria due to kids having food fights! I asked a former teacher about cameras, when they began to appear, and it was after Columbine, and not in cafeterias, but rather school entrances. The Columbine cafeteria cameras were merely there to film the event, probably the summer before when the entire building was shut down for a month.

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    1. How convenient. FBI reported her dead at 10:28 A.M. (=11). Also, 400,000 students were kept out of school, which according to the news, is nearly half of Colorado’s 911,000 students. Huh?


  1. It strikes me as odd that she would be obsessed with the Columbine incident when that occurred before she was even born. (Of course, the picture of this girl sure looks like a woman older than 18. I know lots of 18 year old girls and none of them look like that.) I wonder how she became so interested in Columbine.


    1. I doubt she even exists, just a cyber bot. They wrote a story to go with her, and it shows that they don’t much pay attention to details, as they don’t have to. People eat it up. I was at the dentist this morning, and the staff there was in a tizzy.


    1. Yeah … I was of the mind that Klebold and Harris were manufactured robots. Took me a long time to understand that they did not even exist beyond some photos and movies, hired actors. That’s why Moore had to place them in a fictional bowling class at 6 Am. They were not in any other classes. It helps to understand that most of the footage of Columbine was filmed in the summer before, when the school is shut down for a month. This would include the cafeteria scenes, the Ireland window rescue, and the “1 bleeding to death” sign, perhaps the Stephanie Munson fake ankle injury too. In April of 1999 it was merely a quarantined movie set with SWAT teams running about, helicopters overhead making something ofnothing, much like Waco, much like 911.


  2. Hey Mark I raise my toothbrush to you for getting this piece out I’m assuming before dentist appointment then commenting I’m assuming while at the dentist before letting us know in the afternoon about the dentist this morning. Serves as reminder they’re waiting for me to return for some work and peaks my curiosity if you referred all things tizzy to your blog post in real time to get their truth filling. Or did you just watch and/or listen as it came in over the wire?


  3. Can someone from another state purchase a shotgun or any gun and walk out the store with it the same day? Sue Yassenoff Klebold, and former Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis seem to making a lot of cash from giving speeches about this event. If Dylan was a fake person then who really is this Sue Klebold lady pretending to be a fake person’s mom?


    1. We call them “lifetime actors,” and each major fake event has a few of them. Going back in time, Paul McCartney is a lifetime actor, as is his fake brother, Mike McGear. Movie director Roman Polanski was perhaps an honest man, refused to accept his part in the hoax, and was forced to live abroad. Another lifetime actor, Samantha Geimer was hired to bring a rape case against him to keep him quiet. They are all about us. they are surely paid for their work, which is why they can never speak up. This as I see it.


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