Bakanovsky Brats: People or Product? CRISPR Update.

The horses are already out of the barn — worldwide!

CRISPR research has (publicly) moved into actual genetic editing of human genes to produce — wait for it — Chinese twins. Genetically modified babies are no longer cause for speculation, or at least according to a recent article over at Global Research by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky. (April 28, 2019).

A Chinese biology professor in Shenshen announced that he and his team of biologists had created twin, genetically-edited babies (Luna and Nana) using CRISPR – Cas9 gene-editing technology. Whether or not this is the “World’s first” is unknown at this time. Hey, that’s what they’re saying.

Well, in January the biology professor was fired from his University position. The Chinese government is “investigating.”

There’s another twist to the story. The patent on CRISPR – Cas9 technology isn’t registered in China. The Broad Institute in Cambridge, Mass. owns the patent. Check out their Board of Directors at Here’s pack of pedigreed pooches if there ever was one.

“We’re talking about “Big Business” involving the potential marketing and sale of genetically modified human and animal life forms. Imagine the potential strategic and military applications, not to mention the emergence of a corporate health service economy for the super-rich, where “perfect babies” can be purchased for a million dollars.”

What are the chances that this technology has been around a lot longer than we can know? The “rollout” of actual human production in China makes sense if anyone involved with The Broad Institute is looking for a little plausible deniability when the “shit hits the fan” — in China, of course.

As they say in science-world, “more research is needed.”

7 thoughts on “Bakanovsky Brats: People or Product? CRISPR Update.

    1. But, it can go horribly wrong.

      As with the divine La Parton cloned into a 1996 Scots sheeple, quote, “Baaaaa will always love McEwe.”

      No surprise, Dolly the sheeple also produced twins and other multi-births. None of whom resembled the fake Rock n Wool Scotch-mist twins McArtney-McPresley. Or the face farce makeup method Max Actors: James Dean Martin & Lewis, near Bute Isle of cloned-Bertie Worsted wool.

      As for fake black-crooner/high jumper John Mathis-clone, clown Miles?

      Now de-bunked, if not quite a de-cloned clowned, or de-clowned clone.


  1. As is usually the case, when a “new” technology emerges on the scene, it has really been around and in use for decades, only being unveiled to a wider public. When Henry Kissinger went to China in 1971, he carried technology in his brief case very similar to what we now know as Internet. It is apparent from our research in facial characteristics of movie and TV stars that something akin to Bokanovsky has long been afoot, going all the way back to James Dean, probably before.


  2. Hope this will still work…this is a show between Patrick Jordan and Clint where
    Clint reads from the DuPont website about “yogurt” and “mouth feel” and it involves CRISPR…some scary and funny stuff in this old 2015 podcast….enjoy!
    [audio src="" /]


  3. here is a youtube by my friend Patrick Jordan that will shed more light on CRISPR

    It can be used for good, but “we” know it can also be used for bad and most probably will be!


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