Climate strike! Climate strike!


Have I ever mentioned how most public demonstrations are not spontaneous, but rather the result of top-down organization and agitation? Here is the result, from HuffPo, maybe 200 or so people in Pittsburgh. Most are apparently still waiting for their signs and marching orders.

It does not get more enthusiastic than this. Seriously. This is how big a flop this campaign is, only propped up by media sources like HuffPo. It is our modern version of Yellow Journalism.

The sign on the post in the middle actually says “Kindness zone.”

24 thoughts on “Climate strike! Climate strike!

  1. Yes, the Denver Post featured a bunch of grade schoolers protesting and proclaiming how hot it was a couple of days ago! They wanted to die of old age, not global warming – so indoctrinated have our kids become. I wanted to scream – “It’s still summer until September 23rd you dorks!! ”

    The hive is moving ever closer to Satan and earth worship. They worshipped the creation rather than the Creator. Truly, we are all being set up.


  2. Best comment I read about the climate protest.

    Titled, “Growing Up”

    To all the kids going on strike for climate change, you’re the first to require air conditioning in all you’re classrooms. You demand TV’s in every room with computers. You spend all day and night on electronic devices. You don’t ride bikes to schools, you ride in caravans of private cars that choke the roads and worsen rush hour traffic. You’re the biggest consumer of manufactured electronic devices which you update daily to the latest trend.

    The adults driving these protests also promote increasing our countries population thru illegal immigration. The more people we take in the more forest we clear, the more of the environment we destroy.

    Tell your teacher to turn off the AC, walk or ride bikes to school, switch off you devices and read a book. Make a homemade sandwich instead of buying manufactured fast food.

    None of this will happen because you’re selfish, badly educated, little turds inspired by the adults around you who crave having a noble cause while they indulge themselves in western luxury and unprecedented quality of life.

    Wake up, grow up, and shut up until you’re sure of the facts before protesting.


  3. Children demanding the government grow larger in power and scope.

    All because of what is allegedly happening to the air we breathe.

    Somehow, Orwell gave us TOO MUCH credit.

    If only he knew how bad things really are.

    As they say in the classics, ‘Honk Honk’.


  4. I posted this on Facebook a couple of days ago in a fit of pique:
    “All those kids who went on strike will make excellent serfs. Buying into this climate change bullshite is just asking The Man to take away the modern world that has allowed mankind to populate and thrive- at least in the parts of the world where utter nonsense like carbon footprints and global warming are force fed through the corporate fascist media. Soon enough, peasants with a life span of twenty two whose thirteen year old first time mothers die in childbirth at a near 50% rate will weep tears of gratitude that they are saving the planet by going extinct. By then the fascist inbred shits that run these global confidence games will have their brains floating in vats of flat orange soda, hooked up to mainframes that allow them to control their surrogate robot hosts. Yes folks, you wont be happy until you let that corporate leash strangle you to the best orgasm of self righteousness you could ever pray to the gods of political correctness to deliver. Not to worry, old timers. There still are an array of happy pills and an ever improving organ upgrade technology for the last Generation Analogue to hang around to harangue the moon. Gawd damm, you libtards and right wing inbreds make me want to fucking vomit! I thank you.”🤮🤮🤮🤮
    (Facebook leads me to people I care about who have on occasion blocked me for disturbing their sleep. It’s not a fetish but, for example, a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff staff (High School teammate) gave me a thumbs up for this and that makes me think I’m not the faintest voice in the wilderness. Keep ranting POM’ers!)


    1. FB1A36CF-450C-4C4A-90E8-77ECBA67506E

      I put the above on FB with words about how poor little Greta has been misled by her teachers and could use some classes in critical thinking and evaluation of evidence, currently not offered in our schools. I was attacked by a teacher. These maroons actually think they do good work.

      I get the impression that most kids and many adults do not know how to interpret or read graphical data presentations.


      1. PS – got graph from Watts Up With That, down below in the links. I spend a lot of time at that website. It is where I was able to read the Canadian court decision impaling Michael Mann (MM) in his defamation lawsuit against a blogger who said he belonged in the state pen rather than Penn State. Mann not only lost (due to unreasonable delays in bringing his case) but was saddled with 100% of legal fees, and there is no appeal for him. It is over.

        I love reading stuff like that … a trained judicial mind is a thing of wonder to behold.


      2. Bad actress Greta was on RT news today with her no-tears crying act about her future going down the pan. How long before she’s incarcerated for her own good, because the way she was shown fuming/seething as Trump walked past showed she’s a classic mental breakdown candidate. Her handlers are not only using this girl but don’t even care if she flips out completely.


        1. You got it right the first time by calling her an actor therefore no incarceration nor any mental breakdowns will be occurring. I see her as confusion also, a way to blackwash the truth in a way. She’s a teen, or at least sold as one, and since she’s a teen talking a rather complicated “science” that confuses many, she wont be taken seriously also using the cover story of global warming the plan of depopulation. Kinda like inserting truth in science fiction only those who know the truth is in there understand and believe it.


          1. She won’t be taken seriously, wha? Maybe not by us, but by millions of others, um, yeah she will..

            I’ve only heard the audio, but man, what a hammy performance. I would like to think the world would laugh it offstage, but given past experience, 90% will earnestly take it to heart. Lol.

            Even conservatives… Listening to talk radio, it appears they may be having their critique misdirected into the idea that she is mentally ill. Rather than phony as a three dollar bill.


  5. Note too…

    Greta comes from a huge family of quite prestigious actors. Her grandmother was in a major Ingmar Bergman flick as a child lead. Grandfather also illustrious.
    Greta is also distantly related to Svante Arhennius… who got the Nobel prize for discovering/describing what became known as the greenhouse effect! (in 1903.)
    Her dad is named after Svante.


    1. Good stuff Tim, then I guess its the opposite of what I said she’s chosen because of her relation to the greenhouse guy and people are supposed to hear that and assume maybe she knows what she’s talking about. I only became aware of this brat yesterday since I dont watch tv.


    2. Little miss Thornberg came outta nowhere, nobody knew who she was last month. If she thinks people are suffering so much maybe she can donate all the money she made from her charade to the needy. I don’t know how anyone awake can be suckered into this weepy.


        1. She’s a little bit of a strange figurehead/ PR move, in that her affect and “scariness” seems potentially offputting to many. Is that a miscalculation, or something they see some kind of advantage in?


          1. Rush Limbaugh advanced a theory that she’s a miscalculation bc she tells people they can’t personally do anything meaningful to help… So the CC movement loses its religious sense of personal sacrifice, for those people caught up in that mindset.

            However they could still “be involved” by being activists for government and corporate action, so I’m not sure his theory completely adds up.


          2. The advantage is gained via emotion, not facts, science or reason.

            “Make no mistake. When the most influential multinational corporations, the world’s largest institutional investors including BlackRock and Goldman Sachs, the UN, the World Bank, the Bank of England and other central banks of the BIS line up behind the financing of a so-called green Agenda, call it Green New Deal or what, it is time to look behind the surface of public climate activist campaigns to the actual agenda. The picture that emerges is the attempted financial reorganization of the world economy using climate, something the sun and its energy have orders of magnitude more to do with than mankind ever could—to try to convince us ordinary folk to make untold sacrifice to “save our planet.” ” – F. William Engdahl


          3. Steve Kelly- But that’s my point, from an emotional perspective, it seems like a miscalculation to make your spokesperson offputting.

            I know believers in CC will get right on board, but they may have subconscious queasiness about Greta. Even moreso for “neutral” people who aren’t very ideological.


          4. TIMR,
            I’m with you on that, however, emotion(s), whether positive or negative do connect in a subliminal or subconscious way that commands attention and focus in the present. That focus is what I believe matters more than whether or not we are on the Climate train or not. Misdirection by omission is every bit as effective as the usual carrot & stick, gas-lighting, blatant lies and the like. There’s only so much one can cram into consciousness at one time, and if the bandwidth is always clogged with garbage it’s much less likely anyone will notice that the banks are failing (again), or that we invaded Iran, or starved another million women and children in some far away rape & plunder operation. Add to that the widespread censorship of alternative news sources and independent media outlets, it feels a lot like we are all being “funneled” downward ever so carefully — using a full array of distracting emotional triggers — to a point where climbing back out is not an option.


  6. Soon a person will be labeled a ‘terrorist’ for questioning the global warming scam, err-umm narrative. Natural News d o t c o m has a good recent article regarding the issue.


  7. Yes they’re not hiding it, it’s in mainstream articles… So probably they do intend it to lend her some credibility or prestige.. In Hollywood movies/ fables, the hero is often found to be of high lineage.


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