Ringo Starr and Baba Wawa on John Lennon’s death

I am afraid I am all awash in confirmation bias, but I looked at this video of Ringo Starr being interviewed by Baba Wawa (the former Pamela Courson, in my view) for signs of lying, and they are all about. His eye dart. He rarely looks his interviewer in the eye. When it comes to the point where he is supposed to produce tears, he suggests they stop filming.  “Do you want to stop that now” as if tears are coming.

They don’t stop filming and the tears don’t come. He says, tellingly, that “… but I’m sure he’s OK.”

This needs other eyes. I am reasonably sure Lennon was not killed that night, and assume that any who needed to know he was still alive would know it was a hoax. McCartney (Mike) famously under-reacted, saying it was a “drag,” but has since ramped up the fake sorrow.

Tell me what you think … is Ringo, who looks at this time like a substance abuser, acting, or is this real grief as can only be expressed weakly by a man then in the throes of alcoholism?

7 thoughts on “Ringo Starr and Baba Wawa on John Lennon’s death

    1. Yeah, that is the one we know as “Mike.”

      Paul 1

      Don’t know if you follow that thread closely, but here is the original “Paul” (honestly, we don’t know their real names) within the last ten years or so, going by the name “John Haliday” and said to be the caretaker of the McCartney family childhood home. I don’t know why obvious evidence does not work on people, but the relative height of the two tells the story. Is it that you are stuck with your beliefs and unable to change? That is generally the case. People don’t like to admit they’ve been fooled. For reasons unknown, I have no problems in that regard. If I am fooled, I learns me lesson and moves on.


  1. He looks her right in the eye when he says “Dead”. I see that as him eyeing a fellow traveler, not with a wink, because he looks genuinely uncomfortable, but for reassurance, conveying to her he’s not happy with this particular work detail he’s obligated to perform. It’s like he has finally realized this is a lie that he must harbor to the grave which may explain why later in life there are at least two Ringos at work. It’s too big a job for this Ringo alone. The booze and drugs help, but without those crutches, he’d be having panic attacks when on camera.


  2. Orbison’s face is very familiar. I think he’s another valuable asset with multiple roles. The dark glasses and black wig are engineered to conceal this PR multi-tool.


  3. Ringo stating he was told John was shot in the arm and the leg while trying to appear as if news like that is devastating is one problem I see. Another is Ringo stating when I see him when stating when I saw him is appropriate past tense. Ringo clicking his tongue or somehow made clicking sound that was unnatural as if Ringo became self conscious about remembering to convey unquestionable grief for the camera. Then saying he’s sure he’s okay does not ring whatoever if was being used in the spiritual sense. Babs Wawa does not look like a younger version of today’s Babs. Babs face symmetry looks a mess on part of its side. Tom Petty is complete disaster. Can’t hold straight face at all. Seeing him chuckle with lopsided smile with Roy clip playing in background makes it easy to believe Roy days alive were pointless. The music held but his appearance needed upgrade which no chance of that so it was see ya time.


  4. Ringo turned 80 years old on July 7th this year and he doesn’t look 80. I don’t think he lied about his drug and drinking abuse just to look like a cool rockstar. He is 40 in the video at the top of page and even though he is smoking in the video he did state he quit smoking in the 1980’s.

    Hair dye and plastic surgery can make someone look younger, but on Yewtube he’s jumping around like a teenager flashing endless peace signs!

    Why does he look and act like he’s decades younger?
    His answer 5 years ago: “Just working out and eating carrots”
    Hmm hard to believe someone of that wealth would be happy just eating carrots.


    Maybe the Richard Starkey we knew died and the current Ringo is someone else….


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