Oxford study suggest virus has already run its course

This article features a study done by a group headed by Sunetra Gupta, an Oxford theoretical epidemiologist. It concludes that the Coronavirus had already reached Great Britain in December of 2019, and that by mid-January half the population had been infected. Because it is a mild bug, there were no rushes to hospitals or pressure on the health care system. Gupta and her group our now going to do research in the general population to find out what percentage had it and got over it, and are now immune. If, as she suggests, immunity has reached 50%, then the pandemic is over.

I had a virus in January, probably this one. Our son had it too. But our wives did not get it, meaning they were asymptomatic, or already immune. If the latter, this is not a new virus. That is my suspicion, that the people behind the lock down and destruction of the economy have a political agenda, not a medical or public health one. They merely piggybacked on an existing bug.

And when I think about that agenda, it resembles Climate Change, to fundamentally alter our society, de-industrialize, stop flying places, and go back to a simpler lifestyle. After all, if these are the same forces pushing CO2 alarmism, they want to take us back to more poverty, less wealth, and less personal freedom. Fewer people. It is, as AB reminded us the other day, misanthropy. These people despise humanity. They cannot just kill us off, but think longer term, perhaps by year 2100 having achieved their goal.

These are creeps who make me sick inside. And they have power. Look around us!

Anyway, knowing it is not a medical agenda, that no lives are in danger other than those marginal cases already near their end, it is time to get on with our lives. It’s just cold and flu season, and it is nearing its end. If you have been in lock down, stop it! If you are afraid to touch another human, fine- you might freak them out too. Just do what I do on departing company with everyone, friends, family and strangers alike. I say “Stop being afraid. There is  nothing to be afraid of.” They look at me weird, but maybe the message will catch on.

15 thoughts on “Oxford study suggest virus has already run its course

  1. This is my argument against the fancy “Flatten the Curve” graphs and visuals. It is a nice visual, but it is totally unscientific about whether this virus actually would cause any pressure on the healthcare system. If the symptoms are so weak that most people are asymptomatic, then it really wouldn’t matter if it had already run rampant. There would be no pressure on the healthcare system.

    Why else would they need to be trying so hard to make it look like there is stress on the system, when actually there is not? “Flatten the curve” is something that was prepared ahead of time as making it easy for people to conform and obey to the restrictive measures being put into place.


  2. My other point fits too: what would this study imply about the fatality rate if half the population already had it and we have so few dead? Fatality rate of something like 0.005%. Just a common cold.


      1. If the study is correct and half of the population in the UK was already infected, then the 1,400 documented deaths would indicate a fatality rate of 0.00004% (!!!)

        Think. About. That.


          1. 0.1% was just one model run. I am just talking about logically, if we assume this study is anywhere near accurate, this implies a fatality rate of 0.00004%!!! That is insane. And probably closer to accurate that most people would be willing to admit. This is what we have been saying over and over and over. It is a common cold, people!

            Half of UK: 33 million
            Documented UK Deaths: 1,400
            Fatality rate: 0.00004%


  3. Mark, I agree that not being afraid is of paramount importance. And I’m certainly not afraid of coronavirus. I have to admit, though, the connection with 5G is troubling me more every day. I don’t have 5G in my home, but I work in a group home that does have it, and I’ve noticed I’m less sharp and alert when I’m there. At this point, I’m really not even sure how it works (maybe Steve can help me)… If a home in my area has 5G, that means there’s a 5G tower in my location, and the tower is what would cause the ill effects of the radiation, not the devices in the house. Right? So is my perception of being more “out of it” in that house merely psychosomatic? Am I more “out of it” all the time because I live in the vicinity of a 5G tower?

    I’d like to think people who are smarter and more activist-minded than I am are going to stand up against this 5G stuff. Watching how everyone around me blithely accepts the authoritarianism so lamely justified with the silly coronavirus excuse, though, I’m not so confident about any meaningful resistance against 5G. I truly feel like the proverbial frog in the gradually heating pot, and that my brain is on the verge of being boiled.

    I’m not hysterical. I’m not outwardly freaking out. But I have to be honest–as badly as I don’t want to be, I am afraid.


    1. I don’t trust 5g I’m starting to think this fake corona is the drill for future 5g complications. When people start getting ill and worse from 5g with similar symptoms they can blame it on corona.


  4. I wanna stay on the bright side.

    Mankind has believed in these illusionists and their mind games way too long.
    Time to set ourselves free.
    What if even 5G is just another of their deception games? There are days where this subject is of big concern for me as well, then I remind myself I’ve read so many books about mind programming and TPTB’s modus operandi that I start laughing.

    Guys, it’s all about narrative, language.
    What does the Bible say in Genesis?
    At the beginning was the verb.

    This simple sentence says it all.
    What creates reality is the word, and its sound and power over creation.
    A spell was cast upon mankind: The one that keeps us slaves to a narrative and its power.
    Telling people there’s a lethal virus around makes people create it themselves through mind processes controlled by fear. Fear is demonstrated to shut down the brain areas that elaborate rational thought.
    Same goes for 5G, terrorism, 9/11, it’s all one and the same narrative to keep mankind in fear, so that our brains stop functioning properly and start seeing things that do not exist.
    People think that 5G is dangerous because they believe it is. And if you believe it is, you’ll start feeling unwell when you acknowledge there’s a 5G antenna around.
    When you don’t know that, you’re fine.

    It’s all about knowledge. Why do you think the Bible says that God threw Adam and Eve out of Heaven once they ate from the knowledge tree? It’s a metaphor, whose implications are huge in our world.
    Knowledge of something creates that something, if you know what I mean.
    And if you know and create something, you start believing it, and if you believe it you keep feeding it, making it bigger and effective on you. That’s how the spell works.

    There’s s Caucasian population in some lost areas of the Russian land who are never sick and live up to 100 years and beyond.
    Why? They do not know diseases exist.

    Our mind is our biggest ally and also our worst enemy. We must choose what’s best for us, now.


    1. We have, at this point in time, abundant energy in the form of petroleum and natural gas. As a result, we have been gaining wealth, working less, and having more leisure time to travel and improve our minds. Obviously I speak broadly, but this is the essence of the “climate change” model, to attack CO2, a harmless trace gas, in order to attack use of fossil fuels. Our overlords fear widespread wealth, as it means they have less advantage. Since they hate people, they fear more of us. So they have engaged in large and small hoaxes over time to get us to stop reproducing, and stop gaining wealth. Excessive taxation of ordinary people and retirees is part of it. Surely the drug regime is as well, and I’m speaking of TV as a drug, along with antidepressants and the like. AIDS was designed to introduce distrust between the sexes. But nothing has worked as well as the Coronavirus scam, which is open and in our faces and boldly accomplishes everything without the need for subtlety.

      Our answer is to get on with our lives, ignore them, engage in civil disobedience if necessary, and spread a simple message: Stop being afraid.


  5. Renaming this the Corn-hole-us virus per someone else off the internet. Wish I could take credit for that clever name.


  6. 5G is detrimental because our cells are directly affected by electricity and electro-magnetic signals.

    Up until now we’ve had single point systems (WiFi routers, cell towers, etc. as well as our “smart” devices). They emit signals radially which fall off via the inverse square law. Imagine the energy dispersed over the surface of a bubble which grows larger the further you are from the source. So the amount of EMF impacting you is less the further away you are.

    5G creates a blanket of multiple sources that blanket a whole area. So you are bathed in it wherever you are. You can also be imaged and your location pinpointed because the can triangulate easily. There was a commercial during the Super Bowl showing how firemen can “see” you in a burning building because of 5G.

    There’s a popular YT video called the 5G Apocalypse which shows this. It’s a bit over the top and includes David Icke but the science and congressional footage they show is quite good.


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