As expected, or as feared …

The video featured below, Film Your Hospital, has been removed from YouTube for “violating terms of service.”

Interesting tidbit – I’ve been asking around and on this blog about how to download videos. I’ve gotten no help but did watch a video or two. This morning when I went to YouTube, an offer appeared to sign up for YouTube advertising that paying them a monthly fee would allow me to download videos from that site. They always want me to sign up, but that message has never appeared before.

Like Facebook (I’ve closed my account but the it is probably still spying on me), YouTube is monitoring my activity, looking for advertising opportunities.

Anyway, it is best to load videos on to your own website without using YouTube if you don’t want to be censored.

28 thoughts on “As expected, or as feared …

  1. Maybe getting arrested for non-violent, civil disobedience at empty hospitals is (local) news enough to break through the censors. If it’s on live TV it’s “real,” right? Tactics must be fluid, able to change/adapt or enclosure (open air prison) just expands.


  2. I videotaped my local hospital a couple days ago. What I saw was quite shocking and downright creepy. Mark or Steve, if you give me an email address, I can send you the 19 second video. I cut it short enough so it can be emailed. Unfortunately, the video is not 100 percent proof (as it’s a bit blurry and not very close up), but I literally saw a mannequin get delivered to the hospital ER via an ambulance. The “patient” on the stretcher was NOT a living human being.

    You have to watch the video in slow mo and try to hone in on it. I am hoping I can find someone who has some digital abilities and can possibly clean up the video enough to see what I saw with my own two eyes.

    I did not know what to expect when I went to the hospital. I just thought I would see an empty parking lot and an empty ER. The parking lot was quite full with employee parking. No one was driving in themselves and going into the ER. One other ambulance arrived after the first one I saw, but it backed up right against the ambulance entrance to the ER, so I was blocked from seeing what entailed from that. There were tents set up outside the ER, and I only saw 2 medical employees walk in to the round tent – very casually. I did not see them come out.

    Then it got even creepier – I drove around and saw 2 people sitting in folding chairs in a parking lot way far out from the main entrance to the hospital and away from all the main parking. I was crazy enough to drive up to them and ask them questions. I won’t go into all the details, but one woman said her mother-in-law was a “COVID-19 patient” and was in the hospital on a ventilator. She told me the woman was 59 years old and had been living in a nursing home because she had a stroke 10 years prior. She explained that they were blessed that she had even lived the last 10 years. She went on to say that they were not permitted to see her, but they were in the parking lot to “pray” for her. The most bizarre part though, was while this woman described all of this – which would seem quite sad and tragic – she had the biggest duping delight smile – the ENTIRE time. She could not describe the situation without this odd smile and even giggled a bit throughout. It got even weirder when they offered to pray for me, and I don’t even want to continue on. Needless to say, the whole experience was off-putting, and it did not seem right.

    A side note that I just found: It looks like Kary Mullis (our protagonist or antagonist in this whole story – depending on how you perceive it) lived in Corona Del Mar. Hmmmm, what a coincidence (synchronicity?). And we already talked about him dying from pneumonia just a few months before all this began. Really smells to me…


    1. Did not know that about Mullis, only knew he died. Just adds to the confusion. I have a photo I will post tomorrow of a CBS newscast where a nurse is administering to a dummy wearing a mask. AB caught it, but that plus the mannequin and the [seemingly] crisis actors you came across … make this whole thing a drill.


        1. Just now reading about that … it comes off as his being clueless that it was a hoax. He was not on the team but was scheduled to testify, and was cancelled. But who knows.


    2. A stroke at 49?

      What did the woman eat, 5 sticks of butter and 12 sausages a day?
      The nursing home then…I’m not even sure she’d be accepted into one in Italy, a woman I know who had a stroke at 60 is in a private clinic which is very expensive by the way, but her family’s wealthy so she’s lucky.
      And the “daughter”…this whole thing has fake written all over it, and it’s very disturbing.
      The mannequin, even worse. We are at unimagined levels of deceit here, but I’m sure similar things would be found in northern Italy hospitals.

      At this stage I wouldn’t believe someone has Covid or is dead even if I saw them with my own two eyes.

      I agree with Horst, there’s gonna be a huge twist soon, this thing’s getting too easy for people like us to expose and “they” perfectly know that.


      1. Strokes along with every other type of disease is affecting people at a younger age. Had a friend in his early 40’s suffer a major stroke and he later told me he learned that many in that age range were having them. This was 10 years ago.

        Also a doctor I know who has been in family practice 20 years told me patients are developing conditions at much earlier ages over this time. She’s transitioning into integrative medicine because she is honest and has a good heart.

        These boogie viruses allow the pharma phonies to misdirect from the growing sickness due to their witches brews and GMOs, EMFs, etc.


    3. So, the people sitting on the folding chairs were nothing but a couple of liars, sitting around for the show? Then they got bored, and decided to use you for their straight man on the fly? Just like your “doctors”, these two were nothing but a couple of frauds as well. Right?


      1. Oh no. That’s an oversimplification and assumption. I think I know precisely why they were there, and it would take a lot of connecting dots to get to my conclusion. I’ll just leave an intriguing hint: CRISPR technology. Research SNPs, genotyping, haplotypes, epigenomics, biomimicry, swarm intelligence/stigmergy, synthetic biology, machine learning, predictive analytics, George Church, C. Forbes Dewey, bioengineering, Santa Fe Institute, Elana Freeland, Precision Medicine Initiative. I’m happy to provide links to plenty of research…


            1. I concur with Mark. I fell hard for that disinformation along with Judyth Vary Baker’s story. All misdirection.


                1. Similar to the new “documentary”, Out of Shadows. It seems to be spreading quickly and widely in the last couple days – as per design. Kevin Shipp and Liz Crokin are featured in it – two very skilled disinformation agents. It’s cointelpro 101. Sadly, a number of my friends have forwarded it to me – as some indication that they are now “awake” or “woke”, and think they can now relate to me somehow. This is NOT the affirmation I was looking for.


  3. Mark, for downloading you can try, I’ve been using for years. You will have to update (reinstall) frequently which might be a hassle on Windows. This is because YouTube periodically block them, and code has to be updated.


    1. I am a bit of a monkey when it comes to computer tech stuff, but I downloaded the JDownloader, and click on setup, it extracts the files, and then nothing further happens. There is no active program, only the setup. The unzipping process is automatic. How do I access and use the program (I am Google Chrome)?


      1. You install the program and it is stand alone in windows, independent of the browser. Chrome will not allow youtube extensions to rip the videos, since it bypasses their ad stream.


      2. You could try this instead —

        I’ve used it for a while now, and it works for dailymotion videos. If the video is playlisted, it will download the whole playlist unless it or some of it is blocked. You can close your browser window once you’ve started it too.


  4. Just FYI, five sticks of butter and twelve sausages a day would not induce a stroke. But pizza, Coca Cola and candy would. It happens, but I suspect these two were put there for use on TV news.


  5. I like this excerpt by John Whitehead. “7. Watching TV news gives the illusion of participation in American life. Americans should beware of letting others—whether they be television news hosts, political commentators or media corporations—do their thinking for them.”
    As I make clear in my book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, a populace that cannot think for themselves is a populace with its backs to the walls: mute in the face of elected officials who refuse to represent us, helpless in the face of police brutality, powerless in the face of militarized tactics and technology that treat us like enemy combatants on a battlefield, and naked in the face of government surveillance that sees and hears all.”


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