The test is the pandemic

What I write here willl not be taken in full agreement by either Fauxles or Maarten, who have been vocal in posts and comments. I respect both of them, and think our differences minor and resolvable. I insert this paragraph merely to avoid the appearance of  talking over them or disrespecting their views.

Yesterday I received a newsletter I recently subscribed to from TheDoctorWithin. It is written by, if you remember, a doctor who first contacted Santa Clara Health (the Bay Area) regarding cases of Covid-19 reported on its website. Finding that they did not do any testing, and instead relied on doctors’ reports, he contacted 50 pulmonologists and clinics in the San Francisco area, asking if any had the ability to do a test to distinguish between the flu virus and Covid-19. None did. He was referred back to Santa Clara Health. The circle was  compete.

Glancing at the newsletter yesterday, all of the confusion I’d been suffering with the Coronavirus hoax dissipated.

“The Coronavirus phenomenon is nothing more than a re-categorization of cases of the regular seasonal flu. Try to disprove that hypothesis*. More science supports it than thwarts it.

There is no novel virus. There is no new epidemic. Why are all the hospitals empty?”

This took me back and helped me realize that I have seen all of this before. It’s been circling in my mind for weeks now, but it has taken this long to fully come to grips with it. It all goes back to AIDS.

AIDS is real, but is not caused by HIV. It is related to self-abusive lifestyles and malnutrition. It was never and is not now an epidemic. The trick they used then was was to create the illusion of an epidemic by associating a wide range of diseases, often fatal, with AIDS. When I wrote my article on this subject there were 28 of them.

A person could die of any of those 28, for instance, “Pneumonia, recurrent, only in those aged 13 years or older,”  and the death certificate would list the death as caused by pneumonia. However, if the person who died also tested as HIV positive, the death was listed as caused by AIDS. It was a trick of semantics, nothing more.

The key to the success of the fake epidemic was HIV, which has never been proven to cause AIDS. Dr. Peter Duesberg, a virologist by trade, recognized the existence of this retrovirus, but said it was nothing more than a harmless passenger in our bodies.

But a person testing HIV positive was and is in trouble, in grave danger of dying from iatrogenic causes. Tens of thousands of people died from AZT, the failed chemotherapy drug from the 1960s that was repurposed as an AIDS remedy. Doctors unknowingly murdered their patients, but at the top of the food chain were men who knew full well what was going on, people like Dr. Richard Gallo, Luc Montagnier, and Anthony Fauci.

The problem was the test using the PCR machine invented by Dr. Kary Mullis, who decried its use in virus detection identification. He became a staunch advocate that HIV did not cause AIDS. The test and misuse of the PCR was the problem. If they had stopped testing for HIV, the epidemic would have ended then and there.

The same thing is going on now. They are testing for “Covid-19,” which may or may not exist, but is in all cases, like HIV, harmless. When discovered, as discussed in this post showing a video by a Montana doctor, the cause of death is change from pneumonia or flu or any other respiratory disease, and changed to “Covid-19.”

The test is the pandemic. When they stop testing, the pandemic will end. If they don’t stop testing, they will continue to wreak havoc on our society and the world. It has to be by design.

These are monsters.

*Use of the word “disprove” reminds me that the scientific method is to state a hypothesis, and then set out to prove it wrong, not right. How often do we see that?

PS: Please take a look at these links supplied by Stephers in the above-linked post, and thank you Stephers for your contribution to this website.

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24 thoughts on “The test is the pandemic

  1. Honestly, I agree. Even if there really IS a “new novel coronavirus”, I do not believe that it really should kill any previously healthy human beings. If there is a post of mine that is relevant here, it is the one that shows the WHO coronavirus test amplifies DNA sequences present in ALL humans. That is inexcusable. As you know, my theory is that an extremely weak virus was already allowed to spread and infect the vast majority of humans in the western world. There are millions of harmless viruses that we all carry. I am suggesting that this is another. Nearly every one of us would have had the opportunity to cross paths with one teeny, tiny virus particle. The beauty (and weakness) of PCR is that it can multiply even that one stray virus particle into a positive test result. The test is quite meaningless. The WHO test especially so, but even private test kits are mostly meaningless due to contamination. They will be able to find as many positives as they want to find.

    In the end, I completely agree. If you could magically snap your fingers and erase the media and government fear-mongering, nobody would sense anything amiss. It would just be a regular day.

    Sure, some people are really sick. The rare few did have bad reactions to the virus…doubtful more than 0.0005% would actually die. The rest would have been sick now anyway with unrelated causes. You have to ask yourself, if I remove all of the hype…does anything actually SEEM amiss? No. There really is no crisis, except for the artificial crisis being constantly pushed in our faces…unavoidable.

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      1. I never faulted you for asking the questions about whether there even is a virus. It’s a fair question. We take their word that this is a NEW virus, that it is a deadly virus, and that it is not a natural part of our human biome. So many things for granted. The PCR process is amplifying something, but it is the conclusions drawn from there which are concerningly flimsy. Like this whole affair, it is all flimsy. Take away the hysteria, and today would be a regular old beautiful Friday afternoon in April. It is our job to ignore and fight against this madness to the largest degree possible.


        1. I know you did not. I wanted to be clear that you and Maarten and I each heavy functioning brains and that by writing this post I was not in any way presuming that I am right and you are wrong. There is too much to know.


  2. “The test is the pandemic. When they stop testing, the pandemic will end.”

    I’m starting to doubt that there is even testing being done to the degree that is being reported. Where are all of these tests taking place? I’m inclined to believe that Johns Hopkins (who oddly enough is in charge of handling ALL of the numbers on this thing for the WHOLE WORLD) is just making up numbers, just as they practiced in Event 201. This isn’t just a wild-ass conjecture on my part, but am believing it to be true since a number of health agencies for various European countries (Italy, Germany, Switzerland, etc.) have made statements which contradict what has been said from the JH/WHO tag team.

    Furthermore, here in my state, the Missouri Department of Health makes a daily update (@2:00 PM CDT) of the positive cases and deaths for the whole state. I always know what the Missouri update is going to look like because those numbers can be seen at the Johns Hopkins website the day before. All Missouri is doing is updating their online platform to mirror what Johns Hopkins has for Missouri.

    Now for the real zinger: all states have received their individual peak date from none other than the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (“IHME”) and this is what the state governments are basing their decisions on. Two weeks ago Missouri was told their peak date was May 11 ASSUMING “full social distancing through May 31st.” Uhhh…??? Okay. A week later, Missouri’s peak date was adjusted to April 19th (again, as long as everything stays locked down through May 31st) and has since been revised to April 15th. I guess the IHME was wrong by almost a full month in its initial projections.

    Oh, by the way, the IHME is part of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

    We know the way the deaths are reported is FICTION. We know the test is so faulty that the positive numbers reported are FICTION. I think everything about this (including the number of people being tested) is also fiction. So now that we are moving out of flu season and people are no longer sick, I would think the tests would most likely come to an end. I’m sure Johns Hopkins will still keep telling us about the rising numbers and the IHME will be encouraging everyone to stay locked down until the end of May. All based on FICTION!

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    1. Great find.. JH knows Missouri’s numbers before they do? Lol.

      What is the law or practice around reporting deaths, from this or any illness — does there have to be some connection to actual death certificates and publicly available obituaries? So that the numbers could be verified as having some basis, and not just pulled out of thin air. Or are death statistics totally opaque and anonymous?


  3. This is most likely not a linear puzzle with one solution. Asymmetrical warfare cannot be defeated with singular, linear progression analysis and strategy. The goal of this exercise is to force obedience on as many goy as possible with ALL the elements of Full Spectrum Dominance in play — simultaneously.

    We have known about binary weapons systems since 3G, so it is not that difficult to imagine a stronger, more sophisticated generator/antenna system that can kill targets from a remote command position. I’m thinking there is a chemical component, as well as a biological and psychological, working in harmony against humans and life in general. Back to the drawing board.


  4. I agree with you Mark.
    This is a test, one they’re taking very seriously. A global trauma based test for mind control.

    You can agree with me or not, I respect all opinions, mine is that nothing is gonna be the same after this, whether we like it or not. I can see its effects already on unaware people in my country. What seemed normal until a month ago, is no more. What seemed utterly impossible until a month ago, it’s justified and even praised now, in the name of the emergency.
    The world’s been turn upside down over a hoax, but only few of us who are used to questioning things and using our brain, seem to be aware of that.

    Over 100 doctors are said to have died of bullshit virus in Italy so far.
    Shame a name list of these doctors can’t be found anywhere, and media are not in a hurry to provide further details. They say people die, who am I to be sceptical?

    This test is about our mind, but not only that. It’s about our blood, our DNA, our very human essence that they mean to destroy, as they are indeed MONSTERS.

    Are we letting them win?
    We’ll, for my part I won’t. They’ll have to kill me as I’ll never give my consent to any vaccine. Whatever happens to me, I don’t care. I don’t have children and never will. I only have my life to protect or give up, so whatever choice I make, I’ll make with no regrets.


    1. “Over 100 doctors are said to have died of bullshit virus in Italy so far.
      Shame a name list of these doctors can’t be found anywhere, and media are not in a hurry to provide further details. They say people die, who am I to be sceptical?”

      Actually, there is a list:

      However, what that list doesn’t say is that most (maybe all?) of these “doctors” are elderly retired doctors who have not treated anybody during this crisis. The first time this list was posted, the doctor’s birth dates were included. That information has since been removed. However, the Wayback Machine does work:

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      1. Yeah I saw that list but as you said yourself, all old & retired and for few of them it is even admitted they died of terminal cancer.
        Which is a bit different than making people believe these heroic doctors died of a bullshit bug whilst fighting against it in hospital wards, isn’t it?

        I still don’t know a single person who knows anyone who’s positive, sick or dead. And never will I guess.
        Which is quite strange considering we’re having the highest death rates apparently.
        Only in northern Italy though. But if I ask people from those areas, nobody knows anyone directly involved in this scam.

        It’s all bullshit, but people like to believe donkeys can fly, so no big deal.


  5. I can see employers requiring covid testing soon. Too bad there is no harmony in society when it comes to not believing the media or thinking critically period. After all this time people haven’t figured out the television is nothing more than mind control. The illusion of democracy is one hell of a trick.


    1. Thanks for sharing this, Lofcaudio. I found the section on Dr. Anthony Fauci enlightening:

      “This little thug has multi-million-dollar conflicts of interest at the N.I.H. and he’s telling us that there will be no picking up and continuing on until his new vaccine hits the market. Do you have any idea how much money he’s commanded from taxpayers? For SARS, for MERS, for ebola, for zika. Thirty years to make an AIDS vaccine that doesn’t exist. How is this guy still employed? … He has never produced one FDA-licensed vaccine for any of the billions of dollars he’s demanded from Congress. He facilitates pharmaceutical money laundering, that’s what he does.
      “Yesterday he almost started laughing when he said, ‘I hope we don’t have so many people infected that we actually have that herd immunity.’ There was an inappropriately huge smile on his face when he said it. Don’t tell me this is about saving lives; it’s about not rendering his vaccine useless by the time it comes to market, and Americans are getting a big corrupt spoonful of what we’ve known for years.”


  6. Thank you Steve (Kelly) for noting my previous links and incorporating them into your post. Dr. Duesberg was kind enough to have sent me a copy of his book a few weeks ago with a very thoughtful inscription. He said he felt “encouraged” by me purchasing his book during these times (I think he meant he was seeing a repeat of the same deception!). In any case, I am going to post these 5 links here, and I hope one can see how the links interrelate, and why CONTEXT is so vital. This psychological operation works so brilliantly because the data is presented OUT-OF-CONTEXT (and is also spun to support a fictional narrative that there is an infectious virus that is “spreading” – initially epidemically, and then pandemically). This is a huge learning curve for all of us. If anyone has specific questions, I can do my best to articulate what I am interpreting. I can also elaborate if there is any interest, as I have more research in this regard. One final note: if anyone here has listened to Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell or saw him pop up in their own research, I would like to point out that his father, Dr. Neil Sidell (of Emory University) is heavily involved in the research and application of PCR tests, SNPs, primers and exosomes. He also collaborated with Promega – the very company that makes the PCR test to “diagnose” COVID-19 . Promega was also involved in the Zika scam. That is NOT a coincidence, and it was his research that led me to re-affirm that I am on the right track. (a narrative trying to portray a “viral journey” of the coronavirus – hope you don’t buy into this!) (a pipeline to generate a phylogenetic tree from huge SNP data) (definition of a phylogenetic network for context) (COVID-19 primers and probes used in the various countries – note they HAD to be different in each country, FAUXLEX found that one of the primer sequences was a perfect match to a small segment of chromosome 8) (for some context about haplotypes)


    1. Stephers … when you place more than two links in a comment it automatically goes to moderation. This is no problem but does mean that your comment will have to sit for a while before it posts.


      1. PS – I am an admirer of Duesberg – is the book you refer to Inventing the AIDS Virus? I had doubts about him for a while, as his opposition to the scam was so ineffectual that I thought he might be controlled opposition. Given the power on display now, I think I can safely assume he was merely rolled over by a battalion of tanks.

        That’s really nice that you contacted him and offered support. He was hung out to dry by the AIDS establishment.


  7. Sorry, I thought Steve initiated this post. Looks like it was Mark. My bad!! My apologies. Regardless, this has been a brilliant thread.


  8. The trick has two folds. As above, and the shift in safety requirement. Not the real one people have, the one the system is working on no matter what. TSA, surveillance, bicycle helmets, etc. Critics are silenced fast, as people favoring money, not life, or just “covidiots”.
    On the other hand, I expect there will be a plot twist. This thing is too transparent. Starting with the 2O1 event, all the prominent people tested positive, everyone who knows how to use the internet knows, or will be told by someone who knows. This is too cheap, it’s by design. Maybe there will be limited hangout newer seen before, a storm, the “storm”, followed by more deception. However, don’t take any shot!


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