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  1. There is a site that I know specializes in this topic but I cannot remember how to find it. If anyone knows the site I am referring to, could you link us?

    Obviously, MM has written about nuke photo fakery. I just do not know enough about this one to write about it, so I am very curious what our readers feel and know about this issue.

    Edit: http://heiwaco.com/bomb.htm
    ^Maarten found who I was referring to, Anders Bjorkman


      1. No this is not the one. The one I have seen is run by a non-US citizen and it is 100% about the idea that nuclear weapons do not exist.


          1. Yes! Anders Bjorkman. This doesn’t look like his old site…maybe he got taken down, but this is definitely the guy.


    1. I’m 100% certain that nukes do not exist. I’m also certain that “intercontinental ballistic missiles”, that is, controlled missile flight where a missile exits the Earth’s atmosphere and re-enters the atmosphere in a controlled manner, do not exist.

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      1. Are you certain because you have already researched significantly, or do you have some cool inside information to drop?


        1. No cool inside information. I’m just an engineer that has studied this issue in a casual manner. Although I’m not an aerospace engineer or rocket scientist (I do have a Ph.D. in chemical engineering). I could be wrong, but I’m very highly suspicious.

          I also believe that the German city of Dresden at the end of WW2 was being “prepped” via it’s massive genocidal firebombing (similar to the firebombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki) to become the first use of the fake atomic bomb in Europe, but the war ended before the TPTB could complete their plans. Think: Why bomb a minor city so thoroughly and completely, when it had no real military or industrial value? Just my thoughts.


      1. I get the sense that I am meant to feel personally refuted by your comment. I do not, inasmuch as I was not offering the Physics World article as proof of anything, but simply as an interesting sideline to the topic at hand, a helpful aid for general discussion. If such contributions by me are not wanted here, you or Mark have but to say so.

        It has been a long time since my coursework in nuclear chemistry. I remember that different atomic reactions produce different isotopes in different amounts as a function of several variables. I did not sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night, nor am I an expert at everything, as perhaps others may be. But if you wanted a scientist’s input on the question of Hiroshima and Cesium 137, here’s some more input for consideration:

        Click to access 7c4.pdf


    1. Nukes are the key to the hustle. Study the nuclear test footage released by lookout mountain. It is clearly fake. Lookout mountain was a military movie studio in laurel canyon that produced the nuke test footage we were shown as children during the Cold War of course. This should come as no surprise to us seeing as joe kennedy sr started rko and NASA’s first administrator was a movie studio executive.

      With that in mind, now consider wild bill Libby’s carbon 14 dating scam and how it accounts for the so-called bomb effect..

      “The bomb effect refers to the phenomenon that produced “artificial” radiocarbon in the atmosphere due to nuclear bombs.
      Nuclear weapons testing brought about a reaction that simulated atmospheric production of carbon 14 in unnatural quantities. The huge thermal neutron flux produced by nuclear bombs reacted with nitrogen atoms present in the atmosphere to form carbon 14. The carbon 14 produced is what is known as bomb carbon or artificial radiocarbon.
      According to literature, nuclear weapons testing in the 1950s and 1960s have nearly doubled the atmospheric carbon 14 content as measured in around 1965. The level of bomb carbon was about 100% above normal levels between 1963 and 1965. The level of bomb carbon in the northern hemisphere reached a peak in 1963, and in the southern hemisphere around 1965.”


      …wild bill married leona woods. She’s standing to szilard’s left in the famous picture of the hustlers at fermi’s pile in ci cago…


      …she would go on into dendrochronology after the manhattan project. What a team they must’ve made.


        1. The tests were fake therefore the carbon 14 dating scam cannot be adjusting its data to account for events that did not occur.


        2. Isotopes are also the official proof of agw of course. They power spaceships (probes) for decades. Dna was proved with isotopes, viruses, and a feckin kitchen blender. Isotopes are the basis for modern geology.

          Spend a day or two looking into Geo Gamow and rna. You’ll look at eukaryote mulllis’ nucleic chain reaction in a new light.


  2. I have been to Trinity site in NM and have seen the molten sand and rock which no conventional source could cause… But to put it in perspective it would help to watch any of the videos by Galen Windsor. He systematically disproves the horrific dangers of uranium. He eats uranium swims in the nuclear cooling pools and writes about the nuclear hoax.


    1. I suppose the question is whether the only explanation for the molten rock is a nuclear weapon explosion. Could the test have been on a much larger scale, whereas we are told they can scale things down to a relatively small ICBM?

      My vote is in the “Not Sure” category. You say you saw molten rock “no conventional source could cause” but you also talk about the nuclear hoax. So which side did you vote?


    2. I’m no explosives expert, but there are probably high intensity explosives that could give very similar results (very high heat and its effects) that can be attributed to “nuclear” explosions. Very large effect “bunker buster” bombs come to mind.


      1. Or lightning of course. My untrained eye can’t tell the difference between petrified lightning chunks and trinitite chunks.


        1. There is so much discussion of isotopes related to this subject that I have been awaiting your arrival, SMJ.


          1. Well, isotopes takes us all the way back to Rutherford and his famous escutcheon field and his buddy soddy…

            “ The 1921 Nobel Prize in Chemistry acknowledged the findings of Soddy, which had inspired the author H.G. Wells to write his science fiction novel “The World Set Free” (1914). This book, which Wells dedicated to Soddy, anticipated the danger of nuclear weapons, almost 20 years before Leo Szilard conceived the idea of ​​a chain reaction.”


            “ For Mike’s sake, Soddy, don’t call it transmutation. They’ll have our heads off as alchemists.”
            -quote from the father of nuclear physics who just so happens to have hermes trismesgitus on the dexter side of his escutcheon field



  3. This is the subject that really got me into so much being fake. I used to teach middle school science. I did a lesson on nuclear bombs and showed them videos of explosions. Several of the students asked why some of the explosions changed right in the middle. There are a few videos where the cloud just changes for no reason. They caught on to it.
    I think most of the explosions are either huge piles of tnt, which is why they always tell you how big the explosion is in comparison to tnt. Plus I’ve seen videos of them stacking the tnt into piles as big as houses. And some are just outright video manipulations. Some use the sun as the explosion. The only real life scenario of course was japan. But that has been shown to just be a fire bomb raid. Structures still standing and what not. So, in a nutshell, they’re fake as shit.


    1. The videos of Hiroshima compared with the Tokyo firebombing are really compelling to me. I do not know what to make of it.


  4. My gut feeling on all this is that a nuclear explosion is theoretically possible, but cannot actually be scaled down to the size of a rocket. Yet they wanted to seem like they had this Sword of Damocles over humanity. Another fear campaign. Nuclear energy is real, it’s maybe even possible to make a big boom, but you can’t scale it down to a rocket dropped from an airplane (which gets away in the nick of time 007-style). That is my gut, but it’s a muddy topic that is very hard to wade through.


    1. Many things are theoretically possible, but…

      Quartz sand without additives becomes glass at 2300 degrees Celsius (=2573 Kelvin). Sodium carbonate (added or already present) can reduce the temperature needed, to ~1500 degrees Celsius (1773 Kelvin).

      Now, let’s see some chemical explosives:
      PBX temperature of detonation 2853 Kelvin
      HNS temperature of detonation 3332 Kelvin
      PETN temperature of detonation 4766 Kelvin
      Tetryl temperature of detonation up to >5000 Kelvin
      And standard TNT? Temperature of detonation 3102 Kelvin.

      Clearly, no nuclear device is needed. Chemical explosives (detonating, “high explosive” type) will do. (HighExplosives)

      Also for B’ORWELL above: Assuming of course what you saw with your eyes is not some other natural/synthetic formation, misrepresented to you (Grand Prismatic Spring & Stonehenge are examples of each). Visit the Petrified Forest. Collect seaglass. Revisit Trinity.

      One may also ponder, with nuclear energy, why oil would still be a top prize to those who run the show, 150+ years on (Titusville, 1859). If they could control nuclear energy, which “theoretically” is cleaner, much cheaper and incomparably more powerful, would they still be posing actors as Persian Gulf rulers, playing the OPEC board game, and running oil companies?


      1. Totally agree. And I meant “theoretically” in the truest sense of the word. Other sources that I am reading are highly skeptical that the nuclear chain reaction would result in the explosion that we are told occurs.

        It feels especially like a tall tale the idea that this could all be scaled down to an extremely small size and dropped from an airplane. The more I read, the more I lean towards the “nukes are not real” side. Even the dating of artworks based on radioactivity, it seems uses a benchmark date of 1952. Not 1945.

        Nuclear energy could be held back simply because it is seen as more profitable to keep such a simple energy source away from the masses. Let us useless eaters burn oil, they would say to themselves. We ought to use up all that oil anyway, so let’s keep the next phase of energy a secret while the ants pay a fortune for more rudimentary energy. Keep us broke and backwards.


      2. Why does oil still rule supreme? well as Thomas Edison said “we’re not interested in anything that you can’t put a meter on”. Thus the incredible hostility towards Tesla. Ss Lindsey Williams said Alaska pipeline was meant to have two pipes on it but it would never be used to haul natural gas because if it was, natural gas would be so cheap as to almost be free.


  5. I’ve had big doubts about the existence of the atomic bomb since I’ve read many books on this subject, a few written by a famous italian journalist (no longer amongst us) who lived a few years in Japan back in the 80’s and spent some time in Hiroshima to write articles on the post- nuclear life and culture there.
    What struck me was that he said that in 1985, only 40 years after the bombing, Hiroshima had huge parks, wide green areas and plants and flowers everywhere. He was stunned as scientists had claimed that at least for 70-80 years nothing green could grow back there, but that was false apparently. I started making my own research, then I came across Miles’ paper on the Bikini Island nuke tests hoax as well, and ultimately I talked to one of my best friends now retired who used to work as Safety and security officer in big electricity and nuclear power stations across Europe. Well, he came to the same conclusion: Nuclear weapons are not what the official narrative has been telling us for over 75 years. As Fauxlex said, nuclear energy is real, nuclear weapons are a totally different matter. My friend even told me about a scientist, I can’t find the article with the exact story right now, that in Russia or Ukraine if I remember well, soaked in a tub apparently full of radioactive liquid and nothing happened to him, he didn’t die of leukemia or anything, he was alive until a few years ago. Will ask my friend the name of the guy.
    Another thing: is it feasible that despite what happened in Nagasaki and Hiroshima Japan opted for having many nuclear power stations on its soil? Wouldn’t it sound as complete lack of respect for the victims of the two cities?
    What really happened in Fukushima back in 2011? I have an idea…
    Also, according to the msm we should all be dead by now, as we keep eating fish that has apparently been contaminated by the plutonium that fell out of the underwater cooling tanks. We’re still here though.

    I stopped believing in msm narrative many years ago more on a gut feeling than actual research, that came later on, now I think that almost everything msm and scientific journals say is bollocks, or it is manipulated to not allow us to really understand what’s really going on. It’s all a bloody Matrix.


    1. The guy who went around eating highly radioactive materials and swam in waste pools was Galen Winsor. He was mentioned elsewhere in these comments.

      His videos are very entertaining. He lived a long and healthy life. Some of my favorites were when he intentionally sprayed radioactive material into the foundation cracks of his house because he knew the government was obligated to clean it up at their own expense.


  6. They do love using FIRE as a hideous way of killing the innocent. From the time MOLECH was appeased by the Canaanites burning babies (most innocent) to the Inquisitions (Rome/Saturn) to the present day incinerator bombs, napalm, flame throwers,ect. And one date to keep an eye out for is April 19th. And up to May 1st. Its a yearly ritual w/these elite.


  7. A few thoughts on why we should not assume the existence of nukes.

    1) In areas of real technology, progress is rapid. With nuclear weapons, space exploration, and even nuclear power, there has been no progress over the decades. In fact, the progress has been negative.

    Supposedly we put men on the moon in the 1960s, but in the 2000s, America can barely lift a man 10 feet off the ground with a rocket and definitely can’t get a man out of low-Earth orbit. This is just not how real technology works over 50 year periods of increasing spending and exponentially increasing computing power.

    We see the same thing with the nuclear program. Just absolutely stagnant, in spite of massive military spending over many decades. It seems that we’ve lost the ability to even maintain the “nuclear arsenal,” much less improve it.

    And while government is inefficient, this, again, is just not how technology works.

    2) Fearporn campaigns are designed to create fear. Once the campaigns have played out and become less effective as fear porn, TPTB tend to abandon them. Which is very revealing regarding the true purpose of these campaigns.

    TPTB are now pumping the Virus Crisis, which has crowded out the Climate Crisis, which crowded out the War on Terror, which crowded out The Nuclear Threat. None of those “threats” diminished or resolved themselves. But they’ve all been strongly de-emphasized. Because they’ve become less effective at generating fear. Given supposed nuclear proliferation and loose nukes and rising nationalism and rising tensions and aging arsenals, the threat from nukes would be HIGHER now. If there WERE a threat from nukes.

    3) A good source document which helps show (without trying to) that Nagasaki and Hiroshima wouldn’t have had to be nuked to be flattened is the documentary The Fog of War by Errol Morris, about Robert McNamara. There’s an amazing sequence talking about (and showing photos of) Japanese cities alleged to be flattened by firebombing. The pictures look exactly like the pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
    No nukes required to level Japanese cities, apparently. Here’s the 2 minute video:

    4) Finally, as we sit here in the middle of The Virus Crisis and look around at our fellow man, it is easy to see that the old criticism of “conspiracy theories” (“too many people would have had to keep it a secret”) has it exactly backwards.

    90% of the American population is eagerly embracing, promoting, and signalling belief in unproved claims about invisible particles promoted by known liars. There is incredible social pressure to “believe,” to SAY you believe, and to ACT like you believe. (Where’s my surgical mask?)

    If 200 million Americans have become active promoters of the Coronavirus hoax, then it isn’t difficult AT ALL to imagine that 100,000 military people could keep a straight face about “our nation’s nuclear weapons.”

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    1. TPTB want us to be scared to death of nuclear weapons because they perfectly know that Tesla and other scientists were working on cold fusion as opposed to the fusion we know as the atomic bomb. Cold fusion is a form of free energy, which means no more oil, carbon fossils and most of all no more money to be made on these things.
      Something they don’t accept for a second, at least for now, although I read the news some time ago that the Rockfellers are quitting oil business, dunno if that’s true but if it is, it’s down to Russia, Venezuela and Iran that refused to decrease their own daily extraction.


  8. I voted yes. Do I think they are the end of the world? No. Just like I’m not totally disbelieving in that there is a covid 19, I just think a pandemic is utter nonsense. i believe Israel has used nukes on Syria within the last 6-8 years. The tell tale sign is on videos taken, plasma rain, pixelation distortion on digital cameras, and lighting above the explosion. There have been 3-4 videos ( at night) showing this in Syria. To determine evidence of this, the site has to be examined within a few days. It doesn’t “poison” the lands forever. I was talking to a family friend the other day and I asked him if he believed we had gone to the Moon and he said yes as he had worked most of his life on the program. I told him about several of the inconsistences like the van Allen belts and the release of the pictures exposing the event and he said he had never thought about it before but that we probably hadn’t. he is an extremely intelligent guy but that which he conceded that there were to many flaws on the official narrative. As I said he spent 20 years on the project.


    1. If this were a real NASA photo, the cats shadow and a mans shadow would be running in different directions. It’s how I knew this picture was a fake.


  9. It is 100 per cent certain that nuclear bombs do not exist. Phillipe Hubert’s test for the age of wine showed that there was no caesium 137 present in the atmosphere before the first nuclear power station accident at Chalk River in 1952.

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