Common sense versus religion

Baja Grain Bowl I subscribe to a magazine called “Consumer Reports.” It is basically a car and truck magazine, but they have also collected enough wealth and prestige to offer advice on everything from toasters to mattresses. If their dietary advice is any example, they should be ignored, their magazine taking the place of the Sears Roebuck catalog in outhouses of the 19th century.

Take the above offering, with the paragraph on the side written by their staff nutritionist, Amy Keating, R.D. Her advice contains every fallacy available in nutrition, that calories matter, whole grains are more worthy carbohydrates than other kinds, that we need vitamins from sources outside our bodies, and that ingesting 81 grains of carbohydrates in one sitting is a healthy thing to do. Quite the contrary, the meal would produce an insulin storm and probably result in a pound of fat storage all by itself. But this is the problem with science and scientists – they go to school, get good grades and land good jobs, yet never excel beyond what they were taught, never becoming smarter than their teachers. Ms. Keating, if her advice above is a scientific sample, is a quack.

I wrote to them about this disastrous advice, but as with most large organizations, only had a exchange with their computer. Ms. Keating will move on to new topics and even worse advice.

But that is the state of nutritional science. With the ongoing COVID-19 hoax in full gear, we have a frightened population leaning on every word from every person wearing a white lab coat. They are the new bought priesthood, and just like that of old, are charlatans and fakes of the worst order. Look about to see what hell they have visited on us, all thanks to fear of a “virus” that even if able to harm us, would have no effect on healthy people.

Dancing NakedI ventured into a new chapter of Kary Mullis’ book, Dancing Naked in the Mind Field. It is pleasant reading, something I desperately need in our climate of fear. He wrote (Chapter twelve, The Attack of the Loxosceles Reclusae), about suffering ten bites by brown recluse spiders. This is a nasty creature, and its insult to the human body is to create a cavity in the skin so it and its children can feed on our bodily fluids.

Mullis is not one to seek out doctors, and so consulted the Merck Manual, something new to me, currently caught up in the COVID-19 propaganda, so not a reliable source. Maybe at that time (mid-nineties) it was more useful. Mullis tried several therapies, but his condition only worsened. He used Vicodin to avoid the pain. A friend who was an MD advised that he had two options, one of which was surgery to remove the affected tissue, which would leave ugly scars all over his face and body. But the doctor also suggested penicillin, which Mullis resisted.

The doctor insisted, and flew up to Mendocino from San Diego to deliver a packet of dicloxacillin. Nothing in the medical literature said it would do any good.

“I decided that I had nothing to lose. I picked up the prescription in Ukaih and started with half a gram of dicloxacillin at about three in the afternoon. I took another half gram at six, another at nine, and then I went to sleep with the aid of oxycodone. I woke up at three in the morning and amazingly, I was not sticking to the sheets! My wounds didn’t hurt. I went into the bathroom to the mirror. The wounds, although still round, were turning into skateboard abrasions. The most beautiful scabs I had ever seen were forming on my arms and legs.”

I recently offered a post that contained a video by Dr. Tim O’Shea called The New State Religion. Some commenters were incensed that Dr. O’Shea was not rigid and doctrinaire about germ theory. Neither am I. I just don’t know enough. For example, cat bites are said to be the nastiest wound a household pet can inflict. The treatment is antibiotics, swift and plentiful. Left untreated, a cat bite can result in loss of limb. All of you who claim that germs are our friends, always and everywhere, ‘splain. Also, explain Mullis above. Germs were eating his flesh rather than just doing household chores. Penicillin saved him from painful and ugly surgery.

Coming full circle here, back to nutrition, the advice we get from professionals like Amy Keating is mostly bad, but I’ve experienced the other side of that issue. I have been low-carbing for years, and am currently at my lowest weight in 25 years, so says my wife. When we have company or are visiting others (or in an establishment once known as a “restaurant”), I set everything aside and enjoy carbs, sugar, desserts. As I like to say, “I don’t diet in public.”

Years ago, when I first started on low-carbing after reading Gary Taubes’ book Good Calories Bad Calories, I toured the Internet to find other writing on the subject. It was all over the place, in blogs and responses. As I read various Internet experts I thought … oh my God, it’s become a religion. People wrote about it with that tone, dogmatic and pure, never deviating. How boring!

So too with germ theory, that while our bought priesthood of doctors and scientists are severely wrong about the nature of most diseases, they are not completely in the dark. Mullis was saved by a doctor who probably bought into germ theory. I’ve had infections cleared up by injection of such drugs, and am grateful. Maybe they would have healed without it, but I am glad I did not find out.

With germ theory, I am reading and slowly coming to grips with a large body of data. The book What Really Makes You Ill: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease is Wrong, by Dawn Parker and David Lester, is enlightening in many aspects, but also tiresome and tedious. Everything in our environment, everything we eat, is somehow dangerous and polluted. I am frankly tired of them and their writing. It is as if we did not live in the healthiest century in human history, with abundant food and healthier people everywhere.

Of course, the people behind COVID-19 want to put an end to that. That’s all beyond my control.

ToiletPS: I meant to put this photo in, the greatest medical advance in human history. Because of it and sewage disposal and treatment, many diseases have faded to near nothing, including dreaded small pox. Doctors like to take credit for this, saying that advanced knowledge of germs and mass vacations have improved the human condition. Maybe that is true to a small degree, at least with knowledge, but to a much larger degree it has been plumbers and engineers that have made our planet a much healthier and better smelling place.

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  1. It’s getting really depressing out there. My two most recent interactions with strangers regarding SARS-CoV-2 had them telling me its mortality rate was 3% and 6%, respectively. Now the LA Times is pushing mutant, super-COVID-19. I give up.


    1. I understand. I get very down too, now especially seeing them going after the food supply. I stocked up on ground beef this morning, maybe a six week supply. You might call that “hoarding,” but I don’t. People are afraid to buy it, so it will exceed its shelf life and be tossed. I am rescuing it. (The store did put a limit on chicken any one could buy. That must be where the public is shifting. Look for chickens to come down with the virus.)

      You might benefit from this discussion that Stephers sent my way, maybe you were included in the email (I did not check): It’s an hour 44 minutes, so you’ll have to do it off the clock.

      Towards the end, they are looking for the pony in all the bullshit. Dr. Barre Lando is very interesting, saying he used to have, as I recall, “banking and intelligence connections,” and was told years ago that there would be a biological event like this. You’d have to listen to him … Kaufman was good too, but Brogan was a bit wordy and wispy for my taste, and seems to take up a lot more time than the others.


  2. Please don’t dismiss this as mere trolling …

    Regarding your postscript, if toilets brought the cure for smallpox, then why:

    1. … is smallpox not still rampant in countries with poor sanitation (like India)?
    2. … was smallpox a problem in ancient Rome, which had relatively good plumbing and sanitation, but still experienced the plague of smallpox (or something very much like it), as with the Antonine Plague of AD 165 or the Plague of Cyprian in AD 251?

    3. … did a case of cowpox confer immunity on dairy farmers from smallpox, as John Fewster discovered in 1768?

    I am genuinely interested in your answers. I have asked my questions respectfully. I hope for a response in kind.


    1. I am not aware of small pox being rampant in other places. My frame of reference is here. I do not argue that it is caused by anything other than the body trying to rid itself of poisons.

      Some of those Roman plagues coincided with comets. I don’t know about the two you mention. But in terms of sanitation, we were in Pompeii, maybe you’ve been there too, where the streets had raised stones that operated as steps so that people could avoid walking in animal shit. I don’t know if Pompeii had a plumbing system as did Rome, but imagine that they would have had a better way of disposing of waste knowing that they had public baths with constant flow of new water.

      I’ve been reading about small pox these past mornings. Fewster aside (I found no reference to him) I read, and cannot know for myself, that small pox disease and epidemics and vaccinations seemed to operated independently of one another.

      My use of a toilet was symbolic, to make a larger statement, that improved living conditions and improved health go hand in hand, and sanitation played a huge role. My oh my, the City of Chicago used to dump all of its effluence into its drinking water, which they did by systematically raising the foundations of buildings enough so that sewage flowed downhill. That was considered and advance. It would be years before sewage treatment science made the city a safe and healthy place.


      1. I did not express myself clearly, and I apologize. May I have a second try at asking my questions?

        1. Smallpox is NOT rampant in the modern world, neither in developed nor undeveloped countries. Poor sanitation IS rampant in the undeveloped countries. Your theory of smallpox predicts it should still be found in places like India. Why is it not still found there?

        2. My question was not about Pompeii or comets, but about Rome, whose sanitation system was a wonder of the ancient world. When the plagues of the second and third century AD moved through the ancient world, they spread just like infectious diseases do. Poor sanitation does not spread as if in a wave; therefore, the pattern of smallpox propagation remains a mystery, if it is not due to a microscopic pathogen, as you aver. Your theory of plague does not account for why a disease caused by poor hygiene should have entered Rome itself and affected even the upper classes of society. Why would a disease of poor hygiene affect those upper-class Romans citizens who had access to the best hygiene in the world?

        3. You can read about Fewster here. Again, my question is: the sanitation practices of dairy farmers did NOT change from before they had cowpox to after they did, and yet their immunity to smallpox DID change. Under your theory of poor sanitation, why did their immunity change?


        1. I place the burden on you to provide convincing evidence that there is a smallpox virus. Has it been 1) isolated, and 2) purified? Are there scientific papers you can refer me to that discuss the likelihood that small pox is caused by a vaccine, and the method by which a virus can cause such a thing? Since viruses are minute compared to a cell, and are just DNA rolled up in protein without wings or arm or even a nose to butt their way in, what is the exact mechanism by which the virus spreads and attacks its host?

          These same questions are being asked about COVID-19, it too neither isolated or purified. It seems it would take a miracle.

          [I am really knee-deep in this stuff right now, reading two books on the subject, each of which discusses smallpox in depth. I am at a disadvantage, as all I could do here would be to cite someone else, not a good response. I can only generally reflect what I said before, that smallpox outbreaks and vaccinations seem to operate independently of one another.]


          1. Hi Mark,
            You are doing the due dilligence regarding investigation.
            New sentence: however the Spell Casting will always center around the words and their fallacious use.
            Smallpox = variola. Falsely claimed to be eradicated by Cowpox of which there are two strains identified in viral taxonomy under the same genus. But cowpox being used loosely as the word for the ‘smallpox vaccine’ is another layer deep in coverup. Vaccinia is a hybrid supposedly cooked up by Jenner hot-boxing unknown pus in humans like labrats.
            Frankly, the college boys don’t know what the hell it is. It is a chimera.
            YET the lies persist that Cowpox = Vaccinia-unknown-chimera somehow got rid of Smallpox a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ORGANISM.
            This is like saying taking bacteria from unfiltered poop will cure you of whooping cough. They’re both bacteria… after all…
            The uneducated villagers of the 1700s were terrified of variolation and then vaccination because they KNEW (no need for official government cooked statistics) that wherever the pollution campaigns happened that entire villages could be wiped out by the very diseases they were supposed to be protected from.
            Epidemics in Colonial America, John Duffy, 1953, ISBN 0-8071-0205-9


            1. I wonder at your defensiveness. Of course you are not a troll. I am full of I don’t knows and am navigating, being flooded with information and trying to make a cohesive opinion. Do we need to discuss this more?


              1. Hi Mark,
                I don’t know how to communicate more clearly without emotocons which I never use. I started with the compliment that you are doing your due diligence. Then as a friend I gave you an insight that you are in the middle of a pentagram that is surrounded by a protective circle so that if you step outside of that circle (reason and pure science) that you might end up with some problems in your understanding. The only thing that I defended is something that is totally lacking in ALL of what passes for science: Surgical precision in language. NO ONE can CALL something a ‘Smallpox vaccine’ when it has neither smallpox or cowpox in it even when it is a social PRESUMPTION that the ‘smallpox vaccine’ was made from ‘cowpox’ which it wasn’t.
                What I am standing my ground on is that unless and until everyone sheds these horrific occulted notions of fake science to instead talk about absolutes (absolute values in mathematics was very important to me) then no one at all has a foundation to discuss any topic at any level.
                It devolves into the Victorian pasttime of debating how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. You will always detect harsh criticism of what I think is a CIA psyop that viruses don’t exist, but it was for the concept not the concept holder.
                Vaccinia is a hybrid of unknown origin. It went through COUNTLESS mutations from Jenner’s time to the present and still continues to do so. Vaccinia was claimed to have made Smallpox disappear but there is no science on the planet that can demonstrate that. My offering of the Epidemics in Colonial times included firsthand accounts of the cause and effect relationship of variolation wiping out entire villages was in response to your statement:
                “…smallpox outbreaks and vaccinations seem to operate independently of one another.”
                Which had never been the case as noted by Edgar Crookshank when the villagers of Jenner’s time called it The Ingrafting of Bestial Disease. Trading the FEAR of smallpox (that most people got over) for a shortened life with TB or even Tetanus (Charles Higgens) is not my idea of a fun weekend.
                I’m trying to bring a different view than what the standard literature has to offer.


                1. My comment about defensiveness was intended for Maarten, not you. He was defending himself against being called a troll, which is something that I don’t think fits him and the quality of his comments. I am in the middle of reading two books on the subject of modern medicine, and vaccinations plays heavily in each. I allowed a vax maybe six years ago, and each year since that time have refused even as the medical people are very insistent. I tend to think that as little as I know of medical issues and treatments, that our life on a mountain drinking untainted well water and exercising and eating organic food (when possible) keeps us healthy. I am at a point where I would not seek medical help for a disease of any kind, thinking my body can handle these matters. If I were to break an arm, of course I’d seek help. They are very good about that kind of thing. But I watched three brothers die of cancer after undergoing horrific treatment that did no good. My brother Joe endured one day of chemo and said no more, and went to hospice and died in a morphine haze.


          2. Mark, I do not accept the burden of proof you place on me, because I am not trying to prove anything here; at least, not the viral theory of disease. This would not be the place to make that case.

            I am legitimately trying to understand your theory of these diseases. And so I am asking questions: politely, respectfully, with careful attention to my wording. This is not trolling.

            It is always intellectually respectable to answer a question with “I don’t know.” Sometimes that is the only true answer for any of us. It is also good to acknowledge a question that is pertinent and possibly leads to avenues of deeper understanding.

            Your non-responsiveness to my sincere questions leaves an impression.


            1. See, I am not sure this is fair. I’m not going to go so far as to say it’s trolling, but it’s trolling-adjacent. It is the same old “you have to accept this theory unless you yourself can provide a better counter-theory”. That kind of approach absolutely needs to stop. It is what Mathis folks do when challenged.

              I agree with Mark…you are likely the smartest guy of us all here. However, it’s fair to question things without having a theory to replace the old one.

              It was fair for him to turn that question back around. Your point about smallpox being eradicated by cowpox (at least an implied point) is itself something that I would need to deeply research to understand. But you approached this as though since Mark put a picture of a toilet at the end and this was simplistic, therefore I should believe that cowpox vaccines killed smallpox. Or that the relationship between toilets and smallpox not being straightforward means anything about whether cowpox killed smallpox. It’s not trolling, but it’s trolling-adjacent.

              We would all be much better served if you just provided us with data and an argument for why you DO believe that cowpox vaccination eradicated smallpox. Hell, we respect your intelligence enough to take such a thing seriously. So I don’t think it is becoming of you to approach things in this way of “You made a simplistic association about toilets, ergo cowpox vaccination must have eradicated smallpox. Tell me your own theory if you disagree.”

              We should always try to support our own beliefs rather than seek to deflate others beliefs. Even if they’re completely wrong, it is better to say “I disagree, and here is why” and instead this was a weird “I’m just asking questions” approach which seemed to strongly imply that the correct conclusion is that cowpox vaccine killed smallpox. I’m worried that Maarten might even say “oh, I don’t believe that, necessarily…”, but that is where the “I’m just asking questions” approach crosses the boundaries between honesty and trolling. Only “ask questions” which imply a counter-explanation if you actually are willing yourself to support that counter-explanation. Otherwise, I will interpret the “just asking questions” to have been performed in bad faith.


              1. Fauxlex, the trap is presuming that anything happens in the vacuum. I held the original government publications in my hands with the charts for when all of the nasty communicable diseases were in decline with the advent of sanitation, hygeine and nutrition demonstrating an EXPONENTIAL decline WELL BEFORE the vaccine pollutions were ever unleashed. That is an example of what is called joining a parade and claiming it is for you when they say that vaccines led to statistically recorded declines before the instruments of death were ever given.
                Charles Campbell threw everyone a curve asserting that kissing bugs were vectors for smallpox. That takes us past the vaccine/toilet dialectic. We exist in dynamic chaos where there are major reactants, catalysts, and rate limiting factors so all must be taken into account for a picture of reality not just academically teasing out one variable for the sake of simplicity and ignoring all of the rest. After 20 years of this my answer to any question has boiled down to: D) All of the Above.


                1. Reminds me, not to bust in on your dialogue with Faux, of the scene from Animal House where one of the guys busts into the parade and knocks the leader to the side, catches the baton, and then leads them down a dead-end alley. I always thought that had illustrative uses.


    2. Hi Maarten,
      What has to be done is examine the questions in reverse order:

      John Fewster, Benjamin Jesty, and Edward Jenner discovered NOTHING!

      When you take pus from the genitals of animals especially before laboratory microbiology was invented, then you have NO IDEA WHAT WAS IN THE PUS. Well, we do, we can presume without error that there was syphilis, TB, rinderpest (cattle measles), MYCOPLASMA, Scabies, and a host of other horrors that makes my skin crawl every time I think about it. So it is a lie, a fraud, a criminal act to say that ‘cowpox’ was a SINGLE COMPONENT of UNKNOWN PUS or that it did ANYTHING.

      There’s your starting point. In Logic and Critical Thinking if the premise is false than all else that follows is false.

      Next stop…. Rome….

      Good plumbing? Comes from the word: Plumbium that means Lead. The empire used lead pipes to Plumb their water to what I view as one of the most violent criminally-insane populations that ever scourged this planet. Funny thing: Lead, it was known to increase violent behavior when it was in leaded gasoline. That is why they took it out. Not for ‘health’, but the Controllers have always feared their pets rising up in anger. Ethyl gas was some good stuff. Why would they get rid of it without an IMPORTANT REASON.

      Lead has been associated with cancer and a host of other diseases. Cancer is caused by Oncoviruses. The Order: Herpesvirales includes things like Pappillomaviridae with the HPV18 Henrietta Lacks’ cervical cancer that they shot into everyone with the polio weapon, ALONG WITH: EBV, CMV, SV40, and… buy the whey: Poxviridae such as Smallpox is in the Herpesvirales Order. Among other things, what does Lead do? It weakens the immune system. Smallpox is a hu-man only disease that was probably carried primarily by just one certain Tribe of people until they purposely cross-infected everyone to make them Typhoid Mary carriers, so these “plagues” might have only manifested in certain Tribes and then since those Tribes controlled all media even back then, then it would be recorded that ‘everyone’ was in danger or infected. I’m sure anyone who might have been immune to smallpox still would have felt the terror of being surrounded by bipedal pusbags thinking that it might hurt everyone.

      With the help of Salk, Sabin, and Gates now EVERYONE is a carrier of what was possibly a Tribal disease.

      Ending with the first question in the best tradition of POM: How do you personally know that Smallpox is not rampant in India? Did you do the surveys? Did you read the ORIGINAL government reports? oh… wait… the govern mente is still controlled by those same Tribes. Does anyone know for a fact that there are 7 billion people on the planet? I didn’t do a head count. How do we know that many have to be wiped out to make Ted Turner happy?

      But the problem of whether a disease state is rampant or not is multifold:

      IF your immune system is offline then you CANNOT mount a response to a disease.
      You could be FULL of LETHAL virus but walk around like there is nothing wrong. That is why I brought up Typhoid Mary despite the fact that her’s was a bacteria.

      Smallpox was declared eradicated by the WHO around 1980. Given the technology and logistics of the time it was IMPOSSIBLE to have vaccinated even TEN PERCENT of the population against it, yet they had a party because it was gone. Where’d it go? Herd Immunity, a concept co-opted by polluters, requires 90+% to be exposed in order to work. So just at the level of math, their fraud is revealed.

      Where did it go?

      Well, where did Ebola go when public interest in it waned? Pandemics just don’t fade away for lack of noteriety. ‘Natural’ infections are reservoired THOUGHOUT nature so they don’t ‘go’ anywhere. What happened to the general state of human immunity? Well, if you read and understand the 1972 WHO Memos linked above then you realize that if you knock out the immune system then what happens is that the infection INCORPORATES INTO THE HOST. This will either lead to tolerance or death. Win/Win situation either way for them.

      Why isn’t smallpox rampant in India today? Same reason why you aren’t showing it today. IF your parents got polluted with that weapon then it, as a herpes virus, can get into the germ cells and be passed to every next generation so it is no longer something Out There but a PART OF YOU. That was the goal all along. That is why they break fevers of natural infections and vaccines: to embed their horrors inside of us.

      Lastly, there is a hierarchy of the PRESENTATION of disease in that a stronger disease will push out a weaker disease. This was known in the 1800s and still holds true today.

      measles > cowpox > mumps

      malaria > syphilis

      tuberculosis spreads during a measles infection

      measles trumps SV40

      It could be that Indians are so damned sick that the disease in question doesn’t even have a chance to rear its ugly head. You will find this kind of analysis NO WHERE on this planet because I have been doing this for 20 years and these are the secrets you are being sheilded from.

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      1. Sir, there is a lot in your reply that is of interest to me; and if you have more links, I will follow them (especially about stronger disease pushing out weaker). If we can interact civilly, I would appreciate it. I am trying to learn this point of view that you share with Mark.

        My mention of John Fewster comes from no commitment on my part to a viral explanation for cowpox or smallpox. I referred rather to his observation that farmers who had suffered from cowpox evinced a natural immunity to smallpox. (Here, indeed, it seems that the weaker disease pushed out the stronger)! It is a curious pattern in the data, and it seems to speak against a hygienic explanation for the poxes, since the dairy farmers were elbow-deep in cowshit both before and after they contracted cowpox. (Or whatever you want to call that skin disease.) It is also a curious pattern in the data that those who contract smallpox (or whatever you call it) just once seem never to be able to contract it again in their lives. This also strikes me as a challenging point for the hygienic explanation.

        As for lead plumbing, it is well known that lead pipes develop a layer of mineral which keeps the lead from leaching into the water. The Romans poisoned themselves with lead in their wine, ’tis true. But lead pipes are safe enough, unless you run more acidic water through them that descales the insides and lets the lead leach out (as happened in Flint, Michigan).

        But let me stipulate to your suggestion that Roman plumbing caused the plagues of the second and third centuries. Then my questions would be:
        1. Why did these plagues show a pattern of spreading from the Eastern provinces back to Rome? Lead plumbing wasn’t spreading in that direction.
        2. Why weren’t the unique diseases of the plagues a constant factor in Roman society, coextensive with the lead plumbing? Why did specific diseases pop up for a while and then die out? The lead pipes would have been there all along.

        These are honest and coherent questions. I entreat you to answer them as such. Thank you.


        1. Hey Maarten,
          Grannie Annie (Annette) always spoke highly of you and there is no reason to not have civil discourse, not even debate, on questions that are linked to our very survival.

          The heirarchy of disease was culled from the collected works of Samuel Hahnemann the founder of Homeopathy (and contemporary of Jenner). If I can dig up more specific examples than the soundbites I will pass them on.

          You make note of two things: Fewster made an OBSERVATION. I think that the Clandestine services started what I call the “Disbelieve Everything” meme with the “Viruses Don’t Exist” nested inside that. Since I came out forcefully against that meme (one of the very few of my videos with a modest view count) what came next was the “Viruses Do Exist — but they aren’t Viruses” meme. Within those camps and among medical trolls in general is the rebuttal that “Coincidence does not demonstrate causation.”

          Never has that annoying rebuttal been more meaningful than today. When you study Crookshank’s expose of the Jenner fraud you find that not only did the milkmaids have cowpox afflictions, but scabies, any number of zoonoses including rinderpest (cattle measles – distemper is dog measles), PLUS the mercury and antimony ointments that they used on the cows could cause THE EXACT KINDS OF SORES ATTRIBUTED to smallpox and cowpox.

          A bumpkin made an observation and a Jesuit Freemason inflicted that superstition on the rest of us (Jenner).

          The reason that it was called Smallpox was because there was a difficult time telling it from the Great Pox which was syphillis. Imagine if you got them wrong? Well, they did. In fact they mixed them together since PUS from a cow or person will have the full compliment of whatever was going on in that person not just one thing because you believed that a particular pustule had just ‘pure lymph’ as it was called in that day. Belief is the ruination of reason.

          With all of this confusion PLUS there were about FIVE recognized FORMS of Smallpox, then to say that any one person was made immune by an unknown agent against yet another unknown takes us back to frills and monacles to see just how many of those angels were partying on that pinhead. One of the forms of Smallpox was indistinguishable from the description of Ebola.

          As to your second observation: A weaker disease pushing out a stronger one – It just never happens. Therefore, if this were a baseball game it is strike Two with no one on base.

          When you read Crookshank you find that the ONLY reason why he studied, then exposed Jenner’s work was because 100 years after Jenner there was an ‘outbreak’ of cowpox in England. Crookshank went to investigate to find out that the farmers had been lying for 100 years: COWPOX HAD NEVER GONE AWAY.

          Strike three. Game over.

          Crookshank also chronicled that Smallpox came back in some especially if they had been vaccinated. I use those works in the conventional sense because as I already outlined there were 5 forms of smallpox, two forms of cowpox, GodNose what what in the PUS, and Scabies, and Rinderpest, and Syphilis, and rashes from heavy metal poisoning.

          Chicago still has Lead lined water mains that leach and 100+ years ago had a citywide amoeba epidemic. There is more to water than meets the eye.

          As to your careful observations regarding disease transmission and plumbing my point was that even if an errant Mongolian came to the outskirts of the empire bringing a nice rash with him that the concentration of the Lead exposure, the concentration of people (in Rome for example) that brings with it the contact and contamination that only city-living among the Great Unwash can afford were perfect Petri Dish conditions to foster its bloom. Microbes in culture will grow TOWARDS a food source.

          Lead is toxic to some microbes while others use it as a fuel source. The same is true for Iron (TB), Copper, Arsenic, Manganese (Lyme disease), etc. Why some diseases blossom then fade is also related more to the bacteriophage viruses that bacteria are infected with than the organism themselves. Right now we are literally coated with tetanus. Why aren’t we dead? Because it takes a Clostridia tetanii spore that was infected with a toxigenic phage that passed through the gut of a horse that was in the soil for no more than 100 years to make us ill. Hopefully those conditions don’t exist in delivery rooms but they shoot mother and newborn with tetanus shots anyway.

          To understand Herd Immunity you have to go to the source which was an observation on ‘natural’ infection processes that was stolen by the vaccine polluters. This is a partial answer to why diseases blossom and fade, but my earlier posts on loss of immune competence is another reason, and the fact that you need toxigenic phages to make certain bacteria into pathogens, and never forget that Mary Mallon was never sick even though she left piles of dead in her wake. Asymptomatic carriers are never ill.

          The term “Herd Immunity” was coined by epidemiological researcher A.W. Hedrich.
          He studied measles in Baltimore from 1900-1931. He theorized from his observation, that people who had contracted measles naturally, were naturally immune from catching measles and therefore wouldn’t transmit it to other uninfected people because they couldn’t catch measles again after they acquired it naturally. Advocates for vaccination use this theory, but it is little understood that this theory doesn’t work for vaccination, only people who catch disease naturally. This is why when the argument is presented that the majority of the people have to get vaccinated in order to “protect” everyone else is a fallacy. In addition it is also a fallacy because vaccinated people can actually spread disease making them especially dangerous to the immunocompromised.
          Hedrich AW. “Monthly estimates of the child population susceptible to measles, 1900-1931, Baltimore, MD.” Am J Epidemiol 17, 613-636 (1933).

          Within what I call: Continuum, I try to be integrative in thought to eliminate the denominational insanity of:
          Just 5G!
          Just virus!
          Just toxic environment!

          It is always: All of the above. We don’t live in a textbook vacuum. Cheers.


      2. I’m especially curious about what you said about the Henrietta Lacks cancer strain being included in vaccines. Anyone who knows about the HeLa cancer strain knows that is a terrifying thought. Do you have a source on that one? Is it believed by some that they’re putting HeLa cancer cells in vaccines?


        1. Hey Fauxlex,
          Henrietta’s cervical cancer was HPV18. The HPV shots for boys and girls are multivalent with #18 being one of them. It is a common trick for the poisoners to say: Well… we gave you Parkinson’s with the flu shot… so we’re working on a vaccine against Parkinson’s.
          Pathophysiology, Price and Wilson
          “Postencephalic parkinsonism was common sequelae of an encephalitis (von Economo’s disease)that occurred between 1918 and 1925; studies indicate that an INFLUENZA – A VIRUS may have been responsible” [emphasis mine]
          Suffice it to say that vaccines are based in HeLa cells that have been designated a NEW LIFE FORM with over 100 chromosomes and have been taking over laboratories and their cell culture experiments exactly like the plasmodia of the disturbing movie Species 2.
          Here is a collection of some of the unforgiveable poisonings they have been doing with those cells:

          I have literally been trying to scare parents out of their minds with the ramifications of what injecting this stuff can do. And that’s just the sensational Tree Man portion. If you consider that HeLa cells are pure cancer, then it literally explains why Cancer is the #2 killer in north america (along with SV40, EBV, CMV and all of the other ‘contaminants’ in vaccines). There is a point when a certain view behind the veil opens up the understanding for all else that has been occulted so I hope that this will be that wedge in the hidden for you. Cheers.


          1. Oh, I understood the concept from your first comment and you’re not telling me anything new with the HeLa cancer line taking over laboratories.

            That is why it caught my attention when you mentioned Henrietta Lacks cancer cells in vaccines. I had never heard of such a theory before. Certainly terrifying. The HeLa cancer is a true anomaly, being basically immortal.


            1. She was Annette who used to comment here regularly before passing away, per what I saw in one of Patrick’s emails a while back.


            2. She was Annette who used to comment here regularly before passing away, per what I saw in one of Patrick’s emails a while back.


  3. You are getting closer in the book where doctor Mullis is greeted by a “racoon” (might as well been an alien) at night. Wonder what else his brilliant mind discovered about alien life.


    1. That is, I think, ad hominem, not against me, but Mullis. But I did read that chapter. The last lines are

      “But I don’t deny what happened. It is what science calls anecdotal, because it only happened in a way that you can’t reproduce. But it happened.”

      I also read, a long time ago, the book by Strieber called Communion. It was, I recall, a head scratcher.

      Only a couple of reactions – his LSD use may have removed some of the barriers in his brain, making him synesthetic. Just the fact that he is an LSD user makes his perceptions suspect. Also Shakespeare … “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.


      1. I’m serious about aliens. Not talking about reptilians here. Have you ever visited Cheyenne Mountain NORAD complex in your neck of the woods? Won’t expand here but hopefully if I find a past or future articles in this blog cross my way I will have more to say in this regard. For what I have read in this blog this is a place where one can speak up about ideas or thoughts that some people may call <<outré>>. I do agree with your Bokanovsky theory. It’s what humans do with horses, dogs, bulls and other species only in this case, homo sapiens.


        1. Andrew, “Aliens” are a non-starter with me. Not that I count, of course. This is not my blog. But aliens are irrelevant. Just a diversion/delusion. STOP IT.


          1. You are wrong even about being wrong. Isaac Newton said: “What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.” and I guess we are not better than old Sir Isaac.


            1. Andrew, you are wrong. We are all better than Isaac Newton. Plus, we are all more powerful than out lying governments. Bless you.


        2. Hey Andrew, I will out myself and say that I am totally open to alien theories. Whether extraterrestrial or interdimensional. I am not going to be so arrogant as to slam the door on those as entirely misdirection. Where there’s smoke, there is fire.


      2. Something does not feel right about Mullis.
        1) Nobel prize chat: Nobel
        Mullis +7 employees?
        2) Short TEDTalk: TEDTalk
        Our antibiotics are running out, really?

        Also watched the longer TEDTalk and his Google appearance. Watched for content and body language, and all these videos seem eerily reminiscent of…the genius of Gill Bates.

        Mullis? His book (like Duesberg’s) appears strong, but always pulls punches. Just see his AIDS line “We know that to err is human, but the HIV/AIDS hypthesis is one hell of a mistake.” (Intro to Duesberg book)

        Convenient cover-up? Was it a mere “mistake”, as assessed 30+ years later? Why would someone with such a “noble” mind crowned by a Nobel, look past outright lies? Is PCR itself a lie as presented? (It certainly seems for forensix and genomix and epigenetix).

        Has Mullis been just playing a role? Like the guy who plays the software genius saving us from COVID8, or the dictator character who has rockets, tractors and now COVID8?


  4. I commented a couple of months back about stocking up on food (Non perishables) and weaponry because THEY were going to do something big. And was trolled. And my rebuttal to said troll was deleted. Watch video clips of Black Friday mobs fighting over cheap plastic goods. Now imagine them starving & out of meds. Leaving the big cities would be a very good idea now.


  5. Hey Steve,
    Common Sense is not common. Religion is the death of Reason. I will stick with the Scientific Method that is NOT a religion but ‘science’ like ‘conspiracy theory’ has been co-opted to be the biggest prostitute in the history of History.
    The most important thing anyone on POM can do is put down all of the crap that they are reading and get to real, repeatable science.
    Cell Wall Deficient Forms by Lida Mattman. Well, worth the $250. After the first ten pages I had to try to forget FORTY-SEVEN YEARS OF LIES.

    One of the biggest lies of all is that antibiotics work. Sure in many cases you may not die, but what they do, as expertly outlined by Lida is that it causes them to simply go stealth which means they evade immune survelliance so you don’t FEEL sick. You are still a festering Cat Scratch, Spider-Bitten Pus Bag of Satan, but at least you FEEL good. It was Clemens Von Pirquette in the early 1900s who coined the phrase Serum Sickness that made it quite clear: Measles rash is NOT the disease, but the body’s response TO the disease. None of the ‘viruses don’t exist’ religious nuts are able to take that to make it their own because the PROCESS that led to the rash was already embedded and was already at work so there IS a disease process and it IS real therefore your fuzzy thoughts and feelings about how you feel make NO difference on whether or not you’ve got a rash. That’s the difference between religion and true science. One is belief backed up by more belief, while the other is REPEATABLE LABORATORY CONFIRMABLE FACT.
    Want a glimpse of Continuum within your story and mine? Want to know what else comes in with a spider bite? Lyme disease. Pay attention to Lida Mattman. That’s where the answers are.


  6. Because I didn’t want to clutter my microbiology response with the dietary response here’s my take on the ‘experts’. They’re all guru shills pandering to 80% of the population that might respond to their nonsense physiologically, yet they exert no effort to tailor their nonsense to individual or even global variation of physiology. Case in point the avocado. I love them. I’ll be doing my own video on how I’m STILL in grief over testing out avocado oil and eating only three of those warty pieces of crap (TRUE avocados come from Florida and are as big as your head). The reason why is because the SCIENCE of blood type variation says that the lectins in avocados are incompatible with my blood type. Not some 20-year-old nutrition graduate who read a study in a book and can vomit that study back to us like cud. So, for any idiot to say that any given substance is good for everyone is just patent madness. I work with the 1% of the population who can’t tolerate supplemens OR FOOD. There is something fundamentally broken in our mitochondria which is why some folks can’t take carbohydrates, some can’t take fats and some can’t take proteins. There’s your true delineation for Vegan, Keto, and Carnivore. I’m one installment shy on a 4-part series on CytoMitoGeno Pathology that explains in detail how they broke us and why we don’t work. As I said in my post on smallpox: This information is NOWHERE else. I’ve been doing this for 20 years without a break and they are ALL in on it. AlterNOTive medicine is cashing in with their cousins in Mainscream medicine. It’s all a hoax.


      1. Hi There,
        this is the intro followed by two others in the series that totally destroys ALL of the currently circulating myths about diet. I am so swamped that the last one in the series with some really high level biochemistry had to be put on hold, but if you are not into molecular biology then that wouldn’t make a difference.

        I have an earlier series called Vegan Traps that expose all of the complete idiocy in that cult as well. Bear in mind that I eat a vegan diet, but I am not susceptible to mind viruses or anything that goes against clinical science so my work has nothing to do with the ‘movement’. (more like a bowel movement). For all of my crassness, I still have great regard for those who want to eat a vegan diet but are plagued by the kinds of damages that you will see afflict us all as outlined in the first link. Cheers.


  7. I had a dog, pup, once time that was given to me, it contracted parvo before iy could have shots. It was a horrible death. I never seen a dog contract parvo that had been vaccinated. So yes I think vaccinations can work, the ones we humans are being given though have multiple ingredients and no one knows what they are or what they do. If the vaccine manufacturers would give full disclosure about the ingredients and we’re not released from liability from their product, I would be more inclined to accept it.


    1. Bubba,
      What has to be asked are the most important questions in biology that actually demand answers. Anyone who avoids these questions is part of the problem.

      Where did the parvo come from?
      What is its NATURAL reservior?
      How and where did the puppy contract it?
      Animals from shelters are nothing but military weapons delivery systems. Kennels breed ‘kennel cough’.


      Remember: vaccines like antibiotics either disable the immune system so that the host can’t respond or induce tolerance which means that you and the disease have become ONE instead of knocking it out of the system. NONE of these are acceptable since vaccinated animals are CHRONIC CARRIERS OF PARVO. I’ve seen a woman get parvo from a kidney transplant most likely from the donor who owned pets.

      The vaccines that are given to pets are worse than human vaccines. The vaccines given to farm animals are worse than that. Vaccines NEVER worked except for the parameters that I just outlined. It seems that if you can show the masses that SYMPTOMS go away that somehow that is ‘evidence’ of efficacy or cure when it is the farthest thing from the truth.

      How did people an animals survive before shots?
      They either lived or died. That is what this sick experiment is anyway.


    2. My dogs are not vaccinated, and they’re fine.
      As I said already one of them has Leishmania in his blood apparently, but he’s strong and healthy now (yes, I said he and not it, it’s a male dog and it’s my furry child, so he).
      My partner had (many) other dogs before we met, most of them vaccinated, nearly all of them died of terrible diseases.
      One of our beloved dogs, a female died last July, she was 14 and a half. She was never vaccinated and is so far the only one here that reached that age.

      Mankind has gone through a hell of a lot throughout it’s history, such as plagues and other diseases, we’re nearly 8 billion alive today.

      We don’t need vaccines.


      1. Hi Anna,
        we stopped keeping pets long before I discovered Hulda Clark so I have not tested this on my own; but her program for people parasites works on pets as tested by my most trusted associates. You might consider her pet program to unleash the leishmania. I have never met an unvaccinated child. My associates report that their kids are the healthiest, happiest, (and I’ve seen pictures) most beautiful kids in the world. Conversely, I have know the grief of families that get the regular MMR boosters and the kids literally turn into demon-possessed monsters from the invasion of aborted fetuses that remember that they were ritually sacrificed. There is a quote that the only reason that we are all alive today is that our ancestors were SURVIVORS of the 1918 influenza. Getting through a disease builds strength by exorcising the demons. Vaccines just embed the demons.


        1. I have friends who didn’t vaccinate their kids, I confirm what your associates told you: they’re perfectly healthy, happy and beautiful.

          From an esoteric point of view, vaccines and blood transfusions are the ideal gates for parasites, that end up possessing people’s mind and spirit.
          That’s why I’ll never want a vaccine (of course I was vaccinated as a small child, but vaccines were different back then) or a blood transfusion. I’m not a Jehovah witness, but I’ve been studying esoteric disciplines for many years so I know what I’m talking about.


          1. @Maarten, for what it’s worth, I’d like to add a few (respectful) thoughts to the discussion of your questions. Bear with me up front, then I’ll give my direct answers.

            First, I think Fauxlex makes a fair point. It’s not incumbent on germ theory skeptics or vaccine skeptics or to provide alternative explanations for how smallpox was eradicated.

            Second, I want to echo something that Patrick said… maybe some of what we think we know about smallpox just ain’t so.

            (We should keep in mind that “the story” of the smallpox vaccine is one of THE founding myths of modern medicine. As such it is central to an entire web of profiteering propaganda, and therefore is suspect.

            Modern medicine is one of the biggest, most powerful, and most profitable industries in the history of the world.

            Given how much money and power is at stake, I do NOT believe that we can take the conventional wisdom about smallpox eradication at face value.

            As a current example of modern medicine’s narrative control, more than 100,000 Americans die each year from correctly prescribed pharmaceuticals. But because the pharma industry is THE single largest advertiser across all news media, these pharma deaths receive almost no news coverage. In my opinion, modern medicine’s impressive narrative control extends to the historical narrative as well.)

            Patrick mentioned that technology and logistics meant that not even 10% of the global population would have been vaccinated against smallpox before it was officially declared eradicated around 1980. I found that interesting. And my guess, although I don’t know for sure, is that none of the historical narrative deals with that fact honestly and head on. Rather than being explained, I suspect it is just ignored by the promoters of the vaccine narrative.

            Now, third, here are a few thoughts about your specific questions:

            While India and much of the developed world has relatively poor sanitation, it is much improved over the past century. Sure, some people live in squalor by the side of the road, but doctors know to wash their hands, there are water treatment plants, sewage is not running through the streets, food is refrigerated, etc.

            Nutrition is another biggie. The world population, especially the developing world population, suffers from FAR less malnutrition in recent decades than it did 40 years ago and earlier. This is another reason, OTHER than “the success of the smallpox vaccine” why India does not have a smallpox problem.

            Also, diseases like smallpox may have been more problematic in earlier times when populations were more isolated from one another. There’s the story of the Native Americans getting European diseases to which they’d never previously been exposed. Ancient Rome may have suffered as new germs were brought from the hinterlands. While today in a more connected and more populous world, immunity develops more globally. (I realize that what I’m saying here DOES support the germ theory, which is really what you were talking about, but I think this point weakens the vaccine theory that “we eliminated smallpox with vaccines.”)

            Finally, one point I encountered recently from some “alternative” source, is that people getting ill at the same time and the same place is not in and of itself proof of the germ theory. The author was espousing the disease-as-toxin-shedding and/or the disease-as-the-body-forcing-you-to-bed-to-enable-rest-and-recovery theory, and pointed out that certain seasons, weather, and other conditions might cause many people to show the same symptoms in the same places at the same times. He also pointed out that people’s bodies do communicate with one another, via touch, proximity, good bacteria, hormones, etc. so symptoms could “spread” without being evidence of invasion by infectious particles. As in female roommates noticing that their menstrual cycles become synced within a few months of living together.

            Those are a few thoughts, for whatever they’re worth!


  8. I posted this on another blog…and this is interesting because I just listened to Pat’s talk on spraying chloramine sulfonamides etc….

    May 8, 2020 at 1:38 pm
    I think there is a big connection to all this with the Vap disease that happened before the so called BUG event. Maybe people here can delve in deeper. EVALI is the name of the disease which stands for E cigerette vaping associated lung injury.

    From an article …

    But it’s also because symptoms of EVALI are similar to those of flu and other respiratory illnesses — including cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, fever, fatigue, and hazy spots on an X-ray.

    “It is currently very hard for us to tell the difference between pneumonia and vaping related lung injury,” said Dr. Alicia Briggs, chair of pediatrics at Norwalk Hospital and a pediatric hospitalist at Connecticut Children’s.

    In this case, the teen had shortness of breath and coughing among other symptoms.

    His condition deteriorated to the point that he not only needed to be intubated, he had to be put on a machine that could oxygenate his blood because his lungs were no longer working. He eventually was put on high levels of steroids and improved.

    Another article and there were a few that started in soldiers and attributed to vaping which is indistinguishable from the flu

    1.Was this the test run?
    2.Could this Covid syndrome be a chemical instead of virus especially because only certain areas of the world were hit hard? Like a limited chemical attack on certain areas
    3. Or did they lace vap cigarettes with a virus?
    4. What fort these soldiers based out of?


    1. You, my friend, are a genius. Attention to detail that I was distracted on because a mother complained of her son vaping and it was discovered that he had hemolytic anemia. Now: vaping can be for the nicotine high, or they offer Can of Bliss highs as well. It turns out that within seconds you can get search term results back for vaping Can of Bliss concoctions CAUSING HEMOLYTIC ANEMIA. We factor that in with the oxygenation/RBC crisis seen in this Plandemic and it is a PERFECT storm.
      NO confounding variables were ever factored in to the deaths.
      To address your questions:
      this is yet another example of Full Spectrum Dominance Warfare. I suspect that vaping, 5G, and viruses and disinfectants are all gloriously part of the same Continuum.
      I wear gloves if I have to handle mail that comes from the government. There are Morgellons victims who claim the red and blue fibers in money are now moregelons fibers.
      When looking for the fort that the soldiers were based out of pay more attention to what was close to them. The Zaire Ebola outbreak was just across the border from a USAMRIID base in Kenya.


      1. A bit off topic but what are your thoughts on copper and iodine? It appears that the alterNot ive medicine and mainstream medicine seems to demonize it… also with regards to iodine it appears that they have demonized iodine by removing it around 1980 from all bread products and replaced with bromine


        1. Spondive,
          I will call him a religious nut because that is what Copper does: it taps into the god module of the brain to make you more susceptible to being a cubicle working Hive Mate that thinks god is real. There is a fellow on the Net who says that IRON IS POISON. It is for bugs. The Fenton Reaction uses vitamin C and Iron to create a lightening bolt to kill microbes including the elusive viri that supposedly don’t exist. Because I experiment on myself, otherwise I cannot speak authoritatively on any topic, I finally broke down and experimented with every form of copper out there. Me and copper don’t get along. It NEVER did anything that it was claimed to do.
          Why might that be? Because: There are always at least two kinds of people: those with high histamine and those with low histamine, those with high methylation those with low methylation (fuck that up with an autistic kid and you’ve got a raging gorilla on your hands), those with high copper (cancer fodder) and those with low copper, those with high iron (vaccine damage) and those with low iron (vaccine damage). So to make a blanket statement on ANYTHING is just guru BS to try to make money on the 80% average that their particular brand of BS works on. The other 20% be damned. I like to say in the case of Potassium that can lower your blood pressure and stop your heart: If you follow a guru and they were wrong – Dead Men don’t get on message boards to report that it didn’t work.
          So, copper – for me – total waste of time.
          Iodine is a different story. I wrote an entire book about just that topic.
          Iodized salt is pure poison.
          Lugol’s iodine has the potassium iodide that can lower your BP, only masks goiter, and no civilized countries use it even for their animals. Well, the uncivilized turd whirled contries use fluoride in their salt as well…
          Nascent iodine is ‘detoxified’ so it can go directly into use by the body. It is the only form that I use and since every cell in your body requires iodine then the myth of potassium iodide to protect your thyroid after an isotope release just fell down with its underware around its knees.


      1. I’ve seen no evidence that there is a new virus or that anything is going on but a cold and flu season, a mild one at that. Ergo, from my view, this is misdirection.

        Andy Kaufman went to the CDC website, which is all COVID, but there are still honest people working there. One of the numbers he found was death from all sources in the US, and he found that it is 6% less than the average of the last three years so far this year, right through the worst of the COVID scare.

        So by definition there is no epidemic in the US. During epidemics, excess deaths over average mount up.

        One reason for fewer deaths this year could be that fewer people are seeing doctors or being hospitalized.


        1. Where does Kaufman mention this? Does he show how he came to this figure? I would be intrigued to see that data. Not because I don’t believe, but because it is an important data point and I want to make sure it’s legit.


          1. Fauxlex,
            Allow me to caution Learned Gentlemen from arguing how many angels can indeed dance on the head of a pin:
            Two things in mathematics have served me in the field of biology because biology pretends at things like statistics: Least common denominator and Irreducible Prime.

            We start with the reality that the CDC is Uniformed Military with a Surgeon General. This plandemic, no matter whose opinion of what it is, is a military PsyOp. Therefore:

            “…because it is an important data point and I want to make sure it’s legit.”

            With no ill-will towards Fauxlex, is an impossibility.

            We have the military running a psyop that then provides ‘statistics’ on kill-count.

            The Equivalency is going up to Satan and asking him to turn the temperature down in Hell, to which he replies: there’s nothing wrong here – it’s set at Room Temperature.

            Just like the world population set at 7 billion – I never did the head count. I have no idea whatsoever how many grape apes there are running around. I can tell you that once a month when I view the population available to me, that I see AT BEST one pregnant woman in public. So it makes you wonder where all of them billions are coming from. ?

            Adding to the reliability problem is that the CDC is a PATENT holder of vaccines that THEY DICTATE THE SCHEDULE OF. If it wasn’t a tacit agreement of the govern mente with the military, then criminal conflict of interest charges should have put the ‘agency’ out of business.

            I find the comingoutofnowhere Kaufman to be a plant for the CIA Disbelieve Everything meme that includes the Viruses Don’t Exist meme that has Kaufman and others promoting the Viruses Do Exist But They Are Cell Junk meme. He promotes his credentials in PSYCHIATRY. I’d like to see a Jan Irvin histogram of Kaufman’s connections with Stubblebine and Laibow. But a point of departure for Jan and Clint Richardson and I was the reliance on Primary Source Documentation.

            I’ve been in this game for decades and during that time have worked in just about every industry in the spectrum from farm boy to semiconductor fabrication. So I know when something smells like shit, so to speak.

            An informal poll: “Do YOU know anyone who is sick?”
            conducted with everyone I am in contact with reveals : NO! No one knows first hand anyone who is ill. That holds more weight then the entire GPO hardcopies of ANYTHING that came out of the CDC.

            My only criteria for evaluating government data (something that I did for three years at the university) is that if it sounds bad… it’s probably true.


            1. I tend to think most people are honest and go about their jobs with integrity. I would think no less of the 10,600 people at CDC, most doing data collection and doing it honestly. Of course the leadership is corrupt. But behind the veil you will find honest data collected honestly. You paint with too broad a brush.

              The data Kaufman presented, which I am working on verifying, is not some number thrown at a wall … it is real, even if it may vary within a statistical range.


          2. I went to the CDC website to see if I could duplicate his effort. It is a jumble, and I ended up with totals for 2017, monthly for 2018, and the first three months of 2019. Nothing for 2020. I have no basis for comparison to 2020.

            I have asked Dr. Kaufman for information on where to obtain the numbers via his website,


        2. Most likely you are correct. With worthless testing, anything can be mislabeled. Good way to spread annual flu/cold to all parts of the world. With less than 1/2 of most populations taking annual flu shots, there’s lots of upside to that market, regardless of its effectiveness, or its intended purpose — whatever that is.


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