Around the World: South Korean Tower Engulfed In Flames

First of all, I hope anyone caught in this tower fire in South Korea makes it out safe and sound. It really looks awful, and it is apparently still burning.

The reason I post about it is that the “visual” of a tower being on fire really reminds me of the absurdity of the events of 9/11, whereby two gigantic steel skyscrapers essentially seemed to obliterate themselves out of the blue…explained away as being caused by extra-hot fires from the very small amount of jet fuel in the tank of one airplane each.

Do you look at this image and think it could possibly just suddenly and explosively collapse? Of course you don’t. That is not how things work. If you are with me so far, you ought to look more into the events of Sept 11th.

24 thoughts on “Around the World: South Korean Tower Engulfed In Flames

  1. No planes, just another hoax like all the rest. Thx to Simon shack September clues and all the other truthers who help me see thru the b.s., you included. Wish I could get you to see the shape of the earth is not what they told us either.

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    1. I have been brainstorming my own personal theory about what might be the true reason for space fakery.

      Still am not a flat earther, but I might have an interesting take on things…I see it as a kind of bridge between flat earthers and non-FE space fakery skeptics.

      That is coming up soon, I hope.

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      1. I should say shape of the earth is MOST LIKELY in my opinion not what they tell us. That would be more truthful, still learning everyday.


    1. Honestly I just was struck by the 9/11 comparison. Fire in a skyscraper structure.

      You really think it was staged/arson?


  2. You neglected the most important building collapse, building#7. It was a 47 story building that fell at 5:20 on 911 solely from a few office fires. It’s collapse was announced 22 minutes premature on BBC TV. It’s collapse makes the twin towers seem logical.

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    1. Right, regarding #7, I’d forgotten about that phrase and its variations: “scattered office fires.” When a pat descriptive phrasing appears again and again to “explain” something, I always suspect we’re seeing a linguistic artifact of a Grand Explanatory Narrative (sic) that’s become trapped in everyone’s mind without examination. Not that it’s wrong; in fact, it’s apt. Many photos indeed show fires burning behind the sealed, tinted glass windows, on both the side that was damaged by the nearby collapsing tower and on the far side of the building #7, away from all that. They appear spread out on various floors in little groupings of, roughly, five or fewer adjacent glass windows. At first, if I recall, the cover-up initiative used that phrasing and those fires to try to explain the breathtaking physical collapse of #7, but that absurdity went away for various reasons — the BBC TV episode Bubba mentions, and some follow-up studies years later, and so on.

      For me the questions become, where did all these scattered office fires in distant far-flung offices come from? Why wait eight hours to “pull” #7, when you could have done it more plausibly at 9:30 am, amid all the other madness happening? If it was fully, completely wired to blow, and it obviously was (which means they were going to “pull it” anyway), what did they get out of that delay?

      Because they were doing something specific in that building during those eight hours. At 5:20 pm, they’d finished.

      At the end of the day, all I can surmise (warning: conspiracy theory, in-coming) is they “pulled” #7 hours later to cover the heists (data, gold and files) and specific evidence destructions the planners’ recovery teams executed inside US government offices there that day. Besides the rumored gold in the basement (if it was even still there, IDK), the transnational strategic planners of the event couldn’t resist having 8-hours access with security stood-down, all alone, to ransack the NY stations/offices of DOD, SEC, Secret Service, CIA, et al. The teams spent eight hours emptying gold cages, blowing office safes, accessing servers directly, tossing incendiaries into rooms of files and who knows what else. The happy haul of data, both digital and physical, was top-quality, I’m sure; likewise, the happy chance to flame the secure records rooms of agencies’ investigatory files and evidence made legal threats disappear.

      The executing teams simply left fires in their wake, I imagine, over the eight hours of their assignment. As a theory, it sort of, kind of, possibly explains the evident fires on the inside of unbroken glass in scattered offices far from the traumatic collapses — all followed by the controlled demo of the entire building that destroyed all the evidence of everything — including that the controllers now possessed it.

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      1. Beautiful theory. Bravo. I love it, and am jealous that I did not come up with it. Seriously, well done man. This is a truly perfect theory, and it elegantly explains everything.

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  3. Yeah, terrorists don’t blow up buildings anymore. Now they plot to kidnap governors—like the caring and concerned governor of Michigan who imposed severe lockdowns to keep her state safe. Interesting how terrorists and mass shooters have a way of creating emotional responses that play into our Reality Makers’ agenda. 9/11 and mass shootings certainly made large public gathering places seem scary… but they don’t need to do that anymore because that’s covered by the coronavirus. So now, terrorists are making us fear for the safety of people who want to protect us by imprisoning us in our homes. The older I get, the more transparent this shit becomes.

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  4. Love your stuff. In 2005, I ran for Manhattan Borough President. I was going to lose (on the Republican-Liberal lines with Mayor Bloomberg), but still, had I won, I would have looked into this and changed the world. (I could not campaign on this. The crime of the century was not even an issue. I found that the Republicans were also compromised and I’m now an independent.)

    Things to look for in the NBA Finals tonight: “KOBE KOBE KOBE KOBE KOBE KOBE.” Or the Lakers could throw a second game to make the series appear more dramatic and get more ratings.

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    1. The next NBA finals game is Sunday, October 11th. Do you know what happened on October 11, 1996? Kobe Bryant played in his first preseason NBA game for the Lakers. Of course. Just a coinkydink. Kobe Kobe Kobe Kobe!


      1. PS-I’ll bet Kobe autographs are worth a fortune nowadays, fake death or not.

        Once in college, I sold an old oversized autographed photo of a famous player who had died young, and WOW…does that shake up the autograph market.

        First thing I did after the crash was check eBay, but it was already going bonkers.

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    2. Just wanted to say that you called this one. No way the NBA was going to let their Finals right now run for only 5 games (4-1). So of course the Heat took Game 5.

      You would think they would try to run it to 7 games, but who knows? They definitely stretched the series to some degree.

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  5. When you only see the outside of a bldg burning like that its a panel fire. Metal panels have come of age in the last 20 years, theyr a sandwich of 2 thin sheets of alum with an insulating layer of plastic in between. Here in the US most bldg codes require that if a panel is installed higher than a firetruck can reach with water, that its plastic insulating layer be fire-proof. You can only tell if the panel is fire-proof by looking at the color of the insulating layer BEFORE its installed. Each panel has its edges returned (bent) 90 degrees inward so once its installed about 3/4″ away from the adjacent panel, then that gap sealed with silicone, you’ll never see the insulating layer again.

    Not all countries follow the same bldg codes. I see 2 things happening. Either they just flat out didnt use fire-proof panels, or the owner ordered it and the contractor tried saving money n purchased regular panels and never told the owner. There were similar fires in Saudi Arabia in the last few years. Think one was started by a bbq too close to the panel. Once that insulating layer gets started its like pouring gasoline on a fire.

    Ive done some great work on skyscrapers in nyc. Hope this helps.


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