By Cranky Yanky

I want to thank Mark for graciously providing space for me to vent. Although, after spending thirty minutes attempting to present a “mission statement,” I’ve realized that I have no mission since we are already chin deep in this quagmire called modern society. There will be no more proving or convincing. The lines are drawn, the die is cast. Still, I invite you all to join me in my ritualistic (though admittedly rudimentary) exorcism of musical vampiric energies.       

In conspiracy circles, it is widely accepted that promoted musicians have “sold their soul.”  I will go a step further and state that oftentimes their souls are sold FOR THEM by family members and handlers seeking power and wealth.  All of us are MK Ultra victims to some extent, but the talented and charismatic children of influential families often are given the MK Ultra crash course and are not to be envied, much less idolized.  They enjoy fame and fortune, but often at the cost of a lifetime of servitude (if they’re lucky) to narcissistic vampires who exploit their talents while envying their achievements.

Then again, many of them are just egotistical and entitled douchebags.  Take your pick.

ARETHA FRANKLIN is regarded as one of the greatest music “artists” of the 20th century.  Throughout her life, her handlers utilized that talent and notoriety to promote racial and sexual division (civil rights and women’s rights), and her songs “Respect” and “(You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman” became anthems of these movementsA portion of her income was reportedly used (siphoned) to cover payroll (buy drugs and hookers?) for civil rights groups.

Aretha’s initial handler was her father, C.L. Franklin. He began preaching at age 16, eventually commanding up to $4000 per speaking appearance (that’s $36,000 adjusted for inflation). C.L. Franklin’s birth name was Walker, but his father allegedly abandoned the family when he was four years old, and his mother then remarried a shadowy figure named Henry Franklin.  C.L. was revered in religious circles despite his fathering of a child by Mildred Jennings, a 12-year-old member of his congregation.

Aretha Franklin’s mother died before her tenth birthday (C.L. did not attend his estranged wife’s funeral), and by the age of 12, Aretha, too, had been impregnated.  She named the child Clarence after her father. (THE REAL FATHER OF ARETHA’S FIRST CHILD)

It appears that Clarence required assistance in breaking his 12-year-old habit because, in 1979, he was shot twice in the groin at point-blank range during a “robbery” and remained in a coma for the next five years before dying at the age of 69.  What a shame for Clarence that the shooter had such bad aim…or was it perfect aim?

From 1961 through 1969, her most prolific years, Aretha was handled by another man of questionable moral character named Teddy White.  Motown producer Harvey Fuqua is on record as stating, “Anyone who didn’t see Ted White as a straight-up pimp had to be deaf, dumb, and blind.”  White’s family history is unknown. Aretha and Teddy were married when Franklin was 18 and White was 30, although Aretha had met White for the first time at a party held at her house in 1954…WHEN SHE WAS 12 YEARS OLD.

Aretha’s first four albums were produced by Clyde Otis, who was mentored by fellow U.S. MARINE Bobby Troup. (Old folks like me will remember Troup for his portrayal of Dr. Joe Early in the 1970s medical propaganda T.V. show Emergency!)  As an officer candidate, Troup was assigned to oversee recruit training for the first black marines. Despite royal bloodlines (Troup’s great-great-grandfather was Sir Watkin William Wynn, Baronet from Wales) and Ivy League education (University of Pennsylvania), Troup elected to serve his country by helping young black men become jarheads. What a guy!  Jerry Wexler produced Franklin’s remaining albums of the decade. Wikipedia tells us that Wexler graduated from high school at the age of 15 but attended college intermittently, only becoming a serious student upon completing his service in the U.S. ARMY.

From the 1980s until her death in 2018, Aretha Franklin’s affairs were “handled” by an ex-U.S. MARINE named Willie Wilkerson.  Wilkerson died of COVID-19 in 2020.

DIONNE WARWICK has a great singing voice, but her talent was not organically discovered since her parents were already established in the music business. Her mother was the manager of The Drinkard Singers, and her father was a record promoter. Her maternal aunt is Cissy Houston making Whitney Houston her first cousin, and she is also the maternal cousin of soprano singer Mary Violet Leontyne Price. During the 60s, Warwick was married to/handled by actor William Elliott, who just happened to have spent four years in the U.S. NAVY as an “electrician.”

The primary producer/writer of Warwick’s output during the 1960s was Burt Bacharach.  Bacharach’s father, Bertram Bacharach, was a well-known newspaper columnist (propagandist).  Despite Burt Bacharach’s privileged upbringing and attendance at Montreal’s McGill University, he still served a tour of duty in the U.S. ARMY.  Why?  Would you?  I always thought artistic people were opposed to war and killing. Even at the ripe old age of 92, Bacharach was still being rolled out (literally) as a tool of the state by campaigning (promoting division) for Joe Biden.  Wearing a T-shirt proclaiming “VOTE,” Bacharach spoke via webcam from a piano as part of the attempt by the Biden campaign to motivate every potential older voter.

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love.

“It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.

What the world needs now is Joe Bi-den.

“He’s the one for us to be president.”


Warwick has also used her celebrity status to raise public awareness of the (fake) AIDS epidemic and has served as a UNITED NATIONS global health ambassador during the administrations of President Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.  But indeed, her proudest achievement must have been hosting infomercials for the Psychic Friends Network.  Only $3.95 per minute!  (That’s $7 a minute in 2021 dollars!!)


DIANA ROSS rose to fame as the lead singer of Motown’s most successful act during the 1960s.  Diana appears to hold a high-ranking position in the families since she has not been required to perform the obligatory Intel duties like shilling for corporations or pushing agendas.  Wikipedia tells us that her grandfather John E. Ross was born to Washington Ross and Virginia Baytop but this information conflicts with genealogical sites like Geni and Ancestry. Why the misdirection? The actual name of Diana’s grandfather is William Edward Ross, husband to Ida Snead, whose race is listed on the 1920 federal census report as “Mulatto.” Could it be that Ida Snead’s father was a prominent plantation owner who impregnated one of his slaves?  If that seems like a stretch, consider that Diana’s first love affair was with Motown founder Berry Gordy, whose grandfather was the son of James Gordy, a white plantation owner in Georgia, and a woman he enslaved.  James Gordy was also the great-grandfather of President Jimmy Carter.

Based on the social status of Diana’s two husbands and Berry Gordy, there is a high likelihood that she descends from elite bloodlines.  Ross first married Robert Ellis Silberstein, born into a wealthy family of Jewish garment manufacturers, then Arne Rudolf Ludvig Raab, a Norwegian shipping magnate.

But then again, she was also once involved in a love triangle with singer Cher, who as a youth had to use rubber bands to hold her shoes together, and Chaim Witz, aka Gene Simmons from the rock band KISS, whose “dirt poor” family barely scraped by on rationed bread and milk.  Boo-Hoo.

“Dusty” was born Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien, and she had received the “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire” from the Queen.  Wikipedia tells us that her upbringing was “comfortable” middle class. Isn’t it a given that middle class is comfortable? Wouldn’t comfortable middle class be upper class?  Do you know any middle-class people with five names? I traced Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette’s family history, and let me assure you that there’s a royal amount of comfortable people there, including a great-great-grandmother named Frances MCCARTNEY. Probably just a McOincidence.

During the Beatle’s interview shown above, Dusty asks John, “Do you have false teeth as they always look so evilEVEN!” Classic Freudian slip.  Ha-ha!

The album “Dusty In Memphis” was Springfield’s primary claim to fame, and I have still not figured out why critics fall all over themselves praising it. Upon release, it was a commercial failure in both the U.S. and U.K. but is frequently named one of the greatest albums. There is a “non-professional” user review at AllMusic by someone who claims to be “obsessed with this album.” He opens by stating, “This album is probably better suited to “super sensitive” people who have a wider appreciation of easy listening, and he concludes by stating, “I dug through every last song of her discography and never found too many songs as good as the ones on Memphis.”  (MY TRANSLATION: Her most popular album is boring, but it’s the best thing she ever did). For some reason, “Dusty in Memphis” required three producers, Jerry Wexler-again (military), Tom Dowd (military), and Arif Mardin (elite).

CILLA BLACK was born Priscilla Maria Veronica White, and like Springfield, she was a famous English singer and television presenter who also received the “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire”. Black (White) was allegedly championed by her friends The Beatles even though a review of her debut album at AllMusic states, “her work isn’t remotely in the same league with Dusty Springfield.”  (MY TRANSLATION:  Springfield is boring, Black is insufferable.)  Up (Down) until she died in 2015, White (Black) was active in politics…Left (Right).

MARIANNE FAITHFULL was born Marianne Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull, and her father, Major Robert Glynn Faithfull, was a BRITISH INTELLIGENCE officer and professor of Italian Literature.  Faithfull’s mother was the daughter of an Austro-Hungarian nobleman, Arthur Wolfgang, Ritter von Sacher-Masoch.  Eva chose to style herself as Eva von Sacher-Masoch, Baroness Erisso.  I guess the compilers at Wikipedia knew better than to try and obfuscate that mess.  Faithfull has released 22(!) albums that should be Faithfully avoided.

LESLEY GORE was born Lesley Sue Goldstein into a “middle-class” Jewish family. According to Wikipedia, her father Leo was the owner of Peter Pan, a children’s swimwear and underwear manufacturer. He later became a LEADING BRAND LICENSING AGENT in the apparel industry.  (Middle-class, my pre-pubescent ass!)  I cannot trace Lesley Gore’s family history beyond her Russian grandparents. Still, they immigrated with enough scratch to send her father to a prestigious school that boasts an extensive list of notable alumni.

Despite promulgating male/female teen angst in her songs, Lesley claimed she had known about her attraction to women since she was 20 (?). Why did it take so long?  Did she not possess sexual desire in her teens, or did Johnny make her cry one time too many?  I’ll bet you knew which “P” that you preferred. I know I did. Even if you were “sexually confused” or “experimenting,” you still had a “P”reference.

Boys, they always make us cry

Boys, they always tell a little lie

Never please us

Boys, boys, boys!  Lesley Goldstein’s partner of “33” years, Lois Sasson (Lois Diane Kahaner), died on December 30, 2020, of COVID-19. (12/30=”3/3”) (Like Lesley, Dusty Springfield also preferred Girls, Girls, Girls.)  Quincy Jones “handled” all of Lesley Goresteins albums released in the decade of the 60s.  Jones’ extensive Wikipedia page informs us (among lots of weird stuff) that he is a direct descendant of George Washington and that his father worked at the PUGET SOUND NAVAL SHIPYARD.


When it comes to A-list tools of the controlling system, few can sniff out (pun intended) a bogus or divisive cause like Babs.  I could devote an entire blogpost to dismantling the lies and deception on her Wikipedia page, but if you’re unable to see through this demonic entity by now, what’s the point?

In this 1969 interview, Streisand states, “I read in the paper about all this money I’m supposed to be making, which is so terrible because I don’t make that kind of money.  It’s all lies…I believe in the truth so much…I don’t understand how anybody could sleep at night telling a lie.”

By 1969, Streisand had released 11 top-selling albums, starred in 4 television specials and two successful Hollywood films, headlined two successful Broadway shows, and completed the “An Evening with Barbra Streisand” tour.  But she doesn’t make THAT kind of money.  By THAT KIND OF MONEY, does Babs mean Howard Hughes kind of money?  In another interview that I watched, she stated that she prefers film over theater because she earns money on movies even while taking a bubble bath.  Spoken like a true philanthropist.

Streisand HAS seen hard times, though.  During one period when she was 16 years old, she lacked a permanent address and found herself sleeping at the home of friends, or ANYWHERE ELSE SHE COULD SET UP THE ARMY COT SHE CARRIED AROUND. Oh, the humanity!


67 thoughts on “THE MUSICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX—Part #2 (Ladies Only Edition)

  1. At this point, venting about top-down deception in the entertainment industry–deception that’s obvious to a few, completely invisible to everyone else–does seem rather pointless, doesn’t it? But venting about it with wit and style is an uplifting and noble act. Thanks, Cranky Yanky.


  2. Thanks CY. A subject I’ve got interested in this year. If you haven’t already seen it, there’s a book(s) by English writer Mark Devlin called Musical Truth (1 & 2). A fantastic expose into the dark side of the industry where some, if not all of the big names were state assets: Beetles, Stones, Bowie, Dylan etc. Well worth a read through for a great read on the subject.

    I’m also interested in the 432hz vs 440hz story. I’d listened to calming 432hz music for years for meditation but only recently heard of how ‘the elites’ decided the international music scene should be set to 440hz, a far more dissonant tone. More here:


    1. Devlin was pretty big on Paul is Dead stuff, but otherwise I liked him.

      The 440 stuff … maybe the quality of my listening devices, but I could not tell the interferencedifference. I do not have the most finely attuned ear.


      1. Devlin believes that Prince was murdered by the industry because he spoke out about chemtrails and other things and that Waco, the Boston city bombing, and the Columbine school shooting were real and were ritual sacrifices that supposedly had something to do with the Beltane festival.

        There is an interview by him with David McGowan on YT. No surprise there I guess…

        He also lumps conspiracy theory in with New Age higher consciousness stuff like a lot of LH’s seem to do.


        1. I had opportunity to correspond with Devlin directly. We happened to be in Europe and in his time zone, not that it mattered. I linked him to my evidence regarding the Paul Is Dead phenomenon, explaining that it was just an Intelligence misdirection ploy to obscure the obvious evidence that McCartney was a set of twins. It does not take much thought after coming to that realization to further understand that the Beatles were a well-planned operation – how else do we not easily see two Paul’s, or a Mike McGear invented out of whole cloth. It was all laid out years in advance. The Beatles were not a natural phenomenon, but rather an Intel operation that was rolled out on us.

          Devlin shut me down quicker than Roadrunner disappearing into the distance in a cartoon. I got a strong sense of Spook out of him.


          1. He may well be a spook but i suspect you may be giving him too much credit.

            I have read and listened to some of his work
            I found nothing new. Just a rehash of McGowan.
            He is riding on the coattails of others.

            My comments are based on his earlier work and i maybe doing him a disservice but my impression after absorbing many hours of his output were that he was repackaging what i was already familiar with
            Maybe his work is aimed at someone with fresh unfamiliar ears.

            Keep up the good work
            Fantastic content and research


    2. There was an “ethnomusicologist” – forget his name – who did a whole multi-part series, that touched on this. It was as a guest on gnosticmedia (name may have changed.) It was in video/ audio format. Jan Irvin I think was the host.


  3. A former (long ago) movie reviewer for National Review (I think, but memories are not reliable), whose name I have forgotten but who did great work, reviewed the movie Yentl when it came out, and I don’t think he completely trashed it, but he did go after Streisand … he said that her problem with acting is that she cannot allow herself to look bad. Sometimes movie scenes require that, and he laid into her pretty good for even looking too good when she was supposed to be frumpy.


    1. John Simon was the critic. His beef with Babs was that film was a visual medium and the idea that Streisand was a romantic interest for the general public was simply not true. Her appeal to women, on the other hand, was that she didn’t look appealing, necessarily, but she usually played strong women with just the right amount of doubt.


      1. That’s an interesting point about Streisand. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any of her movies, but I did get dragged to see the Bradley Cooper remake of “A Star is Born,” and goddammit, that movie got me. I really wanted to hate it, if for no other reason than that Gaga’s pop-music career nauseates me. However, the fact that she doesn’t look like “a romantic interest for the general public” worked in the film’s favor, I thought. Conventional beauty can be a distraction for men and women alike. Gaga has no “appeal” to me, but I believed her appeal to Cooper’s character, and could watch the film without the distraction of attraction. Also, I don’t think Gaga has a problem making herself look bad–repulsive is the new beautiful, after all–so she may go farther as an actress than Streisand did. Even though (or because) she’s creepy as hell.


        1. Near the beginning of “A Star is Born” Laddy Gaygay gives thanks to the Drag Queens (Gay men) for allowing the performances. That is this/shit world in a nutsack! Right now, Big Tech in Silly-con Valley (LGBT CAPITOL) is leading the way with all of the censorship of anything that opposes the narratives.

          San Francisco leads all cities in North America in “creation” of new Billionaires. Then there are multitudes of billionaires of questionable sexual preference/habits in cities like Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, D.C., Los Angeles, Houston, New York, London, Rome, Berlin, Paris, etc. ad nauseam.

          J. Edgar “Bonnie” Hoover was a lifelong homosexual who was put in charge of the FBI from before it was even called the FBI and his boyfriend Clyde Tolson was 2nd in command. J. Edgar ran the FBI through multitudes of PRESIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATIONS until his last breath on May 2nd, 1972. Upon his death, Bonnie left his entire sizable estate to Clyde.

          One of the projects they ran was to convince the populace that “paper money” had value, hence all of the stories and movies about Bank Robbers stealing FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, even while Gold and Silver coins were still the primary currency used worldwide and of course Nixon closed the Gold Window on August 15, 1971, a Sunday.

          BTW, J. Edgar was known as “Bonnie” to insiders because at Drag Parties he liked to dress as the woman, wearing “bonnets” on his head. He was born, lived and died in Washington D.C. He was also an inbred (product of incest) and had a hair lip (caused by incest). In that instance, homosexuality is Natures Way of weeding out the defective genes.

          In these modern times, the numbers of homosexual people have been on the rise due to products containing synthetic estrogen (to target boys) and synthetic testosterone (to target the girls). Couple this with a few facts.

          At the airport if you opt-out of the X-Ray machine, a man gets groped by a man and a woman gets groped by a woman, otherwise, it would be considered sexual misconduct? WTF? In School, the boys take showers with other boys after Phy-Ed as the girls take showers with other girls, so during a time when hormones are raging the only naked people you see are the same sex.

          All of the sports teams are separated in this way for the same reasons. To get boys to bond with boys/men and girls to bond with girls/women. The word gymnasium comes from the Greeks as that is where the boys would be introduced to homosexuality with the men.

          Remember how Anthony Fauci frequented Gay Bath Houses to study AIDS or sum horse shit? Just another knob goblin butt plugger from Brooklyn?

          on 10/13/2015, the CUBS beat the CARDINALS at Wrigley Field to with the DIVISION SERIES, and here is the video of the end of that game.
          Pause the video at 0:15 and ask yourself why there was a camera focused on those 2 men hugging and who are they? They do look like they could be brothers or maybe it is something else?

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          1. I’ve no doubt that both the Civil Rights movement and the Gay Rights movement were backed by, perhaps led by Intelligence operatives. Take a look below at the Selma march to see that there are only a few real people in the foreground, and that everything behind the sign was inserted in the dark room.

            At the same time, so what? Blacks needed a lift up and out, needed to find themselves and stand tall and proud for who they are. Still a work in progress. Gays needed to be able to live normal lives. They are, after all, born gay. If it took Intel to put them in the spotlight, so be it.

            I do not like the hateful tone of your comment.


            1. While the “normal gays” may identify as LGBT (got no problem with these people), the hierarchy is and has been LGBT for thousands of years (got big problem with these people). The Greeks were ruled by homosexuals (Bull Queers), The Romans were ruled by homosexuals (Bull Queers) and this modern Western World is ruled by homosexuals, although it may be that there is a war raging between the Bull Queers who lean Right and The Feminine Gays who lean Left as these 2 distinct groups hate each other for obvious reasons. And not all gays are conceived and/or “born gay”. Many of these boys get raped and molested in their youth and “become gay” in this way, just as the Greeks did it in their day. I once had a close friend and coworker who was technically above me in the hierarchy and though he was married, both he and his wife were gay swingers. He told me that when he was young he had been raped by a man in a bathroom stall. It was not common knowledge that he was gay, though there were rumors at work and the hearsay was that he had propositioned another worker and that his wife was a lesbian and at the very least they were both bisexual. One night after we were done working we went for coffee and he said many things and hit on me in a roundabout way. I never thought less of him or any of the other gays who have hit on me. At that particular CORPORATE job, there were 5 people in MANAGEMENT and possibly 4 of them or maybe all 5 were LGBT. I have another close friend who worked for a CORPORATION in California and he said that one day a large number of retired gay AIR FORCE personnel were brought in to occupy management positions and shortly thereafter, my friend quit his job there and eventually moved out of California. I have also known for a fact that feminine gays are very often discriminated against by Bull Queer Bosses and Heterosexual Bosses. With the Bull Queers, they more easily pass as Macho so get less negative feedback from Heterosexuals. Warning! You may find this commentary to have a hateful tone.

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                1. That’s the best commentator you’ve had on your website. Great ideas about bank robbery movies and school showers. I always despised those animal stinking places, too. Turns out maybe for a good reason.

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    2. I almost gave her credit for never getting a nose job, so I will do that here. Jennifer Grey would later prove her right.


  4. Bobby Troup appears to have been chosen to liaise with black soldiers because of his musical talent. So much for racial profiling. (BTW, Berry Gordy was also military) Troup was a Noble- surname- and there are 250 plus Noble’s in the peerage. He wrote the song ‘Route 66’, recorded by Nat King Cole and Depeche Mode, among others.
    Troup’s wife at the time of Emergency! was producer Jack Webb’s ex-wife, the leggy Julie London who plays the dispatcher, Dixie McCall on the show. Webb’s a piece of work, being a Spencer and a Randolph, so you can glean why he was able to push Hollywood around despite more misses than hits with his intrepid cop shows.
    Dick Wolf took over the Police procedural for TV from the Webb legacy and has made it omnipresent, making sure men and women stay faaaaar apart, what with all those criminals under every happy girl’s bed, just waiting to pounce. Wolf was a classmate of George Dubya Bush, so there’s that. (Dubya was a director of a film investment group in the 80’s and 90’s. I have NO proof such a firm is really a money laundromat even though the bulk of films aided in finance was Disney, who you would think wouldn’t need such help. again, N.O. proof….{cough!})
    London was a Peck and there are 50+ Pecks in the peerage. I default to a blood link to Gregory Peck given they were both good looking, but with very modest talent. Par for the course.

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    1. Gordy was drafted, and he served as a chaplain’s assistant playing the organ at religious services at the front. Lol…why does it feel like they are playing my organ?


    2. Every single individual involved in deranged-perv Dick Wolf’s cesspool show L&O: SVU should be charged with psychological crimes against humanity and locked up.


  5. Well, here I am playing a Glenn Gould record, when I scroll to the bottom of this installment to see you disparage Babs. Gould wrote a fawning essay on how once he nearly met Babs at Columbia Records’ studios in NYC when they had coinciding recording schedules. Of course you never know when Gould was trying to put one over on his reader, but maybe he was telegraphing that it wasn’t deemed worth his time to poke his head in the next studio over to meet this diva’s diva.

    As a child of the 60s, I still remember I got it somehow into my mind briefly that my own mother was Babs while examining the back cover of the album “People” one afternoon. (I think it was the hair.) Mom soon set me straight on that count. Whew, dodged one there.

    Babs was manifestly taking aesthetic direction from somebody important because she walked away from her early style of show tunes, for which at least the orchestrations were tastefully done. She leapt right into the mainstream of mass-appeal pop just as all those wonderful, values-supporting super bands were popping out all over the place and hippies happened and so forth. Has anybody ever looked into that stuff overall, BTW? Almost like a big coordinated worldwide plan or something happened.)

    Although I have to wait until my wife leaves the house to queue up the tapes, I unashamedly still appreciate her earliest albums when I’m in a certain mood.

    So, go ahead Cranky, and take a few jabs at Babs in a full article.


    1. PS I was only 2 or barely 3 on that day of confusion and not quite reading polysyllabic words just yet. But already an old hand at playing records hence my handling dad’s record collection, to his frequent chagrin.

      I meant to toss into my first comment that I had my own near brush with musical greatness about 20 years ago, when I looked into the car stopped next to me at a traffic light near an interstate exit here in my undisclosed, somewhat parochial, US east coast location. “That old guy sure looks familiar” I mused to myself. I then wondered about the evening attire hanging in the back seat area as he evidently felt my gaze and inched forward a couple feet (OK that is 24 inching forward but you know what I mean). As he peeled out when the light changed, his vanity plate betrayed him. Yes, friends, I was that close to Dione’s favorite songwriter, who apparently was en route to some appearance and had stopped here in podunk for a moment of micturation. Everybody has to do that now and then, no matter their level of talent.


      1. Maybe you caught this in 2014, Michael, Babs making her first appearance on Late Night talk with Jimmy Fallon in over 50 years, she and he agree. I saw it at the time (Fallon was King of Late Night then) and thought his switching her behind the desk was a little gratuitous, making her more uncomfortable than she already was. Interesting she says that she could not get on Jack Paar because Jack did not like her (feelings still raw), and that her first appearance in the Carson era was on a night that Orson Bean guest hosted.

        I wonder if she sounds so quiet in voice becausse she was using Fallon’s setup.


        1. That was painfully awkward. Does she remind me of Jennifer Aniston because of the hair or because she has no sense of humor and nothing of interest to share?


        2. No, Mark, I was unaware of that clip and have not watched late night TV talk shows since Carson retired.

          She seemed a bit uptight having no script to enact and having to be herself before a vast audience. Or of course she could have been an artful actress playing the part of an uptight celebrity, who knows.

          Many years ago the wife made me watch Way We Were and Prince of Tides but I don’t think I have seen any other of her flicks. I could take or leave either of those two chick flicks, ho hum. And if I was too subtle before, I clarify that I really have had zero interest in her music released after the mid 60’s.

          I think I triggered your guest writer to perceive that I was triggered when I was not, ha ha. I certainly do not idolize any “celebrities” at this stage of life and she was never in my pantheon at any point. I couldn’t agree more than he that 99% of commercial entertainment, plus a sizeable decimal value behind that, is contrived schlock to coral the herd. Of course it is militarized because herd management is vital if you are a wolf in sheep clothing.


          1. And to circle back before I bow out, I don’t often comment here, but it was a weird synchronicity to me that (1) I put on Glenn Gould playing Bach (from days before that clan added their -arach, I guess), (2) I would browse to your blog, and (3) get to the bottom of the post making me recall reading, decades ago, Gould’s fan fiction, as it were, about blowing a chance to meet the babster. Just thought I would memorialize that with a comment or two.

            (PS I can sign on about the Mozart stuff that appears here but if you start pulling J.S. Bach down, what will I have left musically, Twinkle Little Star?)


            1. It seems that I overreacted a bit. I apologize for misunderstanding your comment. I will consider why it triggered me. Then again, I AM cranky.


    2. I’m just presenting information to help others separate the songs from the false idols. If you enjoy following Streisand or “anything” for that matter, that’s your choice. You may, though, want to consider why my “disparaging” remarks triggered this response.

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  6. Who was that black guy from To Sir With Love?

    That really really tugged at my heartstrings. I still get emotional thinking about it.


    1. Sir Sydney Poitier, British subject, as Americans can’t be called sirs, though eligible for Knighthood. (Baal Gates is a Knight, for example, but can only affix KBE to the end of his damnable name)
      Poitier was an anchor baby, having been born premature in Miami while his parents were visiting from the Bahamas, so he’s also an American, which means he’s not eligible to affix “Sir” to his name. Langley has all this money and they don’t hire a continuity supervisor? Your tax dollars at work.
      Bahaminians had to boat over back in the 20’s and what mother visits like that in the third trimester? Bouncing around in the sea? Typical low birth fiction as always. Sydney washed dishes to get through school, it’s said.
      In 1967, Sir Sydney was the biggest star in the world. He had three hits that year: In the Heat of the Night- Best Picture winner; Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner- SPENCER Tracy and that creature’s swan song together. And this, above, an inversion of Poitier’s breakout hit from 12 years earlier, BLACKboard JUNGLE where Sir Syd played the chief delinquent in a tough high school. That was the film that ‘made’ rock and roll for the pale face kids across the country with Rock Around the Clock playing over the title credits. See, Poitier was used as an usher to bring race records, as they were styled then, into white homes. Cue Pat Boone!
      Did Syd ever loosen his tie?
      PS: I once stood right next to his Sir-ness. I was visiting a friend on a set here in Frisco and Poitier had come to visit and brought Jackie Collins and Daniel Steel with him. He’s tall, and his profile belongs on a coin or on Mt. Rushmore. Very regal looking man. The two hack “writers” were tiny, not five feet tall stacked on top of each other and smelled like a burning perfume factory. And you can be certain the furs they were wearing were from real dead animals.


      1. I remember even as a teen watching that and feeling what I would much later learn to call “guilty pleasure,” enjoying a fabricated scene just because I had emotionally bonded to the actors.But I liked it then! It is so easy to see through everything now. Today we cannot watch a cop show that does not feature a black female judge, most recently on Bosch, with a horrible wig. The object is to advance blacks by contrasting them with redneck whites, fair enough. I do not think to this day that I object to the strategy, if civil progress was its object. I was/am a redneck. Recovering, I can only hope.

        By the way, when I first saw To Sir With Love, I was as redneck and right wing as could be. With me anyway, they did cross the divide. Kudos to the writers.


        1. The director/screenwriter of To Sir, With Love, was Charles Edmund Dumaresq Clavell, son of Commander Richard Charles Clavell, a Royal Navy officer. As a member of the Royal Artillery, Charles became a Japanese POW, and it is said that later in life, he carried a can of sardines in his pocket at all times and fought an urge to forage for food in trash cans.

          The novel was written by a black man who had a privileged upbringing and served as a pilot in the Royal Air Force. It never ends….I could do this all day!


        2. No “progress” has ever resulted from the past century of Hollywood and military propaganda and psy-op saturation.


      2. Vic Morrow, the other bad boy in Blackboard Jungle, was born Victor Morozoff to a “middle-class” Jewish family. Morrow dropped out of high school when he was 17 to join the US NAVY. As a boy, I idolized his character in the TV show Combat! Whenever we played war, I was always Sgt. Saunders.


      3. “Langley has all this money and they don’t hire a continuity supervisor? Your tax dollars at work.”

        They don’t care because most people have and will continue to fall for their scams and will continue to pay taxes to them. They know it doesn’t take much to fleece people.


        1. But at least they’re spending money on something, such as their art program. Or other projects they think is important. Or, just simply laundering it to their master’s bank accounts and other financial investments in Switzerland, etc.


  7. Not necessarily fair enough. Fast forward to today with Antifa and BLM.

    It was, and is, always about “manufactured” clashes, destruction, and violence.

    If none exists natively (meaning relative peace), well we need to “manufacture” some violence!

    And that’s all it is…manufactured violence.

    Martin Luther King was a Communist party member. He was trained by Communists…and of course, used “peaceful protest” to incite violence.

    Rosa Parks just as well, absolutely true.

    Here’s how it works: A Third Party (with their own objectives) create “race wars” amongst lower-tier members of society.

    …All the while sipping a fine Sauvignon Blanc from afar…enjoying the scenery (of destruction).

    Much info is out there for your purusal…if one bothers to investigate.

    This link is not “gospel”, but many similar sites present similar info. Look for yourself…it is true.


  8. Chiam Witz, aka Gene Klein, aka Gene Simmons of the band KISS. He exposed himself recently as Pro mask, and Pro vaccination. Another Rocker that I was expecting to tell the man to shove those things, but sadly Gene is on the scamdemic bandwagon. I will give him credit as He and his band have toured extensively and released an album almost every year since the band’s conception. At their age and with their financial status, I’m not sure why these old Rockers continue to tour as if they are just doing it for the fans…


    1. A profitable brand will be milked to death, and a band with paying customers won’t be mothballed. Look at the oldies circuit. Some of those package tours fill big venues even if one guy is left from the originals. And if ever their was a band that could substitute younger players for the old fart originals without anyone catching on, it would be KISS. Don’t believe for a minute that “Simmons” et al are getting the lion’s share of the take.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. “Gene Simmons” (Chiam Witz) and “Paul Stanley” (Stanley Bert Eisen) have been hard-pushing mainstream narratives for the past two years. They badger and shame their own fans relentlessly via social media if said fans don’t like masks or fauxccines, and work to ban the unfauxcced from their shows.

        They’re complete and total Ticket-Taker fascist assholes.


    2. You’re absolutely right that Gene has exposed himself as a vile mainstream-narrative propagandist. (That is, a murderer.)

      But an album almost annually? KISS has released 4 studio albums in the past THIRTY years.

      And one was a zero-promoted throw-away release that got shelved in favor of a reunion tour with the classic 70’s lineup.

      And the other three totally suck.


  9. Chaim Witz, as in Jew???

    Kind of like “Ron Jeremy” shagging those goy FEMS on film??

    Recall the “song” Lick It Up??

    Absolute degenerate filth with a capital “F”.


    1. R3, I doubt those were “goy” fems. The den mother of those slags, Nina Hartley, a confirmed Jewish communist, said in an interview years ago that Jews were the only performers who could make a go of it in that industry. She said her people simply didn’t have the same hang-ups as the goyim regarding [callous] sex.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. There is nothing to “like” about this comment.

        Does one desire beauty and kindness between two individuals…or does one crave filth?

        We all have our own choice, now don’t we? Anyone who “likes” filth…well, you don’t belong, now do you? You don’t belong.


    1. KISS put out 10+ very good to great studio albums in the 70’s, but then completely fill of a cliff in the 80’s. Everything changed: their sound, sub-genre, songwriting style, performance style, look. Their creativity dried up, and they became talentless jokes.


  10. I’m not at all religious…nope, not me.

    I found this when my second Aunt died from “vaccine”.

    I hope it brings comfort to those in need.

    I am in need.

    Beautiful gorgeous voice…beautiful.


  11. when we talk about musical industry or in more general terms entertainment industry we talk about the elite, because whoever you pick up, it’s always the elite.
    I read a lot, still do and I just had to think about The Maggot, a book by John Fowles, who also wrote The Collector which The Silence of The Lamb is based on. The Maggot describes the life of an rich eccentric who makes people participate in a play, which he controls with the pretext of helping them as a psychiatrist. The rich like such plays. Think of the costume party from Eyes Wide Shut. It is derived from the ancient Greek dramas and it is always a parable. It’s never pure fantasy, right? There is no such thing as pure fantasy IMO. Every famous musician comes from the elite. They are children who never had to be afraid of their future. When you grow up like this, you don’t care about having a good job, earning a salary. What you care about is to make an impression on the likes of you. So there are this spoiled children, some have talents, the most don’t and they all want to impress others. That’s why there is this entertainment industry in the first place. They let us (or maybe make us) consume what they produce but it never is the primary goal. They invented the star cult where firstly only the talented ones played the stars. Now, thanks to digital technology, autotune, etc, it no longer depends on talent. They can make everybody (from their own of course) a star. Since they are not different to other humans and since talents are rare and require hard work too there is less and less talent coming out of the elite. They have to include talents from the outside occasionally. But still there is no band or whatever without someone from the elite who pulls the strings. Think of Rush, where the singer could never ever become popular without heavy promotion, and no independent band would take him as a singer. And they always use the advantage of exclusive access. There is an interview with Greg Lake (from ELP), where he says something which goes like this: “We then got this new kinds of instruments (synthetizers and such) and were trained on them and we practiced and practiced and when we came out (ELP started as a super group from the scratch) we could play really well and we were special (because nobody else had access to this new special effects) and back then everything was about being special.”
    The example of KISS mentioned above demonstrates the same: completely talentless people have to dress as vampires and use explosions to get attention and once they become famous they show their faces because you know, you want the attention to be personal and not anonymous. And all their music is a weak copy of at the time popular rock music.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You have essentially encapsulated the point I’m trying to make with this blog series (I’m just more tedious and laborious about it…LOL.) Probably, all of the “hit” songs that we have enjoyed over the years were written by committees at Langley and Tavistock. If the remainder of what’s released by these “artists” is listened to with a discerning and critical ear, nearly 99% barely qualifies as “filler” at best. Then again, I am VERY critical…and cranky.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. One important element that you failed to mention is that the “elite” use their spawn to push agendas, and the music itself is agenda-driven. I have just finished (attempting) to listen to the bulk of popular music released in the 80s, and I can now pinpoint when our world became a bit more dark and evil and MUCH LOUDER. The year was 1984, fittingly, and there was a DELUGE of Heavy/Death/Black/Glam/Doom/Extreme/Thrash Metal music. Just the names of the bands alone are daunting: LOUDNESS, ANTHRAX, MANOWAR, TROUBLE, SAVATAGE, WARLOCK, VENOM, SAXON, KICK AXE, LIZZY BORDEN, ALCATRAZZ, SLAYER, W.A.S.P., DESTRUCTION, MERCYFUL FATE, FATES WARNING, BATHORY, ARMORED SAINT, GRAVE DIGGER, ROUGH CUTT, CELTIC FROST, RUNNING WILD, AND WHAM! and that was just 1984! Of course, the last one is a joke, but I’m sure this was organic and created to fill society’s needs. Right?


      1. I like the subject you’ve decided to research.

        Regardless of the conections, I still love the music of some of those guys and gals. Some of them were truly talented, so the music they’ve left behind gives some credit to the fact that they didn’t earn the frontlining position. Good or excellent music education these people can afford, would certainly bring out the best of the talents, who were then propelled ahead.

        Some of the best from this group of talented phoeny musicians were The Police, a band put together by Stewart Armostrong Copeland. Apparently, he’s coming from the ancient line of phoeny kings, but nevertheless – he’s one hell of a drummer. His pappa was one of the founding managers at CIA, Miles Copeland Jr., which is a definite confirmation of the fact you like to write about. Also, Stewart’s siblings Ian and Miles III, ended up managing their brother’s band. Miles III even founded a record company called IRS Records.

        Here’s a pic of Stewart and his siblings:

        Their mother was Elisabeth Lorraine Copeland (born Elizabeth Lorraine Adie) was a secret agent with the Special Operations Executive during World War II. Wikipedia claims she later worked as an archaeologist specialising in the Palaeolithic period of the Near East – which is to be read as a continuation of her previous assignments under disguise. If you’ve followed Miles’ sometimes gnarly genealogy, Lorrain family is part of the Habsurg reign, since Maria Theresa married a guy named Franz Stephanof Lorraine. He also numbered several Habsburgs among his forbears, including Archduchess Eleonore, his paternal grandmother, who was a sister of Emperor Leopold I, Maria Theresa’s grandfather. I’m not sure if this qualifies as inbreeding. Elisabeth’s maiden name is Adie, which is a branch of the Gordon family, and this brings us to … Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner aka Sting.

        The Police’s third memeber was Andrew James Somers, aka Andy Summers. Which is just a letter away from being a Sumner. I won’t jump to conclusions, but it seems as if The Police was actually a band of cousins.


        1. Lorrain family is part of the Habsurg reign, since Maria Theresa married a guy named Franz Stephanof Lorraine.”

          They were also the parents of Marie-Antoinette, who played a major role as a scapegoat for the fake French Revolution. You can learn about that from here, where I published many comments about her.

          The family of Francis Stephen were also related to the Orleans bloodline, which is a cadet branch of the House of Bourbon. Stephen’s mother was Élisabeth-Charlotte d’Orléans, who was the niece of Le Roi Soleil (Louis XIV, The Sun King). The Orleans family also played a significant role in the revolution. One of their members was a prominent Freemason.



  12. Nice rant, CY! Some good stuff I hadn’t seen, and cannot unsee.

    If I might add a bit of Babs trivia to the mix…early 80s, friend drives the airport shuttle van for a famous desert resort. One day he is dubbed to pick up Ms. Babs, the exclusive rider in the late-model van, driving her the 30 or so minutes to her well-appointed room. She had been such a delight in every way that he thought of a special manner to show his appreciation as he carried her bags in. (Sorry if this conjures Alec Baldwin) He quickly wiped down his sweaty sack with the hand towel before placing it back, neatly-folded, on the rack. Can’t remember if the tip was included or if she stiffed him, but I have no reason to doubt his veracity.


  13. “By 1969, Streisand had released 11 top-selling albums, starred in 4 television specials and two successful Hollywood films, headlined two successful Broadway shows, and completed the “An Evening with Barbra Streisand” tour. But she doesn’t make THAT kind of money. By THAT KIND OF MONEY, does Babs mean Howard Hughes kind of money?

    If you’ve read Mathis’ article “Star Salaries are Fake”, I think you’ll find your answers there. Celebrities like Barbara Streisand don’t need to make sh*t tons of money because they were already born filthy rich. They sprung from ultra-wealthy and powerful families that own almost everything, including the industries that propel their children to stardom such as Hollywood. The only reason people are made to believe they earn so much money is because that sells the illusion that these people are incredibly rich due to their talents and charm. Of course, none of that’s really true, but it does help to sell them as something they’re not to the masses.

    Click to access starsal.pdf


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