“Fear always spreads from ignorance” (Emerson)

(This is another post about Climate Change, aka Global Warming that is not happening, with links to two sources, aka “evidence”.)

I have come to understand that propaganda techniques have not changed over time. I was barely cognizant in the 1950s, and yet when in grade school knew there was a man named Joseph McCarthy, and that he claimed that President Eisenhower (by that time out of office) was a communist, along with many other politicians and people like Hollywood screenwriters. How could I not be aware, even if just a deeply deluded child? The McCarthy movement had deceit as its central purpose, and Joe was just an actor. Here’s how it was run:

  1. It was all over the media. It was on TV, both news about and the hearings themselves. It was all over radio, newspapers, and in movie newsreels.
  2. All the cacophony of voices said the same thing, that McCarthy was crazy and wrong. There was constant yelling.
  3. It was incessant, that is, we could not escape it. As with Watergate, another propaganda operation, we just wanted it to end.
  4. Its intended effect was the opposite of its apparent effect. It divided the public, and those who supported McCarthy were convinced by  the tone of opposition to him that he was on the right path.
  5. It cemented in everyone’s mind that there really was a subversive force called Communism.

That last item was the true objective, and Joe McCarthy was an active participant in the hoax. Without that evil force called “Communism” there would have been no Cold War, and our State of Fear would have had to been kept in force by different means.

So we can see that our monolithic and controlled news media is not a new thing. I only go back to 1950, but no doubt others before me saw that the way that the Great Depression or World War II were reported was just like this, an orchestrated set of lies told by hired liars. That’s all that Climate Change is – lies and lying liars paid to lie and a news media that drowns out any dissent. Maybe indeed some Hollywood screenwriters were blacklisted in the McCarthy era, but more likely it was just part of the hoax. With Climate Change, people who speak up are quickly out. No one is allowed to question the lies.

That’s how propaganda works, or one way anyway. Anyone who is innocently following “news” will hear only one side of the story, and will drown in it. Credulous though they are, they are also innocent. Who can think anything else when only one view is available for mass consumption? So our problem is not “reaching” them with evidence. Our problem is to even get their attention. They are fish and the water they swim in is propaganda. What else can they think?

Still, what can we do but honestly pursue truth? We do not possess their resources, their tools, their cleverness. I do not know how to undermine someone’s faith in “news.” If I could in fact do that, I would undermine that person’s faith in his or herself, and in our country. That’s so scary that people will not tread there. I know that feeling of having my foundations swept out from under me … but I thrived on it. It made me feel good and free. Others do not react that way.

Anyway, I bring before you now two pieces of evidence regarding Climate Change, one a video called Understanding Wildfires and Climate and How We Must Adapt, narrated by Jim Steele, who gives his full Curriculum Vitae at the outset of the 40+ minute video. I did not sit down intending to watch the whole of it, but found myself focused throughout. If you don’t have time or inclination, here’s just a morsel: There is more correlation between the advance of cheat grass and wildfires than anything having to do with temperature.

Steele starts out by citing two sources of “news” quoting each:

“Climate change is driving deadly weather disasters from Arizona to Mumbai.” (NPR)

Heat waves. Floods. Wildfires. We know that climate change is to blame. (New York Times)

Those are just boldfaced lies. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recently told us that it is now “Code Red for Humanity”. That’s also a big effing lie. Everyone with a public forum is lying to us, just as in the McCarthy era. And, just as with McCarthy, there is a different agenda than the stated one.

My second resource is far more technical than I can manage on my own. It is a link to two articles by Steve McIntyre, who along with Ross McKittrick in 2005 undermined the IPCC with their paper Hockey Sticks, Principle Components, and Spurious Significance. which opened up an (unwelcome) academic debate over Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick. I found it digestible, perhaps even readable as scientific papers go.

McIntyre, whose mining background forced him into statistical analysis, runs the blog Climate Audit, and the two articles I cite are titled The IPCC AR6 Hockeystick, and PAGES19 Asian Tree Ring Chronologies. Both are technical challenges for the lay person. I slogged through them and gleaned important insight, but do not claim to be able to enlighten others with such scant depth of knowledge. Still, they are worth a slog. Though I cannot pretend to have a scientific background, as does McIntyre, I follow him as best I am able because he disputes the actual evidence behind the IPCC, not mincing words. The Climatologists behind the “Code Red” release have doctored the tree ring chronologies, just has Michael Mann did with his famous original Hockeystick. McIntyre will be maligned, but not disputed, as he cannot be refuted. He will therefore not be acknowledged.

30 thoughts on ““Fear always spreads from ignorance” (Emerson)

  1. When I realized youtube and the internet would censor us to no end I decicided the solution was to hit the streets. I go out on the street with 6ft by 4ft banners at busy areas and talk to people to plant truth seeds. In the beginning I imagined armies of awake people on the streets helping wake others but very few seem to do this or are interested.

    My youtube channel is zoom truth, i just spoke to a guy (sub) today from my channel who is fed up enough to want to hit the street, he asked for help with getting a banner made, hopefully more will follow. If there were 10,000s of thousands of people out on the street exposing the lies it would help, so many are trapped in the political left right thing though, it’s all very depressing. I have holohoax , shooting hoax, moonlanding hoax, covid hoax, illuminati celebrity hand sign, and flat earth banners. I might do one for wtc 20th anniversary , we will see.

    I might have to add a climate change banner. So many lies. Anyway, I hope everyone here considers making themselves highly visible in busy areas and speaking truth, they still can’t censor us on the street. Peace

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    1. Hi David, or Zoom Truth,

      it is uplifting to see you are hitting the streets and get talks going with others. Indeed that is the only way someone might get a Eureka moment (“wake up”).

      But then seeing your YT channel it is the umpteenth push of the silliest psyop of all; Flat Earth. You even use the word Flat Earth activism in your video titles.

      It baffles me how someone who can be sharp and awake on so many other points falls for the dumbest psyop of all. Because you can establish by yourself, no NASA or anyone needed that the Earth can only be a convex sphere. Pushing any other shape (flat or concave, the only other geometrical possibilities are) is madness. It is crazy to not know where you live.

      Then the banners. And your wordings. With banners you exhibit mass marketing. You want numbers, they are important to you. If you choose such a method, you immediately paint yourself in a corner. The corner of disappointment (readable in your words). You need x amount of people to wake up (else it is a failure). That x is both undefinable and always shifting. So you will never be satisfied with the outcome.

      Another problem of banners is that you not only attract potential truth seekers, but also those who are immediately hostile to your messages. And then you end up in endless binary thinking loops as you allude to with “the left right paradigm”.

      If you take a more personal, smaller scale output approach, not only your message is arriving stronger, also you get the mark for your message (you are the carny at that moment) more interested in other topics than just those you scream at them on banners.
      At aLOUD. (formerly Eye am Eye Radio, podcast child of Fakeologist.com, that you probably are aware of, link to the right here) we develop and improve on other methods, mainly based on a central philosophy of detachment and self-subsistence.

      Feel free to join and bounce brains with many others all across the globe about these ideas and the implementation of them.

      In our latest production COVIDIOCRACY you hear already quite a lot about the much different approach than what you have seen or heard elsewhere. Also for Stephers who despite my sufficient sharing of aLOUD. apparently is still clueless about it.


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      1. Your “fair use critique” of David taken. Here’s one for the Covidiocracy link: a few of us clicked on it. Conclusion: we fail to hear how layers of “bounce brains” noise help your spoken message. What was That? Seems a perfect piece to shock someone out of a coma, but what were ya’ll saying? IOHO, hard to listen to doesn’t translate to “detachment or self subsistence,” more annoyance followed by separation…just sayin’.’ This ends our “fair use critique” that we hope you will consider in good faith, and attract a larger audience for your ideas…

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        1. Noise? I combine our gems, the best quotes, with the best music, which you may not like or find “too hard”, but that means you can listen again if you missed something. It is intended that way. The lyrics in the music support the message in our gems and vice versa. All of those have the aligned message of self-subsistence and detachment.

          Pity you didn’t like it, but that happens.

          BTW I don’t know who “we” is. Is b1 a royal plural?


  2. Oh, how we “fall.” Wasn’t it mid-June when “President” Biden announced on tour that “America is Back?” Once more, the neocons running foreign scorched earth campaigns worldwide have lied, lied and lied some more about the situation on the ground in Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine and every other country occupied by U.S. and NATO troops and puppet governments. Of course, the Afghan army and police did not fight the Taliban. It was not their government, it was our hired puppets, who took the money from day one to line their own pockets, not to pay the army and other public servants as was advertised. It’s always the same game, and Americans fall for it every time. I first saw it in the Vietnam era. Psychotic neocons at the Pentagon, CIA, FBI, and numerous surveillance agencies run the show for the rich.

    There will never be an audit trail to show where all that money went (3 trillion) in Afghanistan. Some $23 trillion can not be properly accounted for, yet hardly anyone can connect the pain and suffering of the poor and shrinking middle class in our own country to the annual “Defense” budget. It’s the same old shit-show. Government (mind control) of the rich, by the rich, for the rich. Wake me when the audits begin.

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    1. You can bet all that “money” goes to the very people who print it out of thin air (Federal Reserve, in this case), loan it to gullible people, then steal it back via interest fees, private debt obligations, taxes, mortgages, etc., etc. It’s an endless cycle of control and exploitation of, by, and for the psychopaths. Of course there’s never going to be an audit on where all that monopoly money went as any reasonable person cannot expect the criminals to self-regulate their actions. The only way humanity will ever attain real freedom is if the masses wake up from their slumber and ditch the system altogether once they figured out a far better way to live and thrive as a collective species of individuals.


      1. On the brighter side, when people can print their own money at will, the concept of “debt” goes out the window. At the federal level, there is no “national debt” nor “deficit.” Those are devices used to prevent sending programs they do not want, like college tuition subsidies for people who show potential and work ethic, as “too expensive.” On the other hand, if they want to have a new war, all bets are off.


        1. Debt or taxes, like religion or fear (both are synonymous), is a control tool. It’s another way to keep the stupid masses in check, along with the promise of money that keeps them enticed to fight for the illusion of wealth and status, or in America “The American Dream”. Plus, it also prohibits them from building up real wealth outside of the system’s control and it keeps them from actually improving their lives by having them to chaise and be concerned of things that aren’t real to begin with instead of focusing on what should be more important to them. It’s a brilliant scam, and so is money.


        2. “On the other hand, if they want to have a new war, all bets are off.”

          Or, if war doesn’t work as a tactic for the occasion, a massive phony pandemic, which is the vogue nowadays. And if you remember, they staged another similar farcical worldwide outbreak at the end of WWI called the “Spanish Flu” or “Influenza”.


  3. Will watch that video link, sounds interesting.

    One of the best propaganda analyses I’ve heard in the past week was on the No Agenda podcast. They played a long clip from an expert in mass psychology, discussing a concept (new to me) called “mass formation.”

    It helps to explain exactly why people are bought in on such a primal, irrational level – hypnotized – and impervious to contrary evidence or logic.

    They have their show in “chapters” at this link, just scroll down to min 37:00 if interested –



    1. TimR,
      Thanks for the link. I listened to the mass formation “chapter” and many after that. Will go back and listen to the whole thing.

      For me, the way they illustrate with such specificity the connection between how the Covid propaganda (and all agitprop) works with how hypnosis works is extremely valuable and helpful. It supports my visceral resistance to the conspiracist notion that “sheep” are “nonplaying characters” who are in some way emptier or more vacant inside than those of us who see through the propaganda. My resistance to this notion has never been sentimental; I’m not a very sentimental guy. It just doesn’t line up with my experience of actual human beings, so it’s inaccurate and counterproductive to think of people that way.

      Actually, thinking of people as “nonplaying characters” and “sheep” is as cult-like and delusional as mainstreamers believing all “anti-vaxxers” are right-wing Q-Anon loons or sociopaths or whatever. I think a lot of mass formation mentality is prevalent in our little club. Limited hangouts exploit it.

      But I digress. Thanks for making me aware of these guys, Tim.


      1. I have literally used the word hypnotized to describe these sheep, these wandering wombies, these Non Processing Characters.

        They will NEVER wake up, simply because they are built different from us. They lack the ability or balls to go against authority, even a mild criticism of their favorite hypnotizers discomforts them.

        These are the people who come from “stable families”, that is the reason they cannot wake up. They view the Animal Farmers as they view their parents and that means unconditional trust and reasoning away anything that goes against that.

        What is wrong with calling a sheep a sheep? They are. And will always be. They are in the cult. Our position is the anti-cult.

        Don’t change the game now Scotty, you were doing so great…

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          1. I am not creating the division, as you erroneously think, as everything you have said about me is wrong, so you indeed illustrate the reversal YOU are playing here.

            Go join the cult, you are already halfway in, like a proper lamb ready to be slaughtered.


            1. But if I joined aLOUD–I’d be spared that fate!

              Yeah, nothing cultish at all about you.

              Ugh, I shouldn’t be responding at all. Your words speak for themselves. Have a good night.


          1. We have a difference of definition here.

            One point is that you are right that you are a sheep in a sense simply because you fall for the silliest of all psyops and one of the biggest internet cults, defending a physically impossible idea against observations you can make with your own very eyes.

            And a mere 7 years ago nobody thought the Earth was flat.

            That is scary.

            But what I mean by those wombies I talked about is people like my esposina. She never will wake up, simply because her worldview is based on the mistaken premise that the Animal Farmers are “just like you and me”, they confuse Father State (as they say in Dutch) with their own parents. The military is there to help us, just like your mom is there to help you. Always, no questions asked.

            You probably had a very different childhood than a highly protective environment, a girls only school and never ever exposure to anything that may lead to questioning the status quo.

            You had that in you from a young age and your street activism evidences that.

            If you think you as a banner-wearing street protester and an enormie like there are so many wandering around, starving their own bodies from its fuel (oxygen), are in the same camp I fear you have very low self esteem and a misunderstanding of what I mean with those enormies.

            They can be good people, great people even. But they will never wake up. Because of the above phenomenon; Father Statism.

            btw thanks for joining the Discord, we will talk soon I hope


            1. Some, I not most will never wake up seems likely. I will try to play a part in waking up anyone, giving up on people I just cannot or do not want to do.

              BTW, you mentioned Dutch, I have a flat earth friend I met here in florida who is from the Netherlands, he’s funny, he gets so angry at the madness of the world. He’s in a few of my farmers market vids, I can mention your discord if you want. Not sure where u are located.


            2. Gaia, if you would just moderate your black and white thinking a little, I could go along with the psychology of happy families leading to lack of questioning. But what family is 100% happy or unhappy? So it follows then that most would be on a spectrum of “wakeability”…


              1. I have not made things black and white, you do. I didn’t talk about “happy” families, you do.

                But seeing you pertain in the threesome with Scotty and Stephy, it is no wonder you deliberately misrepresent what I am saying, you guys fit each other.

                I am talking about trends, tendencies, correlations. Once it is established in someone that the false authority of the state/medical establishment/school systems/academia/military/police/whatever is the prolongation of the false authority of the parents, there is hardly a way back.

                Those enomies see the state (sensu lato) as extension of their upbringers.

                The same phenomenon I have observed over and over and over again with truth seekers; in the vast majority of cases they had a struggling childhood and bad relations with parents or family.

                Some of those even took that so far that on my question “do you know where you come from” they said they were not interested in their own genealogy (the only research once should perform online) because they hated their auntie (or so).

                Thing is that the vast majority of people on this planet is stupid as f.

                Apparently this blog is not immune to those….


                1. Gaia, since you’ve elected to provide your psychological assessment of us, I decided to return the favor. I pulled this from Wikipedia:

                  Megalomania is a mental state in which the affected individual is subject to an obsession with power and the belittling of others, as well as feelings of grandiosity. Its characteristics are similar to that of grandiose narcissism, with the exception of a few variations … Those with megalomania often show symptoms such as: condescension, overestimation of one’s abilities, feelings of uniqueness, inflated self-esteem, and have a drive to maintain control over others.

                  Before you respond, I’ll try to save you some time. If you like, you can just copy any or all of the below and paste it into the comment box:

                  I’m not obsessed with power, you are.

                  I’m not belittling others, you are.

                  I’m not grandiose, you are.

                  I’m not a narcissist, you are.

                  I’m not condescending, you are.

                  I’m not overestimating myself, you are.

                  I don’t feel unique, you do.

                  I don’t have inflated self-esteem, you do.

                  I don’t have a drive to maintain control over others, you do.

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      2. Very glad you found it worthwhile, Scott. I found them via Ab Irato, and agree with his approach to the show – provides a survey of current media while keeping it a little at arm’s length. The hosts are cynics, see through a lot of it, but not outright fakeologists of course.


  4. Just as we “need” a Space Force to protect against Asteroids an Green Men from planetary system Sirius, we also “need” “the Taliban”.

    The ” Rocky Balboa” franchise was very successful…but it pales in comparison to “The Taliban” franchise.

    It’s all “Theatre of War”… Key word being ” Theatre”.

    And these gutter-dweling “Taliban” are even expert helicopter aviators!

    Just WOW!

    20+ years of “The Taliban” and people still tune in. They can’t get enough of this shit!!


    1. PS, in event you don’t know, flying a helicopter is EXPONENTIALLY more difficult than flying an airplane!


  5. How many of those “Taliban” even know how to change the oil in their Toyota pickups??? LOL

    Sponsored by Toyota…”Abused By Arabs And Keeps On Motoring!!”


  6. come on folks, do you really think that current Afghanistan hoax is for real? That people there climb on airplanes to get away? It’s a video game. No one is there anymore.
    Do you think Biden is the president? Beyond his senility, he does not do anything presidential, he never even flies the Air Force One. He just sometimes appears on the media and is being announced as the president but it’s like in Saturday Night Live.
    I recently read that the June, which was very cold here, was the hottest June ever. And as long as no one in the media says different, people will eat it.
    We have a major election coming in September in Germany and our media get more silly every day.
    This all will end, it must. Just be patient. The elite is no longer at one and the old ruling NWO seems to lose it. We are facing history as it happens. The future world will be different, this way or another. Or to quote Homer Simpson: “The future will win, the past never had any chance”

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