For your weekend from Stephers, ScottRC and TimR

I made a note some time ago to highlight the following video from ScottRC. It has, I think, a common theme with a second link provided by Tim R. First, Scott’s recommended video, which I found gripping. (This video was first linked for us by Stephers on August 10, 2021.)

Tim’s link is to a podcast called No Agenda, and he specifically recommends going to time stamp 37:00 (the podcast is organized into chapters if you scroll down the page) where Curry and Dvorak talk about “Mass Formation”, which is very similar to mass hypnosis, which equates to totalitarianism. Since the podcast is over three hours in length, I do suggest going right to that time stamp.

Have a great weekend, you who are sane amongst the insanity all around us.

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    1. I would consider the Cold War a Delusion, Jonestown a delusion, Waco a delusion (I keep meaning to look into Ruby Ridge), Columbine a delusion, 9/11, the Afghan warlords, Boston, Paris, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas … and on and on. The world suffers from serial delusionism. This latest one, the virus, is built purely around misanthropy, a hatred of humans so deep as to be corrupting to any exposed to it.

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    2. The Curry and Dvorak podcast notes an important difference between one-on-one hypnosis and totalitarian mass formation. In regular hypnosis, the person under the spell is deluded, but the hypnotist is not. In totalitarian mass formation, the totalitarians are as deluded as the masses. This is a point TimR questioned, but I see it as an indisputable truth.

      These secret societies, secret meetings and elite organizations are nothing but high-class cults. Everything they do is driven by the delusions of materialism. First and foremost, they cannot and do not believe that human beings have souls, or that nature and instinct can connect us to a higher and more meaningful purpose. Humanity, in their view, is savage by nature. Individuals, in and of themselves, are worthless. They believe that not just about us, but about themselves. The individuals responsible for the current hoaxes and all past hoaxes are acting in the service of their secret, or not-so-secret, societies, which are simply high-class cults. But in those cults, individuals are conditioned to believe that their mass formation work will ultimately help humanity achieve much more than it ever would if left to its natural instincts. From their perspective, it is silly and bourgeois to suppose they are acting out of “hatred” for humanity. They are making us a part of a much greater and wondrous purpose, and our resistance is simply a sign of our ignorance and savagery. Or something like that.

      In any case, they’ve got it all worked out, and I think it’s as much a mistake to think of them in broad, stereotypical terms as it is to think of the hypnotized masses in broad, stereotypical terms.


      1. All crimes against humanity, including the Covid hoax, are predicated on broad, stereotyped beliefs about vast swaths of humanity. That form of thinking is, itself, the real poison.


      2. Maybe this is similar to the question Ellul asks – can any humanistic ideology be promoted by propaganda? Probably not, because the propaganda reduces and corrupts it of course… And so choosing to employ propaganda (or mass formation techniques) suggests that one’s own ideology is anti-human, debased, shallow… Even if more technically sophisticated than what the masses receive.


  1. unfortunately, the after skool brothers from Canada are working for the man.
    Leaving aside so much i could say about their actual content and sources, witness a video they claim to have put out on 3-18-2020 about the history of pandemics. Also they had a few videos that declared themselves sponsored by Amazon but deleted the sponsorship notices.
    You have been had again…..
    and will be had again and again until you turn off the computer and read old books…not any old books but …well… if you do not know what i mean, then no explanation will suffice.
    Only after you know that you can once again live without the computer, is it safe to turn it on.
    Think of the computer as a pet pit viper; come and play with it for it is fascinating but never forget that any any moment it can bite and poison you; it is untrainable…forever so…

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    1. Godfly, I like your characterization of computers as untrainable pet vipers… though I would add that the viper is always, always, always trying to train us.

      However, if I understand their website and “About Us” section correctly, the AfterSkool team collaborates (is hired by?) other content creators. They illustrate and narrate, but they are not the authors. The Amazon affiliation is not, in itself, damning. Over the years, Amazon has lured lots of indie content creators (authors, podcasters, audiobook producers, etc.) and created incredibly profitable platforms for them as a way of cornering the markets for various forms of independently published content. Once they have the market cornered, the hundred dollar bills turn into pennies, they censor and ban the indie creators on a whim, and essentially crush the indies like bugs. This is happening full-force with independent audiobooks right now (I know this because I dabbled in audiobook narration for a while). At any rate, an indie creator being “sponsored by” Amazon and then not being “sponsored” by them doesn’t necessarily have the damning implications for the creator’s intentions that you imply.

      The authors of the video are the people behind a website called “Academy of Ideas.” They say they’re a couple of brothers out of Canada who “are not supported by or affiliated with any organization or university.” It’s weird to me that they don’t reveal their full names, but beyond that, I have reason to mistrust (or trust) them. The content of their AfterSkool collaboration video resonates with me, and I don’t see anything misleading or toxic about it. But I encourage people to question where the hell this is coming from and why it’s being put out there. As for me, I don’t know. I just dig the video.

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    2. Godfly,

      In a twist of irony . . . Despite the fact that I was the one who first dropped the mass psychosis video in the comments thread on my latest POM post, I think this is the first time I actually concur with you.

      Shortly after I posted the video (which was passed on to me by a friend who typically views videos based on her You Tube “feed”), I saw how “viral” it was going; and subsequently, started to do some digging into the two Canadian brothers. This After Skool outfit and their “Academy of Ideas” needs to be met with skepticism – again, despite the compelling thoughts they express.

      This is not to negate what they say, but rather, to consider how and why they say what they do. Is it simply Revelation of the Method, or perhaps a form of in-your-face mockery? Hard to know. I do not know precisely how these controllers (and their minions) operate, but the fact that this video is being pushed big-time, indicates something ain’t kosher about it.

      Relatedly, I also notice that Prof. Mattias Desmet of Ghent Univ (referenced in the No Agenda podcast) has been making the rounds, and getting tons of press in alternative media (ie., via David Icke and Reiner Fuellmich), which should make anyone suspicious. Desmet seems to have studied for many years obsessive and hysterical behavior (including as it relates to public health). While I am not implicating him in this psyop, I would not rule out the possibility that his research efforts have been applied to its implementation. As I have expressed before, I still perceive this entire COVID operation to primarily be R&D in psychological and behavioral conditioning (based on many decades of university-based research that has been weaponized).

      Is it too far of a stretch to consider that the very people who (theoretically) reveal the methods of oppression could possibly be involved in the (covert) rolling out of such oppression? It would seem to me these controllers love to play the “savior” role.


      1. “Is it too far of a stretch to consider that the very people who (theoretically) reveal the methods of oppression could possibly be involved in the (covert) rolling out of such oppression? It would seem to me these controllers love to play the “savior” role.”

        yes, but it is deeper than that still:

        Do you not see that these videos, which are NOT really teaching you anything new and only giving you all a deep homey feeling of CON-FIRMATION are doing for the “conspiracy theorists” what the other propaganda is doing for the majority: giving you a home, allowing you to sigh a sigh of relief and feel not only superior to the majority but relieved that there are still others about who can understand you and the truth of this whole thing
        These videos are taking you out of the cold and allowing you to sooth your anxieties; they are in essence revealing the method that revels the method that reveals the method….
        put another way: by telling you what they are doing to the majority, they are doing the exact same thing to you: again, OFFERING YOU A HOME and a place to rest your head.

        That is why i suggested to turn off the computer for a while…say a year or so, for only then can we learn to stand on our own.

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        1. Like I did with Facebook? Going on over 6 years now? I’ve even been 6 months away from WordPress.
          It’s all a moot point… really – we are all finite, we live our lives start to end with no control.

          We learn what we can and then start all over again


        2. and if you ask me why they would want to offer “us” a comfy place to rest our heads, well just look at the totally mainstream narrative video they say they posted on 3-2020 about the history of pandemics…come on now, does that not say everything? They invite you in and say “You are right brother, but now we offer you sanctuary; relax and be apart of us, and by the way, watch our recently posted video on the history of pandemics…etc ad nauseum.

          Robinson Jeffers begins one of his poems, i forget which one:

          “Is it so difficult for a man to stand by himself?”

          Evidently it is….


          1. I do not imagine there is a history of pandemics that is either true or accurate. The two that I know anything about, the Black Plague of the 14th century and the Spanish Flu of the early 20th (in which my aunt died at a very young age, said to be caused by the H1N1 virus), are just nonsense. We just don’t know, have never really researched, what went on there. Our “experts” haven’t a clue. We are still in the dark ages.


        3. Godfly, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve said here.

          My initial excitement about the video was that I thought it was something I could show friends with whom I’ve had the usual tangled, tedious and futile debates about Covid. I thought the fact that it doesn’t directly address current events or current political figures/parties would open up the possibility of less tangled discussion. I was naive. Both people I’ve shown it to immediately read it as a screed against Trump, since, in their minds, the notion of totalitarianism in the U.S. begins and ends with Trump and the Republican Party. Once I heard their reactions, my enthusiasm for the video waned… though, as an amateur cartoonist, I’m still quite fond of the illustrations.

          There are very few living artists/authors/performers that are creating work I find worthwhile. The fact that they have successfully gained viable platforms in our thoroughly corrupt culture makes me suspicious of them, even though I desperately don’t want to be. My best hope is that they are useful idiots; that the corrupt culture needs a few genuine artists who are beyond the narrow goals of propaganda, social engineering and mind control so that the culture itself still appears credible. The need for the kind of solace you describe is deeply human, but I’m aware that by searching for it in this current culture, using the crazymaking military technology that has taken it over, I’m like a starving man digging through dumpsters searching for a 5-star meal.


          1. Oh, and I do take solace—though not often enough—in reading old books. When I do, I immediately notice how difficult it is to relax into them the way I was once able to do. I’m aware that technology has altered and warped my brain. Your recommendation to spend a year away from the computer is a good one. At the moment, I’m looking at spending at least two days a week away from screens.


            1. scott, given that many people have to use the computer just to earn their livlihood, two days a week away from the computer seems to me not a bad alternative. But for me, that would include those dumbphones; they are most repulsive and i have never had the desire to own one

              the old books: you speak of “relaxing into them” and that is a great expression and it was my inability to do so back in 2015, when i first touched a computer that made me really begin to question it; i was on and off from 2015 to 2018 …actually mostly off because, i saw how quickly going to the computer was literally like going for a cigarette: i only began using the computer on a daily basis in the last two years, and it feels ok for now.

              i wouldn’t exactly speak of the computer warping our brains; it is not untrue of course but not to the real point; it warps our “hearts”; it is about addicition and our emotions and that is how we are controlled by it; lets admit it: our inability to “relax into an old book” tells everything. Draw out the implication of such an inability. The computer is alive…it is like an ACTUAL PRESENCE in the room , and when we are addicted to it. we feel anxious the moment it is not within our reach. That is an incredible thing if you think about it;

              to be unable to just sit quietly in a place without the net .And not just an hour here or there but everyday. well it could be my age since i did grow up without the computer; i hear they were around in the 80s and 90s but i do not remember every coming across one at that time….: i still write with pen and paper, even send handwritten letters to people..sometimes it shocks them…ha!


            2. Godfly, yes… As an ex-drunk who has been sober for 13 years or so, I clearly see that phones, social media, Internet, the comments section of this website… it is all addictive. And I’ve seen (and lived) the way alcohol and drug addiction warps the brain, warps the spirit, turns people into pathetic pale shadows of themselves. I’ve long seen the connection, but have also long minimized it, as most people I know do. (Even the most mainstream and hypnotized among us can blithely acknowledge their addiction to the internet, but since society condones it –practically mandates it–they don’t see it as a problem that should, or can, be solved.)

              This little side conversation has inspired me to be more aware of this, and I’m already thinking of how my successful methods for beating alcohol addiction might apply to the internet. Thanks.


          2. to respond here to your first post:
            in my own post, i wanted to make clear the subtle deviousness of their method: by showing us in a video how the controllers manipulate and placate the masses is the very way those controllers also manipulate and place the conspiracy theorists..the doubters. And that reels us in to their narrative, or at least placates us. That was my main point.
            And oh my, how easy to be sucked into a video, fast talking and aesthetically pleasing (try watching it with your finger on the pause button and stop often to think about what they are really saying)
            As you yourself have noted, it is best to be weary of videos; i myself almost never watch them; they are actually the worst way to learn anything and they should be avoided at all costs for you must see that it is the video that is the par excellence way of control; it is the movie all over again; the ugliest lies can seem beautiful in a video; they are so glib and yet appear so sincere and profound; it is, in short, much more difficult to brainwash and alter ones thinking by the written word;

            the moving picture is the very foundation of how the controllers have taken control of the peoples minds; that is to say that electric media technology has pretty much made the masses helpless and there is now no winning by using their methods; the only way to win is to withdraw.

            lastly, there is an implicit assumption with all truthers that they can win back the day with hardwork and dedication to waking people up; ha! nothing could be further from the truth; the masses are what they are; leave them be. You call your trumper friends friends? There take on the video you showed them is just too silly for comment.


        4. Godfly, that is everything.
          My present apophenia causes me to think of St Francis prayer,

          Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;
          Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
          Where there is injury, pardon;
          Where there is error, truth;
          Where there is doubt, faith;
          Where there is despair, hope;
          Where there is darkness, light;
          And where there is sadness, joy.

          O Divine Master,
          Grant that I may not so much seek
          To be consoled, as to console;
          To be understood, as to understand;
          To be loved as to love.

          For it is in giving that we receive;
          It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
          And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

          It seems to me the point is not being so focused on getting solace, on being believed or being understood, but in doing those things. But I can’t do those things so I have to have Grace to make it possible or I suffer and create suffering in this whatever it is we’re in. Each of us having screens to compound suffering looks like the ultimate weapon to me.


    1. ICU: $20,000 to $30,000 per DAY!!

      Thank you so much for posting.

      More incentive to stay healthy and avoid the system at all cost.

      Learn, learn and learn some more 🙂


    2. Nah, not buying. She’s too pretty, too glib, fronted by too much equipment. Too many lies and lying liars about. She’s young, how in the hell does her presumably young husband come down with pneumonia, an old person’s disease. Calling bullshit. Hired actress?


      1. Mark, so quick to dismiss? Like her husband I had pneumonia several times at a young age due to a vaccination given in military boot camp, a susceptibility not overcome until after age 50, with holistic, vitamin based treatment. She exercises, eats right and so stays good looking and young appearing into her 40’s.


      2. Instantly believing so many first hand reports to be faked is like some sort of weird religion. Instant skepticism is as useless as instant belief.


        1. I would not call it “religion.” It does not hurt to be skeptical. Better to be that way than to be easily fooled. After all, if she is so knowledgeable, why is she not getting her husband the hell away from doctors and hospitals? He’s in danger! Intubation will kill him.


          1. I agree that skepticism beats out gulliblity. In this case I find your reasons for being skeptical to be lacking.

            She took her husband into the hospital (probably outside of he doctor’s office hours) to get him on oxygen because he was at 79%. She knew exactly what treatment she wanted going in, and did not want to wait all night to get it. Her entire approach was proactive, consistent throughout her story.


      3. Mark, you are correct – the world is full of lying liars. However, without a more thorough investigation of this woman’s background, it is hard to definitively to say (either way) f her story is legit.
        FWIW, my 32-year old son-in-law just went through nearly the exact same experience (pneumonia) last week.
        In closing, I would like to say how thankful that I am for the refreshing insight the writer’s (and commenter’s) bring to this blog – appreciate you all!


          1. I would not concede. She’s clearly a script reader, and she’s on a “former” spy’s website. “Intelligence with Integrity” = Q-Tard.


              1. MT,

                I concur with Cranky – the first red flag was Dalley being promoted by Robert David Steele (RDS). Then I saw on her FB page, a photo of her with Judy Mikovits (palling around together): The third red flag was noticing that she is not only prominent in the LDS community, but she lives in St. George, UT, which is precisely from where the infamous couple (Jerri and Mark Jorgensen, who run a sex addiction recovery program) from the Diamond Princess cruise (the first reports of “Corona” in March 2020) hail.

                Following are some links I recorded in March 2020 on the St. George, UT Jorgensens (note the DoD connection):

       (worked in DoD school in Germany)

                On Jerri Jorgensen’s FB profile, it says she is friends with a Brendan Dalley, who just happens to have taught persuasive communication at Dixie State in St. George: I do not know if he and Kate Dalley (a Dalley by marriage) are related, as there are a lot of Dalley’s in the St. George vicinity (nearly all of whom seem to be Mormon).

                One contact profile for Kate Dalley (AKA Laura Kate Hefley Dalley is here: While I cannot confirm the accuracy of this information, what I find most interesting is the company listing for onsemi: – which is a central player in building the Metaverse which I have written about.

                There is plenty more that can be uncovered (possibly even relating to her family name “Curl” and its potential connection to Nobel Prize winner Robert Curl of Rice University – who just happened to have discovered carbon nanotech called “buckyballs”: . . .

                Needless to say, MT, I think your spidey sense was spot-on. There may be more to Dalley than just a pretty face and a polished script execution (as believable and realistic her story may seem to most) . . .


                  1. Mark Knopfler, Industrial Disease… ‘They’re pointing out the enemy to keep you deaf and blind, they want to sap your energy, incarcerate your mind”. Getting drawn into con flict is something I’m trying to avoid, like all the cons, like cowpies in a pasture.


        1. This well-rehearsed woman talks about hospitals with the precocious snarkiness of a teenager mocking her parents. It’s infantile. If hospitals are deathtraps (they are), and you know they’re deathtraps (she does), then, if you’re sane, you don’t go to the hospital. It sounds like she, her husband, and her “medically knowledgable” friend already knew how they wanted to treat his pneumonia. Everything they wanted—including oxygen—is available for purchase and home use. Nothing they wanted required specialized care—not even the hospice care she mentions considering. She brags about her husband “only” being in the ICU for three days, but he was a fool to be in there for three seconds. Without knowing anything about her or the enlightened intelligence agent (lol) that’s promoting her, I reject her story on its face.

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  2. Behavior modification is the constant thread connecting all technological “progress.” If “data is the new oil,” and hundreds of billions of dollars are being poured into digital/AI R&D to reboot capitalism, growth and “the system,” then it follows that the stimulus — the fake events, programs — are likely data “honeypots.” The simple version of this is the stick that stirs the anthill. If we are livestock in the minds of the aristocracy and its AI, wouldn’t we be stimulated, monitored and adjusted as needed for the same reason we train 1,500-pound horses to let us ride on their backs, or hook them up to carriages or pull a plow. We are under contract (debt) from birth. Humans do not question their actual status as slave. It’s v0luntary. Data is the raw material that builds the new whip that conditions our behavior to suit the needs of our fake-god masters. 2 plus 2 = 5 Love Big Brother. Or not.

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  3. I’ve been saying this latest virus hoax was kept alive only by the mass psychosis it induced since the beginning. How else would people suddenly abandon all reason and start acting out of their mind, over a tiny structure that has no means to move or penetrate a cell? It was done by manipulating the mind of
    these ignorants, that’s how. That’s what brought psychosis into the reality, manipulating their beliefs that something was out there to kill ’em all. Since nobody’s willing to stop and think, we ended up with hysterical masses crying to save them from the monster….ehm…the tiny structure with no means to move or do any harm otherwise.

    Here’s a shocking admission: I feel no pity for them, except I’d be willing to help them climb out of the brazen of their own mind before they actually die from mind exhaustion or kill each other over wearing effing masks. This world would end up as a dull place without all the no-thinkers, so they’re more than worth saving. If only we could make them see who their real, lethal enemy is. That would make my day. But I’m not holding my breath waiting for it to happen. It seems likely I’ll die of old age before I see a real revolution or any large group of people standing up against the true danger of our society.


    1. I have thought from 3/11/20 that there is no virus. I now think there are no virusES, Even among the skeptical, that is a rare attitude. But it is nice to be free of worry. I am suspicious (here we go again) that the 1954 Nobel Prize given to John Franklin Enders (for fake-isolating the measles virus) was awarded for the sole purpose of cementing in the public mind that viruses are real. From that followed vaccines and then anti-viral medications, all of which are deadly and unhealthy for living organisms.

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      1. The first I heard of the ‘no such thing as virus’ idea was upon reading an article written by Jim O’Kelley, a guy who had a 50’s diner in the midwest. His daughter suffered from a polio vaccine injury, so he spent some time combing through the history of the vaccine, the personalities involved, and the evidence that ‘science’ was presenting to the public as proof of a virus. My indoctrination was already dissolving because of daily dissonance, but the newspaper clippings and a fresh look at electron micrographs along with reexamining the origin and invention of statistical methods transformed a steel pillar of my education into wet cardboard. After this whole charade of the last year and a half, being able to understand the implications of not using a scientific method to establish science has left me digging through the wreckage for something worth salvaging. At present, I have returned to the idea of a virus being a poison.

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    2. if they saw who the “real enemy” was and stood up against the “true danger” pray tell, how many months would it take after this revolution, before things went pretty much back to the way things were before the revolution?

      you should know this Miles, being an aristocratic liberal?


      1. I thought we’ve settled on this “Miles” issue, but guess I was wrong. You can’t change it by repeating a false chant ad nauseum. I hope you do realize that. Just…wait for the bet to raise.

        If we managed to remove the psycho rulers and replace them with sane ones, that’d mean only a good start. What happens thereafter is also extremely important, but it means we’ve carefully thought about it too.

        What I’m 100% sure about is that there would be no anarchy or civil unrest leading to a classic conflict. If people are properly fed, have access to water, air and shelter and are completely free to move around, where’s the reason for any violence? Looking at this Earth, I only see abundance of all the necessary resources supporting life – there’s more than enough food, water and land for each human to live happily and in peace with each other. I’d argue this was the way humanity lived before we got hijacked by the Phoenies some 6-8 thousand years ago.

        By decapitating the multi-headed Phoenix, we’d be free to choose the future for ourselves. That’s a good start, right? Also, if we do this with surgical precision, there’s no way for the previous system to preserve itself as we’ve removed ALL the corrupt managers. No more faking, hoaxing and no more poisoned propaganda, food and water – the world would be free again to start from a scratch. Imagine common sense taking over and resources applied to actually improving people’s life in a fair way. Imagine lack of materialistic urge to stockpile worthless items after only one single generation of kids growing up with this new attitude. This world can be a true paradise if we get our stuff together, definitely so.


        1. well minime, after this above posting, i confess that i am back to believing that you are NOT Miles..
          my offer is open ended , no matter who you are; you can come and teach me about physics, of which i am so so ignorant, and i can teach you something about human nature and politics, because your posting, is so so naïve and silly. I will not respond directly to it because i run the risk of repeating things that i have recently spoke about here at POM.

          humm then again, perhaps you are miles and are finally learning to say silly things in order to disguise yourself.


          1. Naive and silly, you say…

            I am, and it happens just before my nap time. Let’s call that dreaming preps. Thank goodness for dreams. At least there I’m not called out for every single word I say or think. Its kind of a relief, a true opposite of living a day with my eyes opened and my mind catching on million worthless words out of boredom.

            There would exist nothing worth talking about without imagination at its roots when it comes to people, in the long run, Godfly. That’s one of HUMAN virtues, remember?


  4. I have a very simple rule: Never trust anyone wearing either a bow tie or a vest.

    Oh, they may speak some truth, but only in the context of lies.

    Their phony appearance betrays their phony self.

    Del is a BS …you fill in the blank.

    How many of you would trust a man sporting a Turkish Fez?? I thought not.

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  5. In recent comments at PoM there was a video posted from the Kate Dalley show, regarding her experience with her husband at the hospital. ( 21 min 39 sec, ) It was a dramatic tale of how their attempt to just get oxygen for a case of pneumonia turned into a COVID case with three days of unnecessary ICU treatment. Her proactive involvement apparently was of great use in improving her husband’s treatment and outcome.

    The commenters at PoM are for the most part poo-pooing this video as a false staged production in a manner I find a bit disturbing.

    I gave up my first round of internet addiction in 1989 when I left Digital. At that time I became a buyer and seller of used books. My reading habits for the decade of the 1990’s became entirely composed of the reading of entire books. In reading an entire book you can gain a sense of who the author really is, their competency, agenda, and how well they really understand their own material. Each author has a “body of work”. By reading an entire book length work, or even collecting an entire set of the author’s books you will know far more that can be gleaned from the peripheral facts about their background or associations.

    Miles Mathis has presented a method of investigating people that seems to use ancestry, associations and the peripheral facts about a person to accept or more usually, to dismiss that person’s work. But this avoids the central value of the body of work itself. This method of dismissal has pervaded the PoM and CTTF communities, leading to shallow judgments delivered without needing to directly address the central content being judged.

    In my Aikido training I learned to always deal with the center of the attacker. Irimi = Enter. Connect with the center of the person you are dealing with, and directly enter and connect with the other person. In this case Kate Dalley’s direct engagement with us is her video output. There is quite a bit of this since she is a long time podcaster. To know her I think we should go to her body of work first, before we can give any context to her web of associations and internet periphery.

    When PoM dealt with Velikovsky, there was a general move to dismiss him as a Jewish spook. Turns out there were only a couple of people commenting who had even read one of his books. He has been publicly debunked many times, and so to discredit him all a commenter had to do was to quote and link to this historical debunking. No need to encounter his work. He can just be dismissed out of hand.

    I find her hospital tale to be consistent and honest, and personally I am convinced that it probably happened as she has recounted. Her ability to advocate for her husband for proper treatment was based on knowledge and ability to articulate that she has demonstrated in the body of her previous interviews and podcasts.

    I find the shallow dismissal of her account by the commenters at PoM to be rather contemptible.


    1. Alan, in my comment above I address my specific problems with the video in question.

      Given what we know about how the Internet works and how it’s used by our totalitarian leaders, I think it would be disturbing not to question the intentions of every content creator who gains a significant following and is promoted by leadership in the mainstream and leaders in the “opposition” or “conspiracy” communities. However, the questions should be specific and based on the material presented, not on a generalized notion that “everything is fake.”

      My specific issues with the video would apply whether she’s “fake” or not. Even if she means well, her video backhandedly empowers the very thing it purports to be opposing. I do not need to review her past videos or podcasts to see what’s wrong with this specific video. And after watching the video, I have reason to be interested in her past work.


      1. So would you dismiss her call to advocate for alternative (like Vitamin C IV) treatments? Do you dismiss her statements that you have a right to intervene with unhelpful treatment protocols? This video is a statement on holding your ground and advocating for your medical rights. Do you oppose having people who wind up in hospitals advocating for their rights or for the rights of their loved ones?


        1. I dismiss none of that, of course.

          I do, however, dismiss the idea that people with the level of understanding she and her husband have should choose to go to the hospital anyway, unnecessarily putting themselves in the weak and pathetic position of arguing over hospital practices that they never would have had to worry about if they’d purchased the oxygen and medication they wanted for home use. She does not explain why they made this ludicrous choice and even seems to be completely oblivious to the ludicrousness of it. This is not a story of being forced to go to the hospital, or waking up from a head injury and finding yourself in one. It’s a story of picking up a scorpion and then getting outraged and indignant when it bites you. That’s an important distinction, don’t you think?

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Exactly Scott and once I saw rds I knew to think differently. They make sure they corner every angle and side don’t they. Also the vid is filled with triangles and all seeing eyes. This is just to appease doubters like Godfly said simple confirmation bias let’s the doubters take a deep breath and relax and pat themselves on the back that theyre right about something. What you never hear is how to rid oneself of the monster though. About collectively fighting to monster and getting rid of it.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. If enough PoM commenters say that Kate Dalley is not to be trusted, shall we pretend she can be shunned to the point of censoring her off the web? Do 10 or 20 trolling comments somehow invalidate her call to stand up for your medical rights? The core of her 21 min video statement is not invalidated by any single disparaging comment made here. What she said has value.

            I suppose she learned a lesson in their quest to obtain oxygen. Do you hold it against her that she is going through a learning process with regard to medical access?


            1. I can’t speak for other PoM commenters. The video I watched was not about going through a “learning process with regard to medical access” or about a “quest to obtain oxygen.” The video I watched suggested you have to go to the hospital to get these things and then bitch and bitch and bitch until they give them to you. Maybe that’s what she really believes. Maybe she has since learned otherwise and talks about it elsewhere. I don’t know or care. It has nothing to do with “trusting” or not “trusting” Kate Dalley. It’s about thinking critically about the material presented, whether I’m inclined to “trust” the source or not. I don’t automatically “trust” my own thoughts or motives when I say or do things that defy sense. Why should I trust this total stranger on the Internet if she’s telling me a story where she does something idiotic, but doesn’t acknowledge how idiotic it is?


              1. Perhaps they went to the hospital to get the oxygen access paid for via her husband’s medical insurance. You continue to troll this over this ludicrous point.


                1. You continue to miss my point. Also, there’s a difference between trolling and responding in a specific way to specific points raised by someone else, which is what I was doing.

                  I now know of two people in my actual life with relatives who went to the hospital for non-Covid medical issues (pneumonia, in one case), were diagnosed with Covid, and were then isolated and killed by the hospital’s “treatment.” What’s happening in hospitals right now is genocide. This woman and her husband know it, or should. Therefore, it is insane to spend three days in an ICU ward simply because insurance will cover the cost of oxygen (if that’s even the reason—that’s your proposed excuse). “I’ll stay in a place that is actively killing patients because it’s cheaper than buying the stuff I need to take care of myself.” Lunacy. But I’ll stop “trolling” you and leave you to your noble defense of fair Kate.


                  1. After Stephers detailed investigation of “fair” Kate as a person and ScottRC’s pointed and rational critique of the video, I think we can confidently surmise who the true troll is in this storyline.


                  2. It appears to me that 10 honest skeptics proclaiming in unison can have the same basic effect as a batch of trolls. The message in Kate Dally’s video was important, regarding medical rights and a proactive verbal defense of those rights. With everyone sniping at her associates and connections how could her basic point have been missed?

                    You are no one until you’ve been called a troll.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    1. I don’t know how long you’ve been coming round here, AA, but one cynic calls our blog the “Everything is Fake” blog. I tell him that not everything is fake, but why write about things that are not? That tends to be boring. But knowing that about this place, you might gather that we, or at least I, have years of skeptical observation under my belt, and one of the things I look for in professional liars (actors) is glibness. It is usually preceded by rehearsal of lines, and the glib comes form lack of conviction.

                      I usually at this point do a recitation on all the clues of fakery around the actor Bernie Sanders, but I will spare you. He reeks of lack of conviction.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. Sickening. Little masked superhero saves the school from mommy’s covid bug. They just should have been more careful in “the country”.

                      Yeah, I’m not convinced.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. OM –

                      If you have any interest in following these links, I find it intriguing that Melissa Joan Hart’s uncle (Neil Voje) has been employed by DoD contractors in both the marine sector and wind energy. But even more coincidental is that her uncle’s most recent employer (Avangrid Renewables) is a subsidiary of Iberdrola – an innovator in nanotech (including graphene) and digital twins/5G. It’s a curious (and digitized) web these people weave . . .

                      “Wind turbines, engines and cranes are now able to understand each other and converse in natural language with engineers. It is not science fiction, they are digital twins, a disruptive technology that will be vital in the rise and progression of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

                      Click to access Infographic_Nanotechnology.pdf



                    4. Good to see your dedication and perseverance in this, Alan. In the past I also have been hammering against this conspiparanoia, as I like to call it. People who have lost all trust in others, because “they lie on the news”.

                      It is a form of self harm to fall into the “everything is fake” trap.

                      Again kudos for staying on the ball on this point.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    5. Yeah, let’s just ignore the overwhelming evidence and rational argument. I am new here but already have found two commenters to mistrust. You may say I’m making your case regarding ad hominen attacks…and I’m OK with that.


                    6. CRANKYYANKY
                      August 23, 2021 at 8:47 am
                      Yeah, let’s just ignore the overwhelming evidence and rational argument. I am new here but already have found two commenters to mistrust. You may say I’m making your case regarding ad hominen attacks…and I’m OK with that.

                      I am not addressing this specific example, which couldn’t arse me in the slightest (I stay unmarked), but a general observation about a recurring phenomenon; projecting the skepticism about media outlets towards individuals who speak out about something.

                      Your comment “already have found two commenters to mistrust” only confirms that conspieparanoia in you.

                      That is what Fakeology does to people. They get so caught up in analyzing lies from media, academia and other large organizations that they cannot discern normal people anymore. “Everyone is part of some giant conspiracy all there to mislead us, blah blah blah”. Eh no. There are many honest voices out there speaking up and out and immediate distrust of them (including Alan and me apparently) is the destructive fallacy.

                      “Don’t trust anyone !!!1!!!!11!!”
                      “Good luck crossing the street….”


                    7. I should not have used the word “mistrust” since I only trust myself. You appear to have diagnosed me with some malady based on my skepticism and your “general observation,” which may also qualify as “conspiraparanoia”… I dunno…doesn’t really matter. I have honed my confirmation bias over the past decade through first, second, and third-hand experience and no longer give anyone the BENEFIT of MY doubt. As I stated in my original comment, “I’m OK with that.” I have no reason to “trust” ScottRC or Godfly more than Mr. Ackley or yourself. Still, based on my “general observation,” their commentary is of more value and, therefore, worthy of my time and consideration.


                2. Not only has Kate Dalley worked for Fox News and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, she’s guest-hosting on the Alex Jones Show this week. Judging by that and the guests she’s had on her show, it’s quite obvious (to me) that she’s a “gatekeeper” and “controlled opposition”. Another actor in the Psy-op.

                  Guest list: Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Rand Paul, Dinesh D’Souza, Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Paul, Fox News Victoria Toensing, Senator Mike Lee, JASON Scientist Freeman Dyson, Edward Griffith, John McAfee, Colonel Douglas MacGregor, Sidney Powell, Roger Stone, William Engdahl, Daniel Estulin, John Kiriakou, Ted Nugent, Kevin Shipp, Robert David Steele, Joel Skousen, David Limbaugh, David Rubinstein, Judy Mikovitz, Wall Street Guru Greg Mannarino, Sheriff Richard Mack, and Best Selling NYT AUTHORS

                  Liked by 2 people

                  1. You may have heard of the chuangzi fable about the old woodcutter who lost his axe and consequently began to suspect everyone he met as the thief; a small boy passes him by and smiles hello and the old man then muses to himself, “humm did you see the way he smiled at me? that is the smile of a thief” The next morning on the way to the market a neighbor waves hello, and again the old woodcutter muses,”hummm did you see the way she averted her eyes…? And of course so on until a few days later he found his axe under a pile of fallen wood.

                    Man is the animal that can lie. All acting is lying. Can we go so far as to say that the moment a person has a camera pointed at them they cannot not lie?

                    No one can ever be sure if the person is “only acting”. Suspending disbelief is so easy to do when you watch a video or movie; it is in the nature of the medium; We want to believe what we see.
                    At the other end is just seeing everyone as acting
                    . Suspending belief on principal.
                    As always i have the solution: DO NOT WATCH.

                    Liked by 1 person

                  2. mr yankycranky if i can throw in a quick vendanta monkeywrench: you say that you trust yourself, and that means there are two of you , the one trusting and the one being trusted, yet you always speak in one voice and i suspect you only have one face, so whom should i trust when “you” (ustedes) speak?
                    tounge in cheek but not completely. I for one have a hard time believing myself; self deception is in fact our greatest enemy.

                    got to run…have a date with my 6 year old

                    Liked by 1 person

                  3. Worthy of a “Two Thumbs Up”.

                    The world needs more smart people like you.


                    Anyone who failed to wake up to ” Ron Paul” and who endorses the “I’m going to hold their feet to the fire” RAND Paul is a fool and a lost cause.

                    Oh, but he’s young and “Up and Comi g!”..


        2. They say covid can be treated because that makes covid real. But it’s not, it’s gay and it’s a hoax. Anyone with any large following is controlled, it’s just how this place is managed.


          1. Kate Dalley never once said or implied that covid is real. She in fact stated that her husband was falsely diagnosed using the known to be faulty Covid testing. She stated clearly that people were being killed by the incorrect treatment protocol, and nowhere stated that people were being killed by some actual covid infection.

            Aside from the implications in the above, it seems to me that the criticisms of Kate Dalley are ad hominem, by calling out her associations or slickness.


  6. Former BMJ editor delivers a lightly scathing critique of medical research… The angle? Well, for one thing, they call for some kind of global regulatory framework. (Always centralize! That solves everything!) But still kind of interesting when they attack their own:

    NakedCapitalism has a limited vax skepticism piece out, generating huge comments, as their covid posts usually do:


  7. Each comment above has validity. I agree going to a hospital seeking oxygen readings is somewhat silly when one can purchase a unit off Amazon for $20.

    I have this one:

    I also agree things on surface may not be all that it appears.

    Recall Dinah Shore and Robert Montgomery getting married and having a black baby??


    1. If only all the mask wearing ignorants would get one for themselves. That’d very probably end the mask mandates abruptly.

      I’ve taken time and educated myself about how damaging oxygen deprivation is for the brain, many medical specialists who dared to speak out know how damaging it is for the heart or the lungs. Oxygen deprivation damages every single organ.

      Just a short story of another personal experience: I went to fill up my car the other evening and have run into this sturdy, older guy at the entrance, pinned with multiple “security” stickers on his chest and back. It almost gave him a heart attack when he saw me maskless. He tried to talk to me for a couple of times, but I completely ignored him as if I was def. On his third attempt, when he raised his ugly voice, I told him to quit his job for thousands like me are about to see through bozos like him very soon. And when people learn about the damage sustained for wearing effing masks, they’ll demand retribution. The guy was left speachless, letting the vapour coming under his mask fog his glasses to a point where he was actually blind, as he was walking away.

      This anti-mask attitude earned me a fine in excess of 700 USD. The ticket had my name and personal address on it even though I wasn’t identified during the verbal conflict. So handle above knowledge with care. 🙂 Though I’m at peace with it – that security guy was never seen again at the gas station.


        1. I wondered about that too! If real, don’t pay it. We were ordered by our governor to wear masks, but he has no power over me. It was businesses, and the only penalty was to leave a store when they insisted. That is as far as the tyranny ever went, the rest supplied by mindless slaves.


        2. Well, the State fined me, of course. ID was done on my car and apparently they’ve guessed it was the owner who drove it that evening. Well done, right?

          Of course I’m not paying a single dime of it. And I would have never showed that jerk my ID, fighting him over it if I had to. But he knew his Quisling’s options were far slicker than that.

          Talking about the mindless slaves…I have yet another story to tell. It’s not a first hand experience, but my close friend’s one, so I’m definitely positive it was as horrific as he told me. He got together with his colleague and were out, talking and sipping a drink for a while. As he was on his way home, he stopped by in a local grocery store to pick up a loaf of bread. So trying to avoid a possible conflict, he entered the store with a mask on his face. The plan was simple, a quick in and out, no talking, no stopping except for the bread.

          So he ran inside, and having opened a plexiglass box, where loafs were stacked, he was taking a second or two to choose a real nice one for himself and his family.

          What a mistake. You see, my friend didn’t realize he was closely watched by a berserked guy at that moment. As he touched (!) his loaf, that guy jumped into his face, screaming something about my friend trying to kill everyone by not using GLOVES. Yes, that’s correct, the gloves. Kind words were not enough, and as my friend was trying to calm down the guy, he swung at him, trying to land a right crochet. My friend ducked the hit and punched him, hitting him directly to the nose, but not hard enough to bleed it.

          You’d think this was the end of a duel, but you’re wrong. It took two more ducked swings, one more nose punch and a floor clinch for the guy to finally calm down and realize he’s getting his arse kicked. By the way – 4 or 5 people, the zombie shoppers, were standing by, watching the show. ALL of them were cheering FOR the attacker.

          Strangely, my friend chose to call the police on himself. So he paid for his bread and then stood by the entrance, where he called cops and lit a cigarette while waiting for them to show up. 3 smokes and 20mins later, there were no cops there to follow up. Trying to call them again and avoid having police at his home, they told him to just…go home and stop whining.


          1. Where do you live, just the state? We are rural, here in Colorado, and I know it was worse in more populated areas, but I was able for the most part to just ignore the nonsense, not participate in madness. Occasionally a store would insist on a mask, but I could just walk away. And if pressed, I did have a mask with a slit cut in it so I could breathe. Now it is just ignored, only the ones suffering psychotic breaks still walking around like that. It is something like 10%. It is nit like people have figured things out … they are “vaccinated,” thinking that is a real thing.

            For the longest time I was the only one out there unmasked, and there was very little flak, maybe four incidences where people showed resentment. I got used to it, they got used to me, store clerks even seeming to embrace this odd behavior of mine.

            Liked by 1 person

  8. I am copying a comment (relevant to this post) that I just left on the Part 5 installment of my series on biodigital convergence ( . . .

    So it seems this hypnotist, Michael Grady, is beginning to make the rounds (August 2021) and is becoming quite popular for his analysis of the video I featured in this short essay: Keep your eye on Grady, as he purports to be helping others to see where they may be hypnotized. Could he be utilizing hypnotic/NLP techniques on his listening/watching audience as well?

    It seems Dr. Andy Kaufman has teamed up with Michael Grady (and Alex Jones as well). . .
    “Join me on Wednesday August 25th at 3pm Eastern. I will be hosting the Alex Jones Show and bringing my message of truth and Health Freedom to the world!
    This episode is called: “Covidnosis – How Empire Brainwashed the World!””

    “My special guest is Michael Grady, an expert hypnotist who breaks down the psychological underpinnings of the Covid-19 entrainment and social engineering program being used upon the masses.
    Covidnosis: How Empire Brainwashed the World”

    With much recent talk of mass hypnosis, please review my multiple takes on this from June 2020:, July 2020: and August 2020:


    1. It seems Michael Grady – who will be featured later by Dr. Andy Kaufman when he guest hosts for Alex Jones – has also connected with Dr. Tom Cowan’s son, Asher: (dated August 20, 2021). Grady reveals therein that he was trained by a high-level government operative. As a commenter implied on one of Grady’s You Tube videos, where was he last year when it may have been more helpful to grasp this information – as the hypnosis operation was just being cemented (and when I was discussing this very notion of weaponized NLP)? I am suggesting we may want to consider the role Grady is playing now, and why he is suddenly getting so much press (just as the now iconic mass hypnosis video has). I smell something fishy . . .


        1. I watched the first part of that link and totally concurred with Kelfin Oberon’s assessment that we are living in a military simulation. That is why I titled my blog series The Musical Industrial Complex and highlight the military connections because even something as seemingly innocent and unthreatening as music is used as a “cyber” “net-ic” weapon. MK Ultra was a program for EVERYBODY, not just prisoners and pop stars.

          As for Stepher’s link, I don’t know who those hosts are, but I’m sure they are military in some capacity. As for Grady…the first word out of his mouth after “Thank you for having me” is….”Honestly…” which means I’m lying. Joe Biden does it all the time. “I’m being sincere!”


          1. I concur … whenever someone, anyone says to me “I’ll be honest with you” I automatically think “normally this person lies”, otherwise he would not have to announce that he is being truthful for once. And usually, “I’ll be honest” precedes a lie.


    2. I watched about half of his video you linked – what strikes me (aside from his looking like a model or movie star, and coming across as quite likeable – despite the annoying beard style) is how common sensical his critique of the cartoon propaganda is. I guess I forget sometimes that most people don’t find advertising (or “public service” announcements) absolutely ludicrous on their face – they actually absorb it as intended! LOL.

      Do they really though? There is an audience for shows like The Simpsons, and I have “normie” friends who can be quite witty and scathing about things. Especially things on the “conservative” side of the partisan divide.

      But maybe the satirists among us are always a minority of 20 or 30%. Maybe there’s a large contingent that needs to have things spelled out at this kind of common sense level, as Grady does here. But if that’s the case, doubtful they’ll manage to do it on their own when he’s not there leaning over their shoulder.


  9. I find it hard to digest the mentioning of “Alex Jones” in a blog of such caliber as POM.

    Have we not progressed beyond such entry-level, “sophmoronic” characters?

    Perhaps his mention was to make a point which case I ask for forgiveness as I just dont get it.

    And yes, I don’t claim to be the creme de la creme as intellectuals go. No individual who might enjoy low brow IM on 10 hour day of road trip diving would ever make such a claim.

    But I did see beautiful panoramic yellow wildflowers everywhere(!!) in Flagstaff AZ today! 9000 feet in elevation. Absolutely beautiful 🙂

    Worth it?? Every penny!

    And I saw my beautiful Monarchs and Scissor-Tailed Flycatchers out in OKC too!



  10. “Alex Jones”… What kind of phony character name is that?

    It (name) is fit for a character…which is exacty what it is!

    Bill Hicks anyone?

    Not worthy of mention in serious / semi-serious conversation. Please?


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