The fact-free zone

We once had an encounter with a lady, a naturalist or something like that, who makes her living taking photos and identifying and classifying plants and animals. She was on our property for a couple of hours, and at one point mentioned how windmills are helping us in the Climate Change crisis. I could not let it go, and said that windmills were, in my view, medieval technology, harmful to wildlife, and unable to supply our energy needs. She mentioned then how it was a hard choice, but a choice that had to be made. I left to get her some statistics on the greening effect of CO2 in the atmosphere, and while I was gone, she told my wife that I had no idea how hard she studies these issues.  On my return I told her I would forward the data via email.

She continued her hard line, saying that Siberia was being devastated by Climate Change. She is fact-free, knows nothing about Siberia, and does not study these matters. Otherwise, evidence would force her to change her mind.

In the video beneath the fold, Kevin Walling is challenged, point blank, to supply hard data regarding hurricanes and deaths, along with any other issue related to Climate Change. He does nothing of the sort, instead citing “common sense” and that “the public believes.” Marc Morano sets him straight, not that Walling can hear. I love the moderator’s closing words to Walling about science … “Try it sometime.” It’s a short clip, enjoyable. Walling cannot disguise his contempt in his facial expression.

4 thoughts on “The fact-free zone

    1. maybe so. However, climate change ‘enthusiasts’ do not generally appear on the same forum as opponents. We are generally given only one side, the normal propaganda model. When skeptics are allowed to appear, it is either due to accident, or the sceptic being CO. My judgment, Walling was trapped. it rarely happens. I could be wrong.


  1. As long as the “problem” can be defined as an external one, no one will think to look inside ourselves. The Enlightenment replaced God, the only one left after Christianity and the other monotheistic religions killed off pagan beliefs in multiple gods and nature, with “science.” This separation of man from nature continues to plaque us. Science also separated man’s mind from body, a further delusion, which enabled consciousness to pretend that the subconscious has no power, is only “superstition.” As a result, we remain in great danger of our own consciousness and false presuppositions. Climate truth will be found within ourselves (introspection), not “out there” as was promoted in the “X-Files.” Dig yourselves, good people, the answers are innate/instinctive, if anyone has the time to listen.


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