The Musical Industrial Complex #4

Musical Military Brats of the 1970s

(by CrankyYanky)

This installment is merely a collection that I put together based on easy-to-find Wikipedia information.  I’m sure more military connections can be made, but I’m unwilling to devote the time toward that endeavor.  Nothing earth-shattering here, but it’s still somewhat surprising to me considering that I used to believe that music and the military were mutually exclusive and at odds with each other.

Of course, It could be argued that many men were in the military during WWII and that these musicians may have renounced their parent’s military leanings.  Valid arguments, but It matters little because I’m not trying to prove anything or change anybody’s opinion.  It should already be abundantly clear that the entire entertainment industry is comprised of elites and military intelligence operatives who do not have our best interests at heart.  I wouldn’t even cross the street to fart in their general direction, and I’m sure they feel the same about us.


ELTON JOHN:   His father served in the Royal Air Force (having risen to the rank of sergeant, he was commissioned in May 1944, rising to squadron leader and serving at RAF Basrah in Iraq in 1949.)  

 Throughout the decade of the 70s, Elton’s musical producer/handler was a man named Angus ‘Gus’ Boyd Dudgeon. Their collaboration is considered one of the most successful artist-producer pairings, with Dudgeon “guiding” John throughout the decade.

This photo shows Gus’ maternal grandmother Ludovica “Louisette” Elizabeth Adolphine Lefebvre and his uncle Dick Crighton.  Ludovica’s parents are unknown…scrubbed from history because people like that have no interesting ancestors worth documenting, right?  Gus’ paternal lineage, on the other hand, is loaded with peerage connections.

Gus Dudgeon also produced David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”  Were there two more significant songs pushing fake space in the 70s than Rocket Man and Space Oddity?

COUNTRY JOE MCDONALD:  Joe was born in Washington D.C. and enlisted in the US Navy at the age of 17. His mother, Florence Plotnick, was the daughter of Russian Jewish immigrants and served on the Berekely (CA) City Council for many years. In their youth, both of Country Joe’s parents were Communist Party members, and they named Joe after Joseph Stalin…how sweet. McDonald is best known for his anti-war song, I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die-Rag, from the album of the same name. The album was produced/handled by Samuel BARCLAY Charters IV, who was born into an UPPER-“middle”-class family. After completing military service during the Korean War, Samuel received a degree in economics from the University of California at Berkeley. How silly of me to have always thought that one of the benefits of growing up rich was not serving in the military.  Were these guys truly disillusioned with war and the military or merely controlled opposition?

MICHAEL NESMITH:  He is best known as a member of the pop-rock band The Monkees.  He enlisted in the US Air Force before graduating high school.  He was trained as an aircraft mechanic at Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas, and then was permanently stationed at the Clinton-Sherman Air Force Base in Oklahoma.

You’d better catch that last train to Vaxville, so you don’t miss out on The Monkee’s farewell tour because there are only two of those chimps left, doncha know.

TED NUGENT:  Wikipedia states that “Nugent grew up in a military family.”

STEPHEN STILLS:  Wikipedia states that Stills was “raised in a military family.”

JOE WALSH:  His father, Lt. Robert Newton Fidler, was a flight instructor for the Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star in the US Air Force and died in a plane crash in Okinawa in 1949.  Walsh’s albums during the 1970s were co-produced/handled by Bill Szymczyk, who has no background as a musician.  Szymczyk was originally a sonar operator for the US Navy and took some audio production classes as part of his Navy training.  The “some audio production classes” must’ve been the part of his resume that convinced the Eagles to have him produce all of their albums.

ROGER WATERS:  In the early years of the Second World War, the Pink Floyd founder’s father was a conscientious objector who later changed his stance on pacifism, joined the Territorial Army, and was commissioned into the 8th Battalion Royal Fusiliers as a Second Lieutenant.  He was killed five months later during the Battle of Anzio.  There is a 16-minute video on YouTube titled, “Roger Waters: Covid 19 is Only the Tip of the Iceberg.”   It’s nice to see Roger taking a break from his Israeli controlled opposition duties.

KRIS KRISTOFFERSON:  Kristofferson’s father was a Major General in the US Air Force.  Kris joined the US Army as a Second Lieutenant eventually attaining the rank of Captain.  According to Yahoo! News, Kris Kristofferson (84 years old and suffering debilitating memory loss) has quietly retired from touring after more than 50 years in the music business due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Pretty good for a guy who can’t sing.

JOHN FOGERTY:  During the Creedence Clearwater Revival guitarist’s time in the Army Reserve, he attended training at Fort Bragg, Fort Knox, and Fort Lee.

In his new music video, he comments on the Covid-19 pandemic and the late George Floyd.  “Out in the street, on your neck with a knee/All the people are crying your last words/I can’t breathe.”

HELEN REDDY (died 2020):   Helen was born into a well-known Australian show-business family. Her Scottish great-grandfather, Thomas Lamond, was a one-time mayor of Waterloo, New South Wales, and Patsy Reddy, New Zealand’s governor-general, is a distant cousin.  Her father was a sergeant in the Australian Army, serving alongside one of his actor friends Peter Finch.

Helen Reddy did not die of Covid-19, but according to her ex-husband, “She really took a nose dive…in terms of her dementia. The Covid thing really did a number on her. She wasn’t able to see her friends, socialize, you know, she was someone who loved all of that.”

 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN:  Her father was an MI5 officer on the Enigma project who took Rudolf Hess into custody during World War II.

Newton-John didn’t elaborate on her decision not to get the Covid-19 vaccine, but her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, explained, “I’m not an anti-vaxxer.  I’m anti-putting mercury and pesticides in my body, which are in a lot of vaccines.  To me, real medicine is what comes from the earth.  I think people trust vaccines because the doctor says it is safe.  I used to.”  Lattanzi said that she wished she had never been vaccinated for anything.

Hey Olivia and Chloe, I Honestly Love You guys!

AL STEWART:  His father served as a flight lieutenant in the Royal Air Force.  He died in a plane crash during a 1945 training exercise before Stewart was born.

AMERICA:  The trio known as America met as sons of US Air Force personnel stationed in London, where they began performing live.

ANGUS AND MALCOLM YOUNG:  Brothers who founded the band AC/DC had a father who served in the Royal Air Force during World War II.

BRIAN JOHNSON:  Lead singer of the band AC/DC had a father who was a Sergeant Major in the British Army’s Durham Light Infantry.  Brian himself served in the Territorial Army with the Parachute Regiment in Germany for two years.

ANN AND NANCY WILSON:  Sisters who founded the band Heart had a father who was a Major in the US Marine Corps.  They lived near American military facilities in Panama and Taiwan before settling in Seattle, Washington.

EMMYLOU HARRIS:  She is from a career military family.  Her father was a Marine Corps officer who was reported missing in Korea in 1952 and spent ten months as a prisoner of war.

JON ANDERSON:  This former lead singer of the progressive rock band Yes had a father who served in the Army in the Entertainment Division.

JONI MITCHELL:  Joni was born Roberta Joan Anderson, and her father was a Royal Canadian Air Force flight lieutenant who instructed new pilots at RCAF Station Fort Macleod.  It’s unknown if he trained the pilots to ride shotgun in the sky or turn into butterflies.  “I was not part of the anti-war movement.  I played Fort Bragg.  I went the Bob Hope route because I had uncles who died in the war, and I thought it was a shame to blame the boys who were drafted.”

LEO KOTTKE:  A mishap with a firecracker permanently damaged the hearing in his left ear, a condition that would be exacerbated by exposure to loud noise during firing practice while he served in the US Navy Reserve.

LIONEL RITCHIE:  His father was a US Army Systems Analyst.

MICK FLEETWOOD:  In early childhood, Michael John Kellis Fleetwood’s family followed his father, a Royal Air Force fighter pilot, to Egypt.  Six years later, they moved to Norway where his father was deployed by NATO.

PETE TOWNSEND:  Pete’s father Cliff was a professional alto saxophonist in the Royal Air Force’s dance band.

ROBERT PLANT:  The Led Zeppelin founder’s father was a civil engineer who worked in the Royal Air Force.

ROD ARGENT:   Rodney Terence Argent came to prominence in the mid-1960s as the English rock band The Zombies founder.  His father was an aeronautical engineer who machined parts at the De Havilland aircraft factory.  The company’s founder was Sir Geoffrey de Havilland, whose Mosquito has been considered the most versatile warplane ever built.

STEWART COPELAND:  Drummer of The Police is the son of Alabama-born CIA officer Miles Copeland, Jr.  According to files released by the CIA in 2008, Miles was a founding member of the OSS and the CIA.

TINA WEYMOUTH:  Best known as a founding member of the new wave group Talking Heads and its side project Tom Tom Club.  She is also the daughter of US Navy Vice Admiral Ralph Weymouth.

JOHN PRINE (died 2020) Prine was drafted into the US Army during the Vietnam War era, serving in Germany.

DUANE (died 1971) AND GREGG (died 2017) ALLMAN:   The Allman Brothers were the sons of Willis Allman, who was a Second Lieutenant on active duty in the US Army at the time of his death.  In 1949, when the family was living in Norfolk, Virginia, where he was stationed, Willis Allman was murdered.  The boys’ mother then sent the boys to Castle Heights Military Academy in Lebanon, Tennessee.

GRAM PARSONS (died 1973):  Born Ingram Cecil Connor III, his father, Ingram Connor II, was a famous World War II flying ace decorated with the Air Medal, who was present at the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.  Gram Parsons attended the prestigious Bolles Military School in Jacksonville, Florida.

JIM CROCE (died 1973):  He enlisted in the Army National Guard to avoid being drafted and served on active duty for four months.  Croce, who was not good with authority, had to go through basic training twice.

NICK DRAKE (died 1974):  Drake’s father, Rodney Shuttleworth Drake was an engineer with the Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation.  His mother, Molly Llloyd was born to Sir Idwal Geoffrey Lloyd. Both of Molly’s parents were involved in the military.

TIM BUCKLEY (died 1975):  Timothy Charles Buckley III was born in Washington D.C. to Elaine Scalia and Timothy Charles Buckley, Jr., a decorated World War II veteran.  Buckley was managed (handled) by Herb Cohen, who after a “period” in the Army, moved to Los Angeles to put on concerts with folk singers.

SID VICIOUS (died 1979):  Born Simon John Ritchie, he was an original member of the punk rock band The Sex Pistols.  His mother dropped out of school early due to a lack of academic success and joined the British Army where she met Ritchie’s father, a guardsman at Buckingham Palace.

HARRY CHAPIN (died 1981)He briefly attended the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

FRANK ZAPPA (died 1993):  Zappa’s family moved often because his father, a chemist, worked at the Edgewood Arsenal chemical warfare facility of the Aberdeen Proving Ground run by the US Army.

CONWAY TWITTY (died 1993):  Born Harold Lloyd Jenkins, he received an offer to play baseball for the Philadelphia Phillies after high school but was drafted into the US Army.  He served in the Far East and organized a music group to entertain his fellow soldiers.

JOHN DENVER (died 1997)Denver’s father, Major Henry John Deutschendorff, was a US Army Air Force pilot who set three-speed records in the B-58 Hustler bomber and earned a place in the Air Force Hall of Fame.  The Major would have certainly been disappointed by how his son faked his death by forgetting to refuel his plane and losing control while attempting to switch fuel tanks.

JOHN PHILLIPS (died 2001):   John Edmund Andrew Phillips was best known as the leader of the vocal group the Mamas & the Papas.  Phillips was born on Parris Island, South Carolina, since his father was a United States Marine Corps officer.  After graduating from George Washington High School in Alexandria, Virginia, John Phillips gained an appointment to the United States Naval Academy but resigned during his first year.  FUN FACT:  In 2009, his eldest daughter Mackenzie claimed that she and her father had a 10-year incestuous relationship.

DEE DEE RAMONE (died 2002):  This founding member of the band The Ramones was the son of an American soldier.  As an infant, his family relocated to West Berlin, West Germany, due to his father’s military service.

ROBERT PALMER (died 2003):  Robert Allen Palmer’s father was a British Naval Intelligence officer.

JOHNNY CASH (died 2003):  As a member of the US Air Force, Cash was assigned to the 12th Radio Squadron Mobile of the US Air Force Security Service at Landsburg, West Germany. He allegedly worked as a morse code operator intercepting Soviet Army transmissions.

RICK JAMES (died 2004):  Due to his stints in jail for theft, he entered the US Naval Reserve at 14 or 15, lying about his age to avoid the draft (who was going to draft a 14 or 15-year-old anyway?).   Due to missing his twice-monthly Reserve sessions aboard the USS Enterprise, he found himself ordered to Vietnam.  What?  Nothing about this story makes sense.

DELANEY BRAMLETT (died 2008):  Delaine Alvin Bramlett was an American musician best known for his musical partnership with his then-wife Bonnie Bramlett in the band Delaney & Bonnie.  Bramlett joined the US Navy before he was 17 (so when he was 16 then?), serving for two to three years.  He took boot camp at Naval Station Great Lakes, spending over half his hitch there.

J.J. CALE (died 2013): “I didn’t really want to carry a gun and do all that stuff, so I joined the Air Force and what I did is I took technical training and that’s kind of where I learned a little bit about electronics.”

JOE COCKER (died 2014):  His father was an aircraftman in the Royal Air Force.

DAVID BOWIE (died 2016):  Bowie was born David Robert Jones and his mother was born at Shorncliffe Army Camp.

DAVE HLUBEK (died 2017):  This founding member of the southern rock band Molly Hatchet was born in Jacksonville, Florida and at the age of 5, moved with his family to the US Naval base in Oahu, Hawaii.

BILL WITHERS (died 2020):  He enlisted in the US Navy at the age of 17, and served for nine years, during which time he became interested in singing and writing songs.

For this crisis I think the Bill Withers song “Use Me” is a more appropriate sheeple anthem.

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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t include U2. Drummer Larry Mullen, at his father’s suggestion, posted an audition notice in order to form a band… although Mullen, by his own admission, couldn’t play drums very well, and Bono couldn’t sing.

    Mullen’s father, Larry Mullen, Sr., was a high-ranking official for Ireland’s military intelligence during WWII. I’m now having a difficult time finding information about him.

    About twelve years ago, a friend of mine took a job with One Foundation, which prompted me to do a lot of research on U2. Most of what I found seems to have been memory-holed. U2’s official website used to have bios of all the band members, and Larry Mullen’s bio was especially rich. As I recall, he learned to play drums in an all-boy’s military band, which he joined at his father’s suggestion. When the band was first starting out, they sometimes used a body double for Mullen in publicity photos, and sometimes had a different drummer pretend to be Mullen during live performances, because Mullen didn’t want to quit his day job: He was a “messenger” for a big Irish oil company, and sometimes had to deliver these “messages” by flying all around the world, you see. (A lot of older celebrities–like Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro–supported themselves as “messengers” for Standard Oil when they were first starting out. Have you ever in your life known anyone who was a messenger for an oil company? I haven’t.)

    The U2 website also used to explain that Mullen had to wear special gloves when he played drums because his hands were all messed up. There was also something about severe back problems he used to have, but–I kid you not–Mullen said his back problems were solved by a German doctor who periodically gave him injections of bull’s blood.

    I found a lot of weird shit about U2 twelve years ago, but can’t find any of it now. Maybe it’s still out there or retrievable somewhere. Those guys, to me, represent the epitome of pop music created by and working in the service of the military.


    1. That is really interesting, ScottRC, confirming my suspicion that they can make a rock star out of anyone. I have noticed that Bono, like Springsteen and others (Pete Ham, who became Bill Maher), Janis Joplin, cannot (could not) sing. They are obviously trained to project their voices, but do not have the resonance and timbre of real singers.

      Also, I am convinced that all of the songs they sing, with exceptions, are not the product of the attributed authors. This would include Bono, John Denver, the Beatles. I do, however, suspect Paul Simon to be the real deal.

      With the Beatles, “Paul” supposedly moved into the the home of “girlfriend” Jane Asher, really just a beard to hide the fact that Paul was twins. She was seen in public with both. Jane’s mother, Margaret, was a music professor at Guildhall School of music, and her most prominent student was George Martin. I suspect that this is the source of the Beatles’ (at least early) music, Margaret, Guildhall, Martin, and other unknown song writers.


      1. Glad you found it interesting, Mark.

        I should apologize to CY, though. U2 falls squarely into the ’80s band category, and his article clearly focuses on the ’70s. I seem to have a lot of trouble staying on point around here lately.


        1. Bono, Paul David Hewson, is an interesting character. His mother is a Rankin, a very well known name in Montana, the first female member of the US House of Representatives was Jeanette Rankin. She was elected twice, 1916 and 1940, each time opposing US entry into the great wars, along with 49 other House members in her 1916 term, and the only one in either House or Senate to oppose entry into WWII. She is said to be a lifelong pacifist, but her convenient entry into the House right before the two wars makes her look like controlled opposition.

          I was able to trace the Rankin line back to the 1680s. His father, Bob Hewson, i went back to 1819. It was all Irish all the time for both.

          I do think Jeanette Rankin is worth a closer look.


          1. Bono’s wife, Ali Hewson, was born Alison Stewart. I remember reading a comment online alleging that she came from wealth and was related to a prominent Stewart who owned a department store chain (or something to that effect) in Ireland. Apparently, Ali and her family deny this connection and insist that they are not the same Stewarts.

            In this context, Bono’s high-profile career, and the supposed riches gained from it, may have served as a convenient cover for his wife’s family’s wealth.

            The couple spent their honeymoon at the Goldeneye estate in Jamaica, formerly owned by Ian Fleming, British writer, journalist and naval intelligence officer best known for his James Bond series of spy novels. According to Ali Hewson’s Wikipedia page, U2 were in debt to Island Records and the couple couldn’t afford a honeymoon, so Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, who owns the Goldeneye estate, gave them use of the property. How romantic and spooky.

            Bono’s mother, Iris Rankin, exited the stage in a rather incredible way, suffering a cerebral aneurysm at her own father’s funeral on September 10, 1974.
            Two years later, on September 25, 1976 Bono, David Evans (“The Edge”), his brother Dik Evans, and Adam Clayton responded to Larry Mullen Jr.’s rock band advertisement posting on a Mount Temple school bulletin board.

            I’ve often wondered if the real gems lie buried with Iris and her family history.

            Iris (Hold Me Close)
            Songwriters: Clayton Adam / Evans Dave / Hewson Paul David / Mullen Larry

            You took me by the hand
            I thought that I was leading you
            But it was you made me your man
            I dream
            Where you are
            Iris standing in the hall
            She tells me I can do it all
            Iris wakes to my nightmares
            Don’t fear the world it isn’t there
            Iris playing on the strand
            She buries the boy beneath the sand,
            Iris says that I will be the death of her
            It was not me
            Iris… Iris…
            She said: “Free yourself,
            To be yourself if only you could see yourself”
            Free yourself, to be yourself if only you could see…

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            1. I wonder if anyone has watched the comedy film ‘Killing Bono’ directed by Nick Hamm based on based on Neil McCormick’s 2003 memoir Killing Bono: I Was Bono’s Doppelgänger, and is worth a punt?


        2. No apology necessary, That was fascinating stuff, and since U2 was formed in 1976, let’s consider them included. Ironically enough, the only album of theirs that I ever enjoyed was “War.” But then again, I was smoking a lot of weed in 1983. Thanks for the comment.


          1. Ha, thanks.

            Since being forced to attend that Lauren Daigle concert I mentioned in another comment, I’ve been thinking about how she used her concert as a fundraising event for a South African “charity”–which U2 has been known to do as well. (I heard a story about Paul Hewson clapping his hands repeatedly during his concert while saying, “Every time I clap my hands, a child in South Africa dies.” And someone in the audience supposedly yelled out, “So stop clapping!”)

            If you do a write-up of more current pop musicians’ military-industrial-complex connections, I hope you’ll look into the way American Idol seems to have become a recruiting station/proving ground for artists who, perhaps, don’t have such family connections. Daigle, Jennifer Hudson, and a lot of other pop singers who competed on Idol have become big stars, and they present a polished, commercialized version of their ever-so-humble backgrounds that may have some basis in truth, but they’ve been systematically homogenized. The way Daigle talks about her Louisiana background–how her mama and gramma keep her grounded and “authentic” despite her big-time fame–is so over-the-top and corny, she might as well perform barefoot in coveralls with a straw hat and a corncob pipe. The system takes something that may have started out “real” and glosses it over with thick, shiny layers of fake.


            1. This posting of mine was a way of fast-forwarding through the 70s since I do want to focus on more current artists. Back in 2002, I was emotionally invested in Kelly Clarkson’s eventual victory on the first American Idol. Yes, I am ashamed of my former self. Just glancing at Kelly’s Wiki I can see that they have begrudgingly (I assume) admitted her family connections to a former Senator/Sheriff/SOLDIER/POW. So I doubt that American Idol “started out real.’ I also recall that Justin Guarini, Clarkson’s nemesis, had a mother who worked for CNN.


              1. I never got invested in American Idol–don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire broadcast (though my “former” and my “current” selves have been known to get wrapped up in all kinds of other stupid stuff.)

                What strikes me about Daigle and Hudson is that the fact they lost Idol is a big part of their bios. Maybe the winners like Clarkson are juiced and losers who aren’t juiced, but can be programmed, go on to greatness too? I have no idea. It’s kind of interesting, though, how participation in or connection with that contest and other talent shows (as a judge, or a coach, or whatever) bestows the illusion of legitimacy on pop singers now. When Idol first started, I recall thinking that the winners–and anyone who participated–would not be taken seriously as musicians, in much the same way that The Monkees weren’t. They’d be seen as sell-outs, shallow glory-seekers, etc. Boy was I wrong. lol.


                1. Perhaps the winners and participants are celebrated because society is now littered with sell-outs and shallow glory-seekers. I dunno. Do people think reality television is real? The Monkees were created to make the other fake musicians appear real, just like Milli Vanilli were exposed as non-singers. Nothing is organic…probably even the organic food for which we pay a premium. Everything pretty much sucks…bottom line.

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                  1. I finally got curious enough to look at photos of this Daigle woman since I had never heard of her. Nothing organic and natural going there at all. She looks just like every other cookie-cutter “thing” that Hollywood pumps out these days. I’m sure Mark could probably include her in one of his “brat” groups. She’s so typical and generic and BORING! Just like Bono, I’ll bet less than 1% of donations go anywhere but into the pockets of scumbags.


    2. Hello, I’m new here. Wow! Great stuff! Just wanted to say that a friend of mine from the 70s and early 80s, Chuck V, grew up with the Fogarty brothers. They used to beat up Chuck’s little brother, smaller than the F bros, and Chuck would take on both and clean the streets with them! Just a bit o’ trivia.


  2. Interesting article; – it appears the ‘mileswmathis’ project is influencing a lot of the alternative news sites – including this one! Another researcher, Dave McGowan, who some say was an agent himself, was renowned if not notorious for unraveling the mystery that was Laurel Canyon; via his investigation and research of said phenomenon which took place over the course of the 1960’s & ’70’s (i.e., see, ‘Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops and the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream’). Although I do believe both gents are suspect in general, one aspect of their work that cannot be refuted is the fact that a significant number of the ‘events’ explored by said authors were, indeed, fake (i.e., hoaxes; false flags; etc.); with, I believe, the revelation of the method being invoked by M & M (and, by extension, the agencies that control/conceived them) to amuse, annoy and abuse (i.e., gaslighting; doxing; etc.) that small – but significant – subsect of society who are able to discern the devilish, duplicitous and diversionary nature of said criminal acts; that have been executed, by TPTB, in their continuing quest for more power and control over the hoi polloi! RGB-Y1 out!!


      1. ‘Miles W. Mathis’ is, I’m assuming, the nom de plume of a self-described savant; who posts his finished works – in science; writings ; and art – on the eponymous web site, i.e., ‘’, not too infrequently. As I’m not well-versed in either the sciences or arts, I will limit my description and assessment of said site to Mathis’ writings; which, by and large, invoke inductive arguments (usually argumentation begins with a trip to the genealogy tree via the web) to posit that most – if not all – of the major historical – recent and distant – events of significance in, primarily, the USA are fake (i.e., hoaxes; false flags; deep fakes; etc.); and, moreover, that said fakery was perpetrated by the ‘usual suspects’, i.e., the Phoenicians/Jews! Let it be known that, firstly, although I don’t agree with a significant amount of the details Mathis articulates (including the scapegoating of Jews for all that is wrong with the world), I do agree with the general tenor of his writings, viz. on some level, most of the ‘events’ referred/alluded to were fake; and, secondly, IMHO MM is a project emanating from one of the multifold alphabet-soup agencies TPTB have invented over the years; to make manifest any one – or more – of their infamous projects/programmes of chaos, confusion and control (see MK Ultra; Project Artichoke; Project Bluebird; Operation COINTELPRO; etc.) ! RGB-Y1 out!!!


        1. Yes, blaming the Jews does seem like a counter-intuitive approach since the work could always be discounted as anti-semitic or maybe even envious and bitter. I don’t know. You may be on to something with your “project” theory.


          1. Here we go again…

            MM is a project. No, uhm… it’s a committee. Uhm, I mean it is them, a group of anonymous writers. Nobody has seen any proof, but hey, let him try to refute a non-fact.

            When does this end? I know. I doesn’t. Which is sad, actually. Since Miles has the most profound research published, he must be a spook. Or committee. Or whatever. I get it.

            The only thing I haven’t seen so far is anybody else coming even close to his research. Including everybody here. Couch critics pounding a dead horse. What good can that bring? Did anybody figure out where or what or how he’s misdirecting? Or whatever the real criticism behind all this mumbo-jumbo is? Just asking, since I’ve been listening to this kind of conspiracy theories before and I’m still waiting for a meaningful reasoning for attacking Miles as being a CIA creation. Or whatever.

            Don’t get sucked into further division. Don’t fall for spook tactics and doubt seeding attempts. Which is exactly what this MM=project suggestion is.


            1. If you’re pounding keys on a keyboard, then you’re pounding a dead horse at this point, including this Miles Mathis character…er…person. No need to lash out at the writers here. I worked very hard transcribing that information from Wikipedia…LOL.


            2. MM, I do not use the word “proof,” as most often it is a concept in the minds of people who do not know research nor understand that everything always wanders in and out of gray areas, sometimes more towards black than white, etc. Proof exists in mathematical concepts, I suppose, but I know of no other area. I live in the world of “evidence,” sometimes convincing, sometimes not, always held at arm’s length.

              Here and here

              Those are two links to videos on YouTube promoting the Mathis site. Or go to YouTube and search “Tate Massacre faked.”

              We can both agree, I imagine, that YouTube is a heavily censored medium. In the matters of Covid and Climate Change, hardly anything gets by the censors. That censorship has intensified in the last 18 months.

              The two videos I link claim that the Manson Murders were faked. They both link to the MM site specifically, giving the details on how to get there. As I view it, since these videos have been left alone, since 2015 on one of them, they operate as a feeder for his site. It is how I found him, probably thousands of others.

              I take MM with a grain of salt, leaving the good, skipping over genealogy, substituting the word “Freemasons” for “Phoenicians.” [Most Jews I have known have been wonderful people. My last name is in the Jewish registry, even as I was raised Christian. I have no problem with Jews.] I think much of his work is valuable, and is given to a select few who are not bothered to be ridiculed as “conspiracy theorists” to help us along in our search for truth. They don’t hate us, but they do want us contained. Most of us could never get through the YouTube censors to offer any light of day. MM has been promoted there now going on six years.

              This proves nothing. It is only evidence I offer to you that MM is juiced.


              1. This two videos mean nothing in particular, nor does their time online as an evidence. In my neck of woods, I could be shouting about Manson/Tate massacre all day long. Majority of people would call cops on me for disturbance, and those few intrigued individuals would be googling about it on the fly. It’s a 50+ years old hoax meant to blackwash hippie movement and it did its job perfectly. Langley thugs love to brag about their achievements and these videos are there as a laugh in our faces. They don’t care if small group of people know the truth about Manson. Do you see any reactions to Miles’ disclosures in real life? So why ban any such videos that have zero impact on PN hegemony? If anything, banning would attract attention to it. While at it, this is the reason for banning controlled op’s videos and sites – to create a false attention in terms “if it was banned, it must’ve been for the truth incorporated into it”, which is a false premise. Despite this tactics, people are falling for it each and every time. It’s all a game to them. Btw, to test this hypothesis, you can make a short video on, say, John Denver and see how long it lasts about. I predict you’ll be ignored by the censorship for years in a row.

                Oh yes, the Freemasons and Miles’ stance about them. How many times need I say that Freemasons have NAMES? The group’s name is not in question here, it’s group members’ names that Miles is after. Hence all the genealogies. You can’t do a genealogy on a Masonic lodge, can you? Once you realize this point, you’ll have a much clearer understanding of why Miles is after INDIVIDUALS and not their membership in any such group. After all, Miles doesn’t completely ignore Freemasons and ackonwledges their existence in short passages, but he’s trying to make you understand such organisations are just a ruse. It’s PEOPLE doing bad deeds, not some abstract organisations they’re hiding behind.


                1. Perhaps it’s part of the PTB’s psyche/religion/agenda that they have to leave clues, they have to disclose the truth right in our faces even if it’s overwhelmed by the sheer volumes of BS lies. A karma thing?

                  In the movies, when someone who’s ripped off goes storming into his agent’s office to which the agent says ‘It’s in the small print’ or alternatively the tv serial killer who baits the police with clues like the Jack The Ripper Boss letters.

                  U2 tour banner –


            3. Firstly, I’m big enough to admit that, yes, I do not have a very sound argument proving MM is an agent of the (deep) state; so, please free – as you surely have indicated above – to dismiss my whimsical accusation at said writer. Secondly, if I was desirous of making a stab at said task I would include a number of points including the following:

              Uncensored?!? As Mark T. has indicated below, why would YT enable the works of MM to continue unabated for some time now (i.e., 7 years?) if his writings were (a) true; and/or (b) composed by a non-player (i.e., an entity external to the borg)? Any discerning individual should be highly suspicious of this state of affairs; and, as a result, should not be deemed unreasonable in their skepticism of correlative works of MM.
              Not new news!! Although MM has been prolific and profound in his analyses thus far, it should be readily apparent, at least to those individuals following the alternative news scene, that this form of writing (i.e., disclosing how historical events are/were fake) is not novel; as many a writer has been focussed on this type of revelation for some time now (see the works of: Jeff C.; KJ Osborne; Zach Hubbard; Alex Jones; Luke Rudkowski; Jay Dyer; etc.). Hence, MM is not unique in his works; and, moreover, has actually arrived quite late on the scene!

              3.To Jew or not to Jew!?! (prefatory note: MM – like many other notable writers of the recent and distant past (see below) – is focussed and fixated on the Jew; and their maniacal machinations that are purportedly behind each and every fake event under his investigation)

              Being (pardon the pun; and, yes, I’m an amateur Heideggarian no less) that I’m relatively well-versed with writers – alternative news sources (i.e., Ryan Dawson; Tim Kelly; Henrik Palmgren; E Michael Jones; Jeff C.; David Duke; etc.) and others (i.e., Solzhenitsyn; Dostoevsky; Henry Ford; Louis-Ferdinand Celine; Ezra Pound; etc.) – who have delved deeply into this historical phenomenon (i.e., the purported anti-social and ethnocentric behavior of Jews), I can say, sans equivocation, it is a phenomenon that I’ve mulled over time-and-time again; with the following thoughts – fragmented and disjointed as they may be – manifesting most often: (a) what specific ethnic Jew are these writers referring to (i.e., Ashkenazi; Sephardi; Marrano; Mizrahim; etc.)? – (b) if one – or more – of said ethnic type(s) of Jew is chosen, then what about the others? (i.e., are they accessories or oblivious to said acts of criminality); (c) (facetiously asking) what role does history, religion, and (geo)politics play in creating this phenomenon? viz. do not these said forces of nature and man militate vs the idea of one group of humans – i.e., the Jews – being as dominant and domineering as this writer (i.e., MM) suggests; (d) if it is the case that Jews are responsible for most of the ills in society – including, of course, the fake events disclosed by MM – how many non-Jews (i.e., goyim) have aided and abetted the machinations of the Jews; and, thereby, profited/profiteered off said system of corruption?

              What’s real; what’s fake?!? The blurring of the line separating reality and virtuality has been an incremental process; effected by, primarily, technology and its (re)configuration of the concomitant environs (i.e., physical; natural; spatial; temporal; etc..). For example, technologies of yesteryear (i.e., the telegraph; the steam engine; the combustion engine; the printing press; etc.) resulted in the masses being nudged, nay thrown towards a society which was much faster, ephemeral and atomized. In today’s world, we’ve borne witness to the introduction of ever-newer forms of tech (s/a the internet; social media; smart phones; nanotech; etc.) that, vis-a-vis their effects, cannot be fully comprehended though it’s safe to say they are increasing – exponentially one might say – the phenomenon in question (i.e., the merging of the reality with virtuality). As a result, it feels like there is very little the average man can do to militate vs the effects of said phenomenon. Contrarily, there may be methods that said phenomenon can be even further catalyzed, co-opted or commandeered; and this is where entities s/a MM, via his writings and concomitant unconcealments (there’s that damn Heidegger again), may come in, viz. MM could be nothing more than an agent used to expedite the implosion of reality such as that described above; and, moreover, executed to such an extent that one is left bereft of anything resembling truth, honesty, integrity and fortitude; which is to simply say one is left hopeless and faithless!
              Pure propaganda (black; white; and gray)! Each of these types of propaganda are being used by MM, IMHO, to corral, contain and quell any momentum that has been gained by the alternative news sphere over the years. More specifically, Miles intermingles each of the types of propaganda to give a veneer of credibility to some of the works (white propaganda); an aroma of suspicion to others (i.e., black propaganda); and an air of cofusion to the remaining (i.e., gray propaganda). In this manner, MM – and, by extension, TPTB – will have usurped the power of the peoples via sites s/a his; as opposed to the group he never-failingly identifies as the putative culprit, i.e., the Jews!

              That will have to do for now!

              RGB-Y1 out!!


              1. Yet if Catholics were behind ever scam, hoax, false flag, and ruled the world –

                Catholics would get huge sums of public money for made-up past suffering.
                Businesses and the media would be controlled by Catholics.
                All criticism of Catholics would be frowned on – there would be legal action, covert police action, protests and riots, etc.
                Catholics would have their own special passports, special legislation, huge numbers of their own little groups.
                Anything Catholics wanted would be widely promoted.
                All modern history would be written from a Catholic viewpoint.
                Catholics would carry out military operations and be given U$ Dollars for it and hardly anyone would comment.
                Sufferings of Catholics would be compulsory teaching for all schoolkids.
                There would be NO dispute over the public display of Christmas and even Easter decorations. There would be NO competition with public displays of menorahs for Hanakhah.
                The Pope would NOT be kowtowing to the Jews on things like the holocaust, vaccines, and there would be NO changes in the theological position of the Catholic Church, like there was with Vatican II, in which Jews were no longer to be regarded as killers of Christ.


                1. touche! – however, although your points of contention may hit a nerve or two they still do little to attenuate the premise (i.e., the one correlated with your rejoinder) stated above, i.e., no matter how one perceives reality it is foolish to believe that one group is responsible for all of the ills of the world (which MM essentially attempts to do via his writings). For example, even if MM is accurate – in some sense – in his analysis of these events, who’s to say that there isn’t an entity above the Phoenicians/Jews pulling the strings of all those players, below, involved in these dramas (including the Jews). Furthermore, as Gilad Atzman (a fellow Jew no less) has pointed out, there are really 3 levels in operation when discussing any form of Jewish domination: 1. the ethnic; 2. the religious; and 3. the political. Unfortunately, most of the entities critiquing/criticizing Jewish dominance in the world today fail to discern the difference between said 3 levels; and, thus, in turn open themselves up to harsh criticisms by the accused, i.e., the Jews. Needless to say, this is a touchy and thorny issue to tackle in one sitting; so, it’s probably best to finish off this screed by simply stating MM’s site has some fascinating details to mull over; and others that are quite troubling and suspect! RGB-Y1 out!!


                  1. hey, mr rossgopicotrain…
                    sounds to me you are young and try8ing to break away from being under the influence of MM.
                    also why speak of 3 levels of Jewish domination since as you say it is “foolish”
                    to attribute all ills to one group of people? you are more than half admitting a case against yourself.
                    finally, had you read my short but very to the point comment, you would have stopped to think twice at this very sentence:
                    “as for MM , his blame since it is total, and include things he loves, also always presupposes his praise”
                    this means that it is not so foolish to believe that one group of people have been the aristocrats from the beginning of time; they may now have degenerated into garbage merchants, but, obviously it has not always been that way; The renaissance painting for example that MM loves so much; i am sure he will admit they were painted mostly by Jews; same with Issac newton etc etc and that is why the guy cannot really be an anti Semite.
                    but you should try going offline for a year or two and getting a real education..then you might see things abit differently.


                    1. I readily admit the latter comment is clumsy and inadequate in my response to JB (apologies
                      forwarded for that); however, most of the points made in the original rejoinder (i.e., to
                      Minime’s comment), I believe, are still quite strong and pertinent; namely:

                       (reasons why I am highly suspicious of MM's site)
                       1.  MM does not identify in his writings which ethnic Jew is responsible for these 'events', i.e., 
                            Ashkenazi; Sephardi; Marrano; etc.? This significant oversight leaves the ethnic groups not a   
                            part of the Jewish cabal of criminals open to retribution and revenge even though they are
                       2. MM's site, as far as I can discern, has never been banned over the course of 7+ years in 
                            operation; in my eyes this is very telling as most - if not all - of the major - and even minor - 
                            alternative news sites, that have even dabbled lightly on this topic (i.e., Jewish power), have 
                            been, at the very least, banned for some length of time (see Alex Jones; Jay Dyer; 
                            HairyCookieMunster; Henrik Palmgren; etc.); or, in severe cases, scrubbed altogether (see 
                            Jeff C.; Robert Topham; Ryan Dawson; Max Igan; etc.).
                      3. MM's articles, even if true, never delve into the 1,000's upon 1,000's of goyim who must have, 
                          at the very least, aided and abetted the Jews at some time over the course of each event. This 
                          is very suspect.
                      4. MM's articles invoke different types of propaganda (black/white/gray) in an attempt to, I 
                           believe, effect some credibility (white); contention (black); and confusion (gray).
                      5. Upon imbibing a significant number of MM's articles (which, obviously, are chock-full of 
                           events described, therein, as hoaxes; false flags; deep fakes; etc.), one, no doubt, will begin 
                           perceiving the entire world (i.e., news; alt news; governments; education; entertainment; 
                           etc.) as a lie and a fraud! How is this helpful to the average man on the street??
                      6. In toto, MM's articles leave the reader more hopeless than hopeful; faithless than faithful; 
                          and, IMHO, that is it's underlying purpose: to leave the recipient of said articles completely 
                          gutted; and, thereby, guiltless in giving up on this world that's been erected before are very 
                          eyes! (viz. MM's site, ironically (but not surprisingly), is simply contributing to the project 
                          he's critiquing, criticizing and deconstructing in said articles, i.e., nihilism and 
                          That is all! 
                          RGB-Y1 out!!


                    2. I readily admit that my comment above is clumsy and inadequate; I apologize for that! However, I still believe that the points made in the rejoinder (to Mineme’s post) are pertinent and noteworthy; more specifically, I will reiterate the following as an encapsulation of said rejoinder:

                      Reasons why I believe MM’s site is highly suspect:

                      MM does not identify in his writings which ethnic Jew is responsible for these ‘events’, i.e.,
                      Ashkenazi; Sephardi; Marrano; etc.? This significant oversight leaves the ethnic groups that
                      are not a part of the Jewish cabal of criminals open to retribution and revenge even though
                      they are innocent.

                      MM’s site, as far as I can discern, has never been banned over the course of 7+ years in
                      operation; in my eyes this is very telling as most – if not all – of the major – and even minor –
                      alternative news sites, that have even dabbled lightly on this topic (i.e., Jewish power), have
                      been, at the very least, banned for some length of time (see Alex Jones; Jay Dyer;
                      HairyCookieMunster; Henrik Palmgren; etc.); or, in severe cases, scrubbed altogether (see
                      Jeff C.; Robert Topham; Ryan Dawson; Max Igan; etc.).

                      MM’s articles, even if true, never delve into the 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of goyim who must have,
                      at the very least, aided and abetted the Jews at some time over the course of each event. This
                      is very suspect.
                      MM’s articles invoke different types of propaganda (black/white/gray) in an attempt to, I
                      believe, effect some credibility (white); contention (black); and confusion (gray).
                      Upon imbibing a significant number of MM’s articles (which, obviously, are chock-full of
                      events described, therein, as hoaxes; false flags; deep fakes; etc.), one, no doubt, will begin
                      perceiving the entire world (i.e., news; alt news; governments; education; entertainment;
                      etc.) as a lie and a fraud! How is this helpful to the average man on the street??
                      In toto, MM’s articles leave the reader more hopeless than hopeful; faithless than faithful;
                      and, IMHO, that is it’s underlying purpose: to leave the recipient of said articles completely
                      gutted; and, thereby, guiltless in giving up on this world that’s been erected before are very
                      eyes! (viz. MM’s site, ironically (but not surprisingly), is simply contributing to the project
                      he’s critiquing, criticizing and deconstructing in said articles, i.e., nihilism and

                      That is all!

                      RGB-Y1 out!!


                  2. Oh yah, one more thing (which pertains to the psyop that is MM; and, by the by, to this site): MM has NEVER alluded/referred to the covert agenda TPTB has invoked behind the smoke screen that’s Covid-19: TH/PH (unlike POH – via ‘Stephers’ et al.; and significant others s/a Alison McDowell). Hence, we should, once again, be highly suspicious of MM; as this issue, obviously, should take precedence over any other pressing issue of the day, at least, if you’re a person with the requisite IQ/intelligence (which MM, purportedly, has in spades); and, you’re an authentic ‘truther.’ (which MM, purportedly, identifies as). That is all!! RGB-Y1 out!!


                2. Well stated, Jackie! Ross’s arrogant, showy, way-overdone style, both verbal and grammatical, with consistent errors in the latter, gives me a headache.


          2. I wonder, can today, now, at this very moment be an indication (a hint a clue a pattern?) of the position and influence of the Jews in earlier times?
            If so, and surely it can, then only a completely blind person, a willfully blind person , a very dishonest and cowardly blind person deny that the Jews are absolutely EVERYWHERE NOW. And you certainly do not need to read miles mathis to see that. You do not even need media if you distrust media; you can confirm the ubiquity of the Jews in all positions of power on foot, in person.

            And as for MM…his blame, since it is total, and includes things he loves, also always presupposes his praise.

            in short, the only thing that needs to be said concerning the jews is : OPEN YOUR EYES to what is in front of you now in order to confirm the past….since most here will agree that the more things change the more they stay the same.


          3. Crank: After presenting massive quantities of logic-based evidence that X has always been behind everything, stating “X has always been behind everything” is not “blaming”, it’s concluding.


    1. We covered McGowan extensively here some years back, running every musician and actor’s death through SSDI and doing tons of facial work to see if they were still around. (We found quite a few still walking.) The only death that we were unable to discount as fake was Ricky Nelson. As for McGowan, I decided he was fake and limited hangout. He did no interviews for his Weird Scenes book, and several interviews of him by others where he chain smoked in a provocative fashion were suspicious. His death, on 11/22/15, (16?) was an interesting date of death to choose (11+22=33). He slightly questioned Jim Morrison’s death, but accepted all the others at face in the book. He exposed military connections, I assume to get ahead of that parade and prevent it from going farther, into Operation Chaos. That is what limited hangouts are designed to do, stop unwanted revelations, this far, no further.


      1. I would try but no clue how and was hoping maybe Cranky could as a courtesy please. I’d really appreciate it thank you. I suffered a stroke last year and only have use of my right arm.


            1. The original members of KISS don’t appear to have military connections, nor do their parents. That, of course, doesn’t mean that they don’t. Perhaps if I find some time, I will look into their family histories.


              1. Kisstory is a tightly controlled story. They have huge books like a regular history books and videos all about the band. They always repeat everything that was written about them decades ago. So either it’s real or they all agreed to and memorized a script whenever asked questions, as all members repeat pretty much the same thing when interviewed. Another example I remember back in 2018 watching Bon Jovi on his induction into the rock n roll hall of fame, he gave a big speech and talked about how he started out and history of the band. It matched his wiki page info like he was reading it from a teleprompter and identical to other times he was interviewed. Plus his old bass player at the end of their performance can be seen on that show exaggerating his avoidance of Jon which was leaked out he apparently was told to do, kinda came off as preplanned. Gene and Paul are pro mask and pro vaccination, which really disposed of their from the streets, i’ll do what I want and don’t let anyone hold you down, tough guy images they always portrayed.

                Seems like most of these famous musician’s histories and stories that are put out into the public mindset are prewritten. The record labels were never going to rely on regular people or kids that practiced in their parent’s garages or basements to show up to their offices with demo tapes. The big money making bands were manufactured.


                1. Celebrities appear to come in three layers, the characters they portray, the brand they project, and their true selves. Although, I’m pretty confident that many of them have gotten so caught up in their brand persona that they’ve completely forgotten who they are or were.


  3. On Classic Albums episode about The Who’s ‘Who Next’, someone mentioned that Kit Lambert (AKA ‘Christopher Sebastian “Kit” Lambert… British record producer, record label owner, and the manager of The Who’), was the son of composer Leonard Constant Lambert. ‘Townshend has acknowledged that it was (Kit) Lambert who influenced him to combine rock music and opera, which led to the creation of the rock opera Tommy. ‘ (Quotes from wiki.)

    The Lamberts are peerage and related to the Rothschilds.

    Pete apparently played all the instruments on The Who’s demos before submitting to the rest of the band, whether he wrote them is another thing…

    No one knows what it’s like
    To be hated
    To be fated
    To telling only lies

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kit Lambert’s close partner was the “working-class” Chris Stamp, brother of actor Terence Stamp. Roger Daltrey said, “Kit Lambert, and Chris Stamp were the fifth and sixth members of The Who. Kit, with his…ideas on how to manipulate the media and Chris, the expert in…scams.”

      Stamp went on to have a career in psychotherapy as a psychodrama therapist.

      And then there’s Townsend’s bizarre “investigation” of child pornography and the banking industry.


  4. Michael Nesmith (The Monkees) requires fans to Vax and Test, then shoots himself in the head. I wonder if I will need a vax to attend the Mickey Dolenz farewell tour?


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