An unsettling video

Note to readers: On further reflection after having published this piece, I urge all to take any assertions about vax lots with a huge grain of salt. I am not sure it means what I thought it meant on viewing the Cowan video.

The link below the fold here is to a video by Dr. Tom Cowan, and offered to me and others by Stephers. In it Dr. Cowan, reciting the work of others, shows that most adverse events from vaccines are sporadic, and confined to specific lots. Further, he says, the episodes wherein hundreds of events, including deaths, are confined to various lots, are seemingly spread out over 38 states, with twelve states apparently exempt from such fallout.

Link to Cowan video. It is 26 minutes. Since it is BitChute, I cannot reproduce it here.

The implications are as follows: Almost all vaccines, including those labeled as being for “Covid-19,” which does not exist, are harmless, perhaps mere saline. This would explain why people I know who took the vaccines experienced little in the way of negative fallout. However, certain batches have been deadly, and virtually all of the adverse events reported can be shown to be to these exceptions. Dr. Cowen shows graphs of adverse events with negative fallout specifically tied to certain batches, while most are benign.

The “pandemic” is purely a manifestation of testing, with results completely under control of CDC and WHO. There is not nor has there ever been a virus. The test is and has always been the “virus.” But there has been an intense and unrelenting drive to get people to vaccinate. Behind that efforts lies the real purpose of the “virus” and resultant “vaccine,” and that is to harm and kill people. But as with any scam on the public, they cannot be too obvious about their intentions, and so are masking them behind millions and millions of routinely unremarkable “safe and effective” injections with some fluid of undefined and harmless content. Indeed, this is a crime against humanity of historic proportions.

From this I think it is safe to speculate that the intentions behind the Covid-19 vaccines are murderous, but that the murderous results are being spread out in such a way as not to be noticeable. As time goes on, with millions of us simply refusing to participate (as is our inalienable human right), the battle will intensify. If indeed these are monsters as revealed by the Cowan video, they will stop at nothing to attain their wicked and vicious ends.

Stephers offers us further research on the subject at this link.

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  1. I’ve seen a video with Wodarg, at least half a year ago. Back then, he talked about the possibility of the issue here. He warned there is no control instance, the companies can put out whatever they want. He speculated about the possibility to put out different charges too. This way, the number of casualties can be kept low, serious studies be done. It’s a narrative, keep in mind well known people may be plants.


    1. Wodarg is controlled opposition. He works with Reiner Füllmich on the Corona Committee. One side sells the fear from Corona, the other side sells the fear from Corona Measures. The usual. They don’t question the virus in itself and therefore all they say just makes everything worse.
      Tom Cowan is different. There some are good videos with Cowan, Lanka and Kaufman titled “The Healing Conference” on odysee and maybe still on youtube.
      Come on guys, wasn’t it obvious from the beginning? This is an experiment and a psyop and whatever you name it. They made it on a big scale, world wide and they use it for different purposes. The majority of the vaccines is placebo but even a placebo injection can go wrong since it is a bodily harm. Piercings or tattoos can also harm sometimes. Cowan uses official numbers to explain that the Corona vaccination process is different to any vaccinations from the past but does he say that there are real vaccination victims killed on purpose? IMO no. It is not even that important. What sense does it make to kill less than 1% of the humanity if you intend to decimate it? We know doctors kill people legally following their protocols. It is not the cancer which kills, it’s the chemo. We know Big Pharma makes deadly mistakes and invents new viruses to disguise it as pandemic. Ebola in Kongo comes to mind. The focus in Germany now seems to be to bring people on the streets on so called Monday walkings. The more they call them Nazis, the more people will be willing to participate in the protests. The narrative in the media is a comedy show, yet still the majority takes it for real. I remember the same thing from my time in Eastern Germany. People who did not take the vax yet will not take it anymore no matter what the media will say or the politicians will threat with. It is not about the vaccines, it is about different things. There is lots of talk now about digital currency (in short: you’ll have to spend your money till the end of the month and be only allowed to buy groceries with it, etc.) but IMO it is crap too. Corona improved hygiene everywhere for sure. People use smartphones everywhere now to prove their vaccination level, etc. Also people got used to follow absurd orders if they come from the officials. Vaccines are irrelevant there except for laundering tax payers money on a big scale. The end of the Corona show comes as scripted. This people make no mistakes.


      1. I always look to you for your unique insights. I usually just take them in and let them rest. But at some point the involvement of Gates and the eugenicists has to spring forth with results. Maybe they are just sterilizing people, perhaps that’s behind behind them their murderous drive to vaccinate children. But if people die by the thousands, perhaps millions (as the subject is verboten) from vaccines, it does not mean nothing. It cannot be to make robots, as they already had that. It cannot be to break the backs of those who do not go along, as they cannot do that. The makeup of humanity, that which I experience anyway, is a wilderness of spiral-eyed Zombies, no point to their being alive, no quest for meaning, engaged in passive entertainment, meaningless work, utter absurd meaninglessness. Why kill them? More to the point, why keep them alive? The end of life in Zombie culture is a drug haze, various substances keeping them alive, supposedly, while at the same time killing them. What else are chemotherapy and statins but early death? They’ve never experienced what we do with passion, to search for truth.


      2. My Aunt fell down and was banged up a bit.

        They put her on a respirator (yes, one literally cannot make this UP!!)…and killed her…placing Covid on her Death Certificate!!!

        The medical system is Satanic…or it has become Satanic. Sell you a promise of Health while literally Killing you.

        Stay healthy everyone, please…all of you.


      3. Wolfgang Wodarg is not “controlled opposition”. The fact that he works with Reiner Füllmich (about whom I’m ambivalent) on the Corona Ausschuß does not mean he somehow wants to mislead people or bamboozle them into believing crazy theories or anything of the sort. He does stick to the point of view of establishment medicine, hardly willing to discuss alternative theories (which I, like you, happen to find more plausible), but he always points out that it is about money and profit for the pharma corporations, and that is a big part of the story. Tactically, the approach taken by Wodarg might be better as it stands a better chance of convincing a mainstream audience.

        Ultimately, it’s not about the vaccine but about coercing people into obedience, of herding sheople into a new system that will be more and more reliant on science nonsense and digital decisions such as these bogus “tests” and some irresponsible “AI process” where human judgment and common sense are to be exterminated. It’s about shaping the New Man, den Neuen Menschen.

        Digital dominance is a technological possibility and it is happening as we speak. So this digital currency business may actually go live, first with no restrictions, but with the possibility of enabling them. Just take a look at how they’ve been harassing various dissidents by asking banks to close their account, dozens of times in some cases.


        1. Wodarg was introduced by the public broadcasting, when SHTF in early 2020. Red flag. Maybe the 8000 000 000 Euro a year Rundfunk secured it’s further existence by this, who knows. There are OPs, like the Volkslehrer. Or “der vegane Germane”. The lawyer RF is a nothing burger until today.


          1. you’re right Horst. There are many more such people like those from the Corona committee and their goal seems to be to give hope to those who don’t fall for the official narrative. They make promises and confirm the doubts of the skeptics. They basically tell you what you want to hear. It’s like in this one older paper from Miles Mathis. No matter how high you climb the mountain, you’ll always find someone who will tell you exactly what you want to hear and then try to mislead you from the right path. To this day there is only one exception, which are people who “deny” the viruses completely. People like Stefan Lanka or Tom Cowan. Their views are based on new knowledge, which is not yet acknowledged by the mainstream. This new knowledge will erase huge parts of what is still learned in schools as science. Since the schools world wide, no matter if public or private, are part of the same system, it takes time but there is no other way because progress is a one way street. This new knowledge concerns the importance what we now call the surface tension of water and which is a completely different substance than water and which is the basis of all life or the origin substance of life. It explains all the phenomenons the current science is not able to explain, for instance: why does a flowing river freeze but not the trees on the shore, why can our muscles contract, why there is the capillary effect, why can insects fly for hours without drinking, etc. This new substance, which does not have a proper term yet, exists everywhere. It is what astronomers observe as water spectrum on foreign galaxies, it keeps the universe together (to use some Star Wars terminology). It is what fills the vacuum in space. It requires a new thinking which makes it so hard for others to accept. It also proves the western medicine as wrong and harmful. I don’t have any proper books or links. Stefan Lanka talks a lot about it, mostly in German. There was an old blog from the great Peter Augustin (an unknown East-Berlin biologist) called dense water (the surface of water is 1.4 time more dense than the water we know as H2O) partly in English but it disappeared. The German part is now back online ( but it is hart to read even for Germans because Peter Augustin had his own very ironically style of writing. Mainstream does not deny the existence of “dense water” but explains it away losing completely the context. You may find links in English now since there are many independent scientists dealing with it. This new knowledge is just at the beginning and is the most scientific concept I ever stumbled upon. It is true and truly scientific. One day it will be taught in schools for sure for you can slow down the progress but you cannot stop it.


            1. Barb,

              For what it’s worth, I mostly agree with your assessment. My friend, Matt of QofC, refers to the phenomenon you are describing as graduated animal farms – each time you “graduate” to the next level, there is yet another gatekeeper there waiting in the wings to keep you from the “right path.”

              On “new knowledge,” I would assert that this is nothing “new,” but, rather, very ancient scientific principles/edicts kept closely guarded by the Mystery Schools/ancient adepts. If you are discussing what I think you are – aether physics ( – then this is something I have been exploring for most of my adult life, and is what informed my transmutation process called “Metta Synchronization” (which I presented at POM a year ago). It is what I have termed “primalutionary consciousness” – as it is both revolutionary (as in “new”), but simultaneously primal – going back to our primal core. This seemingly nebulous concept of what is filling the vacuum in space is what I (and many other consciousness explorers) have been seeking to grasp for so many years. It is funny to me that Cowan and Kaufman have launched their “new biology” series, when this really is ancient biology. They are recently introducing the work of John Stuart Reid (based on the work of Hans Jenny), whom I have studied for many years, as his cymatics work traces back to the ancients/mystics who understood that matter is in-formed by sound ( Hence, the “OM” sound, and the form that is created: This is universal knowledge that has been mostly hidden from the masses – but not entirely.

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              1. of course it is not really knew. People observed, made conclusions, described them in terms the “modern” science, which is no longer modern anymore, declared as unscientific and made us forget it. Just now we understand again what it is. The law of nature has to be valid in large as in small. In space we knew it as Ether in the past, here on Earth we call it the surface tension of water, in the micro scale it is the same thing, which for we don’t have a name yet. It keeps everything together. The difference to the past is, that we have methods now to study this new rediscovered matter. Laser spectroscopy found out that the surface is 1.4 times denser than the water below the surface, Japanese scientists found out that the surface freezes by -130°C, a Russian scientist invented an experiment which demonstrates that the water membrane can perform actual work. He was able to move a thin copper wire using just a water membrane. But it was the old Peter Augustine who connected the dots together, found the same relations in physics, in chemistry, in biology and in mathematics and realized the importance of what he called “dense water”. He’s dead now and will probably stay unknown to the public. Here he is, the first one from the left:

                I enjoyed his funny blog like 20 years ago looking forward every day for new anecdotes. He still is one of the smartest people I ever heard of.

                You’re right about the relations between matter and sound. At the beginning there was a word, right. Just by giving something a name you can influence the physics. Just think of a person, who hears something disgusting and has to puke. Just because of a word. Words can influence our minds and make us sick or heal us.
                Chinese based their medicine on helping the soul to heal the body. Even the ancient Greece knew the difference between healing the symptoms and healing the origin of the symptoms. Plato complains about two different medicines, the one for slaves which heals the symptoms to make them work again and the one for the free ones to heal the soul. The slave medicine by the way was symbolized by the rod of Aesculapius ( a snake) which you still can see on all drug stores around the world.

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                  1. it’s not about the words. People in the past instinctively knew that there is something.It is just now, that we have the proper instruments to analyze it in the middle scale. Since we know that the law of nature works the same in big as in little, we can then look into space or into atoms and expect the same. I know, atoms are just a model but a useful one, what ever you call it. In the middle scale though we can analyze the surface of the water pretty good it gives us answers we didn’t have yet. I gave a few examples above. That’s why it is scientific. And it is accessible to everyone. Compare it to the relativity theory which still to this day wasn’t found in nature, no matter what the media tells now and then, or to the quantum physics, which only a very chosen ones claim to use. Quantum computing is as fake as artificial intelligence or the entire transhumanism movement. It’s not working. Not even artificial hip works better than the old hurting bone.

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                    1. My neighbor (80 years) has artificial lenses installed into his eyes which have greatly restored his vision. Amazing things are possible thanks to science and technology, like the device I’m writing this message on. So let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater just because relativity and quantum nonsense don’t make any sense and have never produced anything tangible. Just look at the ridiculously great progress they claim to make in “quantum computing”, several orders of magnitude a year, you gotta believe them. Artificial intelligence, the way it is being used now, is just another word for software, and software and semiconductors do work, while biotech does not.


                    2. Indeed it is not about the words. We are using too many words — aren’t we?

                      This thread is beyond confirmation for my personal metanoia — I am not alone.

                      Lately, I have been reminded how important ritual is and can be when we physically revoke our consent in this realm, we may be inadvertently (and much to our advantage) expanding our reach into other realms.

                      We have no idea what our rituals may actually be able to do… especially in focused quantity.

                      We cannot rely on previous methods of engagement to even begin to entertain solutions, therefore, I do intend to explore with credibility that which may have been unscrupulously overlooked.


      4. It’s all about transhumanism, everything else is just a cybernetic means to get where they want to go. All mystical disciplines and thereby all connected religions (which is every single one) are in on this, even if not every adherent understands this of course. These people don’t care about money or power or whatnot, their peons do that for them. All they care about is their idiotic vision of oneness. Just watch Metallica’s “One” music video, it’s illustrated very well there. Oh no, all the war, the pain, the suffering, horrible, why do we fight when we are all ONE?! Or take the Spice Girls “When 2 Become 1”, same story. 9/11, 2 Become 1, same story. Freemasonry: ASK12B1. From Duality to Singularity. All the different factions argue about is whether this is to be achieved through technology or through yoga and hugs. Unless people realize this and understand that nothing ever gets achieved by pacifism, which is why this has been pushed on all of us so very, very hard for a very long time, there is absolutely no chance to get out of this.

        Here’s an excellent writeup on the transhumanism issue:

        Oh, but of course, hygiene got better, we’ll soon get to Gnostic levels of hygiene.


        1. MTC,

          Interestingly, I had already linked to the thread you linked to above in my most recent POM post (see “this very informative Twitter thread”, but it seems now that link is no longer active:

          In a nutshell, my research efforts over the past five years synchronously intersect with Alison’s. I suppose it is this convergent contemplation and non-consent of the counterfeit, digitalized (and militarized) global brain that has brought us together. [For a supplemental perspective on the world brain agenda, please review this very informative Twitter thread, in addition to this Twitter thread, and this highly astute analysis by Drew Hempel in 2003.] Thus, it seemed fitting to gather during a unique time of conflux — typically hallmarked by reflection, seasonal change, and energetic shifts — as well as to situate ourselves in a locale imprinted with a rich, interdisciplinary history of scientists working in enigmatic fields of study. It is our position that the outcome of some of these studies may possibly be leading us down the wrong path — away from our intrinsic connection to Mother Earth, and the intercommunication that we already embody and share.

          So, I will actually use the live link that you provided. Thank you! (I am already a subscriber to, from whom that thread originated).

          *By the way, I am curious . . . How did you find that link (Saudi-based?), as the original thread has been removed from Twitter.


          1. MTC,

            I find it somewhat curious that you inserted your take (which I do appreciate) on transhumanism/cybernetics on this comments thread. I have been writing here about transhumanism for two years (52 published pieces, with at least half of them addressing some aspect directly related to transhumanism). Why did you choose to post your comment here, when it may be more relevant to threads below my posts?


            1. Hey Stephers!

              I’m working my way through the blog, only really started reading it about a week ago and I just react to whatever I encounter and find important. Also, I did a couple Google searches to go through posts of people I felt like were headed in the right direction; you were one of those. I’m a bit overwhelmed by the structure of the blog with its countless posts. If you can, feel free to move my comments where you feel they would be more appropriate.

              I found the schwabstack link yesterday through Drew Hempel (whom I am highly suspicious of, just as a side note), whom I found through a remark of Alison under one of her YT videos. I actually got here through Alison as well or more precisely: someone on, I believe, Odysee linked to her four-part series on this fiasco, I resonated with it and started digging through her videos, but felt she was uninformed in terms of the connection to tribesmen (she had quite a few interviews with what I consider to be very shady characters), so I thought I might as well try and bring my, I think, rather unique perspective in right here.

              I’ll work my way through the schwabstack asap, there are excellent posts you can send to pretty much anyone. I do feel however, that he is also not aware of the more mystical tangents of this debacle, I don’t blame him, it took me a long time to wrap my head around them. You do have to be aware of these, though, to understand any of this properly. I hope this answers your questions.


  2. If I wanted to develop a ‘water displacement’ product to prevent rust and corrosion, it might take me 40 tries or so before I developed the perfect formula.
    If I wanted to develop a successful BCI (Brain Control Interface) I might consider a variety of formulas and controlled studies over a wide geographic area prior to honing-in on the perfect frequencies to utilize in a broader distribution.
    Cast a wider net and I’ll catch more fish, right?
    Deborah Tavares from Stop The Crime was on the Clyde Lewis program last night with a thought I had not yet considered. She said that the tone will be “activated” and people will go to the facilities (the camps, or what has been called ‘Health and Wellness Centers’) VOLUNTARILY. Even the ‘vaccinated’ will go once the tone is activated (this reminds me of the 2017 film Blue World Order for those who enjoy cinematic relief from the everyday onslaught).
    Reverse Cyborg-Avatar capitalism whereby your Avatar controls YOU from the B/CI. (Brain – Cloud interface).
    The conversation on Clyde’s show initially focused on the ‘voluntary quarantine facilities’ near Goldendale WA – a sparsely populated area in Central Washington.
    Coincidentally, this facility is only a couple hours drive from the 14,500 acres of potato farmland BG purchased to ‘grow’ French fries for McDonalds at 100 Circle Farms in 2018. Considering the fact these potatoes are already highly GMO, they are probably perfect to feed to the folks at the Health and Wellness Center just down the road. Supposedly the facility can hold 1500 ‘guests.’
    Will people voluntarily check themselves into a Health and Wellness center (experiment 1) where they will quarantine and be feed by the government (experiment 2) GMO potatoes used as plant-based delivery mediums of additional gene therapies? How better to illicit a control group for your study for the next product in your rollout of never ending VaaS offerings? Once the correct tone/nano combo is discovered for total mind-control, the gene therapies combined with the tone symbiosis will gradually take over.
    Those that did not get inoculated are not safe and this realization has me rethinking true preventative measures as we move forward – think Faraday cage or EMF shielding, bentonite clay as exterior slip-on earthen housing, even orgone generators as a potential deflector are being considered. Will we have to retreat underground to avoid the tone as they gradually crank it up higher and higher?
    The saline injection hypothesis has been my intuitive response since the adverse reactions are so stark — either severe or nothing — in the vast majority of inoculated. As Elana Freeland and others have suggested (to which I am currently prone to believe) they do not need to ‘vaccinate’ us to get the nanotech inside us. It is in our food, our water, our air. I surmise the ‘hot lots’ could be a threshold test to see what level of EMF toxicity the human biology can physically handle for maximum preparedness as they bring online 5G and spaced based 6G.
    Curious then that the ringing and tinnitus is becoming near impossible to ignore since the first electromagnetic anomaly in June of 2020 that both my wife and I personally ‘felt’ and heard. With Starlink only early in its deployment, how much more ubiquitous will the ringing become? Now, if you study the Schumann, you’ll see various tones running constant at higher Hz, that did not exist prior to 2021. Occasional bursts yes, but nothing like the constant banding we are seeing now.
    Are we currently being subject to a form of EMF ‘Chinese water torture’?

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    1. I’ve been noticing a low bass hum noise for the last few years. Since i’ve noticed that, i’ve been having increasing thoughts of violence, usually when i’m stressed, never really happened until I noticed the hum noise a few years ago, even when I go outside it’s there but only at certain times. I’ve also noticed people who I consider normal in my community being arrested for various types of assaults and battery. Of course domestic battery increased in 2020, I assume because people were unemployed and at home all the time, more time to nitpick and argue.

      Probably nothing and don’t want to come across as more of a crankshaft than I already consider myself. Maybe it even fits in with the chemtrail topic. However I’m just wondering if this low bass like hum has anything to do with it? Anyone on the blog notice any odd sounds or having increased bad thoughts within the last few years?


  3. These master planners who think of everything though – why would they let their own VAERS database expose a large chunk of their diabolical operation? With the whole world focused on this, the data open to any researcher to comb through? Sure they can contain it to alt media for awhile, maybe even indefinitely, but it seems curious. Why let the alt sphere get that close to something so big, when some chess move could’ve concealed it.

    Maybe it is just a mistake, or hubris – or they count on being able to spin and react to anything like this that pops up. But as usual it raises suspicions of 3-D chess moves and other angles. Are the vaccines a planned fail? Maybe there’s murderous intent but it’s not the primary objective, only one series of moves in a longer game plan?

    Or what if this is a way to fake a large number of vax injuries? Since it’s in limited lots, you could have a small number of “superstar” docs/ assets who enter the vast majority of injuries and deaths. Then have Intel manufacture most of the atrocity propaganda seen across the web, personal horror stories. Like 9/11 vic-sims. Just as people believe in Covid even if they don’t see people sick around them, we would believe in vax injury without seeing it around us.

    Just speculating… It could well be spot on data shown by VAERS, and very risky to get vaxxed.


    1. This is a common observation, “In the 2 years since COVID started, I’ve never heard of a physician filling out a VAERS report.”


    2. I’m getting more and more confident that the vaccination-vax-novax shenanigans are a sideshow, a trojan horse.
      The real game is in getting the sheeple to accept the idea of a “GreenPass”, or whatever they will call it.
      For now the pass is still in the form of a paper or digital document, but the technology to get it as a body implanted micro device has already been around since long ago, they just need the cattle to willingly consent being branded, “for their own good” of course.
      For this, the implants will firstly be sold mainly as devices capable of monitoring your health and to potentially prevent heart attacks, strokes and in the long run many other health issues.
      In the first stages they will have hired actors or useful idiots telling on prime time tv newscasts how they had their lives saved thanks to the new chips, and how stupid is not to have them implanted, and so on and so forth. You get the point.
      Then the livestock will flock begging to be chipped.
      Then it will be remarked and stressed how using the new miracle devices also bring about a long list of social desirable outcomes, like lowering the public healthcare expenses, and many other wondrous things, so, in addition to being utterly stupid, whoever refuses or in any way opposes the branding is automatically (dis)qualifying himself as one of those damned, selfish, antisocial, unpatriotic, no-Pass, a-hole.
      Very soon a commonly heared question will be: “Why, for God’s sake, couldn’t they just throw all those no-Pass motherfuckers in jail?”.
      Oh, it goes without saying that once accepted, lo and behold, the “Pass” will be sooner than later extended from just health issues to all aspects of our life, and the chips will also contain every relevant personal information, like criminal record, study and job curricula, tax compliance, firearms possession, and so on and so forth, ad libitum.
      The next step will be to classify the citizens according to their Index of compliance, ufficially known as the Social Hazard Individual Typization “SHIT”, into several social hazard categories, from the highest scoring “Social Hazard Evaluated Excellent Position” “SHEEP”, to the lowest scoring position “Non Abiding Zero-score Individual” “NAZI”.
      Then the access to any job, social benefit, pension, bank account, healthcare, offices, buildings, shops, or facilities in any shape or form, as well your general freedom, will be dispensed in different grades in accordance with everyone’s SHIT category, from full access for the SHEEP, down to no access at all and permanent house lockdowns for the NAZI citizens.
      Thanks to the implementation of extensive individual scanning procedures and of the omnipresent wireless technology, any infringement from your part of your mandatory freedom limitations will be immediately detected, recorded and readily acted upon by the PassPolice.
      In the end, SHIT will be all over our life, but no one will bother complaining, because we all know that SHIT happens, sooner or later.
      THAT is what the stupid scamdemic is all about.

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      1. AK – Excellent comment, and very funny too. This line cracked me up:

        Very soon a commonly heared question will be: “Why, for God’s sake, couldn’t they just throw all those no-Pass motherfuckers in jail?”.

        Too plausible… I remember Facebook filled with “Just wear the damn mask!” comments and posts.

        This link Ab posted supports some of your views –


      2. Yes, Ayokera, I, too think that this is the road ahead where they want to lead us.

        TimR, with the vaccin, it’s not only vic-sims as with 9/11. While I do not personally know anyone whose been jabbed dead, I’ve heard of people (here in some rural area of Northern Germany) who have died in their mid-40ies within 24h after receiving the injection. These deaths were not spread via the media, but on the contrary covered only at the local level, not even regional level, let alone mainstream media.


    3. I appreciate such speculation, gets me thinking. I wonder if some obvious or planted ‘mistakes’ are meant as training for operatives, not necessarily too concerned with public impression. Their training would have to include work with complicated, global data in real time and to create their gaming scenarios on every possible position the public might take.

      For the Alex Jones/Health Ranger audience they have to keep up the fear-porn on that side or sales will slide, so they push the spike protein and bio lab-leak angle. They would also want the ‘New Age’ types to be lulled by their ‘superior’ compassion, using their time/energy to save every last snail rather than properly engage real threats.

      In my book Christine Massey is a true hero and I admire her to no end. But, can anyone convince others lining up for these treatments to be swayed by data? Is part of this military operation to convince folks who value truth and abhor tyranny that we are in fact a minuscule minority and that most really do love their servitude and we should just get out of the way b/c we are infringing on their happiness? (Obviously that last question is my personal conclusion after many years of losing friends and family in this endeavor!)


      1. I’m a little unclear in the first para what you mean – how would a mistake be training for an operative?

        On the last point, it reminds me of some of the excellent podcasts Jennifer Daniels did – eg “Waking Up is Hard to Do” was one episode – where she reflected on her frustrations and eventual stoicism about trying to “wake up” anyone.

        It was slightly hilarious at times, because here she was actually a Harvard trained medical doctor with years in practice, but her own family (mother, brother, etc) preferred the myth of modern medicine to her (well supported) skeptical views. As is often the case, nobody wants to be “schooled” on anything by family or friends, whatever the facts. So she switched to smiling and nodding, and only offering views if solicited, I think.


      2. The metadata gathered has multiple uses. One primary use, IMO, is to train/educate the AI to know human behavior (material and psychic) better than we know ourselves. Game, set, match. We are always hovering around the “honey pots,” carefully placed in and along our well-worn pathways, used to monitor (gather and transmit) our every move, and mood. Once the routine is known, sowing fear is a snap.


      3. most really do love their servitude

        I remember reading something by Nietzsche when I was ~20 years old to the effect that people don’t want to be free and are happy as slaves. It seemed absurd nonsense to me. Today I know that it is true.


  4. This video makes me feel uneasy.
    Why would they go out of their way to present the data in a way that suggests different batches are completely different?
    Could it be to create the impression most are relatively safe so when the pressure is turned up to get jabbed reluctant people who follow alternative media will cave in and think they can get a safe one?
    Are the states with the “safe” batches those with the lowest vaccine uptake?
    This doesn’t make sense to me, maybe I’m just paranoid.
    From my own experience I know many people who’ve had adverse reactions like flu symptoms and severe headaches, as well as some with no reaction at all. Including a work colleague who got jabbed with his girlfriend, he had no reaction, she was ill for a few days and her hair started falling out. Did they have different batches? They might have cards with the jab details on, I’ll ask him next time I see him.


    1. Rob –
      What state are you in? Might be one with a very bad lot number – see The Expose site with their article on red vs blue states and who got the worst batches.

      Here in Alabama I haven’t heard much. Just one friend who briefly had flu like symptoms after IIRC the booster. But, I don’t know many people, and some may keep bad reactions to themselves.


      1. TIMR
        I’m in the UK so have no idea about what areas might have good or bad batches. Just yesterday at work another colleague came back after isolating because of a positive test. His only symptom was a sore throat and he said he felt worse after his booster shot.

        I think some people would consider a 95-96% chance of being ok an acceptable risk if the pressure was really turned up to get jabbed.


        1. Well if you’re curious and get the lot #’s from your friends, you might be able to find out on this site (which sounds like something out of the movie Idiocracy, and strikes me as possibly more trolling from the master trolls who run the show…) –

          “How bad is my batch, man?”


  5. I hear TC say the words “harmless batches”.
    If you are alive at the moment you must have lucked out, it was “harmless”.


    1. TPTB have been “getting desperate” for literally past 40 years.

      The rancher w the noose around the horse is not too “desperate” in my opinion.

      It’s a game! Some make the rules, others follow. Doesn’t sound too damn desperate to me.


      1. RRR,
        And, yes, for the past 40 years the situation has been “managed.” Clumsily, in my opinion, but TPTB has gotten by.

        I like your analogy. What if both — getting desperate and the noose around the horse’s neck — could be true. The horse has the greater physical power, but doesn’t know it. The one holding the noose likely knows the power of the horse and the risk. An unwilling, non-consenting horse is a handful.


  6. From previous scamdemics the playbook was, inject toxins, induce sickness labelled as ‘x’ virus, administer anti-virals which kill, paxlovid is an anagram ‘valid pox’ which Peter McCullough is peddling. “”

    Children in Africa were given toxic pox vaxx’s got sick then given Antiretrovirals (AZT) then died.


  7. So, even if we accept that this data reported on the “batches” is correct, that does not necessarily imply that the conclusions reported are accurate. My point being, it seems there may be some high-strangeness trickery going on.

    In looking into this data scientist (out of Kingston U, no less – I think that is a tell) . . . His name is Craig Paardekooper.

    While he claims to be an undergraduate student in pharmaceuticals/biology, he is by no means a young man.

    Is he the same Craig Paardekooper that has published his writing here : and here If so, this data scientist/mathematician is interested mainly in genetics, but also has a fascination with the Bible, emotions, and ESP.

    Here is a paper he (Craig P #2, and possibly the same Craig P) wrote about codon balances in DNA (March 2017):

    And here is a video he did in 2014 on the “secret structure of ribonuclease”:

    So, is this Craig P#2 the same as Craig P#1? Regardless, I am highly skeptical as to what Craig P’s real role is in this precarious situation of “vaccine” batches, in which he seems to be telling us directly that it indicates only certain batches were “toxic,” rather than simply reporting the data findings, and permitting other potential conclusions.

    I find it interesting that Craig P’s material is being promoted mainly by Michael Yeadon (read an exposé of him here: and also alleged AIDS/COVID skeptic, Dr. David Rasnick: One hint about Rasnick is that he specializes in quantitative biology.

    Math is not my strong suit, by any means. All of this material is way above my pay grade. That said, my super sniffer is still working quite well, and I smell something very fishy with this Paardekooper guy – and not because his name sounds like “party pooper” if you say it enough times. If he is the same Paardekooper that has done all this work in genetics and codons, etc., then this situation deserves much more scrutiny.


          1. There is a Koninklijke (Royal) Paardekooper Group in the Netherlands who do packaging. (Paardenkoper is Dutch for Horse buyer.) Gaia might know how common name it is.

            ‘Our centenary year (2019) has been made even more festive by our being granted the designation ‘Royal’. Paardekooper may now call itself Royal Paardekooper. This honour gave us a good reason to change our Group’s name to one that reflected our rich history. So the PACOMBI GROUP is now the Paardekooper Group.’


            1. The Predicate Royal is an designation that can be granted to associations, foundations, institutions or large companies. It symbolizes the respect, appreciation and confidence of the King towards the recipient and does not mean that the company concerned is a supplier or has any other relationship with the Royal Household. Nor does the King hold shares in companies that are entitled to use the Predicate Royal.

              The surname Paardekoper occurs 8,115 times on Geneanet.


        1. Please (!!) Stay AWAY from PCR…and Ron..
          And “Rand” Paul too!!!

          May as well as listen to High Impact Flix LOL 😂

          Or maybe Michele Obama…or better yet, Peter Schiff!!! Promoting his “Alt” garbage for past 20 years!!


    1. Stephers,
      Thank you for pointing out the pitfalls in taking their conclusions at face value, and exposing these posers to the light for examination. I am only able to glance peripherally at trending revelations and therefore never develop more than a very superficial and incomplete overview of what is being debated. What I intuit from the recent barrage of revelations undermining the official vaccine narrative is just the set up for the new narrative, whatever that may be, but I suspect something along the lines of one (completely harmless) vaccine to rule them all.


      1. Kip,

        Yes, I referenced her in a previous comment (noting her curious affiliations). She is part of Team Enigma, yet seems to be presenting possible alternative explanations than her collaborator, Paardekooper – in terms of evaluating the “data.” My main concern after reviewing the link you attached is that if this group is harping on quality control/supply chains, then that could be used to feed into blockchain agendas. There must be a reason (undeclared) this group is so tunnel-focused on data mining. I do not think the result of this inquiry is going to be good for the people in the long run. I am implying that these data scientists may be covering for more covert agendas, behind a humanitarian (“let’s all make these vaccines safe”) facade.


          1. And here is one other alternative explanation I found to explain the data: “Exposing THE EXPOSE: Why only 5% of the Pfizer lots ‘seem’ to be causing 100% of the damage” by Andreas Oehler, Nov 7, 2021. This analysis resonates more with me, and I think it deserves a closer look.

            The main takeaway, in my lay opinion, is that the dates the “hot lots” were administered is crucial, as they seem to indicate that they were injections deployed early on in the inoculation campaign – with subsequent injections becoming more “benign.”

            I need to emphasize, though, I am in NO way promoting the injections, nor claiming they are “safe.” I am against all injections. What I am attempting to express (and what I wrote in my April 2021 post, “Confessions of an Engineered Nanoparticle”) is that this is indeed an R&D experiment to tweak injections to be more biocompatible, with the aim of the injections to install nano-biosensors in the populace for bio-surveillance. I do not perceive this campaign to be designed for murder. There are many simpler ways to accomplish mass murder – if that is what the Establishment desired.

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            1. After reading this latest comment, Stephers, it occurs to me that all this “revelation” is leading to a legal case, which will be “thrown” to establish permanent plausible deniability for all involved (every person and institution along the various points in the supply chain, and in the media coverup) in the hoax. Out of the manufactured chaos will emerge a new, sanitized narrative that limits culpability to “a few bad apples.” SOP, historically, when mass criminal intent is about to be proven factually.

              If the “bad-batch” theory has any validity, perhaps they’re simply trying to calibrate the dosage using global human subjects as lab rats. With existing legal immunity from prosecution, why not “go for it,” since there seems to be an underlying rush to get the bugs ironed out and institutionalize the “progress” that’s already been made with the aggregate control measures like masking, tracking/tracing, social distancing, vaccine “acceptance” etc. What’s the hurry, Prince Charles?


  8. If all mass media is controlled, what is it the fake pandemic is hiding from us?

    Growth (that thing that holds “capitalism” together) is stalling. There once was a term called “stagflation.” It isn’t spoken of today. All media is controlled.

    How long can investors make money on companies that do not make a profit? How long can the bursting bubble be hidden from the masses? This is the game as I see it.

    Of course, added controls will be needed to protect those perpetually guilty of crashing the economy, and driving average, middle-class workers closer to the poor house, or no house at all. All is at risk. Don’t tell anyone.


  9. The pandemic is that “other,” that something/someone (“unvaxed”) we can all blame when the shit hits the fan (thanks, A.K.), instead of the central bankers and financial advisors (parasitic, non-producing private capitalists) gambling with pension funds and other savings accounts being bled by “management fees” and outright calculated theft.


    1. The very LAST monetary coin of intrinsic value in circulation is the lowly Nickel.

      It’s worth about 6.5 cents …

      If you missed out on the silver in years past, this is’s very last chance.

      I still toss my 1982 and earlier pennies in a jug. I look for dates of each penny.

      Grab a nice jug and keep every Nickel.
      PS, if nickels are black, they most likely are 1942-1945 silver tarnished “nickels” of which I’ve found about 10 in circulation. No longer in “circulation” of course 🙂


    1. In the past two days, the Paardekooper site has been updated to include a story penned by Robert Malone:
      !! NEW : Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, talks about his vaccine injury.
      (external link to his “vax injury” story:

      For anyone who has been following my reporting on Malone, this should serve as a glaring red flag.

      More comments to come regarding Paardekooper and his collaborators ~ AKA “Team Enigma.”


  10. Meanwhile, five hours ago (on January 15, 2022), Paardekooper posted a new video, titled, “Red states targeted by toxic batches”:

    His highly inflammatory statement reads: “This is like a civil war. Civil war has been declared against the red states. This is a call out to you. You are being targeted. You are under fire. The bullets are biological. Protect yourselves.”

    As of this writing, his video has only 258 views, but I can only imagine how many will get triggered and riled up. This reeks of atrocity propaganda.


  11. Following is the only cautionary statement I have seen thus far that has been published (January 4, 2022): Any cautionary arguments still need to be viewed with healthy skepticism and discernment.

    One aspect to note . . . The OCLA statement on analysis of batch-specific toxicity invoked “researcher” Jessica Rose: Researcher Jessica Rose made essentially the same cautionary note (with supporting analyses) on December 1, 2021 (here), however her observations have since been largely overlooked by critical experts (e.g., here).

    It is quite ironic that Jessica Rose admits to being on “Team Enigma” – which is responsible for the batch analysis: PLEASE heed her professional background and affiliations (referenced at the link).

    So, which is it? Which team is Jessica Rose really playing on? Can she have it both ways?


    1. I would suggest that she is playing on team Rosae Crucis, which of course makes it a whole lot more complicated to determine what exactly her appointment is. It doesn’t mean anything good for simple people, though, I can assure you. These are all military operations, Elvis was one of them, so is, I believe, Loreena McKennitt (who joined the Canadian military a while back; overtly, that is, usually you get born into these circles), Martin Luther and countless others. Generally if they’re “well situated”, have roses in their name/logos, or sing about them, you can start the digging and, most likely, will find something. I believe all occult orders are working on the same ONEness transhumanist agenda, the tasks might be a bit spread out, though and only the upper echelons will really be aware of it.


  12. Before I continue on my comments rant . . .

    I would like to clarify my initial encounter, and subsequent passing on of this information . . . .

    I first stumbled upon the “how bad is my batch” website on December 29, 2021. Admittedly, I took it at face value. I had no means/capability (having no computer science mojo), nor even any motive at that time, to question its legitimacy. Regardless, I found it somewhat intriguing. But I let it go. (It’s been busy times here at Casa Stephers.)

    Subsequently, on January 11, 2022, I emailed MT, Steve K, and OregonMatt notifying them of this site with my following comments:

    Any death from an injection is disdainful, but the number of deaths does not seem to support mass culling agendas.

    In fact, if the “boosters” are producing less deaths (which I suspect, but I would have to look further into this), then the scary depopulation story is nonsense. I see Yeadon (noted below, and a faux opposition figure) is harping on the mass culling narrative.

    I then provided this relevant link:

    On January 12, 2022, I emailed the following link to Matt of QofC ( with a note at the top in very big, bold font that read, “As always, use discernment when reviewing this material . . . (my note ~ Steph)”

    Only since those emails (including relevant follow-up emails to MT, Steve, and OM) have I learned that not only was Yeadon promoting the site – and insinuating mass murder by injection – he is also a self-proclaimed member of “Team Enigma” – the team responsible for the “how bad is my batch” website: and

    The reason I think all of this matters – meaning, not only the method being applied and what is being implied, but also who is leading this initiative (which may have vast implications – even if farcical and only serving to forward a specific agenda) – is because if this “Team Enigma” is a faux opposition group (which I presume to be the case), then this may be a massive psyop that could be utilized as “evidence” in a legal response intended to pose as a “win” for awakening people. Fuellmich and Wodarg seem to be leading this brigade, and indicating as such: and

    I think we need to pay attention as this fluid (yet most likely contrived) situation continues to develop.

    More to come on Team Enigma members . . . It’s a HUGE rabbit hole, with each member being a furry bunny. I kind of wish I was not compelled to chase these bunnies around.


    1. My take on it is this: all they do is stall and dramatize, keep people from achieving anything tangible (build resilient, local communities, which is the only thing that would help imo), while they will infiltrate everything with nanotech to get us all saturated. They are using so many different channels for this and will keep coming up with novelties. Aerosols, food supply, robot insects, nanogels in tests and all kinds of different applications, you get the gist. They are extremely creative at this and our situation will get drastically worse while we’re enthusiastically discussing idiosyncrasies.


  13. In my opinion, one of the most unsettling aspects to this seemingly important revelation can be summed up here, “Dr. Wodarg spoke about where to find the information regarding “bad batches.” He emphasised [sic] that doctors have a responsibility to look up which are the “bad batches” before administering Covid injections and pharmacists must take responsibility for what batches they have in stock.”

    The linked article ends with this statement in bold: “Vaccinators are responsible for checking batch numbers for “hot lots” before administering COVID shots.”

    Are you kidding me?! Does anyone else see a problem here? I could have sworn Fuellmich et al were fighting to stop ALL of these clot shots. Wodarg (arguably controlled opposition, which seems to still be in dispute here at POM) seems to be implying that only some of the lots are “hot,” and thus, if a “vaccinator” can pull from a “non-hot” lot, then all is hunky dory?! This is outrageous, in my lay opinion. In fact, it goes against everything I stand for, and have been writing about with regard to these toxic injections. This seems like a massive misdirect.

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    1. You obviously didn’t bother to listen to Dr. Wodarg, who spoke in English in the three minute video snippet included in the Exposé article you linked to, and who speaks English reasonably well. He did not use the word “responsible” or “responsibility”. He said that (1) doctors should at least check whether or not the batch they’re about to use is problematic, (2) pharmacists should do the same for what they have in stock, and (3) patients should ask the doctor about the quality of the batch to raise awareness that there could be severe issues with the vaccin.

      Here is the video standalone, allowing you to bypass the nag screens on the Exposé page:

      As stated yesterday, I do not have the slightest doubt about Dr. Wodarg’s personal integrity. If his stance isn’t radical enough for your liking, that’s fine. I have never heard him advocate or endorse this vaccination campaign in any way. On the contrary, he has opposed the entirety of the Corona regime from the very beginning in a very outspoken manner.

      He has speculated months before that the batches may not be all equal so as to allow covert field trials. Whether or not the information in the “How bad is my Bitch?” site is accurate (sorry, couldn’t resist), and it does seem to be supported by the VAERS reporting site: the hypothesis of field trials via different batches is entirely plausible and makes perfect sense.

      So no, I don’t see a problem with what Dr. Wodarg said.

      It seems, however, that Cowan/Kaufman/Lanka have never been invited to the Corona Ausschuß, and I remember hearing Dr. Wodarg, many months ago, say something to the effect that “virus denial” (it was in German, not sure about the exact words he used) was not something they wanted to include. That is a pity, but it is their tactical or ideological choice.

      My personal view is that the entirety of virology and also genetics needs to be met with the most radical doubt till the foundations are reached, where there is probably nothing of substance, which logically leads to the entire “scientific” edifice coming down as a concoction of lies, including the ability of homo technologicus to artificially muck about with inheritance.


      1. Lumi911,

        Actually, Wodarg led that clip with, “We have some big responsibility now . . . ,” even if not expressed precisely as the article implied. Regardless (semantics aside), he is implying the same thing that the article expressed (which you even evidenced with your bullet points).

        Either way, Wodarg has been chomping at the bit for a long time to reach this conclusion and show evidence of such. My main point is that he is not focusing on what is in the injections. They know people are “doing their research” (ie – like questioning germ theory, questioning the materials/nanomaterials in the vials, etc), and he is insisting (in a patronizing manner) that “doing research” should entail “bad batches” vs. “less bad batches.” I think this is diversion and intentional derailment.

        This committee refuses to chop the entire head off of this hydra to stop it once and for all – hence, why they refuse to invite Kaufman, Cowan, Bailey, Lanka . . . The point is, one cannot “vaccinate” against a virus that does not exist. They will never get to the bottom of the real reason for this project, and for the injections, if they choose to focus on the “bad batch” scenario. This is very purposeful, in my opinion. I get the sense that if the committee does now decide to make its “move” (superficial at best) and progress imminently with legal action, it will hang its entire hat on this so-called evidence.


        1. Stephers, it is unfathomable to most people that “there is no virus”. They simply cannot believe that they are being lied to on such a grand scale. Even in hindsight, they cannot comprehend the AIDS scam. It is beyond their imagination that authorities (media, politics, experts) would lie to them, or would be mistaken, in such a fundamental way. These are the people they look up to and whose advice they are brainwashed, eh, trained to follow. They cannot grasp such trust would be unfounded. So if you confront them with such radical questions you are likely to lose your audience. That might be a consideration for people like Wodarg, who is skeptical with regard to the evidence that virology can bring to the table but doesn’t outrigh dismiss in its entirety.

          But I share your regret that they haven’t invvited Kaufman, Cowan, Lanka (don’t know Bailey), and I hope they will do so, the sooner, the better.


    2. I’m sorry for the spread comments, I really have trouble keeping the overview here. 😀

      I’m saving a lot of time on these people by not even listening to what they have to say, but rather checking their backgrounds first. Fuellmich’s website logo is a Bull, so I would connect that to Baal and my job would be done, this and some intuition of course, there’s only a few characters that don’t feel off to me. Also, I will check affiliations with members of the tribe, this is usually extremely helpful as well. Sometimes, then, if I’m not entirely sure, I will get into their messages. There will always be clues as to their disingenuousness, appeals to authority (science and religion mostly) are very popular for example. Also, if they compare this situation to Nuremberg/bring up the you-know-what, you can be 99 % sure they are shills. That’s my approach anyway and compared to other people, I seem to be spending a lot less time delving into narratives, while still being correct about people’s intentions/authenticity. If they’re getting any kind of promotion from organizations: beware!

      Did you know, for instance, that Kaufman developed and patented a suicide-detection surveillance system? And that’s not the only weird fact about him.


  14. As part of “Team Enigma,” following is a bio for Alexandra (“Sasha”) Latypova:

    Alexandra Latypova, Director. Alexandra Latypova is serial entrepreneur and a founder of iCardiac Technologies. iCardiac Technologies is based on technology developed by students and faculty at the University of Rochester. The company has received in excess of $7 million in venture capital funding and currently serves 6 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in addition to a broad range of clients across North America, Europe and Asia. Prior to iCardiac Technologies, Ms. Latypova headed sales and business development at VirtualScopics, Inc., a technology spin out from the University of Rochester, which achieved peak market capitalization of over $200 million (NASDAQ: VSCP). During her tenure at VirtualScopics, she expanded the client portfolio from one lead customer, Pfizer, to 6 of the top-10 pharmaceutical companies as well as multiple smaller pharmaceutical and medical device clients. In addition, she has been responsible for developing project management organization at VirtualScopics and hiring and training several project managers and business development associates. Prior to VirtualScopics, Ms. Latypova was a Manager in healthcare practice at Analysis Group, Inc., a Boston-based economics, financial and strategy consultancy, where she advised pharmaceutical clients on a wide range of issues concerning product and market development, as well as provided economic analyses and expertise in pharmaceutical litigation cases. Ms. Latypova holds Masters of Business Administration degree from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth College.

    As you can see, Pfizer was one of Latypova’s lead customers. But that is just the tip of the iceberg . . . One could chase Alexandra/Sasha around several bushes if compelled (including her work in “hydrogels”). Here are additional links:

    Click to access URVTR_004.pdf


    1. Returning to Paardekooper . . . This is a link to his “profile” which he, himself, designated via the link on his “how bad is my batch” site ( Despite the photos of him (a bit creepy for my taste), he recently appeared without hair (bald) in an interview on January 3, 2022:

      More importantly, though, Paardekooper indicates on his Instagram profile that he is part of an anti-aging and science research group. Accordingly, he also features a photo of his very own concocted “Anti Aging Senolytic Spray” comprised of kaempferol ( and the relatively toxic PEG 400 (, among other ingredients. To boot, he has a curious photo of Pharma Lab Global-manufactured oxytocin (

      For the record, it seems Paardekooper spoke with Jeff Rense at some point on graphene oxide (GO): It is my opinion that he intentionally conflated tons of misinformation/disinformation to muddy any coherent data with respect to GO being in the injections, and its true purpose. His reporting is loaded with fear mongering related to the potential murder of vaxxed individuals via an EM pulse (hypothetical, of course). Further, not once did he provide a direct link to the work of LQC (, nor my writing, for that matter. I truly hope that readers can see through this obvious fear-inducing agenda; in fact, it indicates, in my opinion, that he felt the need to taint legitimate reporting about GO (and its potential link to 5G) – serving not as a kill mechanism (as he claimed), but rather, for control of the populace (via bio-surveillance as an increasingly biocompatible biosensing device) – which has been my informed premise.


  15. I have some major problems with the whole ‘vaccine as mass genocide’ idea. It goes without saying that no-one with a shred of sanity would willingly take the thing, but I don’t believe the game is to kill people. I’ll explain that more in a moment, but firstly, what evidence do we have that people are dying? Everyone pushing this seems to refer to some form of official statistics – why should we suddenly believe those? Why should we assume they’re automatically reliable just because they appear to expose the operation? We know for sure that they want us to see these statistics, because if they didn’t then they would not publish them, or would make them look a lot prettier. So if they want us to see that people are dying, maybe that’s the operation right there – maybe the whole ‘vaccine genocide’ thing is agitprop. ‘YOU CAN’T ESCAPE – SOON THEY’LL BE KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR AND STICKING A TOXIC NEEDLE IN YOUR KIDS’ ARMS!’

    The only thing that has any reliability whatsoever is your own experience. Here is a summary of mine; granted an anonymous claim on the internet is useless to anyone else, and also granted that I’m not in the US so things may be different here, but I invite everyone else to examine their own experiences because I suspect most people’s experiences are similar to mine. Mine:

    Elderly mother of 1 friend died within weeks of getting the vaccine.
    My nearly elderly mother has had 2 vaccines with no major side-effects.
    My brother in his 40s with rare heart condition had the 2 jabs with no major side-effects.
    2 people at my work had the 2 initial jabs and ended up sick for months, with persistent flu symptoms that they couldn’t seem to be rid of. Others had milder symptoms but certainly not none.
    Several people at work have had jab #3 and reported severe side-effects lasting a day or 2, followed by rapid recovery.

    That’s it. If there were any mass deaths happening, no-one would be able to escape them. So, for anyone who believes in the mass genocide theory, some questions:

    Why do it at all ??
    Why would they want to murder the most compliant members of society? Surely the people they’d like to murder the most are the people who won’t take the vaccine? Otherwise they’re just increasing the ratio of non-compliers vs. compliers?
    Why do it so obviously and forcefully? Why didn’t they just start slipping these poisons into the seasonal flu vaccine 10 years ago or more? Or other vaccines? Granted all vaccines are toxic, but if it was really about mass murder why not just slowly slip it in instead of making a big deal out of it and creating so much resistance?

    In my opinion, there is already more than enough benefit to them without introducing the mass murder aspect. Trillions of dollars of profit; making people sick and therefore less capable of rebellious action (and needing more pharmaceuticals). Possibly the end game is training people in obedience to government. Today people are willingly taking toxic jabs which they KNOW are at least making them sick. Tomorrow there’ll be a pandemic of genital warts and they’ll all have to submit nude photos of themselves to the government to prove they’re clean or something. This is just the beginning.

    Also, Miles Mathis is promoting the mass deaths thing. The man who thinks everything is fake thinks this is real. Well well well!

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    1. Good points. The genocide & mass murder mantra is totally overblown and only serves to distort and discredit any criticism of and opposition to the vaccination campaign.

      On the other hand, there are indeed many cases of sudden death following the injection. There was a case in the local newspaper in mid-January 2020 (46 year old nurse died within 24h of receiving the shot), and I’ve heard of a guy in his mid-40ies (friend of a guy from a nearby village) who took the shot in order to travel to Thailand and then didn’t travel because he was dead within 24h.

      The lethality seems to be roughly between 0.03 and 0.1 %, including a lot of elderly people in nursery homes. While this would indeed add up to mass murder, it is not perceived as such because most people take the jab and don’t notice anything. Confronted with the odd fatality case, people will shrug and then move on. At best, it is filed under collateral damage.

      The statistics mean nothing to sheeple because they don’t understand them and even if they did the constant stream of brainwashing from the tube and the net will quickly erode any semblance of a doubt in a kind of technologically induced dementia.


      1. Lumi911,

        So, please explain to me how Fuellmich has come to his conclusion of “mass murder” (spelled out here

        Coming from a legal perspective, Fuellmich responded to the evidence stating, “At this point in time, I think this must be considered the missing link. This is the smoking gun.”

        According to the international attorney whose professional record includes litigating against fraudulent corporations, the evidence is “enough to show us that what has been happening is that within this gigantic experiment they are experimenting with lethal dosages.”

        “[And] for what purpose?” he asked. “It can only be [that] they want to reduce the population without us understanding this. That’s why they’re experimenting with lethal dosages because if they killed everyone at the first shot it would be very obvious,” he said.

        “[This evidence is] way more than enough for me,” the attorney continued. “And [it] should be way more than enough for any prosecutor.”

        “I have no doubt, that if we talk to all of the experts that we have spoken to, the psychologists, the psychiatrists, the epidemiologists, the immunologists, the lawyers, the economists, they will all come to the same conclusion: This is intentional, premeditated, mass murder. There’s absolutely no doubt about it because nothing else makes any sense,” he said.

        “These are crimes against humanity,” Fuellmich concluded. “We’re going to get them.”

        It would seem to me that the real smoking gun is not which batches are more “lethal,” but knowing precisely what is in the batches (regardless if all of them, or some of them). Has anyone on this committee bothered to analyze samples of batches?

        This entire “investigation” into comparison of batches seems to be preventing authentic examination of the actual material being injected, and I sense all this hype Fuellmich et al are creating is to intentionally derail genuine inquiry.


          1. MT,

            Well, that is the million dollar question. Many have certainly speculated that he is all talk, and simply rounding up all this “testimony” as a way to prevent any real action from taking place. Nothing he has done thus far has resulted in any changes or halting of inoculations, RT-PCR testing, masking, etc. But given that his efforts are being likened to a Nuremberg 2.0 (, I think we need to seriously question his motives (as was Nuremberg the real deal, or simply Kabuki theater?).


            1. Nothing anyone has done in the West Block has resulted in any changes or halting of incoluations. Why blame Füllmich? Yes, he may be all talk – “Ritter der Schwafelrunde” 🙂 – or mostly talk, but isn’t that true for most other people as well?

              He makes a lot of statements, and often I agree, and sometimes I don’t. Depending on how you view the issue, you can say, yes mass murder, or no, collateral damage. The mass murder claim has always sounded too strident for my ears; yes, masses of people are killed by the jabs, but far greater masses survive, so you have a problem selling that point. Also, the killing may not be intentional, so it’s only manslaughter.

              Nuremberg is of course the bogus show trial by the victors of WW2 inflicted on Germany to cover their own crimes and invent German crimes, and nothing noble or just, a caricature of jurisdiction, a kangaroo court with a necktie to look fine.


              1. Exactly, Lumi, Nuremberg is such an important point, so many of them bring it up for completely disingenuous reasons. It’s all about perpetuating their cult of guilt, mesmerizing everyone and keeping the cash cow fat. Fuellmich has connections to Israel, you’ve probably seen it in his famous interview. These people don’t just do this out of personal belief, they are on a mission.

                After the (engineered) flood in Germany last year Merkel went to a small town by the name of Schuld (German for guilt) for her big TV appearance, that says it all.


  16. In reviewing this particular interview with Paardekooper on January 3, 2022 (, beginning around the 29 minute timestamp (and proceeding for about 5 minutes), the chart he displays actually serves to affirm my premise – mainly, that the injections are getting less toxic (resulting in less direct deaths) over time as they are deployed.


    1. Stephers, I need from you a concise roundup of the thrust of this initiative. I’ll place the appropriate disclaimers in the initial piece. What I would like from you is a roundup of the various players, sans links, as we don’t take the time to view them … rather your analysis of what they are up to. I’ve been fooled many times before, and this has developed a Judy Wood feel about it. Please offer a post or comment, sans links, spelling out what, in your view, is going down. If I may be blunt, as the expression has never been delivered more forcefully than by Chief Irvin Irving in the Bosch series, I have to ask “BOSCH, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?”


      1. Mark, regardless of the particulars, there is technique being applied. I think this essay exposes this psychological progression.

        “When our ancestors met a new member or a new situation about which they did not know the backstory, they were excited to know more about it – but also alerted.

        If our brains find themselves “in the midst” of something, with information missing as to why and how it got here, neurotransmitters respond and release chemicals that contribute to the excitation of adjacent neurons like a cold flow. It feels like you were in free fall. Of course, the brain will quickly counter the excitation by signaling molecules that inhibit the neurons.

        Because if the brain doesn‘t do that, or if the receptors wear out and if the inhibitors can’t inhibit any more, we end up with seizures or in epilepsy. And this is precisely what modern media wanted to test on us: we were fixated onto a giant excitation experiment and they drove us to our limits of the neurological possible. They wanted to measure attention span and frequencies and all that. And now they know.”


      2. MT,

        I hear what you are saying. I will see what I can do later today to attempt to succinctly consolidate my thoughts, and place “Team Enigma” in context without too much extraneous material.


    1. The diversion may be to be able to claim post vaxt reactions when a series of precision shots are fired from 5G phased array weapons. Better to claim “oops” when actually a list of names has been fed into a system. Along with some randomized delay times to somewhat reduce the obviousness of it.


      1. So GO deaths can be attributed to 5G or vise versa. Targeted EMF weapon deaths can be attributed to random jab reactions. Is there enough chaos yet to cover up some precision operations?


  17. Here in the UK the Covid narrative is crumbling mercilessly after the PM’s office was found to be holding parties every Friday night whilst the Plebs were being forced to mask and distance. The MSM tried to spin it as a ” them ” and ” us ” story but it’s being seen as a , ” Why weren’t THEY afraid when they were scaring the living daylights out of the populace? Mmmmm. Maybe , just maybe, the whole thing WAS a con? ” WE know it is but many more people are coming round to that conclusion now. As regards Cowan . Personally I find him to be a genuine enlightened person and absolutely agree that the pathogenic virus does not exist. Let’s face it, if they COULD isolate it, they WOULD. ………………..job done!! I also think it’s a mistake to call SOME people disinfo because they don’t jump right down the rabbit hole. It certainly didn’t do David Icke’s credibility any favours . He possibly would have been better to stop at the Problem, Reaction, Solution mantra but who’s to say that he’s actually still wrong about ” lizards ” or ” Pheenies” as a certain person would have it. My point is, that some people play safe and imagine (and probably rightly so ) that the truth is just too far beyond belief and make the decision that it needs to be revealed in manageable doses to be accepted.


      1. the “news” in Germany are much crazier. It’s actually just silly, but if you’re believe in Carina (we are not allowed to call it by name, because it makes us enemies of the state now, no kidding), the crazier it sounds the more you’ll believe it. Just think of all the christian miracles people claimed to witness. It’s the same principle. They can’t stop lying and they will never admit that they lied. And you can’t even prove them wrong because you can’t prove, there is no God. Carina is a religion and will stay this way and always be believed by some, even if we move to the next step. You can’t fight a religion. Some people rediscovered old beliefs and pretend to believe in druids rites, etc. It’s convenient and makes life easier for many people, if they put some responsibility on a religion. IMO.
        In Germany we’ve got new government consisting of crooks and idiots (no offense) and they all know they are sitting on packed suitcases and that their time is short and they want to make some money out of it as long as they can. Their predecessors got rich selling Carina to the public. they want a bite too.
        Do you know about the Agenda 2030 rainbow ring? (I hope the link works)
        People who got money from Gates have to wear it. Cheers.


        1. A digressive pointer:

          As I see Macron on that picture, if you speak French or like that kind of story, the affair Jean-Michel Trogneux is something worth taking a look at. It has always appeared to me there is something very odd about his “wife” but I assumed it to be the effects of plastical surgery. It would never have occurred to me that it is a blatant case of a more sinister and weird “truth hidden in plain sight” if there ever was one … 🙂

          See Natacha Rey (a bit hysterical but great intuition) and Xavier Poussard (Faits et documents, interviewed at Égalité et réconciliation) for the research, but all in French only.

          (see articles from December ’21)

          Seems there’ve been similar stories about Michelle Obama but I’ve only heard of them recently in connection with the “Brigitte” story and never taken a look.


            1. I don’t know about the technicalities of this “trans” affliction or perversion (and don’t care to know), but I don’t think it can “work”. The claim here is simply that “Brigitte” was born male, so this would be a kind of imposture at the Top of the State, and another Big Lie.


          1. that looks very similar to the Agenda 2030 ring. And the “Global” in the name of the organizations reminds me of things like Global Leaders or Global Shapers, which is where all important politicians and media people get their training. They are paid by BITC, which is a Vatican bank and the leader is Prince Charles. Global Entrepreneurship is apparently being paid by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. I heard that name before somewhere.


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