Poornima versus Biggus Dickus

Al Gore was used to front for a book and movie, both released in May of 2006, called “An Inconvenient Truth” (which, trust me, he did not write). A man whose weakest subjects at Harvard were science and math does not turn around and become a science nerd. Here’s Wikipedia on his Harvard stint:

Gore was an avid reader who fell in love with scientific and mathematical theories,[21] but he did not do well in science classes and avoided taking math.[20]

In other words, for the Inconvenient Truth book and movie, he was a hire. The “theories” he fell in love with had more to do with public relations than science. He obviously loves the camera. He even showed some comedic chops on 30 Rock:

Let’s go back in time. From 1992-2000, he was also a hire. He was given the slot of Vice President of the US. Rumor had it that he and President Bill Clinton were not on speaking terms, and since Clinton was naturally affable, I would guess that Gore had a stick up his butt. He might have thought he deserved the nod over Clinton. Who knows. But better things were in store for the boy.

He ran for president in 2000 against George W. Bush, in what I consider the worst choice of candidates of all time, at least until 2016 and 2020. I think that presidents are mere actors, but part of their job is to inspire people. People around Gore did everything they could, as on the cover of the Rolling Stone below where his penis is ever so subtly enlarged by means of airbrush, and made to look semi-erect. This was an obvious appeal at that time to women voters. Gag, but this crap works.

The side plot mentioned above was called Dade County, and the object was to highlight how inefficient paper ballots are in vote counting. Just the opposite is true, but a bill had been written that would be labeled HAVA, or the Help America Vote Act. By means of that act, every precinct in the United States would be turned over to unreliable and easily hacked electronic voting machines.  We have not had a real election since.

I was enraged at the time, especially when the US Supreme Court shut down the Florida recount and appointed George W. Bush as president. I did not realize as I do now that elections have always been, at the very least, corruptible, and that votes have never been seriously counted except for lower grade offices. I was quite the partisan, except that in 2000 I campaigned very hard for Ralph Nader. Even then I did not like Gore. I remember some clueless Democrat say to me in the comments on a Democrat blog “I don’t know why you are pushing Nader when you will get 95% of what you want from Gore.”

Gore is a hired actor, and I must admit that in the movie Inconvenient, he did a credible job. The movie, of course, was bullshit. The script had him making so many unsubstantiated claims and never-gonna-happen predictions that it was declared “propaganda” by a UK judge, and schools there were ordered to give students a study guide identifying and correcting its errors before showing the movie. In this country it has been shown in schools without proper warnings. So much for the Nobel Prize committee, who appear to have acted on instructions. (The 2007 Nobel Peace Prize was shared by Gore and the IPCC.)

Inconvenient has been widely debunked and shown to be a work of fiction. Gore has acknowledged neither criticism nor errors. He is “Mr. Vice President” Al Gore. He does not have to.


Poornima Wagh reminds me, in a way, of Al Gore, a hired actor, a non-scientist pretending to have scientific chops. She has been completely discredited now, but I don’t think the intended damage she was meant to inflict is over. Here is a cut from this piece, The Good Citizen blog, Smells Like Mean Spirit (h/t Ab):

The air around the escape vault for those trying to flee Covidian tyranny has become sticky and soiled with puritanical spunk. The self-appointed messiahs of all things plandemic and virology are spewing their vindictive loads in all the wrong places.

And global management couldn’t be happier with purity tests and allegiances now on the table.

They love seeing division and conflict that distracts and dismays. A trickle of doubts here, a morsel of discrediting there, a coordinated smear campaign, a bountiful bet offered, then rescinded, then re-offered, then used as a constant bludgeoning tool to gain confidence and sell subscriptions.

Oddly, he does not use the name “Poornima” in the piece, to avoid search engines landing on him?

If I read this right, Poornima was hired to oversell her credentials and be exposed, and to thereby create division. I listened to the first of three Bitchute podcasts with Regis Trembley and will not bother with the final two. What I noticed was that she did not offer any new or original research, or that if such was offered it was suspect. But I think there is more in store for us in the truth-searching world from this scam. It comes down to what we were told about Al Gore in his presidential run, and the support of many for Ralph Nader: Do not let the perfect be the enemy of good.

The underlying assumption with both Gore in 2000 and Poornima now is that either offer anything closely resembling good. That is just a mindless chant.

Here’s what we have gotten (will get?) from Poornima Wagh:

  • Two fake PhDs.
  • Not a virologist.
  • An illusory $1.5 million dollar grant from the NIH.
  • No lung fluid specimens drawn from nearly a thousand sick Californians.
  • No three-times performed virology procedures done on those specimens over a few months.
  • A fake encounter with the head of the Centers for Disease Control wherein he told her to falsify the results of her research.
  • No laboratory.
  • No raid by the FBI.
  • No article on research that was not done submitted to scores of scientific journals.
Al Gore on raised platform in An Inconvenient Truth

When we boil down her Bitchute presentation, I think all she needs is to ride an escalating platform to emphasize her real and borrowed science boiled and stewed in her bullshit. Visual images are used to sell propaganda, and are often more effective than words, certainly more than the written word. Poornima, to me, looks like a plant.

Finally, Poornima links us to various websites, like ViroLIEgy, and to various publicly known dissenters from the existence of viruses and germ theory in general. She mentions Dr. Andy Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, Drs. Sam and Mark Bailey, and Dr. Stefan Lanka. Frankly, I am not comfortable with any of them, and long ago stopped trucking with Cowan and Kaufman as they monetized their sites.

My fear is that they are, like Poornima, hired hands. Kaufman especially bothers me, as he bears strong resemblance to Edward Snowden, the supposed National Security leak guy who was allegedly quarantined in an airport in Moscow. They could be Bokanovsky brothers. See below:

Many people do not truck with my face-splitting technology,and I am aware of its potential flaws as well. But honestly, match ups like those two are rare. They are not twins, they are not related, and they obviously have different parentage. However, their facial features are virtually identical. I’ll leave it there, but if you want a longer piece on face splitting and these two persons, go here.

What really struck me about both Kaufman and Snowden in this face chop is this: Sinister eyes. They are both somewhat frightening.

Our opposition is very clever and resourceful. They know how to get their people in view of the people they want to view them. They know how to use truth to tell lies. They know that what we know about virology and germ theory is essentially correct, and they only mean to contain us, split us, and cause an internal food fight. Right now I consider myself surrounded by Poornima Wagh, Dr. Andy Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowen, Dr. Stefan Lanka, and Drs. Sam and Mark Bailey. I trust none of them. Ask yourselves: Why do you know their names?

As always, we are left to our own resources.

64 thoughts on “Poornima versus Biggus Dickus

    1. I fixed it, but in thee 1800 emails that went out it was misspelled. In accounting that is called a transposition, in this case the m and r.

      And I agree that her presentation was a good summary of work done by others. It reminds me of the quote of uncertain origin, that “what was good was not original, and what was original was not good.”


  1. We really are left to our own resources, I had some suspicions about Cowen but was hoping he wasn’t part of the anti-establishment, establishment. I am not familiar with he other people though.


      1. I read her DMSO book. I found it to be a bit… simple.

        Nearly all posted reviews are positive. Are they allowed to stand because they are true and accurate, or because they provide reinforcement to a subject/method that the overlords would like you and I to follow/undertake?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I listen to all these folks and think they are doing exceptional work and I mostly trust them. (Unlike MT, I think Kaufman has lovely eyes!). Except her. Of course, don’t believe me! Test her! That’s what I did. And I was very disappointed. I needed some simple health advice, of a most common variety for women of a ‘certain age’ and asked about her products, which I fully planned to pay for, as I would any professional. She didn’t bother to contact me directly, it was some assistant (a man, though my issue was very clearly of a feminine nature) who sent me a form about 6 pages long requiring a lifelong and in-depth history of my health. That’s all the proof I needed that she’s got something going on that I don’t want to be near.


    1. I have watched her for over an hour, and did so before I learned that her degrees were not real. All I think now is that she is very well-rehearsed. I even think I could repeat that performance, having time to prepare and notes on hand.

      Check out the post above at the point where it is bullet points and says “Two fake PhDs.” I have a suspicion you skipped to the end here.


      1. Exactly, that is what dr merrit said, she got interested because the “fact” checkers tore her apart. If you listen to her interview she gives her time to explain her a bit unusual career. It is worth it, she seems authentic. Did you check the fact checkers and their credentials by the way?


          1. I guess I am amazed that people think we can overlook this. With degrees, most are useless, but in all cases they say that a person has the ability to start and finish a big project. Poormina has obviously failed this test.

            Very interesting that she did a very good job of regurgitating what is already known. She mixed the good research of many people with a flight of fancy about herself, a nonexistent laboratory, fake tests, fake FBI misfeasance, and a scientific paper that does not exist. That to me seems a deliberate ploy to discredit and fracture the research we have found credible and the community that has formed around it. That makes her, in my book, a spook.


            1. I agree. Why lie to such an extent if you aren’t an agent of some sort. But still, I wish I knew what it is that makes it possible, even easy, for someone not only to lie like that, but to do it well enough to get away with it for so long. Except for those details, and I guess the devil really is in the details, I would not have picked up on her lies. That’s concerning to me, I feel like I should be able to sense it better! That we should all be able to sense it better.


              1. Thanks, want to hear that. It’s a very difficult thing to wrap your head around the idea that maybe contagion is a myth, as Cowan’s book is titled. It’s too big of a leap I guess, especially when families all getting sick at the same time, or nearly the same, is such a common experience. Starting with vaccines and viruses, that I can manage.


                1. I am about an hour in and it is all about discussing her credibility. You won’t glean much about viruses in this interview. I also question Terrain theory as the only cause of disease. I have gotten sick very soon after being exposed to other sick people in the past (common cold) so I am not ready to go quite that far at this time. I think there is more to investigate about the “causes” of disease.


                  1. Thanks, good to know. I guess the question boils down to, is it in the air, being spread like bacteria would be, or could there be more at play. I have read Cowan’s book and watched him and the others some, and it’s intriguing for sure. Way too much to explain still, while the establishment just tries to explain it away with excuses like ‘you must have a strong immune system’ if you don’t catch something. Yet, I’ve seen the most unhealthy person in the room, chronic smoker or obese or whatever, be the one not getting sick in a family! That is worth being curious, no?!


  2. They do need the 3rd way. They’ve got the left covered—thanking the great tech powers for the vaccine. They’ve got the right covered—don’t you shed on me sheeple. 3rd way—the breath is the way, contagion is an illusion, join us, wake the herd, you are the powerful. It’s all just fun and games, until someone gets their eye poked out.


    1. I have no illusions about waking the herd. I have said many times that this has to be for its own reward, as there is nothing outside of what we do that will have any effect. I am OK with that, or I would not keep writing.


      1. Seeds get planted and many wake everyday from the effort! As far as the herd goes who knows maybe we will reach a tipping point one day .


        1. I agree. And I think fortune is on our side right now. But I guess it does depend on the kind of positive change you are looking for, right? What does a ‘tipping point’ mean to you? How would the world look after such a tip, if you had your preference?


  3. Mark,

    While the sweet nothings she says tickled my ears in the beginning, the tell for me, in her own words, she said she had attended a “Jesuit school in India.”

    Also, she has that “laugh” at times. Some refer to it as “duper’s delight.”

    Oh, not to mention she claims to have an ex-boyfriend that died… oh, nevermind.

    I think your Al Gore comparison is absolutely spot on. Especially since I can remember falling for his presentation back way when. Poorgina reminds me of “Judy Woods” when the skeptics needed something to explain the hollow towers. Presently, she voices a channel on youtube unde a different name, using all the typical neural linguistic programming tricks, selling bits and pieces of “troof” laced with horseshit poison.

    How’s the ankle, pal?


  4. I find it obvious when one studies onomastics, Elizabeth Caldwell Hirschman’s book has a whole chapter on cowan/bailey. Purnima aka Poornima is a full-moon day, Kaufman (purchaseman) is an old merchant name etc, Berenson is an intresing one, frankly who has the resources to produce all of this discombobulation? I see in unison all the ‘substackers’ asking in unison “do Viruses exist” a classic dialectical trap.


  5. My only reason to care about the virus/no virus thing has to do with HOW some people are getting sick. As I mentioned in an email to Mark regarding Dr. Wagh, my wife (no shots) came down with what they were calling Delta last fall and is still not completely well. I seem to remember a little metallic taste in my mouth for a while, but I never got sick. TPTB told us all the symptoms of this “variant” ahead of time and I am convinced that they were behind it, but HOW is my biggest question. I also personally know several others who got sick around the same time.

    Anyone have thoughts on this?


    1. Imagine a time before Corona and SARS and Monkeypox where people also got sick, exhibiting various symptoms, maybe even a metallic taste in the mouth. In a world full of toxins and radio waves, including 5 and 6G, it is natural for the body to be expelling them by various means. Then we called it cold and flu season, and everyone assumed we’d get better. Older people would die sometimes, many comorbidities. All they have done is relabeling.


      1. I get that argument, but this was nothing like I’ve ever seen. She had loss of taste/smell, hair loss, bi-lateral infection in her lungs, horrible headaches, and nausea resulting in a trip to the ER. Same for a couple of others I know. They were all very, very sick. It seemed more like radiation or other poisoning than the flu.

        You mentioned 5G and 6G radio waves and that is one theory that I have. They could have made a change to the 4G+ waves (we don’t have 5G here yet) coming from the phones around that time. My wife was constantly on hers whereas I tend to keep mine alone in the garage most of the time. I am hoping others have thoughts too and thanks!


        1. I believe it is a combination of radiation, frequencies and toxic air. Each of these alone can cause illness and how susceptible someone is will vary widely. The poor diet of most Americans will contribute as well, no doubt, because it’s full of chemicals and unnatural processing that denatures the ‘food product’ that fill the grocery stores and comprise the fast food industry. Most chain restaurants today, no matter how expensive or if they are a ‘sit down’ venue, use highly processed ingredients shipped long distances.


          1. I tend to lean that way too regarding the combination of things. Our skies here in Oregon are rarely free from the trails coming out of jets (I wish I could post a pic here). The diet thing could also be a factor. Although we rarely eat out and cook mostly healthy food from scratch, my wife does have a sweet tooth and eats too much processed sugar along with other unnatural ingredients.


            1. Does she have a stressful job? Sometimes I think folks underestimate how taxing their work life really is and might find some of the coping mechanisms for stress, like sugar and shopping for women in particular, would fall away naturally without those stresses.


              1. She is a stay at home mom and, other than putting up with me, she doesn’t have a lot of stress on a daily basis. She does have that sweet tooth though.


                  1. Funny you should say that. I actually like dark chocolate and have a small snack of it occasionally. She, however, likes the milk chocolate. Yuck!


            2. What do you call healthy (I hope carrots, peas, peppers, tomatoes and deep-sea fish) are not on the list. Just because it’s ‘natural’ doesn’t make it healthy. You have a bigger liver than your wife and can process a lot more toxicity easily.

              And remember sometimes lots of other toxins will delay or perhaps eliminate or change your symptoms (alcohol is the old classic here). Fat loss (and perhaps other cells also) can create a release of toxins into your system and fat gain can store them.

              Good luck


              1. Things will vary at times, but these are our staples:

                Proteins: Chicken, Beef, Lamb (for me)

                Greens: Broccoli, Spinach, Asparagus, Cauliflower

                Starches: Whole grain breads & pastas, whole grain rice, roasted potatoes on occasion

                Dairy: Cheese, eggs, some milk

                She rarely drinks, but I do like a good IPA or two on a regular basis. Are you saying that’s what saved me? Because if you are, I am writing a book asap!


        2. That is all mysterious. Rappoport writes about the idea that every disease has a unique cause, usually attributed to a bacteria or virus, and says it is nonsense. Symptoms can be general and from many toxicities. The pustules forming from “monkeypox,” are, according to Poormina, a reaction to the vaccines, and on that matter I would agree. It was a head-slapper for me, “Of course!”

          Since on this blog the general opinion is that there is no virus (no viruses), and that anyway, “Covid 19” has no unique symptoms, then your task is to narrow down the possible causes from toxins to electronic waves to allergies. For me, a trip anywhere passing through two airports sometimes leaves me with sniffles and sneezes, gone within two days.

          In January of 2020 I and several others I know came down with a long-lasting set of symptoms of that nature that lasted three weeks. One theory was that we were dosed with some toxin in the air (we use well water) as a test, or as preparation for the coming 3/11 pandemic. However, my wife was symptom free. Whatever I got, she missed. Same with our son – he had the three weeks of symptoms, but the rest of his family did not. I’ve not been sick since, and before I do not have a good memory of any illnesses.


          1. I have also noticed a pattern with people who have recently flown coming down with Covid symptoms and then testing positive (I know the test is useless). Not a scientific analysis by any means, but airliners have a ton of radiation in them and they are flying through that soup of exhaust (whatever that may be) all the time.


            1. If you are an Oregonian, as I think you stated, a fellow using the name Oregon Matt has posted photos of what have to be chemtrails in that state. They are indeed impressive. I will see if I can locate them.


                1. (I edited this, as I was unable to specifically link to Matt’s photos. Instead I got the entire post.)

                  Here is one From Oregonmatt:

                  About those contrails

                  The link take you to a post on chemtrails. You have to scroll down in the comments quite a ways to find it, but Matt posted four photos there.

                  Regarding posting of photos, what Matt did was to send me the photos so I could run them through the HTML editor and then send the resulting link back to him. I could do the same for you if you like. mark at mpthct dot com.

                  WordPress does not allow photos in the comments in any easy way. They say it would overwhelm their servers.


          2. We study illness, but not those who stay healthy while others around them are sick. And we’ve all had experiences like this, that should make us question what is contagion. I remember in high school, which I did not like, my sister got mono, which is supposedly so contagious. I made a point of trying to catch it from her so I could miss two weeks of school, but I never did catch it.

            I was not sure what you meant by ‘the coming 3/11 pandemic’ — what is this?


            1. The pandemic was declared by WHO on March 11, 2020. 3*11 = 33, a ritualistic masonic number that appears in virtually all fake events in some form. For instance, JFK was fake-assassinated on 11/22 (=33) with first shot fired at 12:30 (33).

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Ok thanks, did not realize there was an official start date, makes sense. Do you think Fauci is a mason? Also, don’t ‘all’ the ‘mystery school cults’ use such numerology? Is ‘mason’ just a blanket term in this case, kinda like Kleenex? 😁


                1. On the outside looking in, it is hard to know what they are doing or what the symbols mean. I just notice they exist. The other numbers that appear so often are 8 and 11, again, in many forms. But 33 appears the big one most often used. For instance, 6 (3+3), 9 (3 x 3), 27 (3^3), so that 9/11/2001 (33 and 11 and 3) was very significant to them. So too with April 20, the 110th day of the year, and Hitler’s supposed birthday.

                  There was supposedly a huge stabbing massacre in Canada, and I searched high and low for number clues to judge whether or not it was fake. I came up empty. A real event? Chilling. Others are better at unraveling this stuff. I hope MM takes a crack at it.

                  Fauci is obviously juiced, most likely a Mason or an insider by other means above my pay grade. I consider him one of the most despicable criminals in human history, more so than Hitler or Stalin, who were set up and given to us as symbols to hate. Fauci is deeply involved in mass murder. I am thinking of AIDS and Covid both.


                  1. Mark, I’ve been told in the past that many of the fake stories have people or places with “man” or “son” in the name. Think of Charles Manson or O.J. Simpson. Remember in 2020 when “U.S. Strike in Iraq Kills Qassim SuleiMANi, Commander of Iranian Forces” Anyway the two suspects in the stabbing story are named Sanderson!


                    1. Extensions of last names vary widely according to nationality, from “ovitch” to my own, “ski”, which is Polish, and many others. “Son” is very common. I doubt there is much information to mine there.


            2. …”We study illness, but not those who stay healthy while others around them are sick.”
              Who knows virus/germ?
              Seems a safe bet for us all is this:
              The Explain of Pain, Lies Mainly in the Terrain…


          3. Some of you here may have read my essays. Within them I may come across as a bit of a braggart, who knows. I am telling you here and now that my body is a machine of fitness… fueled by the best food I can buy. I do like a drink now and then. My fitness is decades long, as is my diet. This is not “health club fitness;” this condition is a result of nearly continuous running, hiking, biking, weight conditioning, calisthenics and martial arts (sometimes orthopedically damaging). I do not get sick… truthfully, I cannot remember the last time some illness made an appearance.

            UNTIL… the beginning of last autumn (outside Shitcago). Something hit Wifey, then a week later, me. She is not as fit as I. I was in substantial physical pain (I am quite familiar with pain); my entire body… I did not want to even walk. Itchy throat, then cough. Three days of that then weeks barely lessoning. Two things had occurred to us: 1) we dined at the same restaurant (indeterminate quality and sources) three days previous; 2) 5G was recently fully blanketed (supposedly) in our area (along with the already present WiFi of at least a dozen neighbors). My place of employment is drowning with wireless everything, so work-from-home should have been better. I STILL have a fucked up sense of smell and taste… almost a YEAR. I would clean up my body, and diet as a remedy, but what exactly should I change? Move?

            I am leaning towards the electromagnetic pollution, but as you all know, there are a million variables. The restaurant food has been shit for a long, long time… and I have tolerated it for those occasional outings. When the food or drink has been bad, my body tells me immediately – sometimes humorously (I have an essay on that).

            This angers me greatly. I have no answers.


            1. We know the profound sadness and anger when realizing modern food is full of junk and must be avoided just to maintain a baseline of health. Those who’ve been around awhile were ‘lucky’ our mothers understood the now monikered “terrain theory” and taught us responsibility for our bodies, as your health regime espouses.

              Conjecture: seems that unless some kind of tech can mitigate, leaving the areas of high EMF/5G/6G may be the intelligent move. Personally, after smart meters installed around the neighborhood (we opted out) brought normal blood sugar to high levels and sleep issues, with no other variables noted. Looking at the disruption of insects and animals brings alarm. A relative who works in manufacturing shares stories of periodic malaise, feelings of a burning on the skin, anxiety… felt by pretty much the entire employee base, on certain days. Dismissing the effects as a psychopathy or obsession begs the question.

              We hear of the drive to get populations hived in cities; housed in high rise Murphybed-Kitchens to be better entrained and controlled(& sick?). Could be the only healthy people left will be in rural areas. What to do? We know relying on malignant cystems is ill-advised. We’re looking to the grass roots experimenters to $upport in understanding effects on our electric bodies and finding doable solutions.


            2. Have you read Firstenberg’s Invisible Rainbow? If not, I have Cliff notes I can send you, just the highlights of the book with many, many typos that will frazzle you at times. He claims that until 1898 there was no such thing as cold and flu season. That was the year the electrical grid was finally in place.


              1. Man, I wish I did not have to work today as these are great conversations! There were a lot of headlines and talk about the 1918 Spanish Flu and electrification too. They also had an experimental vaccine rollout at the same time. Sound familiar?


  6. The new fakery is the infighting as to who is fake.
    ‘Poor mina’ offers a wake up call or a masking ‘reality.
    A release of invested judgement or a mutation of judgements by which to keep a musical chair in the game of diminishing returns.


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