No more twins!

We went off the tracks here with the twins business. We had discovered real twins in show business, knew of the ability of the industry to keep its secrets, and using some credible photographic analysis coupled with confirmation bias, projected too much.

So far I have examined four sets of twins, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Robert De Niro and Jennifer Aniston. They’re all in the reccycle bin. While Straight still thinks that Beyoncé is a twin, I told him that if I cannot defend it, I cannot assert it. I don’t think she is a twin – it was just a publicity stunt involving alter ego Sasha Fierce that promoted the aberrant photos that led me off track. It was confirmation bias, writ large.

Beyond that, I am finding myself echoing the sentiments of a few commenters as I sweat out these matters … so what? So what about twins? They don’t matter. They are not interesting. They are just show business people.

I am going to get out of the twin-spotting business, to de-link the entire list with cautionary notes on each, and get on with my life with a hard lesson learned. There might indeed be a set or two of twins in there – some nuggets among the fool’s gold. Jared Leto comes to mind, having, like Elvis, both a music and acting career at once. If so, more power to him/them. The ones I left on the list – Rihanna, Drake, Joplin etc., I regard as defensible.

So here I sit on a Sunday morning imagining a conversation (lots of speculation involved) that might have taken place in 1961 or so in Hamburg, Germany:

On-Site Project Manager: Hi Stu. Thanks for coming in.

Stu: Yeah, no problem. What’s up?

On-Site Project Manager: Well, word came down from London, they’ve pretty well made their decisions on the music groups. It’s not anything against you, but they were looking for certain type personalities more than musical talent, and they think they found them. So if you want to stay in the project, I’m afraid it’s not going to be as a musician.

Stu: That’s disappointing, but I sure won’t miss those seedy bars, that nightclub life, all the hookers and drugs, all those creepy people. What have you got in mind?

On-Site Project Manager: Art, Stu. They’ve pegged you as an artist.

Stu: I’ve studied art a little back in Liverpool. How is that going to work?

On-Site Project Manager: We know about the art school back home. We’ll send you to take more classes, basic training all over again.  You don’t have to be really good. We’ll promote you – we’ve got people in the art circles who will do that part. Hell, we can even do the art for you if we need to.

Stu: I am going to be an artist, and I don’t have to be any good?

On-Site Project Manager: Stu, look around you. These musicians aren’t any good. Real musicians spend their whole life training. That’s not what London is after. They can teach voice projection and guitar strumming. They just want stage presence. We’ll replace you on bass – we can teach those Halliday boys to play a bass guitar. It’s not that hard. It’s just power of suggestion – we’ll make them seem really good when they finally go public.

Stu: So I am going to be an artist.

On-Site Project Manager: No Stu, I would not call it that. They’ve got bigger ideas. It’s a separate project they’ve been running for a long time, to make art less … shall we say … artful? You’ll be part of it.

Stu: Do I have a choice?

On-Site Project Manager: Well, of course you have choices. If you want to work for us, this is your choice. It will be lucrative. Money won’t be an issue.

Stu: I’m going to miss the boys, especially my buddy John.

On-Site Project Manager: Yeah, we watch that pretty closely. It was part of the decision to remove you from the group – we can’t have band members being secret … ahem … lovers.

Stu (looking down at his feet): You know about that.

On-Site Project Manager: Of course. We watch our people here closely. London says not to worry, that it is a separate project too, but down the road. Anyway, Stu, here’s what’s involved. We’re going to put you in the Hamburg College to pick up where you left off in Liverpool. But be prepared for what follows – for your new assignment, you’re going to have to die.

Stu: Die? What do you mean?

On-Site Project Manager: Oh, don’t worry – we’ve got people who handle that aspect of our business. You won’t die for real, but we have to make you disappear so you can reappear later – you will be in the States, so no one will connect your new person with your old one. Your death will be fake. We do that quite a bit.

Stu: I have to leave my family, my friends?

On-Site Project Manager: Some will think you’re really dead. Enough won’t. We’ll keep your family quiet, in a nice way, Stu. They’ll be all right. John and his brother will know. So will the Halliday’s, maybe George too since he is going to be part of one of the groups with John and his brother. You’ll still have your friends. And when it is all over Stu, when your work is done, we’ll fake your death again so you can have a nice retirement. It’s interesting … once a death is faked, people stop looking. Even when they see you, they won’t know it. Fake death is really effective.

Stu: Sounds intriguing, I guess. If it’s my only option, I am on board.

On-Site Project Manager: It is your only option, Stu. But it’s a good one. The London people like what they see in you. So plan on it.

Stu: OK. I’ve been practicing my art anyway, just to pass the time. I’ve got one that I did, I think it’s pretty good – it’s just done to practice technique, realistic interpretation and all of that. It’s a can of Campbell’s soup. It’s not art, but maybe shows you I have talent.

On-Site Project Manager: That’s what we’re talking about.

I spent some time yesterday on the Stu Sutcliffe/Andy Warhol work. It’s defensible. Tomorrow I am going to rework it using overlays and gifs.  I am going to amend the piece to explain fake deaths, use of intelligence “assets” (not agents) in the music business, and a long-running Intelligence project to corrupt art covered by credible people in a couple of books I’ve read.

I’ve had enough of twins. I went down an alley and need to get out. Mea culpa. Right now,  my tummy is churning again with excitement and optimism about our work here. That’s been missing lately. This coming week, sufficient warning given, the twins list in the “under review” menu will all fake their deaths.

15 thoughts on “No more twins!

  1. Woah that’s a big step, Mark. Well, you know what they say: two steps forward, one step back. As long as you’re moving in the right direction, you’re making progress. So kudos.

    I loved the delicious irony of Stu saying he won’t miss those seedy bars, that nightclub life, all the hookers and drugs, all those creepy people. It’s one of the most defensible zombies, though there is an alleged 12 year age gap to consider… interested to see what you come up with!


    1. Age gaps are not always a stopper – some have been, like Dalida and Judy Woodruff, Lawrence and Mirren, obviously. But I usually figure the real age is in control of Intel, and that they perhaps split the difference. Amy Goodman looks much older, like a woman in her 70s, for instance, rather than 59. She’s heavily made up on TV but if you look closely you can see the receding chin and hidden wrinkles that go with the aging process. I don’t imagine she’ll be at it much longer.

      Anyway, my mother’s advice to me was that the right decision is usually the hard one, and my brother’s that we must always make our decisions and move forward. No more twins for me. The zombies on the “Under Review ” list will get a close look. Sutcliffe/Warhol left no doubt in my mind on Friday when I did the PS work.


  2. Apropos Germany – perhaps you can prove that the Kessler sisters are actually twins … 😉

    BTW, I don’t really care if this entertainment drones are twins or not. It doesn’t change my – already lowermost – opinion of them.
    To be a good actor/entertainer, one must not have a personality of one’s own. Else it would come in the way of pretending. And why should I adore and idolize this empty shells ? And perhaps there are two of those shells behind some of those names – and so what ?

    As for “killed” politicians, like Hitler, Saddam or Gaddafi, –that– would make a difference.

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  3. That was a tough decision to make, I guess. But as always, changes make place for something new in our lives, so why worry to much about them? Sometimes it seems tragic when we are faced with some tough ones, but as much as I’ve experienced – it will all look & feel completely different in a while. I guarantee.

    As much as I’ve read your essays, there are numerous subjects that passionately interest you, which I salute. Twins or no twins, I bet you won’t be bored. Like with all of you at POM, whenever I’m done with reading your pieces, I end up wanting more… and if I borrow that famous movie scene, with music and tension about Claudia’s experience and leave her to say it for me:


    1. It was a matter of effort versus reward – weeks of work ahead for what – something that is considered tentative at best by most anyway. Our website was being defined by that work, and it was troubling. We’ve got better things going on.

      And, the returns I was getting were not encouraging – even if I thought there were underlying twins, the photographic methods were not proving dependable. I will take another look at some of them in time … JonBenet for sure, as the implications there are important to understand. For the most part however – is Justin Bieber a twin, triplet, whatever? Possibly so. Who the hell cares.


      1. It’s an interesting question, Mark.
        I think in some cases, it does matter. I agree, that clearing up the JonBenet circumstance is important. Also, the implications of the potential Beatles “multiples” are potentially significant. Something strange was/is going on with them, whether it is twins or something else. I suppose it could be as simple as finding people who look similar enough to fool the public, and nothing more nefarious than that.


        1. I will be going through them one by one in deciding which are not worth pursuing or risking credibility on. For the Beatles, you’ll see that Lennon and McC are untouched, never even put up for review. If you see some that you think warrant a closer look, please let me know.


  4. It’s the wasted time that must really hurt. It’s such a precious commodity. Thanks for biting the bullet though. It’s all about truth, right? My mother taught me that tough decision build character. I just thought I would’ve had this thing built by now.


    1. Every one of them will get a thorough review. I just don’t want them hanging out in public until then. There is something going on here, and many of them, like Bieber and Cyrus, seem factory made. Oh, it’s not over by any means.


  5. … and yet, the twins story makes on so many levels, so much sense – there is obviously not only something, but a lot, to it. As a key part of certain Elite’s secret, selective breeding programs of various types on a substantial scale.

    These guys are ruthless, and they wouldn’t want to miss such primal power tools in their box for mass-deception and mind-control.

    The genie is out the bottle, the word has spread in the community. This topic will continue to be researched, guaranteed.

    Watching the speed and depth of certain open source internet investigations has been very exciting. They have the resources, and we have the basement. They the Nobel prize winners, and we the hand-drills. An unfair fight. Grass-root Intelligence trumps elite clownery.


    1. I think you’re right about that, but we have not gotten beyond the “what” and into the “how.” I have confidence that most of our twins are just that and will reappear. The mystery behind it remains shrouded.


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