Brian Epstein, because The Beatles-


I think we are in agreement that The Beatles were a massive psy-op and lead the way in restructuring the culture by first helping to demolish it- Beyond twin spotting with Paul/Mike and John/Fohn, and assorted Ringos at the TBNE site (George, likely, but why keep beating the horse?), other spooks and their functions in the project would also be something to expand on and lend further support to the hypothesis-

Brian Epstein was the Beatles manager and nominal adult supervision- George Martin, their producer, was probably the main handler/coordinator as he was connected through EMI to military and deserves a full POM’ing in the future, but today I want to focus on Brian-

What are the indicators for Brian being a spook?

Well, he was gay at a time when that was a serious legal no-no in Britain and I assert again that gays were the desired brand of spook- And not for blackmail, though that was an unavoidable implication- A gay spook would be guaranteed protection from prosecution and with other gay spooks would form a fraternity of sorts where they could express themselves in comradery- This aspect is never addressed but think about it: Your very nature and sense of self is ipso facto against the law- That is a heavy burden to bear and to have protection from the law would buy a TON of loyalty-

Brian’s spook CV: He was conscripted into the army and was assigned to clerical work- I’m certain his CO’s recognized immediately that this effete was never going to fire in anger and so shuttled him off to a cubicle- Whatever spook training he received, it lasted 10 months and he was shown the door for impersonating an officer- That reminds me of the excuse given for arch bank robber Herman Lamm being forthwith bounced from the Prussian officer corps for cheating at cards- Both instances reek of misdirection and give a quick and simple answer to why they didn’t cut it as military fare- Discharging Brian because he was gay would have rendered his usefulness as a spook moot- Its said that he had a tailor make the officer uniform personally so he may have been told by his handlers to find a way to get tossed without anyone else knowing it was a deliberate ploy to move him onto the next phase of his training- The fact that he was apparently caught out of uniform rank in a gay friendly club wasn’t part of the charges- His personality was vaguely referenced as to why he was discharged- Just enough hints to be effective without spilling the beans- Much like Hitler’s WWI military record: Just enough but not too much detail to really investigate, though with Hitler he later was overlaid with fictional bravery- (Whenever you find military service in a hoax character’s bio, i.e., McVeigh or Dahmer, you are dealing with a spook- Brian, no exception- Understanding the gravity of following orders without question was likely the primary training for Brian, not learning hand to hand combat for such a pair of weak wrists)

From there he wanders onto the stage at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts- If you have signed up to be a life-time actor, you need training, especially if show biz is your beat- RADA, though, is no fly by night scam- The best and the brightest are accepted and there is no evidence beyond a little assumed high school acting that Brian had any notion of being a performer- Among his classmates for the three terms he did last were Peter O’Toole, a very likely twin with two birth certificates and two different countries of birth- Susannah York, a very well connected elite- Albert Finney, probably highly connected but I never really liked him and after all, anyone with a platform in show biz is one of them- The point is, Brian did not belong with such high rollers in waiting while studying high grade British acting; but a show biz spook in training who could learn something of the craft before taking on his main persona would explain his presence among that crowd-

He was said to then be a salesman in his family’s stores and soon took over the record sales department- This would put him in an interesting position- As NEMS was one of the main retail outlets for music in Liverpool, he’d have some say over promotion- I recall that the local managers of Tower Records had opportunities for real perks from artist’s managers and record execs by prominently displaying one artist or another on the main floor, especially by the registers, where browsers would see an act they may have only heard about second hand or not at all- If Brian was the salesman par excellence he was said to be, this would be a position to be placed in to learn the subtle art of leveraging; something absolutely essential in show biz promotion- If we continue along the narrative of spook training, we can see a gay lad with the means and opportunity to stay within his family’s embrace and still learn the tricks of the spook trade he would need mastery over- That would then beg the question, who were Brian’s parents?

Rooting around in the bowels of Wiki, here is a segment from a Wiki Talk page on Brian’s lineage (complete with a rags to riches spin, a spook fake backstory staple):

“Actually, a very charming and interesting picture is beginning to emerge from all of this. One possible scenario could be: Isaac (Epstein- Brian’s grandfather) arrives in Liverpool with his sister from Russia. That would have been some journey – and by all accounts that I have read – they were penniless, and neither spoke any English. There were other Epsteins in Liverpool according to Brakn, so possibly they were able to initially stay with them. Then we have to skip a short period of time, and Isaac is now married and has his own furniture shop – that’s pretty good going! His wife, Dinah Hyman, is second generation English, and is from a relatively wealthy Russian immigrant family who have an established furniture business in Manchester. It’s unlikely they would have met by chance – that would have been a long hike in those days – so, it’s probable that Isaac and Dinah were introduced, get married, and then money is made available by her family to finance a business. This was probably a loan or a gift, as his furniture shop grew as an independent venture. We don’t know if Isaac was involved in the furniture trade before coming to England (do we?), but he certainly is now! Later, it’s quite possible that their son, Harry, was encouraged to follow in the same footsteps, as this sort of thing was quite common in those days, and he also marries a Hyman. There you have it in a nutshell!”

Nutshell, indeed- Rich daughter marries sub-literate, penniless nobody- Only in the movies!

They seem to be from privilege, if not great wealth, and it looks like the Epsteins married into a family of cousins, specifically the Hymans- Lithuania, Poland and Russia all contribute members of the interlocking families- This suggests blood-lining by elites and that may be the case- Plausibility is all I can search for here- I suspect that Lodge connections were also involved in getting Brian’s ancestors to Britain- They don’t appear to be part of the massive influx of Jews into London’s east end following the “assassination” of Tsar Alexander II, which prompted anti-Jewish reprisals by the Tsar’s son, Alexander III- Things start up in Manchester where some Hyman’s have already been settled for at least one generation- Not terribly telling, all that, but having some prosperous Jews in Britain doesn’t seem all that weird to me despite the slow simmer of anti-Semitism that European countries have never been able to squelch- (America always seemed to me to be too busy with “people of color” to dig in on the Jewish people, save for pockets of the south where I imagine Jewish presence is thin) In some places, I have read, Jews were encouraged to immigrate as they were “good for business” so to speak- If Britain held a lot of Jewish money as is often said, there would be another reason to immigrate if you had real prospects waiting for you through blood-

Back to Brian: His school records are tough to swallow- He apparently was tossed from one elite school after another- This I find hard to believe and it smacks of legend building- It is here where a case could be made that Brian Epstein was a fabricated personality and possibly the Epsteins of NEMS fame took on the Brian character as a son, much like Admiral Morrison’s family “hosted” the Jim Morrison persona as a son, or John Denver and his “family”- Same old same old-

But, someone or someones did play Brian for the cameras- As with all pre-fame famous, he could have been anyone to start- But, he could have been the character in the bio, RADA et al…Neither possibility overturns the fact that The Beatles were a government operation and anyone so closely associated with that project was in the fold- What, then, could be better than having a gay, Jewish, show biz savvy spook to shake hands with the big cigars in London and New York and Hollywood? In that regard, “Brian” was multi-lingual-

Here an actor lies through his manufactured history- Also, Mike is the young Paul, accessing images by looking up and to the right, a righthander’s move- Older Paul is the lefty-

8 thoughts on “Brian Epstein, because The Beatles-

  1. That’s pretty good stuff, Ty, the way you intuitively make your way through the contrived bullshit. It all makes sense, from spotting the young misfit with an eye for theater to his contrived background. Is it not cute how they switch “Paul’s” right before out eyes in the video! I just wonder what became of him after his fake death, if indeed it was fake.


    1. Like Bill Graham, he probably joined the spook faculty after a stint down under- The Ad Min types might not resurface as performers-


  2. So, like they tell us, the brother is two years younger … am I in the Truman show?

    I found this picture here:

    There are other interesting pictures there, but they won’t give me links. There is one of him on holiday alone in Venice, and another immediately below it … the same person?

    The final picture [please help me with links] is of successful Brian with his parents. With regards to “where did Brian go?”, the father in that picture reminds me of someone in the public eye these last ten years. A family resemblance.

    Finally what do we really know about The Brian Beatle?

    My guess is that he wasn’t the manager, Brian Epstein was his stage name, and that he wasn’t more than a year or two older than the other actors. Also, it seems a reasonable working assumption that he’s a member of a powerful family, and that he probably wasn’t gay.


      1. More Beatles twins? Good lord! But gay was not uncommon among them, Sutcliffe, one of the Lennon’s, for instance. In my view.

        I doubt any of them are who we are told their were, and we might have a hint that the McCartney twins are really Halligans with original “Paul” turning up as John Halligan, caretaker of the McCartney family home.

        You’re doing some nice sleuthing here, sir. Do keep it up. Very interesting!


  3. Yes good work- Twins! Why not?
    Further research reveals that Brian’s father died a few weeks before Brian- Similar to Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher dying days apart- Brian apparently had a gambling habit but the details suggest the casino he “lost” his money at may have been used to launder it for his eventual departure- Clive and mum got all the rest, upwards of 21 million pounds, though many thought taxes would take the lion’s share- Of course that was MI6’s money, or the crown’s, or whomever, but the Beatle money everyone marveled at and fetishized had to have gone somewhere and the gambling debt trope simply helped the accidental suicide trope followed by the tax bite and a grieving mum keeping prying eyes from getting too close-


    1. I haven’t got much further with this, and am now doubting myself about this being another twin. But some observations:

      I can find very few colour photos of Brian
      Clive has red hair (maybe not at all useful to say, but if they are twins, it might be)
      Is this a fake nose?

      It might just be camera angles and all that. The photograph taken by an amateur photographer. Oh yes?


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