Demystifying the Beatles

“Anything is possible, but I would like to know one day the truth but the truth of all this mich mach. One thing is certain. Real Paul is not the actual Faul. What happened has been well concealed. Will it be revealed one day? Are consciences going to speak. Sofar two of the four have taken their ‘secret’ to the grave, will Faul reveal it after his death in the form of a letter to his fans whom he has duped for 50 years?”

That is a real comment that I debated releasing from moderation. Good lord! After all we have done here, for this person to stumble in, read nothing, and imagine there is some great mystery about Paul McCartney and the Beatles … please!

The Beatles were a group assembled by Intelligence, and the four members were and are complete phonies. McCartney we know to be a set of twins, and all the mystery around “Faul” is mere misdirection. We suspect John to be a set of twins as well, though more work is needed. I have developed such a dislike for him, for all of them, that I am hard-pressed to do that work.

The Beatles’ music was most likely committee work. Since there were two “Paul’s” and maybe two John’s as well, who is to say who wrote what? We do know this – when they stopped performing in public, the music got better. I would guess they brought in professional musicians for instrumentation, and voice coaches to add to the highly sophisticated electronic augmentation that created those sounds. If you can identify the voices, that is because that is all the Beatles were – voices fronting for a huge operation producing the music of a generation.

Few people remember this, but “Faul” Mccartney was so full of himself in the late nineties that he wrote (were were told) a classical symphony called “Standing Stone.” Somewhere under buried copies of Andy Warhol movies in City libraries … you’ll find it, dust-covered, dog-eared, unplayed. Performed once in public, it fluttered in midair, found it had no wings, fell to earth and died.

There is nothing special about the Beatles that can be attributed to the “four” men who comprised the group. Our commenter above wonders if secrets will be divulged on deathbeds. That is not likely, as the secrets are not flattering to any of them, and they are not in charge of their own lives anyway.

Next time you see McCartney perform, pay attention to detail. Is it really his voice? His instruments? His piano playing is mediocre at best, a ham-fisted chord banger. It is all he ever learned.

So please, readers and commenters alike, when you think of the Beatles, think of a massive operation fronted by (at least) six performers, none of whom would have made it in their own without the musical talent behind them.

Just think “meh.”


35 thoughts on “Demystifying the Beatles

  1. I am completely ready for all my heroes to fall and once they have
    I will hold them in my arms and ask if they have anything real to say ,
    now that my eyes and ears are truly open . I was listening to
    Johnny Cash/Willie Nelson Live Storytellers and when Willie introduces Johnny’s song
    Worried Man and Johnny talks about his home in Jamaica , I thought ,
    OH PLEASE NOT YOU TOO … Now knowing that something like that screams
    SUGAR PLANTATION HEIR ! Sadly , things no longer have a face value ,
    but I do not let would-be controllers hurt my love of beauty and creation .
    So as that old song says and although they try ,
    ….. They can’t take that away from me ….


    1. Jamaica is to the British Crown/MI6 etc. what Colorado is to the CIA. (No offense, Mark. My family has been long established round Boulder/Denver)
      A home away from home where plots and schemes develop. Ian Fleming held court in Jamaica for years. Cash is connected to Sam Phillips so we have a possible Netherlands Antilles connection out there as well. If Cash isn’t sugar, he might be on the drug smuggling side of the operations. A good cover for smuggling would be a Bible thumpin’ country singer. While everyone is focused on the long hairs and their navel gazing cults, all those oil cartel funded fundamentalist off shoots could be the fronts for drug importation. Just spit-balling here.


      1. Sorry to burst your bubble but Johnny Cash has been dead for 14 years now.
        But Back to the Beatles, They are the only Musical act that when I play their music I uncover hidden tid-bits in the lyrics even some numerology in their music arrangements. Jon Lennon’s big number he relied on was 9. It is surprising the number of 9th chords used either as a major chord or a walk down.
        The Beatles were very creative in hiding things in their lyrics as in “I’m looking through you” and in the “I buried Paul” in the final moments of Strawberry Fields
        John said the line was “I’m very Poor” in reguard to Englands Horrible Tax levy of over 90% on entertainers!!!
        They put these nonsensical seeds for fools to fall for and then they reeled the suckers in.
        When you think these guys were only in their 20’s is a testament to their brilliance!
        I still say if it were not for Brian Epstein the Beatles would have remained a gig band. It was he that got into John Lennon’s head (and some say his bed too). BTW if none of you have heard John’s Dad singing here you go……


        1. I know Cash has been dead awhile. The point is that when he was alive, he may have fronted for extra-legal activities. Celebrities do that. William Holden admitted he was an arms dealer (he’s dead, too). Being a celebrity was just a way into back rooms where the deals were made. God knows what his wildlife foundations were really doing in Africa. Same with Brangelina: What on Earth would those two be doing in that part of the world? Adopting babies? That’s as stupid a front for black ops as I’ve ever seen. Celebrities open doors and blow smoke to obscure off the books transactions. That’s what Intel uses their entertainment divisions for. Distraction. Same with the Beatles, questionable “geniuses” aside.


          1. Environmental/Ambientalist/Ecologist Organizations/Foundations… front for stealing a country’s natural resources. See Chile and Patagonia, for example.


          2. 10 years ago, Angelina was named the 33rd smartest in Hollywood. That gave me a good chuckle – #33. spook marker. What a crock of s**t all these celebrities are.


    2. Interesting enough, I was just speaking about my love of Johnny Cash only yesterday to my adult son (Cash was my late Father’s favorite as well – not to be morbid, but I played Cash CDs for him on his death bed), and as I conversed with my son, I said in my head “Johnny Cash better NOT be a project”, and then I thought of the Hollywood biopic Walk the Line chronicling Cash’s humble, tortured roots and internal sirens began to go off because of what I have learned vis a vis Miles Mathis and this site as well.

      If one wishes to be free, one must be ready to “let heroes fall”. I would rather have internal freedom than pretend everything is hunky-dory.


  2. Johnny’s meth fueled trips io Mexico ….
    While no one should and I do not hold these men up as
    gods , I still enjoy much of George’s solo material as well as John/John2.0
    ‘Walls and Bridges’ and especially his/their first solo LP .
    The simple writing tells me they had no coach after the first
    project ended . I’m sure supervision and control continued .
    Although you are correct about the later Double Fantasy being a huge tell .
    And Paul/Mikes lyrics are just plain stupid , post project .
    Maybe that’s the point of ending the project , it was not working
    as they thought , the irony of the Devil’s bargain again.
    They chemtrailed Woodstock to create chaos and bloodshed ,
    and it did not , more investment would be needed to make
    Altemont happen , and they had to fake that violence .
    Harder drugs were needed and the next generation would be shot
    full of punk , death metal , rap and posses of insane clowns and still
    they must escalate to create the wars and chaos needed to install their police state .


  3. Yeah- I gotta say I don’t care about the Beatles. I get it. All music from the 60’s was intelligence created. I actually kinda knew it even when I listened to it. Then the androgynous hair bands of the 80’s/ rap- so forth. It’s almost like “durr” to me now.


  4. HELP! I need somebody’s help… in understanding this: daddieuhoh, aka, Josh, aka Dreyfus affair paper is very active on reddit. He just recently commented on the Beatles and pointed to 2 Williams Mathis papers and a link to some beatlesneverexited site but did not point to POM, and I know this site has done extensive work on Paul and company. I was under the impression he left in good terms… but then again, believe nothing you hear and just half of what you see…


    1. Could you be any obvious in your attempt to be divisive, “47”? Or creepier? Stalking me across the internets? Your comment reminds me of the joke, “Any app is a dating app if you’re creepy enough.”

      I like to think I left POM on good terms and remain on good terms with all the contributors here. I have a lot of respect for the work that Mark has done. True I haven’t commented here much since I left, but mainly because I’ve been busy with other things. I might start chiming in more regularly. But maybe not. Has nothing to do with my opinion of the blog.

      Yes I commented on Reddit yesterday, without leaving links to the Beatles stuff on here. I could not think of as decisive a post on the Beatles here and was lazy to start looking and linking. But let’s not forget that it was Mark who prompted MM to start looking into McCartney.

      You claim I am very active on Reddit, but that is not as true as it once was. Going through my comment history, there are a few from yesterday, then one from 17 days ago, then several more from a month ago, where I posted links to MM’s JFK paper along with Tyrone’s JFKTV work. I also linked to the first few installments of JFK TV as they were being released here. The upvotes aren’t important. What’s important is that Reddit can really influence search rankings, and I think JFK TV is excellent work that deserves more eyeballs.

      Anyway, whatever you’re trying to cook up here, just stahp. Nobody’s falling for it, Mr. 47.


      1. Josh: Respect. I respect you took the time to stop by this forgotten corner of yours. I actually do not know you were aware of my post from yesterday. Perhaps MT shoot you an email. Does not matter. I am not cooking up anything in here. Neither cyber-stalking anyone. You do not know what that is believe me. You left POM because you are a control freak (you wrote that, not me, I am not making this up), and to have more control of your posts. You started a blog and seems to me it was not a serious attempt to start anything. Let me be clear: I am not attacking you, I am just expressing the idea I get after reading cuttingthroughthefog blog. You have been busy, that is OK, totally valid, I get it… we all are, but I would have posted a “be right back or a leave of absence or whatever”… I am not telling you how to run your blog or anybody’s blog, I am jus saying this makes it easier for readers to figure out what is going on. That is why I had my doubts. Williams Mathis also expressed apprehension towards you in his POM paper and as far as I know he has not changed his mind about it or at least has not made it public. So I had my doubts. You have written interesting things, no doubt, and look like a honest truther regardless of where you claim as your residence so I wanted to get a clearer picture. I think you would agree that is valid questioning. You know, “ask the question and seek the answer”. I was not trying to be divisive, that is not how I roll. If you review the posts, once Mark replied I went on by his word. He said good terms, OK, it is good terms then. I did not keep pushing for anything else. As for “47”, hey, I am free to choose my nick, too bad is a marker for Langley, but I chose 47 Ronin as a nod to the Samurai story, nothing to do with the agency or De Niro’s movie, so you know. That is another legend (the Samurais’ story) that has fallen down for me if you study Japan’s history, but I still hold a romantic view of the legend regardless. I should have chosen “Relentless” as my nick, but do not regret it. I will not stahp anything because I have not started anything. I posted a legitimate question. Mark was kind to reply and you as well, although you seem a little upset. Do not worry, I like to think I choose my battles, I try not making enemies that are not up to the struggle. Besides, we (readers/writers of this blog, yours, Mathis, etc.) are in this quest together although not united. If you ever go back to posting something serious I will gladly read it and perhaps even go ahead and comment on it.


          1. Josh: What is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations.
            He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious.
            What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease.
            Deeply disappointed. You just proven to be not even a worthy Jonokuchi (saving you some typing here, since you also admitted above are kind of lazy for looking and linking: Jonokuchi, the lowest division in professional sumo wrestling). If you want to keep on… This is not the place. I’ll meet you at your blog. Get it?. Got it?. Good.


  5. Not The Beatles; but I am not aware of any specific project or agenda run/pushed through this film, but let me say I enjoyed and enjoy so much Brian Di Palma’s “Phantom of the Paradise” original soundtrack. Don’t know if anybody has an opinion about that film/soundtrack. Was not in my time, but want to understand better what was it really about.


    1. “I was not myself last night
      Couldn’t set things right
      With apologies or flowers
      Out of place as a cryin’ clown
      Who could only frown
      And the play went on for hours
      And as I lived my role
      I swore I’d sell my soul
      For one love who would stand by me
      And give me back the gift of laughter
      One love who would stand by me
      And after making love we’d…
      Dream a bit of style
      We’d dream a bunch of friends
      Dream each others smile
      And dream it never ends”


  6. There’s another way of looking at the question of their talent. Didn’t Malcolm Gladwell have some story about the Berlin Conservatory, where the future virtuosi practised 10 hours a day, and the orchestra members 4, the future music teachers only one hour a day. And there was no case of someone super-talented only practising an hour a day and still becoming a virtuosi, and no 10 hour a day future music teacher. I know there are problems with this whole 10000 hour idea, but …

    And so our boys, given the absent of any financial worries, the motivation of guaranteed success, and the purpose of knowing what was really going on, couldn’t they have put in the hours? I think the whole idea of exceptional talent is another cornerstone of the project. It shuts the rest of us up.

    In terms of another art, how many of the commentors here, given a no-limit credit card, a guarantee of critical and commercial success, pocket money of a few thousand dollars for each manuscript page produced, and the joy of fooling the rest of the fools, how many could not write “a brilliant new work of fiction”?


    1. I’m ellaborating on flakycrow question here: The key question s/b what is your motivation to create Art or a work of fiction? The question you present sounds like the things involved in a propaganda project not a work of fiction or art. Who propagandize? Is it the people or the government? Who seeks to control who? Host writer SK is an artist and he has written about it recently. The question you are posting implies a monetization of Art. I guess you know who has written copiously about what happened to the Arts in XX siecle. Anybody here can link to his papers. Real Art does not care about Money. Having said that, we can affirm Real Art does not seek to fool or deceive to influence behaviours. Some would say it seeks to elevate the soul, delight the spirit. If your goal is to make money or a hidden agenda of controlling people you resort to propaganda and the like, but in the end you are not a true Artist.

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    2. Jennifer Lawrence, if reviews are to be believed, is the best young actress to come along since Helen Murren. She’s not. She’s merely, like Meryl Streep, bloodline. The glowing reviews follow the bloodlines more than the talent. With the Beatles, their early public performances were muscle memory, and I doubt they wrote the songs. After retiring from public performing, the music inexplicably and suddenly got much, much better.

      I’d say they were bloodline more than talented. That is why I brought up Standing Stone … it went to his head. He believed his own reviews.


      1. I am in complete agreement with you re Jennifer Lawrence – she’s really just eye candy, and highly connected! She’s over promoted (and we know why) just like Meryl Streep. Vanity Fair magazine, mouthpiece for the controllers, will fall all over itself saying that they are god’s gifts to us and how we lowly chattel should be so grateful for their presence and contribution, and the masses will bow. Except a few will not… and we are the lucky ones who refuse to swallow the hype. I daydream about a world that stops buying tickets to Hollywood movies and NFL/MLB/NBA rigged games. It is a daydream I humor myself with but we all have our own ways to cope in an upside down world.

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  7. While I agree that they were, and for that matter still are, a product of “intelligence”, I’d be dishonest if I said I didn’t enjoy much of the music. That same sentiment goes for Led Zeppelin, or CSNY, or Black Sabbath, or Tool, or System of a Down, or any other product of intelligence. Nothing, in my experience, is ever just one thing. There is good to be found in the music of the Beatles, just as there is propaganda and lies. No one is obligated to listen and attempt to sift the good from the bad, however. I choose to do that. So, some songs I no longer listen to, but some I do. Some I only play, so that I can enjoy the music without the lyrics, etc.

    And to answer flakycrow’s question above, regarding the production of a “brilliant work of fiction” given unlimited time and resources: count me out. I have come to reluctantly accept, after many many years, that fiction simply isn’t in me. For whatever reasons whenever I have sat down and attempted to write fiction I’m unable to produce anything I can be satisfied with. I can talk all day, and sometimes do ;), on just about any topic of non-fiction you care to name, sometimes with eloquence and the occasional bit of deep insight. But fiction? Forget it. It’s incredibly hard to lie and lie well, consistently, which fiction requires. Telling the truth doesn’t need any coaching or practice.

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  8. I think I have read just about everything here EXCEPT what the post was started as, Is this the way things go here? I’d like to hear more “proof” about Paul being twins. I have heard just about everything about those 4 guys except that..
    As far as John and his music. If you are a Beatles fan, you have to hate Yoko, but if you are a Lennon fan you have to love her because she freed John and gave him some direction.
    Paul was the most creative of the two and john kind of petered out after 1968, Paul was running the show and pushing the band. John just wanted out, George was being treated like trash and his creativity was curtailed by a jealous and paranoid Paul.


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